Zach Miller Suffers Nasty Looking Leg Injury, Plus Refs Take Away His TD

Zach Miller had his afternoon cut short after he suffered a terrible-looking leg injury during the third quarter of today’s game against the Saints. And when we say terrible, we’re talking Gordon Hayward-level bad, so think about watching that entire clip above.

Miller suffered the injury while making what looked to be a touchdown grab, but referees apparently reviewed the play and somehow came to the decision that it wasn’t a catch. Was the ball moving? No. Did it hit the ground? Also no. But hey, they obviously know catches better than we do.

Another angle of Zach’s injury… (not for the squeamish):

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Meet Zach LaVine’s Girlfriend Hunter Mar

Bulls fans are in for a very long season of tanking, but their spirits should lift in a month or two when their big prize from the Jimmy Butler trade, Zach LaVine, makes his debut. LaVine, of course, is making his way back from an ACL tear — his recovery seems to be going well considering he’s reportedly back to doing what he does best… dunking:

Off the court, Zach is dating former Seattle University soccer player Hunter Mar. They are both Washington natives and have been together since high school:

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Meet Angelica Payne — Girlfriend of Gonzaga’s Zach Collins

Gonzaga fans are probably bummed that star big man Zach Collins decided to go the one-and-done route (first player in school history to bail after a year), but you can’t blame the guy. Collins is one of the top centers in this year’s draft class — Chad Ford ranked him as the ninth-best player on his big board, while Draft Express is more bearish and ranked him 17th.

A snippet of Collins’ strengths and weaknesses via Draft Express:

Collins is a versatile offensive player, not particularly consistent in any one area, but showing a nice frame-work of skills to build off. He shows flashes of being able to do a little bit of everything at this early stage of his development, and was both highly prolific and efficient as a freshman, despite his lack of experience and polish.

Another question mark surrounding Collins’ transition to the NBA revolves around his passing ability and seemingly just-decent feel for the game. He does not appear to have great court vision or playmaking instincts, ranking as one of the worst passers in our Top-100 statistically. He’s not really a guy you want making decisions with the ball, which can be somewhat of an issue in today’s NBA operating at the power forward position, where he’ll be asked to read defenses in closeout situations, out of short rolls, and in dribble-handoffs.

Where the latest mock drafts have Collins:

Draft Express: No. 10 (Kings)
Chad Ford (In$ $ $ ider): No. 10 (Kings)
CBS Sports: No. 13 (Nuggets)
SI: No. 13 (Nuggets)

Basically we all need to pray for Zach, because experts seem to think he’ll end up in basketball hell (Sacramento).

Off the court, Zach is doing well for himself dating UCLA Alpha Phi Angelica Payne:

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Whitewasher Zach McGowan’s Brother Is Not Helping

Last week we reported Ni’ihau, a new movie about the heroic actions of a Native Hawaiian, is the latest in Hollywood’s love affair with whitewashing. Black Sails‘s Zach McGowan will star as Benehakaka Kanahele. And as you probably expected, McGowan has vocal defenders who have tried several weak arguments to justify his casting. Chief among his defenders is his brother, Matt McGowan, who the last few days making things worse on Twitter.

After retweeting a bunch of celebratory tweets about his brother’s casting in Ni’ihau, Matt seemingly caught wind of the whitewashing accusations. And he responded by inexplicably pointing out that if anybody should whitewash a person of color role, it should be his brother, whose had plenty of experience!

Also Zach played a Russian. Which isn’t whitewashing, but Matt doesn’t seem to understand that.

Then Matt tried another tactic, pointing out that Zach has Native Hawaiian friends, a variant of the «I can’t be racist; I have a Black friend» defense.

Then he retweeted an interview with Asian-American actor Daniel Wu, where the Into The Badlands star said of the Iron Fist and Ghost In the Shell whitewashing controversies:

«So I know Asian Americans are angry, but they should calm down and choose the correct fight in that case — I agree that Marvel missed the chance of doing something interesting and casting against the race — they could have done that — and that would have given them some credit, but they didn’t, so what are you going to do about it? I think the important thing is that everyone learned a lesson from that — including people that weren’t involved, so I think we just need to move forward, that’s all.»

Notably, Wu doesn’t speak at all about Ni’ihau. But that doesn’t stop McGowan from hashtagging it as if one Asian-American actor rejecting two examples of Asian erasure means that it’s totally never a problem ever. He also ignores Wu’s comments that producers need to «learn» from the uproar of Iron Fist. Making matters ickier, the conservative site PJ Media, which ran this article, uses «SJW» with no irony, and ends it with this gem of personal commentary: «And the truth is that accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’ are as racist as it gets, anyway.»

If accusations of cultural appropriation are as racist as things get for you, you might be a privileged white crybaby.

But Matt wasn’t through yet. He then began taking on all-comers who dared suggest his brother’s taking the role of a Native Hawaiian was less than awesome. He was civil, but clueless.

Hey! That one made Rebecca’s list of bullshit reasons to justify whitewashing.

Then he turned it around, arguing it’s not Zach’s fault for accepting the role. It’s the fault of the more ethnically appropriate choices that they didn’t take it. Note, we have no idea if any of the below were offered the part.

When someone argued that the script was problematic, and so might have turned off Native Hawaiian talent, Matt had a response to that too.

As if anyone expects any docudrama to be 100% true. As if that’s the issue here, and not the Asian erasure that would take a historic moment that involved specifically Native Hawaiians and swaps in a white guy, presumably to make history more palatable to mainstream (white) audiences. On one hand, I admire that Matt engaged so openly in this discussion. On the other, I can’t respect how he refused to actually listen to the complaints, and just kept deflecting with facile arguments and platitudes. Witness Matt missing the point again.

And he’d like you to remember that the real victim here are the filmmakers.

In the midst of all this, Matt was presumably looking for more and more articles to that called out Ni’ihau over its whitewashing. Presumably, he found mine. Or else it’s a super weird coincidence that he followed me yesterday.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 6.44.57 AM.png

Hi, Matt.


Zach Parise Stops By To Talk Chocolate Milk & Analyzes Sidney Crosby Getting Lit Up By The Capitals

You know the rules, no before interview banter. We get right into it because you guys don’t have time to waste listening to us yap. 

Yes, I butchered Zach Parise’s name at the end of the interview.

Now that’s out of the way, Parise stopped by today for the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign and the timing couldn’t have been better because I had questions about what went down last night in Pittsburgh where Sidney Crosby was pretty much destroyed by the Capitals on a couple vicious hits over the span of like one second.

Parise, a 12-year vet (19 G, 23 Ast in 2017), seemed to be the perfect guy to walk us through what happened, how it feels to get rocked like this and how the body responds to the torture it takes as the playoff games start to add up.

Something else addressed in this interview is how Parise doesn’t do public social media. No Twitter, no Facebook and only a private IG account and the only way into that world is for him to add you. It’s great to hear from a guy who has the social media lifestyle I want…and need.

The Crosby hit:

Parise Built With Chocolate Milk:

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Buy Zach Britton’s Gorgeous Texas Home — $1.599 Million

The last time most of you guys saw Zach Britton, he was in the Rogers Centre bullpen watching his Os lose to the Blue Jays in last year’s AL Wild Card Game. Still mind-blowing that Buck Showalter had a brainfart, but that hasn’t stopped Britton from carrying over his dominating ways to the new season.

Britton has already collected three saves through five games, and has recorded a ridiculous 52 straight saves. Dude is already in midseason form on the mound — now he just needs to take care of off-field business and sell his home in Spicewood, Texas.

Details from Zach’s realtor:

Breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Travis found all throughout this beautiful home, open the huge pocket doors from the family room and relax on one of the many spacious decks to soak in the beauty surrounding this one of a kind property. Extraordinary gourmet kitchen with large island kitchen and Thermadore appliances. Stunning master suite features a free standing tub and walk-in shower. Located in the award winning Reserve at Lake Travis.

Zach is making $ 11.4 million this season and is locked in for another payraise in arbitration next offseason, so it’s obviously time for a new pad.

Additional highlights of Zach’s home:

  • 5 beds/ 6 baths/ 5,617 square feet
  • 15 miles to Whole Foods… rough
  • 33 miles from Darrell K Royal if you’re a Longhorns guy

Actually interested in buying? Contact Sean Rand of eXp Realty (512) 595-9355

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Zach Johnson Banks In A Birdie Bunker Shot Off Another Player’s Ball, Caddie Gives An A+ Celebration

Yes, this is an impressive shot and a very lucky shot. Out of the bunker, using another ball as a backboard and sending that bad boy to his home Happy Gilmore style.

But this isn’t about the shot. Just wait for it…



Great shot, better celebration.

And this guy is a major buzzkill

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Gary Harris Baptized Zach Randolph


As a Clippers fan, there’s nothing I enjoy more than Zach Randolph getting demolished, so I obviously had to share this clip of Gary Harris rising up for a monster dunk over that bowling ball:

FYI, I’m all-in on the Nuggets bandwagon — Jokic is dropping dimes, Jameer Nelson is back from the dead, and Harris is finally healthy and making it rain from three.

Might want to play some D:

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Surprise! Zach Galifianakis Is a Dad Again

Zach Galifianakis is a dad again! E! News confirms that the Keeping Up With the Joneses actor and his wife, Quinn Lundberg, welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Rufus Emmanuel Lundberg, on Nov. 17. Zach and Quinn tied the knot back in August 2012 and are also parents to a 3-year-old son. Congrats to the happy couple!

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