John BC Got The News Today That His Father’s Day Gift Is A Trip To Lambeau Thanks To #CrownYourFather


So Crown Royal approached me like 10 days ago or so and said they were looking for bloggers to ‘Crown’ their fathers for Father’s Day this year. “Would you be interested,” they asked.

There’s still time to enter your dad for the velvet Crown painting via on your mobile device.

Well, considering the fact that my dad keeps his Crown empties, has carried coins in his Crown bags to poker parties for like 25 years and actually drinks Crown when he’s at the lake, I said yes. Part of the crowning was to buy a gift for dad. I went back and forth on this part. Do I send dad with me next week for the College World Series title game or do I save the funds and take dad to Lambeau Field in the fall for another one of his bucket list items.

In the end I went Lambeau because it’s harder to pull off that one and it’s one of those places he’s always talked about visiting.

Here’s the trip plan:

We make the drive from Ohio to Ludington, Michigan to catch the SS Badger Ferry. We put the truck on the ferry across Lake Michigan and into Manitowic, Wisconsin, which is just 41 miles to Lambeau Field. The ferry stops running on October 15 so our choices are an early September game against the Seahawks, a 4:25 kickoff against the Bengals (not ideal since I don’t want to watch my Bengals get lit up) or a Thursday night game against the Bears.

That might just be the play here. Rivalry game. Night game. Get up there on a Wednesday night, catch the game Thursday, maybe a stadium tour Friday and then possibly Northwestern-Wisconsin on the way home on Saturday.

That’s a bucket list trip right there.

Thanks to Crown for this opportunity. I’m happy once again to be partnering with Crown Royal and I know dad is jacked up over this whole thing.

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The Perfect Way to Honor Prince Today Is With This Impeccable Tap Dancing Routine

Wednesday marked what would have been Prince’s 59th birthday, and ever since his death in April 2016, fans of the singer have found ways to honor his legacy through music, art, and dance. First uploaded in May of last year, this tap routine by the Syncopated Ladies adds a fresh, new attitude to Prince’s 1984 hit «When Doves Cry» — the choreography is on point, yes, but the emotion from these ladies that goes into it is truly something to appreciate. Watch the video above now, then look back on Prince’s best, shadiest facial expressions.

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Brandy Had A Scary Moment Of Unconsciousness On A Plane Today


TMZ says that some in-flight drama happened on a Delta flight early this morning involving Brandy Norwood. 38-year-old Brandy was on a flight from LAX to JFK when she fell unconscious before the plane even pulled out of the gate. Oh no-to-the, e-to-the. Law enforcement sources say that Brandy’s fellow passengers and flight attendants rushed to her aid. The paramedics got her off the plane, and she regained full consciousness while being treated on the jetway.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department told People that units responded sometime after 6am to an “unspecified medical complaint,” and that an unknown number of passengers were transported to the hospital.

Last week Brandy was denying she was pregnant, which adds another layer of drama to all of this. KABC Los Angeles says that Brandy was taken to the Marina Del Rey Hospital.

The only real silver lining I can find in all of this, if I can even call it that, is that I had totally forgotten Brandy’s first cousin is Snoop Dogg. I feel like a visit from Snoop would make any hospital stay just a tiny bit better.

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Today We Fall On Black Days: Chris Cornell, 1964-2017

I heard a noise from across the water, a soulful and powerful scream made of pure grit and born under perennially overcast skies. It was a scream that rang out louder than most, a noise that came to define a generation; and yesterday it was silenced.

Chris Cornell, best known as the singer of Soundgarden, died suddenly and unexpectedly on May 17th, 2017. He was 52.

He died shortly after playing his last gig.

Christopher John Boyle, born in the summer of 1964 and later going by the name Chris Cornell, was a musician. He could play a mean rhythm guitar but it was his voice that made him special. Suffering from depression in his teenage years, Cornell would find that music could prove an effective outlet and emotional balm.

There is a sound that emanated out of America’s Pacific Northwest nigh on three decades ago that turned things upside down. It was a wounded, guttural growl. Some people would call it grunge and they would apply that label to any number of bands—many of which would never have otherwise been comparable. A great many of who appeared on the scene only to imitate.

Not so Chris Cornell’s Soundgarden, who would come to be one of the most imitated.

Soundgarden were angry, they were heavy, and they were vital. Just like Cornell’s beloved Beatles, his was a band that would shake the foundations of popular music. Ostensibly a revolt against the over-produced guitar antics of the late 1980’s, the grunge scene of the 90’s featured many bands who in actuality shared some fundamental DNA with the opulent dinosaurs they were apparently put on this earth to slay. Soundgarden, though a lot darker and de-tuned and less flash than what came before, were not shy of displays of guitar wizardry. Indeed much more than their contemporaries Nirvana—the odd ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ aside—the guitar riff featured as a much more prominent pillar in Soundgarden’s music.

The other being, of course, Cornell’s incredible four octave vocal. Here was a man who could croon one minute, and strip paint off walls the next. There are not many singers of his era who could challenge Chris Cornell for sheer power and versatility. His was not a short-lived talent either. Audioslave, Cornell’s ill-fated 2000’s team-up with the musicians from Rage Against The Machine, may not have produced material comparable to his work with Soundgarden, but the singer’s ability never dimmed. One listen through to ‘Shadow On The Sun’ from Audiosoave’s debut is proof enough of that. Come for the mournful verses; stay for the explosive chorus; feel the earth shake in the extended, super-heavy coda where Cornell absolutely shreds his vocal chords to produce a sound that is almost inhuman.

Soundgarden would break up in the latter half of the 90’s. Reunions and gigs would follow, and though they performed with verve and wrote decent new material, the band’s destiny was to forever be associated with grunge. Their material was always too inventive and too alive to sit comfortably in one box, but Seattle in the early 1990’s is fundamentally where their place in the grand narrative is.

Ever the restless creative spirit, Chris Cornell would go on to a successful if critically mixed solo career after Audioslave—including a one-off stint as a James Bond theme-writer—but if he had so chosen to he could have spent his days resting comfortably on his laurels, for he had make his mark and assured his place in music history long ago. Soulful, raw like an exposed nerve, and as powerful as dynamite, that voice will ring out in eternity.

Rest in peace, Chris Cornell, and thank you.


Petr Knava
lives in London and plays music


Today in Not Good Ideas: Claire Foy Rumoured Favourite for Lisbeth Salander Reboot

Reboots, remakes and re-imaginings are the law of the Hollywood land, so the prospect of an English language reboot of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander books was hardly the shock of the century. Sadly, David Fincher’s take on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo didn’t set the box office alight, so Rooney Mara’s dreams of completing the series were dashed. Still, it’s too big a property not to mine for profit, and Sony could use a few familiar names on their roster, so Fede Alvarez, the director of Don’t Breathe and the surprisingly decent reboot of Evil Dead, has been brought on board to kick-start the series afresh.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web, a.k.a. the one Stieg Larsson didn’t write, is being adapted with eyes for a late 2018 release. Like the Fincher film, the Lisbeth casting is being billed as a big effing deal, a chance for a potentially unknown actress to dive deep into a fascinating character that will require an extensive change to their appearance (for her time in the role, Mara got several piercings, bleached her eyebrows and dyed and chopped off her hair, all in one day). In an industry where the majority of the juicy roles still go to white dudes named Chris, it’s a rare opportunity for a woman to sink her teeth into a meaty leading role.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio are in early talks with Claire Foy, most recently seen in Netflix’s The Crown.

Foy is an undeniable talent, as anyone who has seen Wolf Hall or The Crown can testify, but she just seems all wrong for this: Too refined and classically trained for a character of such abrasiveness. Then again, she seems more realistic a choice than Sony’s other alleged favourite, Felicity Jones, and half the fun with Lisbeth is in seeing the actress go through that transformation. Still, if I may, I would like to make a suggestion for the role.

Just saying, Zoe Kravitz would rock Lisbeth Salander.


Hey Psychology Today, This Magazine Cover Is Pretty Fucked Up!

Today I received a text from my best friend, who had just received the latest print issue of Psychology Today. She was put off by the cover image—it promotes an article on toxic behavior—and wanted a second opinion. So without further ado, here it is: wow, Psychology Today, this photograph is repugnantly sexist! So…

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Melissa McCarthy Was Zooming Around Midtown as Sean Spicer Today

One of the few bright spots of the diminishing usefulness of White House press conferences is Melissa McCarthy’s unhinged impression of Sean Spicer’s antagonistic relationship with reporters and all other human beings who ask him to come out of the bushes and explain what the hell Donald Trump is up to lately. She’s…

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