Steve Mnuchin’s Wife Is America’s Marie Antoinette

New York Public Library’s 2016 Library Lions Gala

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had a hard enough time as it was being the guy in charge of all the cash under President Cheeto. His wife isn’t making things any easier. People reports Steve’s wife, 36-year-old Scottish-born actress Louise Linton, unfortunately hasn’t sipped whatever tranquility tea it is that Melania Trump guzzles every morning so she can make it through the day silently seething over how her gold digging path went so far astray. You know, normal politico bride-style shit.

No, no, Louise lives in a world where she is Kylie Jenner, and the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base is where you work the ho stroll and show those 3’s gumming for tickets to the next political convention how a 10 does it. And maybe throw up a promoted post for matcha tea. Nothing wrong with that, no? WRONG.

Louise posted to Instagram a photo of her leaving a government jet with Steve following behind like Lisa Vanderpump’s dog Giggy. The post (now behind the veil of Instagram privacy) said, “Great #daytrip to #Kentucky!” The caption also included shout outs to Tom Ford, Hermès, Valentino, and Roland Mouret – labels Kentucky hasn’t seen since Oliver dragged Lisa to the boonies in Green Acres. Luckily for us, a sneaky sleuth got a screenshot of the post:

People came for Louise. Jenni Miller, a mother of three from Oregon, commented “Glad we could pay for your little getaway #deplorable.” Normal politicians stay above the fray and just ignore the people until it’s an election year, but not Louise! She said of that crunchy granola hippie, “I’d say let them eat cake, but that basic probably has a gluten and dairy allergy.” Actually, she didn’t. She allegedly said worse:

“Awe!!! Did you think this was a personal trip? Adorable! Do you think the US govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?! Lololol. I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day ‘trip’ than you did. Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you’d be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours.”

Per Wikipedia, Steve is worth about $ 300 million, was a Goldman Sachs executive, and a hedge fund manager. Louise self-published a memoir about a year she spent in Zambia that eventually had to get taken down for its inaccurate depiction of life in Africa. Louise, why are you using that royal “we” regarding taxes?! Jenni is probably paying more in taxes for her Pinot Noir farm in Oregon (in my head, everyone from Oregon has a Pinot Noir farm) than your “memoir.” Nevertheless, Louise proved she’s totally that person who goes deep, deep, deeeeep into an ex-boo thang’s Insta and accidentally hits like on a photo from 2011:

“Your kids look very cute. Your life looks cute. I know you’re mad but deep down you’re really nice and so am I. Sending me passive aggressive Instagram comments isn’t going to make life feel better.”

Why be passive aggressive when you can go total scorched-earth policy like the wife of the Treasury Secretary?! Louise and Steve got married in June at a ceremony attended by most of the Dementors from Harry Potter  Queen Melania, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, America’s Top Twink Model Jared Kushner, and Vice President Mike Pence. Upon saying, “I do,” Louise looked out at the crowd and heckled, “Do I smell a Club Monaco sundress? If I SEE a Club Monaco sundress when we do the electric slide later, I will be verrrrrrry disappointed.” No she didn’t, but there’s never a wrong opportunity to rewrite a Miranda Priestly line into something an uppity Republican wench might say.



Treasury Secretary’s Wife Posts Tacky-Ass Let-Them-Eat-Cake Instagram Post

The President spoke in primetime tonight. He interrupted Bachelor in Paradise basically to say that we have a new plan in Afghanistan but I’m not going to tell you what it is, but it’s basically the same plan that we’ve had all along, and also «we will win.» In other words: He announced that he’d engage in exactly what he’s argued against for years: An endless war.

«The President looked directly at the sun without any glasses, perhaps the most impressive thing a President has ever done.» An actual quote from Tucker Carlson. Tonight. On TV. In earshot of other people. With the intention of them hearing what he said. My God.

Meanwhile, here’s something we can celebrate:

Elsewhere, this Instagram post from Louis Linton — the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin — may ultimately get more attention than Trump’s speech last night.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.07.22 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.07.37 PM.jpg

She actually tagged fashion designers.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.08.54 PM.jpg

The post has since been deleted, and Linton has turned her Instagram profile to private.

Margot Robbie’s transformation into The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I in the upcoming movie Mary Queen of Scots is insane. Insane. (Dlisted)

Vulva nail art is a … DEAR GOD. (NewNowNext)

And yet, that’s not the most disturbing thing we saw today. THIS is:

In Charlottesville, the Alama Drafthouse is running a 10-movie series examining bigotry & hatred in film. Check it out if you’re local. Proceeds go to the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Drafthouse)

Insert Joss Whedon joke here:

Speaking of divorce, Jesse Williams’ ex-wife is trying to impose a six-month rule on Williams’ girlfriends, which is to say: The new girlfriend can’t meet the kids until they’ve been dating six months. It’s a fair rule. But what if you’re Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s child, and you can’t go to the supermarket without seeing your Dad’s new girlfriend on the check-out stand mags? (Lainey)

Jay Z was fine with Kanye talking shit about him, until Kanye went and got Beyonce involved. Now it’s not OK. (Celebitchy)

Here’s today’s best and worst #SolarEclipse2017 tweet.

Over the weekend, I had a brain fart and used someone’s Twitter photo without proper attribution, like a dumbass, and the photographer rightfully called my ass out on Twitter. Anyway, amends were made, and the author of the photo, Crystal Huff, turns out to be an excellent person. She is the Executive Director of Include Better. She provides consultations, trainings and speeches around the world on diversity and inclusion efforts with a particular emphasis, of late, on Kyriarchy. Anyway, she is super cool, and if I might, I’d like to direct you to her website and thank her for being understanding. Check it out: (CrystalHuff)

Longtime Cannonballer narfna planned to reach Cannonball (52 books in a year) on a cool book. Instead she Cannonballed on an ordinary book that she really enjoyed. When He Was Wicked is part of Julia Quinn’s popular Bridgerton series. It has a grieving widow, a pining best friend, and "tempestuous illicit sex in the Scottish Highlands." What kind of book are you a sucker for? (Cannonball Read 9)


Meet Anna Kupp — Wife of Rams Rookie WR Cooper Kupp

Looking for a PPR sleeper to target late in your fantasy draft? Look no further than Los Angeles Rams third-round pick Cooper Kupp, who hauled in seven catches for 70 yards and a touchdown in last night’s preseason victory over the Raiders.

Jared Goff on the guy he’ll be hitting underneath all season long (via ESPN):

“He’s a great player,” Goff told reporters after a 24-21 win on the road over the Oakland Raiders. “He makes it easy for me the way he runs his routes, how friendly of a target he is.”

Off the field, Cooper is married to fellow Eastern Washington alum Anna Kroskrey. They got married back in June of 2015:

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Ryan Miller’s Wife Noureen DeWulf Announces She’s Back!

Remember Noureen DeWulf, wife of goalie Ryan Miller? She was an absolute legend back during the early days of BC when she’d appear in like one hot photo ever 6-12 months and you felt like she was coming back into your life just as you started to forget she existed. Miller was winning 40 per year for the Sabres and these two were huge Internet stars.

And then the Sabres turned to garbage, Miller wasn’t starting and DeWulf started having kids. One thing leads to another and here we are in 2017 with Noureen, just 33, getting back to her old self by hitting the beach and having someone snap pics to use on IG.

From today’s IG:

it’s been 2.5 years since I had my baby and I finally feel like myself again… anyone who says it’s easy to get it all back is lying. I’ve been working out harder than ever….I’ll never have the body of my 20’s… but my new goal is to look good at every age and embrace it all

There it is…Noureen is announcing she’s BACK! I like it. Like when the hot sports wives just put it out there…LOOK AT ME…MY ASS IS TIGHT AGAIN.

Maybe this all has to do with Ryan signing with Anaheim. Noureen’s putting it out there that she’s open for business again. Time for photoshoots. Time for movie appearances. Time for Jimmy Kimmel appearances. It’s good to have one of the original GOATs back to her old self.

Instagram Photo

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Surprise! Andy Samberg And His Wife Had A Secret Baby

2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter

…and Beyoncé is somewhere pissed that she didn’t think of this maternity strategy first! Us Weekly says Andy Samberg and his wife, Joanna Newsom, secretly had a baby girl and only just announced it. They have been married since 2013 and dated for five years before that, making them a damn unicorn among the typical attention-seeking hos in Hollywood with a case of the wandering peen or wayward puss. They’ve also apparently been public in the past about baby on the brain. Andy told reporters at a Fox All-Star party in 2016, “I love babies. I would love a baby someday.” Only, he forgot to add in “…and I won’t be telling you bunch of narks as to what day that will be!

I’m sure their PR reps and agents are hitting happy hour extra hard this afternoon. No “Second Trimester Misery!” tabloid covers?! No bidding war for baby photos?! No ten-centimeters dilated pap stroll on your way into Cedars Sinai?! How the hell is a PR flunky supposed to earn some Christmas cash without those commission streams?!



Meet Jelisaveta Orasanin — Wife of Clippers PG Milos Teodosic

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Serbian import Milos Teodosic. Patrick Beverly has already deemed him the best passer in the NBA, while GMs voted him as the “best international player not in the NBA” last October — now he’s a Clipper and his story could go one of two ways.

He could do the Clippers thing and crash and burn epically because of a lack of athleticism and/or care for defense, OR he breathes a second life to Lob City. We’d like to believe in the latter based on the crazy highlight vids floating around:

Off the court, Milos is coming to LA fresh off marrying actress Jelisaveta Orasanin. Per Eurohoops, they were together for two years before marrying in Belgrade in June:

Sadly the two don’t seem to post most of each other on their respective IGs. Hopefully that changes once the two start living that LA life.

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Boxer Amir Khan Claims Model Wife Cheated On Him With Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua

While everybody is talking about Conor Mcgregor’s sparring partner quitting his camp and coming with conspiracy theories as to why, we have a little love triangle on the other side of the boxing world between former world champ Amir Khan and current heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua.

It all started with some tweets that Amir Khan sent out this morning about his decision to split up with his wife, model Faryal Makhdoom. That quickly led to him airing out her cheating, which led to him naming Anthony Joshua as Faryal’s side piece.

Let’s take a look at the tweets.

Khan started it all off this morning from Dubai

Then his wife came back with the THUNDER

The first three tweets have now been deleted

And then you have Joshua, who’s been thrown into this, playing it cool

So there you have it. There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned love triangle. Who knows where it goes from here, but it sounds like Khan & Faryal are officially done and Anthony Joshua will go back to bashing dudes faces in.


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The Reason This Denmark Prince Refuses to Be Buried Next to His Wife Is So Insane

While most of the world is aware that it’s 2017 and men and women are f*cking equal, some people still struggle to come to terms with that fact. One such individual happens to be Prince Henrik of Denmark. It was revealed this week that the 83-year-old royal has decided not to be buried next to his wife, Queen Margrethe, when the time comes. A representative for the Danish royal family announced on Friday that despite having a specially designed sarcophagus at Roskilde Cathedral in Denmark just for the couple, Henrik has refused to use that as his final resting place. The reason? He’s bitter about the fact that he’s never been named king during Margrethe’s ascent to the throne, saying that having a lesser title is a form of gender discrimination.

«It makes me angry that I am subjected to discrimination,» he told French newspaper Le Figaro. «Denmark, which is otherwise known as an avid defender of gender equality, is apparently willing to consider husbands as worth less than their wives.» The family’s director of communications further explained the situation to Danish newspaper B.T., saying, «It is no secret that the prince for many years has been unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy. For the prince, the decision not to be buried beside the queen is the natural consequence of not having been treated equally to his spouse — by not having the title and role he has desired.»

Margrethe has been queen for 45 years, and the two have always appeared to have a good relationship. Henrik, who is originally from France and holds the traditional title of prince consort, still wants to be buried in Denmark, just not next to Margrethe.

. . . K.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Was 9 Months Pregnant When She Filed For Divorce


The wife of insufferable off-brand Sopranos character Anthony Scararmucci (aka THE LEGIT COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR OF THE DAMN WHITE HOUSE. Yes, I used Kanye caps because it’s that awful) filed for divorce from him when she was nine months pregnant. If she didn’t, the baby would have shot out of her holding a smartphone with Laura Wasser’s info programmed.

(Referring to him as “The Mooch” in a post would cause that “drunk vintage Mac” icon to pop up on my laptop, asking me to “wait” or “kill.” I know – killing this whole situation from our lives and brains would be a blessing.)

Page Six (via People) has revealed that Deidre Scaramucci, 38, filed for divorce in Nassau County Supreme Court on Long Island on July 6. She was still carrying their son James. You have to be pretty over a person if you’re giving up the opportunity to verbally abuse someone without fear of reprisal in the delivery room.

Deidre gave birth on Monday in New York. Anthony “Thinks He’s Michael, Is Actually Fredo” Scarmucci, 53, was with POTUS at the inadvertent Nazi Youth rally Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. Anthony supposedly didn’t cease speculating about the auto-oral abilities of his new co-workers long enough to visit his new kid until Friday night. Cut him some slack. Living in a straight-to-DVD movie in which Joe Pesci‘s character somehow becomes a key White House figure through a zany mistaken identity mishap is time-consuming!

The New York Daily News (again via People) claims that Anthony was kind enough to text his ex after the birth with an alternately angry/creepy/alarming message.

“Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child.”

Judging by his demeanor and attitude, I’m guessing he’s not a church-type. Unless there was an issue with the delivery, that reads like he’s texting from inside the house. That’s either him being way bitter about the divorce and insinuating she’s going to be a shitty mom, or a sign that she better have “Amber Alert” and “cops” saved as favorites in her phone.

Tony No-Prano did take a mo to comment on his family life on Twitter.

He also told the press that his family “does not need to be drawn into this” and said he wouldn’t be commenting any further. Deidre’s lawyer says that Anthony’s recent appointment to the White House isn’t the cause of their split, but declined to state why she left him.

She left him because, when he moved to DC, her best girlfriends and family probably took the opportunity to stage an intervention! If I was a loved one of Deidre’s, I’d even offer to change the #2-type nappies if she’d agree to leave his gruesome ass. Think about it. When you’re a big enough douche that a woman would be willing to simultaneously juggle a newborn AND a divorce case than stay with you, you should probably rethink your personality situation.



Stan Lee Thanks His «Wonderful» Late Wife While Being Honored in Hollywood

Stan Lee cemented his illustrious career during a hand and footprint ceremony in LA on Tuesday. The comic book legend was joined by director Kevin Smith and Marvel stars Chadwick Boseman, Clark Gregg, and Nichelle Nichols, who starred as Lieutenant Uhura in the original Star Trek movies and TV series. Also on hand for the celebration was Stan’s daughter, J.C. Lee. After being welcomed to the stage with kind words from the stars, Stan addressed the crowd with a brief yet heartfelt speech. «I’ve been the luckiest man in the world because I’ve had friends and to have the right friends is everything,» the 94-year-old said. «All I can say is . . . I thank you from my whole heart! You’ve made this day, certainly, totally unforgettable. Excelsior!»

Stan also mentioned his late wife, Joan, saying, «I’ve been lucky to have a wonderful wife. And I’m lucky to be standing here in front of you now wishing desperately that I had written a speech!» The actress and former model passed away on July 6 at the age of 93, and she and Stan would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this year. It’s already been a big week for Stan, who was honored with the Disney Legends award during the D23 Expo on Saturday.

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