Roger Clemens Unleashed The Swag This Weekend

Remember the Roger Clemens Swag Report that I did nearly every Monday like 2-3 years ago? There was a huge following for that series. Guys couldn’t get enough of Roger’s cargo pants and his golf attire. Then Rog turned 53 or so and got kinda boring. Now 55, Rog just might be coming out again to play.


And dripping. Just soaked from head to toes this weekend at some Cory Redding event in Houston at High 5 where Roger and a bunch of sports guys were at to raise money, that sort of thing.

That’s the $ 56 skull balls shirt from Tattoo Golf dripping from the Rocket:

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The Cove Atlantis Celebrates Relaunch with Star-Studded Weekend

This past weekend, The Cove celebrated its relaunch with a weekend-long private event, where guests included Drew Barrymore, Liev Schreiber, Fergie and Brooke Shields.

A highlight of the weekend was Fergie’s oceanfront performance accompanied by a beach dinner featuring a preview by Master Chef José Andrés. Musicians, designers, artists and chefs came out to support the reopening of the famous resort at Atlantis Paradise Island. A Surfside Dinner on Paradise Beach kicked off the weekend on Friday, where guests dined on authentic Bahamian cuisine, including out-of-the-shell conch, a freshly-caught Nassau grouper wrapped in a banana leaf and Avión Paloma cocktails. The evening also included a performance by musical guest Spencer Ludwig alongside Bahamian artists Tingum Dem.

Greg Calejo, Karolina Kurkova, DuJour CEO Jason Binn


On Saturday guests relaxed on the white-sand beach and the newly redesigned pool area made possible by Lulu deKwiatkowski, notable artist and designer of textiles, jewelry and accessories. The Cove also boats a new restaurant called Sip Sip which is made possible by Chef Julie Lightbourn. At sunset, Bahamian artist Antonius Roberts unveiled his own sculpture creation, “Sacred Space,” at The Cove Peninsula, which pays tribute to Bahamian heritage and the environment.

Master Chef José Andrés held a dinner for 250 guests under the nighttime sky with a preview of a dish from his upcoming restaurant, FISH by José Andrés, which will open in February 2018 at The Cove. The dish, called Conch Salpicon, is made with pomegranate, cucumber, radish, tomato, salmon roe and green pepper.

Fergie ended the night with a performance of both her hit songs and her latest songs from her new album, Double Duchess. DJs Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol, known together as The Misshapes, also performed at The Cove.

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Lamar Odom Collapsed At A Club This Weekend, But He’s Fine

2017 MAXIM Halloween Party

Sixteen months ago, Lamar Odom was kicked off of a plane for drunken barfing, and just when it seemed like he may have gotten his life back on track (or at least a rehab facility in close vicinity to the tracks), he had a setback. TMZ says that Lamar  collapsed in his VIP booth at Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood on Saturday morning.

Several club patrons noticed that Lamar was slumped over in his booth around 2am. One clubgoer claims they saw Lamar drinking for several hours before he collapsed. TMZ posted a video of Lamar passed out, and it ends with him sitting upright and looking around. That’s good, I think? With Lamar’s history, that video could have easily ended with his ass on a stretcher inside an ambulance bound for Cedars-Sinai.

This wasn’t Lamar’s first trip back to the club after his stint in rehab late last year. TMZ says that Lamar was seen at a strip club last month, where he partied until 2am.

Lamar’s rep spoke to TMZ about what happened, and they claim that his collapse has everything to do with dehydration. Apparently Lamar had a pretty intense workout earlier in the day and wasn’t properly hydrated. His rep claims it was also very hot inside the club. He’s currently “doing great.

To be honest, I feel like we’re playing pretty fast and loose with the definition of the word “great” here. After all, this is a man that has personally lived through the Kardashian family. So who even knows what visions of plastic surgeon-created horror were mentally projected after he blacked out? Let’s hope his brain did him a favor and just played a clip show featuring some of his best jump shots.



Exclusive: Your Weekend Isn’t Complete Without Watching Half the Animal’s New Music Video

If your weekend is in need of a little boost, look no further than the latest offering from Half the Animal. The LA-based alt-rock group just dropped their new single, «Bad Bad Love,» which has just the kind of addictive pop edge that will have you slamming the repeat button. Let’s just say that if you have a thing for Maroon 5 (you’ve been listening to «What Lovers Do» nonstop, admit it), «Bad Bad Love» will be making its way to the top of your Spotify playlists in no time, and we have the exclusive (and trippy) music video to prove it. Check out your next obsession above.

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Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham Are Lucky in Love With PDA-Filled Weekend in Dublin

It looks like Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are officially back together. The couple, who first broke up in September 2016, was spotted showing sweet PDA on Sunday during their outing in Dublin, Ireland, where the actress is currently filming her new movie, The Widow. Aside from holding hands during their stroll around town, the young lovebirds also made things Instagram official again as they posed for a cute selfie while attending the Leinster vs. Munster rugby match. Chloë even shared a cute video on her Instagram story of Brooklyn kissing her on the cheek. Aww! As you celebrate their rekindled romance, look back at their sweetest moments together.

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Taylor Anderson Had A Strong Weekend In Cbus, The U Fans Are Feelin’ It, Plus Marino With Mrs. Cutler

Is it time to put the Chiefs in the Super Bowl?

K.C. is two games up on the Patriots for home field, hold the tie breaker, the rest of the AFC is a mess and the Chiefs offense is churning out plays that are pieces of art. Did you watch last night? If Alex Smith plays like that and Kareem Hunt goes for 110 yards on an off-night, the AFC is in big trouble. My favorite site this time of the year — — has the Chiefs with a 33% probability of playing in the Super Bowl. A Chiefs-Packers Super Bowl in Minneapolis, anyone? That would be insane. The fans won’t care about the cold and can drive. That would be a good time.

Numbers from :

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

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Wisconsin Bruh Banging In Pontiac Grand Am Complains That Cop Is Cock Blocking Him On Oktoberfest Weekend

The Smoking Gun got its hands on an award winner this week. Any time you see a post that includes “cockblocking” you stop what you’re doing and start blogging. That’s the rule around here, especially when it’s a story on a 21 year old bruh banging it out with some 20 year old chick named Emily in a Pontiac Grand Am at what sounds like a wild Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI.

Let’s go to TSG for the details:

Westpfahl then told the couple–later identified as Bailey Puttkemery, 21, and Emily Scott, 20–to cease copulating and get dressed. “At that point, I walked to the rear of the vehicle in order to give the two subjects some privacy while getting dressed,” the patrolman noted.

But when five minutes passed and the duo had not emerged clothed from the vehicle, the uniformed officer shone his flashlight into the Pontiac and determined that Puttkemery and Scott “had reinitiated the sexual intercourse.”

Puttkemery at some point, aggitated by the cop telling him to stop, reportedly told him, ” “No. I’m trying to [fucc].”


After Puttkemery finally stepped out of the Pontiac, naked, he became argumentative and accused Westpfahl of “cock blocking” him and “giving him blue balls,” according to the report. Puttkemery then offered an explanation, of sorts, for his behavior: “You’re a man. You should understand. It’s Oktoberfest weekend.”

According to Bailey’s Facebook, he’s “in a relationship,” but you know how those things go. Emily might’ve just been some weekend strange. Kids being kids. There’s no Emily Scott on his friends list.

Emily had a night she won’t soon forget!

Just a guy trying to fucc but the fuzz has to go and ruin it:

The best part of the report. Asked why he didn’t stop, Emily told the cop that “he wanted to finish.”

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Ryan Gosling, Undercover Comedic Genius, Is Coming Back to SNL This Weekend

Seeing Ryan Gosling completely lose it during a skit the last time he was on Saturday Night Live was enough to have even Kate McKinnon cracking a smile, and now we’re about to get a repeat performance. The Blade Runner 2049 star is set to return to Studio 8H this weekend along with musical guest JAY-Z. In the recently released promo, he promises to «give the world my soul. I’m going to give them something they’ll never, ever get» before promptly being hauled out of 30 Rock by security guards. We can’t freakin’ wait for this.

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Ask A Wedding Expert: A Wedding Weekend at Nobu Eden Roc

Arranging a wedding means putting together much more than the ceremony. There can be countless other events involved, from rehearsal dinners to bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Add in entertaining out-of-town guests, and you have a full weekend to plan.

To find out how to make a weekend of wedding events as seamless as possible, we spoke with Director of Catering Ana Hernandez at the newly opened Nobu Hotel Eden Roc. Located directly on Miami Beach, the hotel sees its fair share of large weddings with out-of-town guests coming in to spend a weekend in the luxury oasis, and of course, to celebrate the bride and groom. Here, Hernandez breaks down her top suggestions for every wedding event at Nobu Hotel Eden Roc.

Family Events

Whether it’s  a bridal shower, a meet-and-greet or a post-ceremony brunch, the hotel provides multiple upscale venues for family-centric events. “We have a lot of brides from out of town or their families are from out of town, so they always do a meet-and-greet reception as they’re arriving,” says Hernandez. The hotel also boasts two trendy restaurants: an outpost of Nobu (of course!) and Malibu Farm. Nobu offers private spaces for upscale dinners with guests and Malibu Farm–which sits outdoors and directly overlooks the ocean–is a perfect spot for a bridal shower brunch.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Located just north of bustling South Beach, Nobu Eden Roc makes it easy to plan a classic night out in Miami at one of the many extravagant nightclubs the city has to offer. For a more relaxing alternative, the hotel can arrange a VIP cabana at the pool or beach, followed by a private dinner in Nobu’s Tappan room or a day at sea on a luxury yacht. “We often do spa days for the bridal party. That’s definitely a hit with our brides,” says Hernandez. Both the bachelor or bachelorette can opt for the choice of a VIP luxury shopping experience, private party at the sandbar, or even deep sea fishing or shark diving in Key West.

Nobu Eden Roc

Nobu Eden Roc

Pre-Wedding Relaxation

During the wedding weekend, Hernandez advises taking advantage of the Nobu Hotel Eden Roc’s expansive spa, which features a lounge overlooking the ocean. Enjoy a glass of champagne with your bridesmaids or fiancé while you wait for a spa treatment like the Nobu Zen massage, which includes an indulgent foot soak, personalized with your choice of aromatherapy and with the additional option of add-ons like hot stones or a salt scrub. Hernandez notes that one of the most popular couples’ spa treatments is, uniquely, acupuncture.

The Ceremony

For the ceremony the hotel offers multiple options—from grand ballrooms to a sweeping palm-enclosed rooftop. “Our original ballroom is from 1956. It has so much history behind it—very historic and iconic. Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand have performed there,” says Hernandez, “For the bride that’s looking for more of that history, that’s the perfect ballroom for them.” For something a little more modern, there are Ocean Tower ballrooms which overlook the sunset. For a very private venue, Hernandez suggests the rooftop. “It’s a very hidden space,” she says, “It’s one of my favorites because it has palm trees all around and then the sunset right behind. It’s a little hidden gem we have, overlooking the city of Miami. Brides love it because it’s very private. You can do a nice, long aisle.”

Nobu Eden Roc

Nobu Eden Roc

The Backup Plan

While Miami is a beautiful choice for a beach wedding, the area is notorious for its varied weather, humidity and rain. Should this affect your choice to choose the location? Hernandez says no. “For any of our outdoor spaces, we always have an indoor, backup space. I always make sure the bride envisions that space as well. If we do have to make that call, for whatever reason, they can also feel just as happy with their backup plan.” She suggests choosing a wedding date between November and March for prime weather conditions.

Her #1 Tip

“Stay in the moment,” Hernandez says. “Try to stay in the moment! It just comes and goes so fast. It can breeze right by!”

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