The Keepers Deconstructs the True Crime Genre to Focus on Women’s Lives 

The Keepers isn’t much of a true crime documentary, at least in the traditional sense of the genre. And that’s to its immense credit. Netflix’s seven-part docudrama flirts with the genre but resists its pitfalls; this series is no whodunit, no he-said-she-said narrative that concludes with neat resolution. Instead,…

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Living, Breathing Dick Reportedly Now Addressing ‘Women’s Issues’

According to a report from Politico, balding 31-year-old extremist and senior advisor to the president Stephen Miller is on the up and up in the White House, having “made sure his colleagues know he’s not on Bannon’s team.” Unnamed sources told Politico that Miller is working with Ivanka Trump on family leave, child…

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BOGO 50% Off On Basically All Women’s Items at Urban Outfitters, Including Sale

It’s not often Urban Outfitters has large, sweeping sales, so this one could take the cake. Right now, buy practically any piece of women’s clothing, pair of shoes, or accessory, and automatically get 50% off another one. But wait, there’s more! This deals extends to women’s sale items as well. It’s worth spending a…

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Angelina Jolie Gives Her First Lecture on Women’s Rights in London

Angelina Jolie can now add professor to her résumé. On Tuesday, the 41-year-old actress gave her first lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Centre For Women, Peace and Security, People confirms. Her lecture focused on women’s rights while discussing subjects like refugee camps and how displacement and statelessness can lead to more sexual violence and other crimes against women and girls. «Miss Jolie spoke about her experience and what has motivated her work as UNHCR special envoy and as co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, and took questions from the class,» a spokesperson for LSE told the publication.

Angelina launched the initiative with England’s First Secretary of State William Hague in 2015 with a «focus on the participation of women in conflict-related processes and on enhancing accountability and ending impunity for rape and sexual violence in war.» She will teach a nine-month course on the matter beginning in September at the same university.

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Bilzerian Celebrates Women’s Day, Daly & Beef, Plus Warren Sapp Goes To Dentist

Flying has never been better

From the Las Vegas Review JournalAn argument over a $ 12 blanket fee diverted a Hawaiian Airlines flight that departed Las Vegas bound for Honolulu to Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. Los Angeles International Airport police said a 66-year-old man on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 7 was cold and “became unruly” over a $ 12 blanket fee.

What a time to be alive.

The passenger told the crew “he needed to take someone behind the woodshed,” according to an LAX official. Have to agree with the old timer here. That blanket price is ridiculous. At some point you tell the guy he’s getting a nice $ 12 blanket on the house so you can get that flight back to Honolulu.

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