Giants Fans Throw Hands, Take a Tumble After Vomiting Incident

Outside of the Super Bowl XLII halftime anniversary, it was a bad scene at MetLife Stadium last night. The Giants offense stunk up the joint yet again, Ben McAdoo threw his quarterback under the bus, and some fans were so disinterested in the product that they started watching IG live makeup tutorials.

But hey, at least some people seated in the upper deck were treated to some action when two fans came to blows because one had vomited on the other. Our guy in the Odell Beckham Jr. jersey learned the hard way that you can’t go too hard if you can’t handle your liquor:

Everyone made sure to point out OBJ to security, but in reality they did him a solid by freeing him from football hell.

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Jay Cutler Nearly Hit a Cheerleader With This Piss Poor Hail Mary Throw

One redeeming quality for Jay Cutler at this point in his career is his throwing arm — or so we thought.

We don’t want to jump the gun or anything, but it might be fair to question if Cutty still possesses that rocket arm after he nearly nailed a Chargers cheerleader with one of the worst Hail Mary throws you’ll ever see:

Peak Cutler stuff that definitely won’t get the haters off his back. Though, he did just lead the Phins to a touchdown drive to open the second half so maybe he’s not dead yet.

Dolphins fans are already attached to this guy for some reason:

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Did This Bama Fan Throw A Woman Down At Mercedes Benz Stadium — A BC Investigation

Bama fans sitting in a Florida State section during Saturday’s game at the Mercedes Benz Stadium are being credited by BC as being responsible for the first ever fan fight at MB Stadium. Now there’s video of what looks like a Bama fan from the brawl in the stands throwing a woman to the concrete in a concourse brawl.

We have two videos to compare here to see if we indeed have a Bammer launching a woman. Let’s go to the woman getting launched. Notice the visor. The red collar shirt. The stripes. Also notice Big Ol Bammer in the white polo.

And now the fight in the stands in 720p.

Notice: Three Bama fans — guy on the left seemed to be the sober one. Two visors and Big Ol Bammer missing his hat. Now go back and watch the video of the woman getting launched.

Notice anything similar in the screenshots from the two videos? Coincidence? Or are these the two Bammers gettin it on in the stands?

Here’s another angle of the stands fight. Khaki pants. Red collar Bama fan in shorts.

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Drunk Bammers Throw Beer And Punches At Florida State Fans

I guess we can throw everything I said about college football fans fighting in my Florida-Michigan fan fight post straight out the window. Basically I said that it takes a few weeks before we start seeing the good CFB fan fight videos because we usually get them out of conference games. Hand up, I was totally wrong.

We have a couple of drunk Bammers here just picking a fight with anyone who was around, while their team was putting a beat down on the field. It looks like they were pretty much surrounded by Florida State fans and I’m guessing some words were said leading to beer flying through the air and Frat Boy Fred there in the white suckering punching people.

So congrats to Bama and FSU fans for the first documented fight at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

I’m still trying to figure out what they were mad about

Everybody was pissed last night…here are two FSU fans going at it

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Rams And Chargers Lady Fans Throw Down After The “Fight For LA” Preseason Game

Last night, we had quite possibly the biggest fight in the history of sports between Mayweather and McGregor, but I’m not going to get into that when there are 10,000 other sites better at breaking down what happened than us.

What I will get into though, is this lady fight that happened after the Rams and Chargers preseason game. The game was promoted as a “Fight For LA” (yes, a preseason game) and boy did it live up to the hype. Maybe not the actual on-field product, but afterwards it sure did.

This is just a little preview of what we can expect now that there’s 2 teams in LA. Like I said in my blog when the Rams and Chargers fought in practice, LA fans just LOVE to fight. Preseason, regular season, practice, it doesn’t matter. Get ready for a season full of this.

It looks like most people cared about the other fight going on last night

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Afternoon BaseBrawl! Miguel Cabrera And Austin Romine Throw Down, Benches Clear

LET’S GOOOOO. This is what I’m talking about. This is what we need from a little afternoon August baseball. Nothing is going on right now, the world is just fiending for football, we’re all trying to just get through this next week and a half, and then Miguel Cabrera comes out of nowhere on a Thursday afternoon to give everybody a little entertainment.

In the past, I’ve shit all over basebrawls because they deserve it. They never amount to anything and it’s just jawing and people getting held back. But THIS is a basebrawl. I’m talking haymakers everywhere, dog piles, dudes on a dead sprint from the bullpen. It’s just fantastic.

Round of applause for the Tigers and Yankees.

We have more clips from people at the game

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo


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Titans Fans Throw Down In The Stands During A Preseason Scrimmage At Nissan Stadium

Here it is, our first football fan fight of 2017! Who would’ve thought we’d see this coming from Titans fans at a Saturday night scrimmage? I think Vegas set the line for the Titans having the first fight at somewhere around 100000000-1. Upset of the year.

I can understand preseason fights at a Raiders scrimmage because I’m pretty sure those fans just LOVE to fight each other. But I never expected it from Nashville where everybody is pretty chill and the team is exciting this year.

Who knows what started it this thing. All I know is “Keep Calm and TitanUp” guy was not “Keeping Calm and TitaningUp”. One push led to a fist to the face which led to blood everywhere. It’s preseason guys, let’s relax.

Side note: the funniest part of the video migth actually be the Batman shirt guy trying to escape on foot while everyone in the stands yells, “GET HIM!”

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6-4, 286 LB 8th Grade Bama Recruit Can Run A 4.7 40, Throw 85 MPH Fastball & Looks Like He’s 25

Nick Saban will be closing in on 70 if 6-4, 286 pound beast Jaheim Oatis ends up at Alabama in 2022. Who is Jaheim Oatis? Oh, he’s just a 14 year old soon-to-be 8th grader who already has offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss and now Alabama. That’s right, Saban’s so deep on the hunt for Oatis that he’s even taking pics with the kid who is a couple months removed from the 7th grade. Three camps, three offers.


Oatis, out of Jefferson Middle School in Columbia, Mississippi, has been on the camp & AAU basketball circuit this summer showing off his talents against inferior athletes that are much older than him. Let’s watch what Oatis did to a senior at the Ole Miss camp.

Just rag dolled that massive 300+ pounder. Again, so we’re all on the same page, Oatis is GOING INTO THE 8th grade. You show me an 8th grade QB anywhere in Mississippi who isn’t pissing his pants right now.

Here’s Oatis getting ready for his Bama career in 2022.

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Taylor Swift Breaks Tradition, Doesn’t Throw Her Annual Fourth of July Bash

After years of flooding our Instagram accounts with photos from her epic Fourth of July parties (never forget that «I [heart] T.S.» tank top worn by Tom Hiddleston in 2016), it appears Taylor Swift chose to skip it this year. Even though an inflatable slide was spotted by the pool of her Rhode Island mansion this weekend, the only ones enjoying the massive beachfront property were Taylor’s parents, Scott and Andrea. Taylor’s dad even reportedly sent over 1989 guitar picks to hopeful fans waiting outside with «We Love You Taylor» signs.

So where was the «Bad Blood» singer and her infamous squad? Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss were busy living it up at Paris Fashion Week, while Blake Lively enjoyed some quality family time (she snapped a photo with her nephew, Baylen Johnson). As for Taylor, it seems like the pop star is still laying low with her new British beau, Joe Alwyn. «Taylor has been insanely private about her relationship with Joe,» a source previously told People. «She wanted to get to know him without any chaos. She has learned from the past.» I guess that means Joe won’t be sporting any Taylor-themed tank tops anytime soon.

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Bella Thorne Snap Dominance, Bryce Harper’s 98 MPH Throw & Florida Man’s Face Tats

Instagram Photo

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup should be a must-watch today as the series is back in Nashville, which means it’s going to be a party tonight at 8 on NBC. There’s also a bunch of World Cup qualifying for you fake soccer nerds. NASCAR will get it on at 3 from Pocono on FS1. And there’s NCAA Super Regional action to watch. It’s a nice day to turn on the TV outside and not watch it.

Bella Thorne won’t stop on Snap

Christina from ‘Flip or Flop’ has a new slam piece

Bryce Harper a closer? 98 mph throw

Austin Matthews’ shoulder tat

Soccer team’s mascot might be worst ever

Sacramento TV station shows off that massive Powerball jackpot…wait, what the hell happened?

Evolution of Florida Man’s face tats

Here’s Louise from Arizona

D Wade Roast Of The Weekend

Cheeseburger of the Day

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