The Most Expensive Patch of Facial Hair in The World

HBO Special: Baltimore Rising on HBO at 8:00pm ET. This is about the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death in which activists, police officers, community leaders, and gang affiliates worked to try and keep Baltimore from destroying itself.

Supergirl on The CW at 8:00pm ET.

Teen mom 2: Season 8 Finale Special — Check Up With Dr.Drew Part 2 on MTV at 9:00pm ET. So, any bets on when The Reckoning is going to come for Dr. Drew? I know he’s said some pretty fucked up things about sexual relationships on tape, so I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Elizabeth Smart: Questions Answered on A&E at 10:00pm ET.

Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics: The Trials of Superman on AMC at 10:00pm ET. I haven’t see Justice League yet, is this about the Super-stache? Probably not, right?


The Swedish Soccer Team Qualified For World Cup, Got LIT AF, Destroyed TV Set

You know how bad I’d like to see a team playing on Thursday Night Football destroy the NFL Network’s set after a big win? Real bad. Leave it to the Swedish soccer team to be the ones who started a trend this week by destroying a Eurosport sideline TV set after qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

(Wouldn’t it have been nice to see the USMNT destroy a FS1 set?)

I feel like this is something we need to see more of. Those sets are worthless anyway. It’s like the cheapest engineered plastic boards on the market and nothing else. I need players destroying an ESPN set after a big college football win while they’re screaming, “Nobody gave us a chance. Nobody believed in us.”

Why the crazy response from Sweden?

They forced a draw, got a ticket to the Cup & knocked Italy out of the World Cup. I’m not kidding.

Italy was in a state of shock, dismay and bitter recrimination on Tuesday after the national football team failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1958.

Italy were eliminated from next year’s tournament in Russia after a scoreless draw against Sweden in Milan on Monday night produced a 1-0 aggregate loss in a two-leg play-off.

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James Corden’s Christmas Gift to the World? A Holiday-Themed Carpool Karaoke With Mariah Carey

James Corden really knows how to make our holiday dreams come true. Last December, the Late Late Show host decided to give the world the best Christmas present when he debuted a new Carpool Karaoke featuring Mariah Carey. In addition to the legendary singer driving around town with James to help him with his Christmas shopping, the two belt out her classic hit «All I Want For Christmas Is You.» But that’s not even the best part. A little over 40 seconds into the video, you realize that James got a handful of his Carpool Karaoke guests to sing the song with him throughout the year, resulting in one amazing mashup. Not only does Adele get totally into it, but Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, and «Saint» Nick Jonas also deliver. This video may be from 2016, but it will be the gift that keeps on giving every single year.

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In The World Of ‘The Walking Dead’, Where Would You Rather Live?

It’s a topic that’s encouraged many a pub debate: in the event of a zombie apocalypse, where’s the best place to go? What sort of place would be secure and comfortable, able to support a group for a sustained period of time, but not somewhere you’ll be trapped for all eternity with no hope of escape?

In Shaun of the Dead, the answer is the pub. World War Z (the book) takes some of those assumptions of safe places (an island, a ship, far enough north so that the zombies freeze) and tells us that they aren’t so good after all. (According to the book, one of the best places you can go is a castle. Cool.) But what of The Walking Dead? We’ve seen a lot of settlements over the seasons, some of which have survived better than others. So let’s amend the debate a little: in the world of The Walking Dead, which settlement would you rather live in? Here’s a totally serious run-down; let me know your favourite in the comments!

The Farm
Defensive properties: Poor. Vulnerable to a shuffling horde.
Leadership: Old Whatsisname wasn’t so bad was he? A bit old school, and a bit naïve, what with the whole ‘keep ’em in the barn, sure that will be fine’ mentality. Bonus points for some medical expertise though. (HERSHEL! That was his name, right? That seems so long ago.)
Quality of life: Ugh. Well, there’s food, I guess. And space for the campervan. But not everyone can fit in the house. Plus, BORING BEYOND ALL REASON.

The Prison
Defensive properties: Very good! What kept people in works just as well at keeping people out. Uh, unless there’s a tank. Threats on the inside can be somewhat contained with all the interior doors.
Leadership: Rick is the boss, but he’s already struggling. Carol’s the silent enforcer. Don’t cough near Carol — she’ll put you down.
Quality of life: Those cells don’t look so comfy, though they are at least all indoors. But living so closely together, the germs spread quickly.

Defensive properties: Solid. Walls and guards stationed as lookout. Plenty of weapons.
Leadership: I’m Not A Pirate, I’m the Governor. Having a collection of zombie heads really isn’t a good sign. CoughPSYCHOCough.
Quality of life: This is a nice town, folks. Enough houses for everyone, but you have your own space. Shame about the leader. Oh, and having to hang out with Merle.

Defensive properties: Pretty good. The tracks are a possible vulnerability. Even though Carol destroyed this place single-handedly, that’s because she’s awesome, not because this was an easy target.
Leadership: Psychotic. Fall in line, or risk becoming dinner.
Quality of life: I guess the best you can say is that there is a steady supply of food, and a dedicated ‘upcycling’ regime. Not great for vegans.

The Church
Defensive properties: It kept out the living as well as the dead, so I guess it’s kind of OK?
Leadership: Does Gabriel count as a leader? If so, pre-epiphany Gabriel = ugh.
Quality of life: Who wants to sleep on a wooden pew? Not much room for comfort and supplies. Definitely just a temporary space.

The Hospital
Defensive properties: A handy elevator shaft keeps the zombies at bay.
Quality of life: In the city, so there are plenty of places to raid for food nearby. Plus, medical supplies and personnel are very useful. BUT: slavery.

Defensive properties: Like Woodbury, these are pretty good.
Leadership: A range of Ricks: Tough Love Rick, Clean-Shaven Rick, Broken Rick, Do What Must Be Done Rick, Loved Up With Michonne Rick, Looking Increasingly Doomed Rick, and Please Don’t Die And Leave Carl In Charge Rick. (Sorry, I made the last one up, as a little prayer.)
Quality of life: This is another nice town, if you like your Desperate Housewives suburbs. Major drawback: no mattresses. (You know the Overlords have strong feelings about getting a good night’s sleep.) You’d get attacked with alarming regularity here; your life expectancy’s not so good in Red Shirt City.

Defensive properties: Wooden fences are a bit more vulnerable, but they are better than nothing.
Leadership: Gregory the Weeny, or The Blessed Maggie. Could go either way.
Quality of life: I mean, it’s a bit feudal, isn’t it? The whole ‘country house for the leader, everyone else does the farming’ deal? But in the era of The Blessed Maggie, things might be about to change for the better. You have got the company of Ninja Jesus here too, which is a bonus. Look at his flowing locks; you know they have a generous stash of conditioner at the Hilltop.

The Sanctuary
Defensive properties: Solid. This is a big organisation with lots of properties, lots of weapons, and lots of soldiers. Hiding behind a great big bully also offers some kind of protection, but it also means that there are enemies among the living as well as the dead.
Leadership: I’m Negan and So Is My Wife. OK, he gets results, and there are times when a psychopath is useful, but this guy? THIS GUY? He’s the worst.
Quality of life: Depends on your status. Favourites get perks. Losers get their faces burned off. It’s a gamble. They have a lot of supplies, courtesy of all the stuff they steal from everyone else. But you’d have to listen to Negan’s monologues, all the live-long day. And that damn Easy Street song, on repeat.

The Junkyard
Defensive properties: Er, those piles of junk are so big, even the undead stay away. This is one big health and safety hazard; sometimes that would work in your favour, I suppose. As long as you didn’t get impaled on something by accident.
Leadership: Jadis of the Wiggy Hair. Not to be trusted with your boyfriend.
Quality of life: You’d be living in a junkyard. I mean, glamorous it ain’t. Plus they have this whole ‘derelicte’ aesthetic going on; you’d have to get a silly haircut, and practice formation walking. And you’d have to learn the language. If taking and not bothering is your bag, this might be the place for you, but other than that? This place has little going for it.

Defensive properties: Their best defense is that they are hidden away. I’d prefer some walls. They are vulnerable to having all their weapons stolen by a bunch of entitled strangers who want to go to war.
Leadership: Viva la matriarchy! They have a tough stance on strangers though.
Quality of life: Plenty of seafood, and a comfy place to sleep. Could be worse.

My Winner: The Kingdom
Defensive properties: Like Woodbury and Alexandria, this settlement is pretty solid. I like their armed cavalry look, and their ferocious secret weapon.
Leadership: All hail King Ezekiel, a man so committed to method acting that he stays in character even when «the damned are upon us!» If you’re going to have a leader who monologues at you, let Improv Shakespeare do it. Benevolent, protective, pompous but for the greater good — plus he has a tiger.
Quality of life: It’s a little bit cult-like, but in an endearing way. You’d have a house, plenty of food, organised social events, healthcare… This is a good deal! Even Carol’s warming up to it. And Carol bakes good cookies, so she would be a valuable friend.

Massive shocker: the Brit opts for the monarchy! Get me a ticket to the Kingdom, and Long Live The King!


Kevin Spacey Has Been Replaced By Christopher Plummer In “All The Money In The World”

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 - 'The Exception' - Premiere Arrivals

Nobody wants anything to do with Kevin Spacey right now. There’s no end to the allegations that he’s an extra-large creep. Netflix is done with him, both with House of Cards and a planned Gore Vidal biopic, as are his agent and publicist.

Kevin was in a movie called All The Money In The World that’s set to come out this December. Ridley Scott directed it and Kevin plays J. Paul Getty. The movie is done and all ready for release, but Ridley and the studio have decided to replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer. You know you’re damaged goods when people are willing to pull expensive all-nighters to erase you from a project.

All The Money In The World is about the real-life kidnapping of John Paul Getty III in 1973 and J. Paul Getty’s refusal to pay his grandson’s ransom. Sony originally decided to confront the Kevin Spacey messiness by pulling All The Money In The World from the AFI Fest in November. There was talk of pushing the movie’s release to next year. But Deadline says that Ridley, the cast and crew, and Sony Pictures have all unanimously agreed to re-shoot Kevin’s scenes with Christopher Plummer to make the film’s December 22nd release date.

Re-shoots will begin immediately. Kevin spent 8 to 10 days filming his role in the film, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to re-shoot his scenes. Plus, Christopher Plummer already looks like an old rich dude, which means they can save some time by skipping hair and makeup.

All The Money also stars Michelle Williams (who plays John Paul’s mother Gail) and Mark Wahlberg (who plays a CIA agent).

This no doubt means All The Money In The World will get a new trailer soon. Probably a good idea there. Now that we know what we know about Kevin Spacey’s alleged enthusiasm for picking up youngins, someone at Sony most likely really regrets scoring this trailer with a song featuring the lyrics “What’s your name, who’s your daddy.



Paul Wall Keeps His Promise And Gets The Entire Astros Roster Custom World Series Grillz

Instagram Photo

Houston rapper and known grill enthusiast, Paul Wall, said during the Astros playoff run that if they won the World Series, he would get the entire squad some fresh custom grillz as a gift. You might remember when Mr. Wall fitted Tom Herman’s grill a couple years back while he was still at Houston and won the AAC Championship.

He kept his promise then and he did it again this time around to the tune of 40+ grillz for the whole World Series roster. Try and find me something more Houston than this.

Jeweler Johnny Dang is the man who hooked up it up once again and customized these bad boys for the players. According to the ABC13, each one takes about 5 hours to make, which is juuuuust a slight bump up from only making one for the local college football coach.

And yes, Paul Wall is still out there dropping heat


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Dear World: Please Don’t Ruin The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids

If you’re ever bored and want a reminder of how depressing the world is, go onto the website for the Daily Mail — the world’s largest online newspaper, by the way — and google the phrase ‘all grown up’. It won’t take you long to find countless articles of celebrity coverage dedicated to leering over under-age young women, or those who have just passed the age of 16. There’s a video of Amber Le Bon in a Karen Millen ad, age 14, that fawns over how ‘sophisticated’ she looks; there’s 16 year old Kiernan Shipka on the red carpet; there are several on Bindi Irwin and Kylie Jenner throughout the years; there’s one on Anna Chlumsky that seems shocked to discover she’s not the kid from My Girl anymore; there’s even one on Jessica Alba’s two year old daughter, defined as grown up because she’s wearing a dress that’s vaguely similar to her mother’s.

The Daily Mail aren’t exactly known for their respectful boundaries on issues of gender or sex, but it’s still completely unnerving to see the patterns they follow with this supposed coverage. It’s mostly women who are subjected to this ‘all grown up’ fetishizing, and attention is always paid to how mature or sophisticated or adult they look, regardless of whether or not that actually do. If they’re the child of a celebrity, further focus will be given to how much they look like their glamorous mother or dashing father, with comparisons made between body parts. The message is clear: In the eyes of the media, these girls are public property, and the Mail invites you to lecher over them.

I wasn’t surprised to see the Mail pull this exact line with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown at the L.A. premiere for the second season. It bothered me more to see people on Twitter buying into the All Grown Up myth, as if it excused them from making snide comments about her appearance or casually dismissive remarks about her acting or character on the show. So many people didn’t seem to care that Brown is only 13. Then again, such concerns have always been easily dismissed when it comes to child stars. The other kids on the show have received similarly unnerving treatment both from the media and fans, a lot of which has come from people old enough to be their parents. They’re simultaneously infantilised and talked to like toddlers, yet held to the kind of standards demanded primarily of seasoned professionals in their late 40s. They must be cute yet achingly precocious, the perfect child who can sell their images like adults. They must be all grown up yet remain in a state of arrested development.

Stranger Things was a surprise hit for Netflix, one that they never could have predicted would reach the meteoric heights of buzz and enthusiasm that it did. It was mostly intended to be a filler show for the Summer season, a chaser to the intended hit, The Get Dowm. That was quickly cancelled while Stranger Things became a critical and commercial darling, pushing its core cast of kids into the limelight and the endless circuit of talk shows, interviews, red carpets and convention signings. A full year between seasons, the kids of the show became the go-to chat show guests and fan favourites, even more than bigger names like Winona Ryder and David Harbour. Now, the show is back and with more attention than ever, with an after-show, toy lines, merchandising, and the inimitable weight of expectations. The budget’s bigger, the audiences more expansive, and Netflix’s hopes greater than they ever could have anticipated for a genre homage to Stephen King and The Goonies. That’s a lot of pressure to put on any kid, but there’s something about the way the Stranger Things ensemble has been packaged and sold to the public that feels like an intense microcosm of everything wrong with how we treat child actors, and I can’t help but feel my unease grow at how very wrong it could all go.

Our pop culture demands more from kids now. That key demographic of kids aged 13-19 has moved its power to the internet, turning social media influencers into worldwide stars whose clout remains unknown to anyone older than 21. The tried and tested Disney Channel/Nickelodeon model still exists but now it’s all about the Instagram likes and YouTube views, combined with the pressure of the traditional entertainment system. The Stranger Things kids are all active on social media, and it doesn’t take much digging through their mentions to see unsettling stuff, vocal demands from fans and discomfiting confessions, all coming in hundreds of tweets at a time, so dizzying that keeping up with it is a full-time occupation.

We also get sick of people much quicker than we used to, with online coverage and the 24 hour news cycle making the process faster than ever. We demand more and more from celebrities but wish to dispose of them more speedily than before. If they don’t meet fan requests, they’re labelled ungrateful, as Finn Wolfhard was by a grown man on Twitter for not stopping for an autograph. The uncomfortable entitlement many feel towards their favourite celebrities becomes especially upsetting when directed at children.

The ensemble of kids has faced these pressures, but arguably none so much as Brown, who has the pressure of supporting her family on her shoulders. Part of the ‘dream story’ of Brown’s rise to fame has been tied to her years as a struggling child actress, wherein her family poured all their savings into making her a star. Before she’s old enough to drive, Brown is financially supporting her family, and her father seems eager to make that count, reportedly demanding a $ 100,000 bonus from Brown’s new agent before she signed with them. That’s on top of her numerous appearances on the convention circuit, where fans pay upwards of $ 50 in cash for an autograph or photo-op. These con gigs are major money spinners, with one Hollywood Reporter article noting how some stars could leave after a day’s work with ‘garbage bags of 20s’. Brown ended up dropping out of one scheduled appearance — wherein she was the only appearing cast member — due to exhaustion. There are child labour laws regulating the hours a kid can work on-set during shooting, but there’s nothing stopping parents from marching those kids to conventions every weekend to full up those garbage bags. The financial windfall may be great but the emotional cost is often unaccounted for: Hours of interacting with people who have paid to stand near you or ask for a hug or something special to make their day, many of whom are adults, all of whom want something from you.

Perhaps that was what upset me so much about seeing her subjected to the All Grown Up gaze. She’s already empowered and stifled by the demands of adulthood in a way no child should ever be, and it’s accepted not only as the norm but as an exciting stepping stone to success. Brown’s adolescence could be heavily documented by the press and scrutinised as if she were performing her latest part. Has Hollywood already decided if she’ll be the glamorous leading lady or the ‘dumpy’ best friend? Is this a discussion her agent has already had with her and her family?

The impossible to ignore problem with Stranger Things is that eventually people will get over it. It will stop being the hottest show on TV and quickly be replaced by something new and exciting that gets people’s enthusiasm revved up. Those kids are incredibly talented and will hopefully be able to have sustained careers should they wish to, but it’s hard to overlook how their popularity in this bubble will burst, because that’s what we do and that’s how we view fads. Child actors are dismissed as disposable commodities by a culture that demands everything off them.

I think a lot about the child stars of our culture and how well-known their tragic stories have become: I think of Judy Garland, who was pitted against Lana Turner as the sexless chubby best friend by MGM before being put on the drug regimen that controlled her entire life; or of Jackie Coogan, whose exploitation of his earnings by his family led to a change in law; and Brad Renfro, the bright young star who fell into alcoholism and drug addiction (Wikipedia still identifies him by his mugshot); and Judith Barsi, horrifically abused and murdered by her father; of River Phoenix, who claimed he lost his virginity at the age of 4; of the two Coreys and their descent into walking punchlines, even as they pleaded with the world to listen to their stories of abuse in the industry; of Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan, who the media prefer to think of as crazy bitches than troubled women poisoned by the business; of Brooke Shields, who did nude scenes at 12 and needlessly provocative Calvin Klein jeans ads at 14; and I think of every sidebar ad I’ve ever seen begging for my clicks to show just how hideously ugly all your favourite child stars got.

The Stranger Things kids may be the exception to a cruel rule. Perhaps they’ll be the ones who go on to have careers like Jodie Foster and Leonardo DiCaprio, or maybe they’ll get out of the business and have happy lives independent of Hollywood. I hope that the world doesn’t ruin them, as it so often does with the kids they bring out to entertain the masses. They shouldn’t have to grow up so quickly to meet those demands.


Justin Verlander And Kate Upton Will Skip The World Series Parade To Get Married In Italy

The Astros aren’t just out here winning the World Series and fulfilling 3-year-old prophecies, but also love is in the air in Houston. Obviously, the big story everybody will be talking about is Carlos Correa setting the proposal bar for every other man in America at an impossible height last night after he proposed in front of America, but don’t sleep on Kate Upton and Justin Verlander.

These two have been engaged for about a year and a half now and it sounds like they’re finally going to lock it down for good this week. That means they’ll be skipping out on the World Series parade in Houston on Friday.

Details via WXYZ:

Sources confirm to 7 Action News that Verlander and his fiancée, Kate Upton, will get married this week in Italy.

The wedding will come just days after Verlander won his first World Series with the Houston Astros. That means Verlander will miss the Astros’ world series parade in Houston.

The couple has been dating for years and got engaged in May 2016. Upton was first spotted with the engagement ring on the red carpet of the MET Gala.

I have a feeling Astros fans won’t mind too much. I think they’re more worried about celebrating this championship with the homegrown guys like Springer, Altuve, and Correa more than the guy who came in for the last 3 months of the season, even if he was a huge part of it.

Also, there’s no doubt this has been planned for months and there was a zero percent chance anything was going to change that.

Jon Heyman confirmed the report last night


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Twitter Spanks It To News That New World Series Champion Evan Gattis Was A Janitor

There’s nothing White Twitter likes more than some sort of redemption story where some athlete makes it out of a shittty job (according to society), like a janitorial job, and then go like 10 years later to win a World Series title. Do I have proof? Of course I have proof, it’s right there on Twitter where people are literally jerking off all over themselves over Evan Gattis’s life story where he went on some spiritual journey at 19 or so like guys you went to high school with.

Look, good for him getting his baseball life back after doing some shittty jobs. But, which one of us hasn’t done some sort of shittty job? This isn’t about crushing Gattis for working through what he’s described as mental illness. This is about crushing the Twitter crowd who needs to equate being a janitor as some shittty life trajectory. Guy that lives two houses down from me is a janitor, drives a Harley & a truck, is a successful high school volleyball coach, does some on-air TV work and drinks fairly high-end scotch.

Remember the Kurt Warner bagging groceries story? Of course you do. White people can rattle that off better than they can tell stories about their kids.

CBS Sports couldn’t help themselves last night…sounds like a “movie” to them…so much sports porn here:

Here’s the gist of the Gattis story:

• Injured his knee, went off the baseball grid at 19 after playing at some Oklahoma junior college

Took odd jobs (yes, one was as a janitor with his brother), maybe smoked some pot, typical shitt guys do at 19 to find themselves; flipped a couple pizzas, worked at a ski lift

Once found himself in NYC on a five-day visit, stayed at a hostel (so gritty!) and found himself with an emptied ATM and no cash to make it to the airport for his flight back to Texas; cop let him jump on the train to JFK, didn’t have any money for food so he asked some traveler for food & got $ 10 instead…blah, blah, blah.

• I’m still trying to find evidence where Gattis was ever homeless; there was some sort of mention here, but it’s not verified with the backstory. Gattis said during the NYC trip that he sat with some homeless dude, but never said he was homeless

• Of course he ended up back in college, started smashing the ball, got drafted and made the trek to the big leagues

Now we have tweets rolling in where people are ready to drop $ 15, or whatever it costs to go to the movies, to see Disney ramp up his story even further.

You think this story from Houston’s ABC 13 mentions where & when he was homeless? Of course it doesn’t. Just the headline. I watched the entire story.

ABC 13 even teased it on Twitter that he overcame being homeless….RATINGS GRAB! Then they didn’t mention it in the above report:

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Josh Gordon’s Business Manager Calls Him “The Best Football Player In The World”

Instagram Photo

A few days ago we posted Josh Gordon teasing Cleveland fans a little bit on IG while getting a workout in and prepping for his comeback. LA James speculated that Gordon’s reinstatement could be right around the corner and boy did he nail it. Just two days later the NFL did just that. They reinstated him on a conditional basis that will allow him to return to practice on November 20th and play in the Browns’ December 3rd game.

After the news broke we started getting comments from Gordon’s camp and his business manager came out of the gates HOT with these statements. First, he started off super humble with this quote calling Gordon the best football player in the world. Yes, the world.

And then this morning Schefter got another comment from Michael Johnson, who came with the always classic “best shape of my life” quote:

So get excited, Browns fans, the best football player on the planet is back and he’s in the best shape of his life. I’m sure this will all work out perfectly and not end poorly at all.

He might not the best player on the planet, but he’s pretty damn good when he’s actually on the field

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