Virginia HS Teacher Reportedly Had Sex With Student at Her Parents’ House

via Henrico County Sheriff’s Office

Former Douglas S. Freeman High School teacher Ashley Leigh Weber is looking at one year in jail after spending the summer of 2016 banging a 15-year-old student. This may sound like every inappropriate teacher-student relationship we post, but there’s a twist: Ashley decided the best place to have sex with a minor was at her parents’ house.

Details from The Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Stacey T. Davenport, an assistant commonwealth’s attorney, said Weber met the victim during the 2015-16 school year.

At some point during the summer of 2016, Weber took the boy to her parents’ home in Henrico, where they had sex, Davenport said. At the time, Weber was 30 and the boy was 15, the prosecutor said.

There is some good news for Ashley as the report states she may spend just six months in jail because this is a misdemeanor case. Oh, and a potential felony charge for “using a communications device” was dropped so there are some silver linings here if she overlooks tanking her career.

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2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: West Virginia At TCU

This morning we have the GameDay crew making their first stop of the season at a Big 12 school. They can’t hug the east coast all season, so they finally got out west of the Mississippi and set up shop in Fort Worth at TCU.

TCU-West Virginia is the only ranked matchup of the day and not even the primetime ABC game (it’s 3:30 on FS1), but unlike last week’s mediocre slate we actually have some better name matchups even if they aren’t ranked. Michigan-Michigan State, Bama-A&M, LSU-Florida, Washington State-Oregon, are just a few.

GameDay pick: WVU +13.5

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2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Clemson At Virginia Tech

After last week’s weird move picking Times Square as their week 4 location, they’ve more than made up for it this week. Blacksburg is a hall of fame GameDay location. Herbie and Fowler even said during last week’s Penn St-Iowa game that VT was one of the places that really boosted the show early on into what it is today. The place should be wild today.

And let’s be honest, we’re all hype for night game “Enter Sandman”.

GameDay pick: Clemson -7.5

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Meet Kristen From Virginia Tech

Clemson-Virginia Tech tomorrow night is the big game of the weekend. Gameday is back in Blacksburg where I don’t think it ever disappoints, so why don’t we head there for our Friday college girl to take you into the weekend.

Let’s meet Kristen, who by the looks of her IG, used to be a Hokie cheerleader. I took a look at the 2017 roster and she’s not on it, so I’m assuming she wanted to spend her college football Saturdays like us normals.

[IG – Kristen]

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West Virginia Seem Ready To Play School…Just Kidding

I’m still not sure how anyone that goes to West Virginia ends up with a diploma. Students moved in this weekend and….those of you who’ve been around here for a few years know it’s one of the biggest party weekends at the school. It’s the weekend where bros bust out the banners they’ve been thinking about for months.

And then everyone gets a pic with the banners.

And moms are welcomed with open arms.

Hell, even dads are sought out by the wild West Virginia girls who are looking for a good time.

Your nightmare scenario: Your son or daughter comes to you and tells you he/she wants to go to West Virginia and you have to watch the money you’ve been saving over 20 years go up in bong smoke or down a 20 foot beer bong.

I’m sure some students end up with quality educations. You’ll be fine.

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Virginia Declares State of Emergency as Alt-Nazi Protests Turn Violent

On most days, I try to stay focused on the positive here when it comes to politics: The advancements on Bob Mueller’s Russian probe; the division among Republicans; Trump’s stalled legislative agenda; the firings; the chaos; the many, many fuck-ups of our President.

But while the President has been neutered in some ways, there’s still plenty to fear. He’s taking steps to destroy our environment; he’s rounding up immigrants by the thousands and deporting them; he’s playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship with an insane man, and he’s given both voice and power to men like Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, and Sebastian Gorka, and he’s re-activated white supremacy in this country. To be sure, it’s never gone away in America, but Donald Trump has given the Nazis cover. They’re brazen and emboldened, and this weekend in Charlottesville, they gathered together to «Unite the Right/White.»

It was ugly and it was hateful.

And it’s not just old white rednecks; it’s young people, too.

And it’s not exactly a peaceful gathering, either.

And this shit is terrifying. These white supremacists are carrying goddamn semi-automatic rifles.

And make no mistake: These people believe that Donald Trump represents their values.

So this is where we’re at now in America. For white people, this is on us. This is our mess to sort out. These are our people exhibiting hate. This is our problem.

Yeah, but we’re not hateful, racist assholes. What can we do?

For starters, acknowledge the problem, and don’t try and insist that these people do not reflect America, Chris Cillizza. Donald Trump is our President; of course, these values represent part of America.

Don’t make jokes. Don’t normalize.

If there are opportunities to counter-protest in your area, show up.

If you have it in you, be brave:

Stand up to those around you who might sympathize with these people:

And maybe you’re like, «What’s a dumb Facebook post gonna do? We can’t fight this on Twitter!» That’s not as true as you might think. Social media has given these people a platform for their hatred. We can disrupt it. Don’t give them any reason to believe they have an ally in you. You can’t «ignore the trolls» anymore, because the trolls are organizing, and they’re carrying weapons, and clearly, «ignoring the trolls» hasn’t gotten us anywhere but here.

So stand up to them even on social media. Go out and protest. Rail at your co-workers, family members, acquaintances. Call them out. Tell your employers. Withhold your children from their grandparents, if you have to. Do not fucking put up with these people.

In the meantime, the Virginia governor has declared a state of emergency after violence breaks out.

No word yet from the President, although his wife has at least addressed this.

Trump got what we wanted: We’re back in the 1950s again.


Meet Ally From Virginia Tech

Going off the beaten path a little bit with today’s college girl. Time to get away from the heavy hitter schools and branch out a little bit. That’s why we’re heading to Virginia Tech, a school I think we’ve only featured one other time. Meet Ally.

Know a college girl BC readers need to meet? Let us know: or IG/@bustedcoverage.

[IG – Ally]

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Torch-bearing White Nationalists Protested the Planned Removal of a Confederate Monument in Virginia

On Saturday, in Virginia, a blindingly white punching bag by the name of “Richard Spencer,” led or participated in two rallies of fellow white nationalist and “alt-right” protesters, complaining about the planned removal of a Confederate monument in Charlottesville. The statue in question is of Confederate General…

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Buy Kory Lichtensteiger’s Virginia Home — $1.149 Million

via Zillow

In the market for a home in Virginia and have a sizable $ 1-2 million budget to work with? If so, look no further than Kory Lichtensteiger’s 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom home in Leesburg.

Kory spent the past seven seasons as the center for the Washington Redskins before retiring this offseason. He battled a pinched nerve and calf injury in 2015 and 2016 and was usurped by Spencer Long, so the move wasn’t out of left field.

As far as the house is concerned, Kory bought it back in 2013 for just over $ 1 million — it officially hit the market on Saturday.

Details from Kory’s realtor:

Dream home for entertainers!Huge deck overlooking 1.5 acre estate w/ beautiful custom in ground pool & cascading hot tub! Enjoy evenings around your fire pit w/ friends & family. Inside features an amazing gourmet kitchen that opens to TWO sunrooms overlooking your grounds. Each upper level bedroom w/ private bath! More pictures coming today, click on the virtual tour for a complete walk through.

Additional highlights of Kory’s home:

  • 6 beds/ 6 baths/ 5,313 sqft
  • 10 miles from Whole Foods
  • 55 miles from FedExField
  • Nationals themed bedroom if you have a boy

via Zillow

via Zillow

via Zillow

via Zillow

via Zillow

via Zillow

via Zillow

via Zillow

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