Jason Derulo as Game of Thrones’ Night King Is the Scariest Thing You’ll See Today

Jason Derulo is known for his irresistible hotness, but the «Talk Dirty» singer was truly frightening when he performed a melody of his hits dressed up as Game of Thrones‘ Night King at Maxim‘s Halloween party in LA on Saturday. The 28-year-old completely transformed into the terrifying leader of the White Walkers using prosthetics, body armor, and ghastly makeup, and if we had to vote, we’d say Jason just won Halloween with his spot-on costume. Read on to see more photos of Jason as the Night King . . . if you dare.

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Kit Harington Reveals Why the Final Script For Game of Thrones Made Him Cry

We’re all sad that Game of Thrones is coming to an end soon, but it seems we aren’t the only ones. During an appearance on London’s The One Show on Friday, Kit Harington revealed that he cried after reading the season eight script last week. «We had the read-through last week, in fact, so I know everything now,» Kit said, referencing Ygritte’s famous «You know nothing, Jon Snow» line. «I cried at the end.» A date hasn’t been officially set for the premiere of season eight, but production has already begun.

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Sophie Turner Says She’ll Still Be Partying With Her Game of Thrones Costars When They’re 80

Sophie Turner certainly has a lot going on at the moment: she just got engaged to Joe Jonas, she has a new X-Men movie on the horizon, and she’s getting ready to say goodbye to Game of Thrones and her fan-favorite character Sansa forever. On top of all that, she’s also featured in Marie Claire‘s November «Power» issue. While she doesn’t give any details about her romance with the DNCE singer, she does talk about a few other important people in her life — her GOT costars! Did you know most of them actually live about 10 minutes away from each other? The upcoming eighth season may be the last in the series, but it sounds like the stars’ friendship is here to stay. See some of Sophie’s best quotes from her interview ahead.

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Game of Thrones: This Aegon Easter Egg Is Just as Sweet as It Is Heartbreaking

For the most part, Game of Thrones is an endurance test for how many miserable, heartbreaking, and stomach-churning events you can withstand in one sitting. There have been a few bright spots over the last seven seasons, though, and Ser Davos Seaworth’s tender friendship with young Shireen Baratheon is at the top of the list. As it happens, one of their tutoring sessions happens to contain a subtle Easter egg concerning the big reveal about Jon Snow’s true name in the season seven finale.

As you might recall, before showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss decided to rip out our hearts with Shireen’s fate, there’s a scene from a few seasons back where she’s trying to teach the illiterate Davos how to read and write. Reddit user Efurthy realized that Shireen’s choice for the first word to teach her new student (and Jon Snow’s future BFF) could not be more coincidental:

It’s kind of cute that the first word Davos learns to read is Aegon from freefolk

That’s right — Aegon, Jon Snow’s birth name.

After spending years speculating about who Jon’s real parents actually are, Bran calls upon his powers as the Three-Eyed Raven in the dramatic season seven conclusion to go back in time and confirm that they are indeed Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The blond Targaryen prince has not, as many throughout Westeros assumed, abducted and raped Lyanna. Instead we find out that the couple are truly in love. In season six, we get a glimpse of Lyanna begging her brother, Ned Stark, to «promise» to protect her child after giving birth, and further visions from Bran reveal that Lyanna also whispers something else to Ned before she dies: «His name is Aegon Targaryen.»

HuffPost reached out to actor Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos, to find out if he was aware of the connection at the time. His response? «No, are you kidding me? I don’t know what the hell’s gonna happen from one episode to the next,» he said. «That’s testament to how good the writing is on that, too. After seven seasons, people are still asking the same question they asked in season one. ‘Who do you think is gonna end up on the throne?'»

Cunningham did note, however, that the Aegon reference was probably intentional. «Yeah, they’re very good at that sort of thing,» he said. «David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] plant little Easter eggs there if you want to see them.»

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41 Gifts For the Game of Thrones Fan

Winter is coming (literally), and it’s never too early to start stocking up on holiday gifts for your loved ones. If you’ve got a Westeros enthusiast in your life, then you’re in luck: there’s a ton of Game of Thrones-themed gifts for the geek in all of us. Whether your recipient is into the books or the hit TV show, he or she will be happy to unwrap something that lets them show off their favorite house sigil.

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Curious About the FIVE Game of Thrones Prequels? Here’s What We Know

The end of Game of Thrones is nigh. With the eighth and final season looming in the far (but not that far) future, HBO has been eager to find the next big replacement for the series. And what better place to look than in Westeros itself? This week, Entertainment Weekly spilled new details about the follow-up series, noting that HBO has commissioned five possible prequels. While there’s not a lot of information about what the series will focus on, there’s plenty detailing what we won’t see. Let’s go over the major facts that will help narrow down the possibilities.

All 5 Series Will Take Place Before the Events of Game of Thrones

Entertainment Weekly‘s exclusive confirms that all five series will be prequels, meaning they’ll precede everything that’s happened in all seven seasons of Game of Thrones. Given the fact that there are centuries and centuries of Westerosi history to dig through, there’s still plenty of fodder for incredible new series concepts.

That Means There Probably Won’t Be Any Familiar Faces

EW also confirmed that none of the current cast will appear in any of the forthcoming series. That’s why it’s a bit inaccurate to refer to these new projects as «spinoffs.» Technically, we are spinning off of Game of Thrones, but we’re not necessarily following an existing character into a new story.

A Few Specific Parts of Westerosi History Are Off Limits

HBO has confirmed author George R.R. Martin as an executive producer on all projects. In the case of each new series, though, a couple of stories have been axed as potential launching points. Martin has taken Robert’s Rebellion off the table (since most fans know the event pretty thoroughly), and we won’t be diving into his in-progress Dunk & Egg stories, which make up an entirely separate series from Game of Thrones (but still take place in Westeros).

There’s a Very High Chance We Won’t Even Get to See All 5 Concepts

It’s important to note that HBO is merely developing five prequel series. This means those attached to the various projects are coming up with concepts, pitches, scripts, and more to give the network a sense of how their idea will flesh out. Even with all that work, HBO would still need to greenlight each series and move forward into production and filming. According to EW, «The end goal is to find at least one title that can successfully carry the flame of the GOT franchise.» So, there’s a chance only one project will actually make it onto HBO’s slate. Maybe two. The rest might be entirely scrapped.

Any Potential Show Is Quite a Long Ways Away

HBO programming president Casey Bloys recently said any prequel series won’t air until at least a year after the final Game of Thrones season. Considering the possibility that season eight might not start until 2019, it means we might not get the successor until 2020 . . . at the earliest. Y’all better get comfortable, because there’s a long wait ahead.

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33 Ways to Be a Game of Thrones Man For Halloween

Whether you think it’s been done to death or not, Game of Thrones is still one of the best places to look for some Halloween inspiration. There are so many options that it may be hard to figure out who you want to be, so we’ve cut the selection in half for you. Here are all the men of Game of Thrones that you could be this year — including the dearly departed.

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8 Harry Potter/Game of Thrones Crossovers That Might Blow Your Mind a Little

Our ever-loving fan minds were blown once again when we learned that Jim Broadbent would be joining Game of Thrones last season — because he’s yet another Harry Potter alum to join HBO’s hit show. There have been a lot of crossovers between the show and the series, so many that you may not know about all of them. If you want to know about everyone who has gone from the land of wizards and Muggles to the land of dragons and kings, just keep reading.

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Love Blond Wigs and Game of Thrones? Dress Up as a Targaryen For Halloween

If you’re considering dressing up as a character from Game of Thrones for Halloween, you might want to consider the members of House Targaryen. No, they might not be as scrappy as House Stark or as slimy as House Lannister, but the white-haired, purple-eyed Targs make for excellent costumes. Just think of the wig potential here, guys. Not to mention, now that we know Jon Snow is officially a Targaryen, there’s no better time to rep this house.

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Can You Imagine Sam Heughan on Game of Thrones? Well, It Almost Happened

Sam Heughan is known for his sexy and heart-pounding role on Outlander, but imagine if he had been cast on Game of Thrones. Well, he almost was. In an August 2014 interview with Vulture, the 37-year-old Scot revealed that he auditioned for the HBO series not once but seven times! «I auditioned for Renly, Loras, some of the members of the Night’s Watch,» Heughan explained. «And I’d always get so close! I’d be like, ‘Guys, just give me a sword!'»

Even though Heughan didn’t get his sword, Outlander producers and writer Diana Gabaldon did think he was perfect for the role of Jamie Fraser, and the feeling was mutual. «I don’t know, something about this one just felt right,» Heughan recalled. «This part felt different. I knew this character. I felt a connection with him. I knew where he had come from.» And we must say, Heughan is doing one hell of a job on the Starz drama.

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