Today In Batsh*t Crazy Celebrity News: Shapeshifters and Aliens!

Celebrities are just like us, right? They have imperfect marriage, struggle to balance work and family, and they believe shapeshifters walk among us and aliens are real.

Billy Corgan, head megalomaniac of Smashing Pumpkins, was on The Howard Stern Show recently. Stern brought up Corgan’s appearances on The Alex Jones Show, mentioning the host’s belief in lizard people. Corgan responded:

«Not to add to the conspiracy, but I’ve had paranormal experiences in my life that sort of lend itself into that category.»

DID THEY TURN INTO A BULLET WITH BUTTERFLY WINGS?? Who knows, as Corgan most certainly realized how nuts he sounded and remained evasive with Stern. You can listen below.

Tom DeLonge, former guitarist and founding member of blink-182, continues his obsession with aliens. I mean, I listened to «Aliens Exist» on their «Enema of the State» record.

I didn’t realize DeLonge was serious, though. Back in 2015, DeLonge spoke with Papermag, stating that he had made contact with aliens and was in danger.

«At the time I didn’t know it, but the person I was dealing with was being awoken in the middle of the night with clicking and buzzing noises and falling on the ground vomiting, every morning at 4 a.m. I know now that those are artifacts from mind-control experiments, where the same technology that we use to find oil underground, we can zap somebody at the same frequency that the brain operates on, and it can cause some really horrific things to happen. But I didn’t know this until 10 years later. I got caught in the middle of it, and this was the time when I was on the cover of Rolling Stone, so I think these guys, whoever was running this operation, were like, «What the fuck? How did this kid show up?»»

In 2016, DeLonge spoke about the song with Mic:

«The very last line of that song references this urban legend in UFO folklore called Majestic 12; these documents that got leaked in the ’80s that described an entire organization of top-level scientists, military people and intelligence officials that manage the information of this phenomenon. I put the name in that song, and the irony now is that I’m dealing with people from the modern version of whatever that group is called. It’s a big deal.»

DeLonge has a website called To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences and he is using it to crowdfund a spaceship to finally prove the existence of aliens.

«Hello, my name is Tom DeLonge from the Blink-182. I have brought together an elite team from CIA, DOD and the FMR Director of Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks. We are aiming to build this ElectroMagnetic Vehicle to Travel instantaneously through Space, Air and Water by engineering the fabric of Space-Time. Our company is called To The Stars… and you can INVEST in our plan to revolutionize the world with technology that can change life as we know it.» — Via Facebook

Maybe DeLonge can get some insight from Miami congressional candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera. The video below is in Spanish.


Donald Trump Told a Really F**ked Up Lie About President Obama Today

In the grand scheme of things, this is not healthcare, it’s not tax reform, it’s not an assault on the rights of women, POC, or the LBGTQ community, but it still matters. It still matters when the President lies, and it still matters when he tries to make his predecessor look like the lazy, unfeeling, unsympathetic jackass that Donald Trump is himself.

To wit: President Trump has made no public mention of four special-forces soldiers killed in Niger 12 days ago. That matters. He was finally called on it today during a press conference, and here’s the answer he gave:

Listen: That’s a really shitty thing to say. It’s also a lie, and an appalling one, at that:

Trump was called on that lie in real time at the press conference, and sort of backtracked.

And then he lied again, and said that generals told him that lie.

That’s a fucked-up lie. It’s double fucked-up that he would lay the blame for that lie on his own military leaders.

What the hell is wrong with this man?


Morning Briefing: We Could All Die Today. Or Maybe Not. We’ll See!

Lots going on this morning. Here’s a brief overview:

The Calm Before the Storm — During a gathering of military officials, Donald Trump suggested yesterday that we were in the «calm before the storm,» but refused to offer any explanation as to what that storm is. ISIS? North Korea? A slew of White House terminations? Trump’s weekly bowel movement?

Most likely it’s nothing, because this is simply what Trump does — as he has threatened North Korea with nuclear annihilation on many occasions, but doesn’t follow through on anything, just as he has on many, many occasions, said, «You’ll find out soon.» (We never find out.) So, you know: We’re probably not all going to die today! But we might! You you never know … !

Morongate Day 3Axios is reporting that Trump «fumed» for two hours after NBC reported that Rex Tillerson called him a moron. In fact, «Chief of Staff John Kelly skipped Trump’s Las Vegas trip to «contain his boss’s fury and manage the fallout.» He was reportedly even angrier when Tillerson didn’t deny it during the press conference.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is reportedly being floated as a possible replacement for Tillerson, but General Kelly is urging stability and asking that Trump not fire anyone else at least until the end of the year.

John Kelly’s Phone — Speaking of John Kelly, his personal cell phone was compromised, possibly as early as December, all the way through the summer. Hackers and/or foreign governments may have had access to it while he was Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Apprentice Tapes — A producer on The Apprentice is reminding us once again that there are tapes that exists from The Apprentice where Trump said some «really unfathomably despicable words,» including the N-word, plus insults toward women and Jews. Many, expectedly, are angry that the tapes weren’t released before the election, but I think the thing that most of us know now is that it wouldn’t have mattered, either way.

Obamacare Destruction — Trump is, indeed, following through on his threats to destroy Obamacare. Republican officials in Iowa sought permission from the Trump administration to fix health insurance markets in their state, but the Trump Administration denied the request. It’s yet another instance of Trump playing politics with the lives of people.

Corrupt White House — It wasn’t just Tom Price chartering private jets. Kellyanne Conway flew on those jets with Price. $ 800,000 has been spent for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to fly on military jets; and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has repeatedly met with donors during government paid trips. «Donors paid up to $ 5,000 per couple for a photo with Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke at a fundraiser held during a taxpayer-funded trip to USVI.» The White House is completely submerged in the swamp.

The Steele Dossier — Over the summer, Bob Mueller and his people did meet with Christopher Steele, the British spy behind that dossier on Trump’s potential. That suggests, at least, that Mueller is taking those allegations seriously, as many of them have been corroborated.

The Unemployment Rate — For the first time in 7 years, the American economy lost jobs in September. Thirty-three thousand, in fact, though the hurricanes played a major factor in that.

A Positive Note — Best moment in TV history, or Bestest Moment?


Philip Rivers Hit a New Level of Pissed Today

I honestly don’t know how much longer Philip Rivers can take being a member of the Los Angeles Chargers. Every time I see the guy he’s cursing out a teammate for doing something stupid — and today was no different as poor Phil went absolutely berserk after his coaching staff failed to relay a play to him on a 4th and 7.

Phil reacted to this incompetence the only way Phil can… ripping off his playbook wristband and aggressively yelling into his helmet:

We’re guessing Phil’s anger has yet to subside, because his Chargers played a vintage game and lost to the Eagles by a heartbreaking two points. Yikes.

This is Phil every week, pretty much:

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A Partial Autopsy of Megyn Kelly’s First Week on NBC’s Today Show

To narrow down the myriad of problems not only with Megyn Kelly’s debut on NBC’s perpetual cash cow of morning delights, Today, but with Kelly herself would take thousands of words and a level of patience I shall never possess. Suffice to say that after less than a week on the air, in a coveted timeslot with millions of dollars on the line, Kelly has not made a great first impression. Indeed, prior to actually appearing on Today, she had made an endless array of bad impressions, from years of aiding and abetting the spread of bigotry and falsehoods during her tenure as Fox News’s face of so-called ‘real news’ to a dead on arrival Sunday news show that was regularly beaten in the ratings by repeats of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Still, NBC persisted and the PR wagon roamed on, futilely hoping that their latest acquisition, a woman who briefly enjoyed her time as a symbol of feminine resistance after becoming another one of Donald Trump’s targets, could recapture that goodwill. So far, the results have ranged from dull to embarrassing to oddly inept, with a dash of unintentional hilarity on top, just to keep things close to interesting.

There was the moment when, while interviewing the cast of Will and Grace, Kelly brought out a super-fan of the show and asked, ‘Is it true that you became a lawyer, and you became gay, because of Will?’ Debra Messing reacted with gloriously gif-friendly expressions, then later expressed regret for even appearing on the show. Then there was an even more awkward interview with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, wherein Fonda reacted with barely concealed disdain to Kelly’s questions on her plastic surgery. Fonda quickly steered the conversation back to the film the pair were there to promote, leaving Kelly hanging and the tension at unbearable levels.

Those are the two moments that went viral, the sign of liberal Hollywood making their opinions of the former darling of conservative propaganda evident to all. Yet the rest of the show may have been an even odder experience to watch. Bobby Finger of Jezebel offered a humourous recap of one hour of viewing that highlighted the strange juxtapositions of tone and approach Kelly finds herself struggling with. The big hook of the episode was supposed to be her exclusive interview with Lyle Menendez (just in time for NBC’s strange attempt to mix Law & Order with American Crime Story, focusing on the Menendez murders), but she stumbled in trying to move from such a heavy topic to the peppy puff pieces of morning TV. Her interview style tried to mix combative with fluff, and the general atmosphere of the entire production was one of unfinished discomfort.

The obvious elephant in the room was Kelly’s attempt at grand-standing ‘for the people’ by questioning why everything had to be the Donald Trump show. Remember, this came shortly after she’d accused journalists of being biased against him and insisting her own show would be ‘uplifting’. Putting aside the obvious gall of Kelly, a woman who spent years legitimizing the unofficial propaganda wing of the Republican Party through her so-called straight-news show, pretending she’s above politics, she seems utterly unwilling to engage with the possibility that her audience may be smarter than her. What she perceives to be a candid approach to hosting, a style she’s billed as ‘speaking her mind’ and fighting for the answers, cannot help but come across as condescending, but also baffling given the context.

Morning talk shows are a deceptive mix of fluff and substance. It’s a solid four hours of programming, where hosts have to find an impossible balance between announcing the latest threats from North Korea to cutting to a demonstration on how to make table decorations with an HGTV personality. You need sincere pathos one second, then in-on-the-joke enthusiasm the next. It’s a strange environment that also breeds immense loyalty from viewers. You have your morning show that you stick with and you don’t turn it over unless something has really pissed you off. That’s something NBC have already been forced to deal with following the fallout from Ann Curry’s departure and the fleeing of viewers to the competition on ABC. Viewers want their favourites to stick around but they also love that chemistry. There are few things more awkward in pop culture than watching something when you know the cast secretly hate one another.

So far, Kelly doesn’t seem to have clicked with her ensemble. A woman who has spent years carving out a niche as the go-get-them prosecutor with no fear of confrontation, the smartest pretty blonde in a building full of CEO-mandated pretty blondes, doesn’t work well with others. You can sense her desire to break apart from the table and her co-hosts in the hope that she won’t have to deal with the inherent frivolity her work requires. Vanity Fair covered a particular instance when Kelly, alongside Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, tried to play the cynic regarding the then-upcoming solar eclipse. For some reason, Kelly decided the eclipse, a once in a lifetime event for many, wasn’t worth all their energy, and the discomfort from her co-hosts was palpable. Lauer may have been joking when he responded with ‘Who are you?’ but it’s a question NBC are probably asking right now. One week in and Megyn Kelly has no idea who she is in the context of morning talk show TV.

Who Kelly really wants to be is Barbara Walters, balancing lofty interviews of political heft with ditzy chats about sniffer dogs and getting ready for Halloween. That kind of personality requires intense perception of one’s audience, interview guest and the current context, none of which Kelly seems to have. Her major interviews so far have been dull and betrayed her image as a no-holds-barred expert of the political boxing ring, lest we forget the way she was utterly played by Alex Jones. When talking to actors, she cannot help but try to press them as if they’re on trial, and she utterly misjudges what is right for each moment, Jane Fonda hasn’t been quiet about her plastic surgery, but she was there to promote a film that had nothing to do with any issues regarding beauty or women’s responses to the ageing process. Perhaps if she’d been talking about her memoirs or the anniversary of Barbarella, it could have been a question of relevance to ask, but Kelly likes confrontation and the weight it gives to her own persona, as if she’s a journalist of exceptional bravery for asking a woman about something she’s never kept hidden.

NBC practically fell over themselves to give Kelly millions of dollars and a timeslot to kill for (which resulted in Tamron Hall leaving the show), but they seemed to have no idea why they wanted her. The post-Trump glow dissipated long before they hired her, and now they’re left scrambling for a reason to keep her around. She offers so little for viewers to grasp onto. If they want the traditional morning fare, they can go to Good Morning America or Kelly Ripa; if they want something with more substance, CBS’s This Morning has been consistently excellent in its more serious news-focused approach to morning news; if they want partisan fare, Morning Joe or the goons at Kelly’s old stomping ground Fox & Friends will suffice. NBC have greatly overestimated the appeal and warmth for a woman who was previously best known for parroting right-wing talking points unchallenged and calling it news. It remains to be seen how far she can run this gamut before ratings drop or she finds a niche that somehow works, but for now, the only reason to continue watching Megyn Kelly on Today is in the hopes that other liberal actors will offer gif-ready reactions of disdain.


Debra Messing Regrets Appearing On “Megyn Kelly Today”


Susan Sarandon’s arch liberal rival Debra Messing says she regrets appearing on Megyn Kelly‘s premiere performance on Today. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Debra made the bold political statement in the most direct and unequivocally bravest way possible, by burying it in a comments thread on a picture she posted on Instagram of a bowl of cucumber slices captioned “Snack time! #presstour”.

Debra posted a picture of cucumbers on her Instagram page and when someone asked her why she was on Megyn Kelly’s show, she answered back and said she regrets it and was “dismayed“at Megyn’s jokes.


Well, my grandmammy always did say “there’s nothing like a bowl of cucumbers to fuel a culture war”. You’ll remember that ex-Fox news reporter and black Santa denier Megyn Kelly kicked off her stint on Today by making a lazy gay joke followed by a shady gay joke while the cast of Will and Grace’s dignity slowly seeped out of their pores (maybe that’s what the cukes were there for, to soak up the toxins).

Debra seems like a real “please like me type” (see also: Lea Michele, Anne Hathaway), so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that she was only regretful after somebody called her out on her shit. Earlier in the day she was happy to retweet Sean Hayes’ picture of the cast cheesing it up with Megyn in the studio.

Something stinks like a rotten cucumber. Sounds like Debra might be full of shit about not knowing that Megyn was the host (everybody else seemed to know, it was her big debut and all!) or she’s full of shit about liking cucumbers as a snack. Look, they’re fine but put some fucking Crystal salt or dressing on them for fuck’s sake. If she really wanted her high-minded integrity intact she would have refused to do the show, or made a point of calling Megyn out, or Debra could just have ate her naked water fruit.



Debra Messing Regrets Doing the ‘Today’ Show After Megyn Kelly Asked If ‘Will & Grace’ Turned a Fan Gay

While mocking the trash-fire that was Megyn Kelly’s debut on the Today show on Monday, I was clearly so preoccupied with that bizarre outfit she was wearing that I didn’t even realize that — during a Q&A with the stars of Will & Grace — she asked a fan if it was true that he became gay because of the show.

(At 2:40)

I mean, clearly it was a joke. But when you’re Megyn Kelly — late of Fox News, who believes there is a war on the Christian right in this country — maybe that’s not a joke you should make. Maybe have Jenny from Late Night with Seth Meyers come out and make that joke instead.

I don’t know if that is the reason why Debra Messing «regrets» going on Megyn Kelly’s show on Monday, or if she regrets going on the show because of Megyn Kelly, period. Either way, Messing — who plays Grace on Will & Grace — expressed said regret on Instagram yesterday:

«Honestly I didn’t know it was [Megyn Kelly] until that morning. The itinerary just said Today Show appearance. Regret going on. Dismayed by her comments.»

Dismayed by which comments? The very bad gay joke? Or the years-long assault against African Americans?

We may never know! The point is: Megyn Kelly is terrible, and one of the stars of one of NBC’s own shows is already expressing regret about appearing on the show of the woman the network chose to take them into the future. Great first week, Megyn!

Updated via Jezebel

Kelly asked Jane Fonda this morning about her plastic surgery. Fonda responded, «Do we really want to talk about that right now?» and offered this face in reaction to the question:


That’s basically all of America’s reaction to Megyn Kelly.

via Uproxx


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ May Be The Star Trek We Need Today, But It’s Being Held Hostage

Boldly go forth into SPOILERS

Look, I’m not going to tell you that Star Trek: Discovery is a perfect addition to the the Star Trek canon, or even a stellar sci-fi show. It isn’t. Not yet, anyway. It’s simply too early to tell. Only the first two episodes of the series are available — one of which aired on CBS Sunday night, and the other which launched on their CBS All Access online streaming portal shortly thereafter — and those two episodes are inconclusive. There is a lot of promise and potential, and some flaws as well. You get a feel for the point in time that the series will take place (the year is 2256, so about 10 years before the events of The Original Series), but you have no sense of the crew.

Because — and seriously, SPOILERS — almost all of them are dead by the end of the first two hours. Star Trek: Discovery pulls a Battlestar Galactica and makes a mini-movie with these two episodes, something designed to grab viewers and launch them into the series proper. And, sure, it definitely worked out for BSG. But it also means that we haven’t actually SEEN what this series is going to be yet. We’ve met our protagonist, First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green, The Walking Dead). We’ve gotten a sense of her personality and background. And we’ve seen her mutiny, right at the start of a war between the Klingons and the Federation. By the end of the second episode, the entire universe of Star Trek: Discovery, which we’ve just barely begun to explore, has already been upended. In fact, we haven’t even seen the ship called Discovery. All the action takes place on the Shenzhou, helmed by Captain Georgiou. And before you get too excited, the fact that Michelle Yeoh, who played Georgiou, is only listed as a guest star in the credits is a spoiler unto itself. Because, sure enough, her character is amongst those who die in the first two episodes.

Personally, I think that’s the second biggest crime committed by Star Trek: Discovery. Because Michelle Yeoh is a big part of the potential I saw in this series during these episodes. Sure, she’s not the first female captain in Star Trek universe. But there is something undeniably powerful about watching her warm, sly, commanding presence decked out in a Starfleet uniform — and especially about watching her work with Michael as her right-hand officer. These two women demonstrate a close bond, a genuine connection based on mutual respect and affection, and yet still come into conflict (like I said, Michael mutinies… to protect Georgiou and the rest of the crew). You root for both of them. In their own ways, both are right. I’d like to think that Roddenberry envisioned something like this in his idealized, hopeful view of our future.

Sadly, the writing isn’t always as nuanced as the ideas themselves and unfortunately Michael’s characterization suffers as a result. This is not a knock on Martin-Green. Seeing her in her spacesuit amongst the stars, I felt tingly. This is the new face of Star Trek. She’s a black woman, yes — the first black female lead character in Star Trek history. But she’s also luminous, otherworldly, full of confidence and intelligence, looking wide-eyed at danger and adventure — and she could be someone’s first introduction to the Star Trek universe.

So of course Georgiou dies and Michael is stripped of rank and imprisoned before the series has even truly started. And I’d be furious that Michael will soon be finding her way under the command of a white man, if they hadn’t cast the always delightful Jason Isaacs as the captain of the titular starship Discovery.

(Seriously, follow him on Twitter. He’s outspoken, engaging, and very funny)

But I said killing off Michelle Yeoh was the second biggest crime. So what was the first?

Well, it didn’t really have anything to do with the show at all. It has to do with CBS, and their decision to use the show to lure people into subscribing to CBS All Access. Now, I’m fine with standalone streaming services in principle. And I’d be fine with making people subscribe to this one… if CBS were a cable channel. But it’s a fucking NETWORK, something anyone with an antenna could watch. The idea that they’re going to charge people $ 5.99 a month ($ 9.99 without ads!) is kind of disgusting. All you get for your money that you couldn’t get by just tuning into the channel (with an antenna! those still exist!) is access to back seasons of CBS programming and… well, the ability to watch Star Trek: Discovery. Nevermind that your cable or satellite provider probably ALSO has an app that gives you access to CBS, but no — your login won’t give you access to CBS All Access. This show is being held hostage, essentially. And maybe what stings the most is precisely that it’s THIS show. It’s Star Trek, a show about the hope for a peaceful future and the ability for creatures of all kinds of backgrounds to unite and work together. For a network that is being consistently criticized for it’s lack of diversity, CBS could use this show on it’s airwaves — and instead it’s charging an entrance fee for the courtesy of experiencing that diversity.

And frankly the rest of us could use a chance to see it. We could use some hope for the future as well. In some ways this show couldn’t come at a better time. So it’s too bad that, for those kids who could be looking at Sonequa Martin-Green as their first Starfleet officer, they’ll need to have parents with a subscription. Turns out, the CBS corporate overlords may be the biggest threat to Star Trek‘s utopian future after all.

But they aren’t the only threat. One of the things the show does really well, in my opinion, is bring back the Klingons as a force to be reckoned with, while investing in them as a people. They aren’t a caricature of the some primal, hyper-aggressive (dark-skinned) race. They are… well, Trump supporters. They just wanna «Make Klingons Great Again.» They’re afraid of the Federation because they see unity with other races as a loss of individuality. The only way to preserve the Klingon way of life is to keep outsiders away, and not mix cultures. They’d absolutely build a fucking space wall if they could. They aren’t evil, they just have their own reasoning, their own viewpoint — and their view is that the phrase «We come in peace» is a lie. The fact that basically every second of Star Trek that we’ve ever seen takes place in the future of this show is reassuring. We know that one day we’ll see a Klingon named Worf serving on the the Starship Enterprise. We know that some sort of alliance is possible. We’re all, hopefully, being dragged into Roddenberry’s inclusive future whether we like it or not — Klingons and Trump supporters alike. Change is scary, but it’s unavoidable.

Sure, we could talk about the fact that the main Klingon honcho, T’Kuvma, who rallies his fractured people into action, is martyred by the end of the these two episodes. We could talk about the fact that he somehow creates a cloaking device for his ship, something that the Klingons should still be years away from getting (and I think they were supposed to get it from the Romulans). We could even talk about the fact that the Klingons speak… so… very… slowly, and seem to favor heavy-handed speeches. But mostly I want to talk about their outfits, which are like armor-plated Elizabethan garb, right down to the bejeweled neck ruffs. I could NOT look away.

The fact that these 2 episodes are only a precursor may be a blessing, because the promo for the rest of the season is pretty exciting (WTF Rainn Wilson?!). It’s easy to hope that the on-the-nose, shout-everything-from-the-rooftops writing will be toned down, while still banking on the fact that Michael will only grow to be an even stronger protagonist. There is still a whole new ship, with a whole new crew and mysterious mission, that we have yet to meet. And so far there are enough strong ideas present that I can forgive the flawed execution. Or who knows — it could all be disappointing. All I know is that I’m not sold just yet (still smarting from the loss of Yeoh, tbh)… but if this whole show was airing on CBS I might actually make a point of tuning in to give it a shot.

Other assorted musings:

Star Trek: Discovery is definitely capitalizing on the refreshed look of the J.J. Abrams films. There isn’t as much lens flare, but there is a lot of odd ambient track lighting. Overall it looks sleek. You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. I dig it, and I especially dig the updated Starfleet uniforms. This may be set prior to the adventures of Kirk or Picard, but nobody had to tug their jumpers down so apparently the uniforms are only going to go downhill from here.

— More on Michael’s muddled characterization: she’s a human child who was raised from a young age as a ward of Sarek, Spock’s father (played by a spot-on James Frain). She’s had years of Vulcan training before joining Starfleet. And while Spock, who was half-human himself, had that dichotomy between logic and emotion explored across several iterations of Star Trek, Michael has it all forced out into the open at the start. Despite everyone claiming that she’s too logical, too Vulcan, we see immediately that she isn’t. Her fear and hatred of the Klingons, as well as her love and loyalty for Georgiou, are obvious. In fact, the only truly Vulcan-ish moment she has is when she out-smarts the ship’s computer into releasing her from the brig as a matter of survival. The rest of the time she didn’t read as particularly smart or emotional — she just kinda seemed cocky and impulsive. And she made some TERRIBLE decisions.

— Also Sarek can talk to Michael in her mind. Which I’m hoping becomes a thing on the show. Though having him pop up for a pep talk and then claim he was only doing it because it was logical was preposterous. I like Michael, but she’s not THAT important that she simply MUST get out of that holding cell and back into the action. Admit it Sarek. You’re just fond of her.

— Doug Jones as Lt. Saru, the science officer, did survive and will seemingly continue into additional episodes. He didn’t get much to do here other than be a foil for Michael, but he was an intriguing foil. He comes from a race of natural prey creatures (livestock, essentially) called the Kelpien — and thus he has a well-honed survival instinct. That outta prove handy. Maybe he’s go full paranoid/tinfoil hat at some point!

— I wasn’t expecting a new Star Trek series to kick off with violence, mutiny and death, but here we are. If nothing else, we are probably going to see a different side to Starfleet than we ever have before. We’re used to seeing them as explorers, with space as a final frontier rather than a field of battle. This conflict with the Klingons is shaping up to be more than a random skirmish, and that could be a valuable lens with which to explore the Federation in a new light. I just hope they don’t lose sight of the fact that part of what sets Star Trek apart has always been the exploration aspect. We have countless other movies and shows with blasty space battles. It’s nice to see a universe where diplomacy matters.


Megyn Kelly Didn’t Exactly Have A Smooth First (To)Day


When Megyn Kelly announced she was jumping off the Fox News ship for more mainstream NBC, she likely hoped it would be a swan dive from her high “Santa just is white!” platform into cooking demonstrations and free liquor thanks to her timeslot butt-bumping against the fourth hour of Today with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Day one is over, and it seems like it was more like a belly flop.

Slate notes how good ol’ Meg tried to flee the dark lords and lordesses that made her famous by kicking off her show with the claim, “the truth is I am kinda done with politics for now.” Considering how the ratings were for her more politically-charged Sunday news show, that political break-up might not be of her own doing. Some took her pussybow wardrobe pick as sartorial shade at her old sparring partner Donald Trump. Beyond that, Megyn did all the shit you’re supposed to do on a morning show – especially if you’re trying to shed the stiff, race-baiting ghost of your old employer! She smiled, she had on the cast of Will & Grace, and she still somehow managed to piss off the gay community. Wait, wha?

AOL notes how she brought up a gay W&G superfan who became a lawyer because of the show. Megyn, who used to be a lawyer herself, joked, “Is it true that you became a lawyer — and you became gay! — because of Will?” Oof. Nature not nurture, Meg-ANN. She then gave the guy a free trip to catch a taping of the show and noted, “I don’t know about the lawyer thing, but I think the ‘Will & Grace’ thing and the gay thing is going to work out great.” Girl…

The Washington Post is calling Megyn Kelly Today “a morning-show Bride of Frankenstein.” Having read Megyn’s memoir last year (don’t shoot me! I come from a Red State, and it was a stocking stuffer from white Santa my mother!), none of the show shocked me that much. The entire thing was kind of a giant fap fest of her accomplishments, and the WaPo notes that translated onto the TV:

“Most of the episode devolved into an intentionally meta hall of mirrors, inviting the audience to admire Kelly as much as Kelly admires Kelly — a morning TV show about the birth of a morning TV show.”

There was even a scene where Hoda and KLG introduce Megyn to the make-up room as though she had never seen one before. Granted, maybe they just wanted to show her one that offered more than blonde highlights and CVS pancake batter make-up like the one over at Fox News:

“A middle segment featured the “Today” regulars welcoming Kelly to 30 Rockefeller Center, a predawn festivity of studied smarm, with the added delight of seeing Kathie Lee Gifford sit in her makeup chair and play nice-nice with Kelly the way an old house cat would welcome a naive and extra-squeaky mouse to the kitchen.”

Everyone is kind of expecting this thing to flatline sooner than later. Meredith Vieira and Katie Couric’s shows didn’t last too long. Even Bethenny Frankel’s equally self-involved show croaked after one season. Meanwhile, I assume Tamron Hall must be somewhere cackling singing along to, “Swish, Swish, bish!” Glad someone is!

Pic: NBC


StubHub Center Turned Into Arrowhead West Today

In a total upset, the StubHub Center reportedly announced a sellout for today’s Kansas City Chiefs-Los Angeles Chargers game. The bad news? Chiefs fans accounted for a good chunk of the attendance and drowned out those poor souls rooting for a team that masters in heartbreaking three-to-seven point losses:

Chargers players shouldn’t feel so bad, it looks like people of San Diego still have their backs judging from this aggressive banner that flew over the stadium:

As for the scene inside the stadium, Chiefs fans effectively turned the place into “Arrowhead West” and broke out their tomahawk chop chant. You can see in the video below there are no powder blue jerseys there to protect home turf:

Oh, and the parking is still ridiculous because it’s LA and that’s just how it is:

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