Grab a Cold Towel and Feast Your Eyes on the Sexiest, Steamiest Celebrity Selfies of the Year

Every year, celebrities treat us to a bevy of sexy photos, and they get hotter and hotter with each year that passes by. Whether it’s a sizzling bikini snap or an NSFW shot, there’s no telling how far a star will go for the perfect selfie. Keep reading to see the hottest celebrity selfies of 2017.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Could Have Won Project Runway With This Creative Beach Towel Style

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently vacationing in the South of France with his pack of friends (and, of course, a group of gorgeous women) and was spotted hanging out on a yacht wearing a stunning beach towel design on Thursday. Seriously, he would have crushed it on Project Runway. Between this avant-garde design and that inventive plastic bag display, we might need to get ready for Leo’s Fashion Week debut.

The Oscar winner is in St.-Tropez to host a gala for his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation; on Wednesday, he reunited with BFF Kate Winslet and their fellow Titanic costar Billy Zane to raise money for a young mother in the UK to pay for her cancer treatment. They also auctioned off a private dinner with the two of them! Will you be copying Leo’s styling hack this Summer?

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IG Model Brissa Dominguez Gets Lit At Florida Hotel, Towel Whips A Cop, Mule Kicks Another & Gets Arrested

Meet Brissa Dominguez, the Instagram model who’s about to become real famous for going OFF at a Clearwater, Florida hotel at 4:20 a.m. where she was reportedly trespassing, according to the hotel and cops who arrested her. It gets better – she was naked.

Brissa, who goes by ‘baybaddiebrie’ on IG, went nuts on the cops and here we are with what’s going to be the police report of the week.

Let’s hear from The Smoking Gun:

When Officer Richard Edmonds arrived at the hotel, he “found the defendant to be nude.” After Edmonds handed Dominguez a towel “to cover herself,” she “used said towel to strike me in the face by swinging it in a whipping motion.”

As Edmonds and other cops sought to arrest Dominguez for trespassing, she kicked three patrolmen and “attempted to bite and spit on” one officer. Edmonds was on the receiving end of a “mule kick” that the 5’ 4”, 130-pound Dominguez reportedly executed as cops tried to “effect an arrest during difficult circumstances.”

Brissa hasn’t missed a beat on IG where she’s back to posting as if nothing happened. That’s how you know Brissa is a real pro’s pro on IG. You don’t miss a beat. I don’t care if you go to jail or not. You always have photo ammunition on the phone ready to go when you get out. Right back to the grind.

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Old Rich Guy Steals Wimbledon Match Towel From Irish Kid, Kid Gets Last Laugh

You know what I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years of running Busted? I haven’t seen some rich old timer stealing a sweaty Wimbledon match towel from a kid in the stands. This is a first. And it doesn’t shock me a bit. We’re deep into the Asshole Era. You shouldn’t be shocked. Your buddy on Twitter shouldn’t be shocked.

Old Rich Guy is used to getting what he wants in life. You think he’s giving up that sweaty towel to some rich white kid who ties his sweater around his waste? No fuccin way, bro.

The good news here, as reported by The Guardian, is that the kid has made contact with Jack Sock, the American who threw the towel. The kid is from Ireland and went home without a towel, but this has now turned into a tennis industry marketing opportunity. The kid is going to get a towel from the U.S. Open, the Australian, French and Wimbledon.

There is a happy ending. Sock’s appeal resulted in the teenager, who has not been identified, making contact with the player and a substitute towel – and an invitation to future matches – was being swiftly dispatched by the player.

Mary Jane Orman, Sock’s agent, said: “The boy messaged Jack directly on Instagram and is from Ireland. He has gone home now but Jack invited him to his matches and said he will send him a towel.”

The Old Rich Asshole might’ve gone home with Sock’s towel, but in the end the kid won the day. That’s just the power of social media, you Old Rich Asshole.

What are you gonna do with that towel anyway, ORA?

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Louis Tomlinson Wanted to «Throw the Towel in» After His Mom Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Louis Tomlinson is opening up about his mother’s death after she passed away from leukemia in December. During an interview on the SiriusXM satellite radio show, Hits 1 in Hollywood, on Tuesday, the One Direction singer talked about the advice his mom gave him after her initial diagnosis. «It’s not something that I feel 100 percent comfortable talking too much about,» he admitted. «But just quickly, when I first found out the news I kind of did want to throw the towel in, but it was my mum who said to me that I’ve just got to keep going. She told me very sternly that she wanted me to.» Just days after his mother’s death, Louis courageously returned to the X Factor UK stage to debut his first solo single, «Just Hold On.» «It was tough, but I felt like it was nice for me to almost have a little send-off for her,» he said.

Following the news of his mother’s death, his bandmates were quick to show their support on social media. Zayn Malik, who famously left the band on a sour note in March 2015, even shared his condolences with a sweet message. Despite the «Pillow Talk» singer previously speaking out about no longer being friends with the remaining members of One Direction, Louis admitted that there isn’t any bad blood between them. «[We’ve] gotten to a point now where you can just really be happy for each other,» he said. «Things have happened in the past, of course. It’s great. His first song was an absolute smash, and that’s a great song.»

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Ravens Fans Hang Ben Roethlisberger Dummy And Burn A Terrible Towel


It’s only right that the Steelers and Ravens play the day after Alabama and LSU played, because the similarities when these teams play each other is uncanny. They legitimately don’t like each other and they go out there to try and rip people’s heads off.

Just like the players, the fans are the same way. They HATE the other team and fan base with a raging passion. That’s why when you walk through a Baltimore tailgate lot, you might see a giant crowd burning a Terrible Towel tied to a flag pole.

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And then you keep walking and could possibly see a dummy with a Big Ben jersey on hanging from a noose. You know, just your classic tailgating scene.

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South Carolina Students Ignore The Game, Make Giant Spirit Towel Rope Instead


South Carolina’s football team stinks, they’re playing UMass, the stadium is half full, and it’s a noon game. Let’s just say it’s not the most entertaining Saturday in Columbia today, but the Gamecock students are making the most of it and I respect that.

How, you might ask? Well, you know those spirit towels they give away for free at games? Yeah, the student section is spending their time tying a shitload of them together to create a massive rope across the bleachers.

When you paid for the 8 home game package as a student, you aren’t going to waste those tickets, so you have make the most of those three hours. That’s definitely not going to be watching the product on the field. A big ass towel chain weaving throughout the bleachers is MUCH more entertaining than a USC-UMass game.


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