‘Bright’ Trailer: Netflix Paid $90 Million for This?

Here’s the trailer for Bright, Netflix’s attempt to corner the blockbuster market in your living room. The film stars Will Smith, Joel Edgerton (he’s the Orc), Noomi Rapace, Ike Barinholtz, and Margaret Cho, among others. It comes from David Ayer, who has made some really good movies (End of Watch) and some not so good movie, like Suicide Squad. And oh yeah: Max Landis got paid $ 3 million to write it. Based on the the trailer? The writing is not so good.

But, you can watch it on your phone on opening day! That’s December 22nd, by the way. And chances are, you will, whether it’s good or not, because Netflix has got us by our respective genitalia. Plus, it might be good. Or it might be bad in a way that we can all make fun of on Twitter while we’re watching it!

Anyway, here’s the trailer. As you can see, a lot of the $ 90 million budget clearly went to craft services.


Your Heart Isn’t Ready For This Adorable Scrubs Reunion


A post shared by Zach Braff (@zachbraff) on

Zach Braff reunited with his friends and former Scrubs costars Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke at Craig’s restaurant in LA on Wednesday. The actor shared a photo from their sweet hangout on Instagram, giving a nod to the show by simply writing, «Eagle.» Zach and Donald have remained BFFs since their days on the medical sitcom, and Zach is even the godfather to two of Donald’s kids, son Rocco and daughter Wilder; the supercute video he shared via Instagram last week shows just how much they adore him. And speaking of adoring things, how much do you love that J.D., Turk, and Elliot are together again?

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Woody Harrelson Plays a Charmingly Dysfunctional Dad in This Clip From The Glass Castle

Fans of Jeannette Walls’s bestselling memoir, The Glass Castle, are in for a treat. The book chronicles the life of the charmingly dysfunctional, tight-knit Walls family, who are led by their adventurous, alcoholic father, Rex. Woody Harrelson plays the Walls patriarch in the upcoming film adaptation, and judging from the exclusive clip of Rex and the family doing their thing above, the casting is spot on. The Glass Castle also stars Naomi Watts and Brie Larson, and hits theaters on August 11.

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George and Charlotte Are Already Little Pros at This Whole Royal Tour Thing

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have only been on the planet a handful of years, but they’ve already got this royal tour thing down pat. The British royal family is currently in the middle of their official visits to Poland and Germany, and not only has Charlotte proven that she can rock the hell out of her Uncle Harry’s hand-me-down shoes, but she also had a very big milestone: her first diplomatic handshake. George, on the other hand, has shown off his adorable curiosity by peeking out of airplane windows, and we even got a glimpse of his signature unimpressed face when he touched down in Berlin on Wednesday. At this rate, we’re expecting many more sweet moments in the days to come.

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Prince George Is Absolutely Not Having This Royal Tour of Poland and Germany

Prince George may be a royal, but he’s also just a regular little kid. After touching down in Berlin as part of the family’s tour of Poland and Germany on Wednesday, the 3-year-old flashed his signature unimpressed face for the crowd of photographers awaiting their arrival. While his sister Princess Charlotte, 2, looked quite content while smelling her bouquet of flowers and shaking hands with officials, the young prince sleepily rubbed his eyes as he pulled on his dad’s arm. Traveling the world is fun and all, but he probably would rather be watching cartoons in his pajamas. Here’s hoping he will get to play with some bubbles during this tour since that always seems to cheer him up.

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‘Savage’ Paulina Gretzky Checking In On This Quiet Wednesday Night

You guys know the deal. Paulina Gretzky drops in on IG and/or Snap and we fire up a post no matter what. It’s pretty much a fireable offense in BC HQ to avoid Paulina content, so without further ado here she is checking in for the first time since loving America on the 4th of July:


Honestly not Paulina G’s best heater tonight, but it’s still better than the rest of the nonsense on my work IG — artsy Darrelle Revis, Pageviews’ dog, Keith Law food pics, etc.

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Buy This Cincinnati Bengals Tailgate Bus — $2,100

via Craigslist

After five years of putting up with Marvin Lewis and general Bengals BS/heartbreak, the owners of the “Who Dey” bus above have decided to sell their prized tailgate possession. Pretty shocking considering Marvin brought in stand-up guys you can’t help but root for (like Joe Mixon) this offseason, but hey, now is the time to pounce if you’re looking for something that can hold a party of like 10-20.

via Craigslist

There’s nothing special going on design wise here, but it’s super cheap and ready for the “greatest tailgate season ever” — some details from the seller:

This has been a great tailgate bus for the last 5 Bengals seasons. Runs and drives great make an offer and have the greatest tailgate season ever. Who Dey

The season is just around the corner so don’t expect this to last too long in free agency.


via Craigslist

via Craigslist

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‘You Must Remember This’ Takes On Jane Fonda and Jean Seberg

Hearing that the latest season of You Must Remember This is stellar should surprise nobody who listens to Karina Longworth’s exceptional podcast. For the past three years, Longworth has delighted and intrigued listeners with her engrossing take on Hollywood’s first century: Part cultural history, part gossip analysis, part holistic biography of some of the industry’s most iconic figures. Across several addictive seasons, she’s touched on everything from Hollywood’s relationship to Charles Manson, the rise and fall MGM Studios and its most powerful players, the Blacklist of the McCarthy years, and six degrees of Joan Crawford.

Most recently, she released what may be her magnum opus: A thirteen part saga called, rather bluntly, Dead Blondes, but this was no mere true crime binge: This was Longworth at her best, interrogating the oft-heralded myth of the tragic young white blonde girl in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and revealing the terrible people who made the system so toxic for them. Even legends like Marilyn Monroe, whose face is now a registered property to recreate for mugs and posters, was given a retrospective, forcing listeners to understand her from a clearer point of view.

After that, you’d think Longworth would take it easy this Summer, but we’re already three episodes into her latest season (with the fourth released this week). Like the Crawford season, this latest study focuses on a handful of people, in this instance two of Hollywood’s most wilfully misunderstood actresses — Jane Fonda and Jean Seberg.

Even for the most ardent film fans, there didn’t seem to be much connective tissue between the Oscar winning daughter of a Hollywood legend turned anti-war pariah and the American epitome of Parisian chic who died at the age of 40. Both represented a particular brand of sex appeal in the era of American film when the studio system was losing its power, and both had strong political leanings that saw them viciously attacked by the public, but they didn’t seem to be a natural pairing. That’s what makes Longworth’s meticulously researched and ambitious scope so thrilling to listen to.

Jean Seberg.jpg

Switching between Fonda and Seberg, Longworth compares and contrasts their respective lives without reducing either of them to mere pawns in their own stories. Fonda’s childhood — the daughter of a Hollywood legend and a tragic mother who suffered from mental illness — acts as a lens for Seberg’s own upbringing as a born troublemaker in the Midwest and vice versa. With Jane, every moment is framed by the surrounding focus of the Hollywood studio system and Henry Fonda’s place in it. She may have been raised away from LA itself, but all of the industry’s pressures followed her from an early age, particularly regarding body image.

Whereas Fonda was billed as the continuing of a legacy, moving into acting after modelling, Seberg was positioned as the ultimate Star Is Born dream-come-true, having been plucked from obscurity by legendary director Otto Preminger to play the lead in his adaptation of Saint Joan: Both women were sold to the American public as the perfect feminine fantasy, but neither would truly experience that. Fonda’s sections in the podcast are especially revealing as there is so much audio and video footage of the actress herself candidly discussing her life, her strained relationship with her father and the eating disorder that would plague her for many years. In contrast, we hear nothing of Seberg, who never seemed able to wield any control over her own life, as Preminger played the part of the dictatorial director moulding his protege to his needs.

Merely repeating these women’s stories does little to convey the exceptional quality and appeal of You Must Remember This. This is a piece of historical and cultural storytelling that manages to parse immense amounts of detail into something that even Hollywood novices can appreciate. The podcast never devolves into dry dictation, and Longworth has the cadence of your most interesting friend who knows tons about celebrities and wants you to know absolutely everything. She has fun with these stories but is also deeply invested in giving so many women like Seberg, Monroe, Dorothy Stratten and Sharon Tate a voice, something they’ve frequently been denied by history and celebrity. The industry to this day revels in reducing its brightest and most beautiful stars to voiceless vessels for consumption, blank canvases for contemporary concerns to be projected upon, and few people interrogate that system better than Longworth.

This season also poses a challenge for Longworth as it’s the first time she’s dedicated this amount of airtime to someone who’s still alive and working in the industry. Fonda, after being ostracised for her Vietnam opposition to her two Oscar wins, a workout industry boom and marriage to Ted Turner, is now an Emmy nominee for her Netflix show, Grace and Frankie. That infamous mugshot can now be purchased on merchandise from her website. Even as Fonda embraces her status as a grand dame of Hollywood, there are still angry men with YouTube channels shouting about stuff she said in the 1960s. Her image may have softened over the decades but she’s still enough of a target for right-wing conservative dudes to whisk themselves into a tizzy over.

As for Seberg, she remains an icon in death, but primarily for her image and not her work or activism. Like Monroe, she is best remembered for a pixie haircut and the Pinterest inspiration of her look in Breathless. Her status in cultural history is enshrined in beauty and tragedy, but You Must Remember This could help to shatter the mould and give her a voice once again. There’s still much to come from this season — Seberg and Fonda’s political activism, Fonda’s Oscar wins and aerobics reinvention, On Golden Pond — but it certainly promises to be as thrilling as ever.

You Must Remember This is available wherever you get your podcasts. If you’re looking for some good episodes to start with, I would recommend the ones on Isabella Rossellini, Mia Farrow, Barba Streisand’s A Star Is Born, and the entire Manson season.


Why You Should Prepare Yourself For Daenerys’s Death This Season on Game of Thrones

As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I think there may be a certainty about Game of Thrones season seven we may have to face: that it may spell the end for our heroine, Daenerys Targaryen. As we know all too well, all men must die, and that sadly includes badass women we’ve been rooting an entire series for. I don’t want it to happen — I am one of the many who really wants to see Daenerys claim her birthright and end the entire show with her on the Iron Throne (preferably with Jon Snow by her side). Alas, that all may be for my fan fic, because there are several signs that actually point to the death of Daenerys Targaryen — and this season to boot. Let’s talk about why the Mother of Dragons may actually be doomed.

The Hints About the Big Season 7 Battle

Forget the clash for the Iron Throne; Ser Davos reminds us that White Walkers are the real threat in one of this season’s trailers. Given that the show has been building up to a showdown of the living vs. the White Walkers since, oh, the first scene of the entire series, we know it’s going down this season. Time reported that they witnessed an epic battle when they went to the set, which has got to be the big dead vs. living war. The on-set reporter wrote that he witnessed Emilia Clarke as Daenerys riding around on a mechanical rig during the battle (likely this scene of her on a dragon from the trailer). If she’s central to the battle, that means she’s also a target . . . and likely not to survive.

The House of the Undying Prophecy

A recent theory about Daenerys’s vision in the House of the Undying back in season two suggests the vision is now relevant, reminding us that in said vision, she enters a tent in snowy territory — signaling the aforementioned upcoming battle with the White Walkers. In that vision, Drogo and the child they lost are there, waiting for her. The symbolism is strong: Daenerys will emerge from the snowy challenge to her destiny, a happy afterlife with her true love and their child.

It Would Make Her the Most Important Character in the Series

Think about it: if Daenerys dies in the most important battle Westeros (and this series) has ever seen, it would be poetic. Westeros has to get those White Walkers out of the way before they can get back to the matter of who’s getting the crown, and Daenerys sacrificing herself to save the world is even better than sitting on some throne that even Joffrey had a turn at. Again, to quote Davos: «If we don’t put aside our enmities and bound together, we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.»

Daenerys has to redeem the Targaryen name some way — the madness of her father helped perpetuate this mess they’re all in, after all. But rather than take back his position (and allow the potential for her, too, to eventually go mad), what if she instead saves the whole damn world?

For a show full of devastating character deaths, it would be heartening for a major one to mean something so profound.

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Sookie and Michel Just Made Our Dreams Come True With This Surprise Gilmore Girls Reunion

Melissa McCarthy has been vacationing in Europe with husband Ben Falcone, and on Tuesday, the comedian had a surprise Gilmore Girls reunion with costar Yanic Truesdale in Greece. Melissa and Yanic — who play Sookie and Michel, respectively, on the show — made our dreams come true when they posed for a cute pool selfie together. «I love when this happens! By coincidence, we both booked a vacation at the same time in Greece! #magicaltiming #bestvacations,» Yanic captioned the snap. Sadly, Lorelai Gilmore — er, Lauren Graham — wasn’t there to join in on the fun, but she wasn’t forgotten. In another tropical snap, Yanic posted a photo of himself reading Lauren’s new book, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for a second season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life!

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