This Is Bad (Or Is It Good?) News If You Hate Ohio State

As an Ohio State fan, this is what I was worried about when the Buckeyes got trucked by Iowa like three weeks ago: there’s still a path to the College Football Final Four…because the Final Four NEEDS Ohio State. And that path was a simple win out and get in because the Pac-12 took another dump all over itself, Notre Dame took a huge dump on itself in Miami, the SEC is getting one team when Bama wins out and the ACC is getting one team when Clemson wins out – still rooting for Miami & the chain to sneak out a win in ACC title game.

The above scenario from RJ Bell is exactly what I was terrified of the night I walked into my in-laws’ house and saw Iowa had dropped a 54 dump all over Urban. This is secretly what the committee, ESPN and Bama fans are hoping for. They want revenge for the 2015 Sugar Bowl when Zeke went 85-yards through the hearts of Bammers.

Bammers wanted that first ever CFB Playoff title. It was theirs. And then it wasn’t.

They still think that was a fluke game. They still think they’re kicking Ohio State’s ass 99 out of 100 times and then want desperately to dance on Urban’s grave. I get the tweets, emails, messages. I know what they’re thinking. They’re thinking this Ohio State team is the perfect team to demoralize. It would make it so much more satisfying than dancing on Miami’s grave or Oklahoma or Wisconsin (zzzzzzzz) or name another team.

And you have executives in Bristol and at Disney HQ on their knees praying Barrett can somehow win out.

You don’t believe me about Ohio State? I’ll refer you back to this from 2016 about Ohio State-Michigan ratings:

The game, which aired on ABC at noon, pulled in an overnight television rating of 10.4, the highest overnight rating for any game this season, and nearly 50% higher than the second-most-watched game of the season.

That 10.4 rating is the highest-ever recorded for a college football game that kicked off at noon on the east coast, according to ESPN. It is also the second-highest rated college football game ever aired on ABC, trailing only the 2006 Ohio State-Michigan game, when the teams were ranked Nos. 1 and 2, respectively.

Does this all mean that Ohio State deserves to get in if they win out? I’m an Ohio State fan and I say no. They don’t deserve that 4th spot. That Iowa game proves it.

But, wouldn’t you like to see another Saban-Urban matchup? Don’t you want to dance on the Buckeyes grave?

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Kristin Cavallari Seems Tired of This “Football Sh—t”

How did Jay Cutler’s Sunday go? Well, he went 6-12 for 83 yards and three interceptions in a half of play and missed the rest of the game with a concussion so yeah… not great! Matt Moore also looked like a viable quarterback in emergency duty, which doesn’t exactly help Jay’s cause either.

Whatever the case, Cutler’s wife, Kristin Cavallari, appears to be over this NFL thing. She posted this Instagram story on Sunday, stating she wishes she could provide her commentary on this “football sh—t”:

I’ve pointed this out before, but it’s worth mentioning again: Cavallari was initially all about Cutler getting that $ 10 million back in August (via Joe Schad of The Palm Beach Post):

“It was hard,” Cutler said. “It was hard. It was definitely hard. The last four months I’ve been in a different mode, different mind-set getting ready for the FOX deal. I was really pretty good with where I was in my life. I was around the kids a lot and felt pretty content. Weighed back and forth on this. I’d probably say my wife Kristin probably talked me into it more than anybody else could.”

Of course, there are legit reasons for Mrs. Cutler to be over the game. The concussion (obviously), another year of everyone making fun of Jay, the Dolphins being underwhelming again, etc.

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The Big Outlander Moment That Straight-Up Doesn’t Happen This Week

Outlander‘s latest episode, «Heaven and Earth,» focuses heavily on Claire’s adventures aboard the Porpoise, the British Man o’ War that kidnaps her in order to press her into service tending to their outbreak of typhoid fever. It more or less follows the events of the book Voyager, but there is one big omission that may have been quite disappointing to book readers.

Warning: light spoilers ahead for the books and the remaining episodes of season three.

In the book, after Elias Pound’s death hits Claire particularly hard, she goes up on deck and begins slamming her hand against the railing in anger, frustrated by the fact that she can barely save anyone, which is compounded by her knowledge of 20th-century medicine that would save them all, if she only had access to it. It is here that Claire meets someone who is going to become a big part of her life, eventually: Lord John Grey.

Lord John is being transported by the Porpoise to take his post as the new governor of Jamaica, but the captain has given him strict orders to stay in his quarters so that he does not contract the illness that is plaguing the ship. Grey wanders up on deck in the middle of the night to get some air and sees Claire raging against her feeling of helplessness.

He calls her heroic, but she yells at him, «It doesn’t do any good! . . . It doesn’t! Do you know how many men I lost today? Twenty-three! I’ve been on my feet since dawn, elbow-deep in filth and vomit and my clothes stuck to me, and none of it’s been any good! I couldn’t help! Do you hear me? I couldn’t help!»

Lord John laments that he didn’t come out of his chambers to assist her and says he knows how she feels to lose so many men.

«I had thought your distress due only to a woman’s natural compassion, but I see it is something quite different,» he says to her. «I have been a soldier, an officer. I know what it is, to hold men’s lives in your hand — and to lose them. What it comes to, I think, is the knowledge that you are not God. And the very real regret that you cannot be.»

It’s a lovely moment between them, even if it’s not terribly important to the immediate plot (which is probably why it was omitted). But having Claire meet Lord John without Jamie — therefore neither of them knowing who the other is to Jamie — makes for a great payoff later in the novel that now won’t be as good.

In Voyager, once Claire and Jamie arrive in Jamaica, they immediately secure an invitation to the governor’s ball. Claire knows the governor is Lord John, but she doesn’t know Lord John and Jamie’s history, including that John is raising Jamie’s son, Willie. Jamie doesn’t know that Claire and John met already. It makes for quite the scene when the three of them finally get together.

Claire spies the two men embracing and sees the way Lord John looks at Jamie, so her mind starts racing about whether they had been romantically involved and why wouldn’t Jamie have told her? Then she is able to speak to Lord John before speaking with Jamie, so Lord John drops a bombshell on her about raising Jamie’s son, which she had no knowledge of yet. The two of them talk about their history with Jamie and grudgingly admit they liked each other — when they met on the Porpoise, but not now. Obviously this is going to play out quite differently on the show, since Jamie told Claire about Willie as soon as she returned, and Claire and Lord John won’t have any kind of history together from meeting on the Porpoise.

The Lord John-Claire scenes were ones I, as a book reader, was particularly looking forward to, so it’s a shame the show has made some different choices in this regard. However, Jamie and Claire should still meet John in Jamaica, which will be interesting anyway, unless that is also cut out entirely. There are only three episodes left of the season and quite a bit of content to include, so there’s always a chance we won’t see Lord John again in season three at all. But we hope that’s not the case.

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Open Post: Hosted By This Dad’s Blazing Hot Michael Jackson Moves


Here’s your dad revealing his deepest secret to the world. He was a backup dancer for a Michael Jackson tribute band called Bubbles the Chimp for a brief period in the 1980s. Mashable was kind enough to bring us this guy breaking it down for all of us while dancing to the MJ songs on the PA before a Janet Jackson show in Brooklyn on Wednesday night. Apparently, the routine’s from the “Remember The Time” video?

No one in that auditorium had better thrown any shade this dude’s way. People were probably tee-heeing thinking they were better than this guy cuz’ THEY weren’t making fools of themselves by emulating the King of Pop. Well, those h8ers were wrong! This guy has ALL the balls! This sort of gutsy performance is only made possible by intense courage, natural rhythm, and as few fucks as humanly possible.

This man was FEELING IT!!! #JanetJackson #MichaelJackson #StateOfTheWorldTour

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Chance the Rapper #Blessed Us All With This Shirtless Skit on SNL

Chance the Rapper was on fire when he hosted Saturday Night Live this week. The Chicago native delivered several hilarious sketches, including his «Come Back, Barack» music video we’re still playing on repeat, but we felt particularly blessed when Chance stripped down to his underwear in a hilarious skit about career day. If you didn’t have a reason to love Chance before, you do now. Watch the SNL skit in full above.

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13 Times Kesha Proved She Was Back and Stronger Than Ever This Year

Kesha made a triumphant return to the spotlight this year after taking a five-year hiatus from music. Not only did she release her third studio album, Rainbow, but she also hit the road for the accompanying Rainbow tour. In addition to her music career, Kesha also seemed to focus more on expressing herself and making a difference in the world. In January, she joined a bevy of stars at the Women’s March in LA and she even hosted a workshop in Texas to fight against cyberbullying two months later. Celebrate Kesha’s monumental year by taking a look back at some of her best moments from 2017.

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Mark Your Calendars — This Is When You Can Buy Taylor Swift Tickets

Get ready to empty your bank accounts, Swifties — Taylor Swift is going on tour again! On Monday, the singer announced the first round of dates for her Reputation stadium tour, and we’re already freaking out. While the tour doesn’t kick off until May 2018, sales are right around the corner. And if her record-breaking album is any indication, the tour is bound to be filled with tons of surprises and show-stopping moments.

So when exactly should you have your credit cards «ready for it»? While the general public sale starts on Dec. 13 (Swift’s birthday), dedicated fans will be able to purchase tickets in advance through the Ticketmaster Verified Fan program from Dec. 5 to Dec. 8. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up, though, because registration for the program closes on Nov. 28. Until then, you better start saving your money. Ticket prices will vary from $ 50 to $ 350+ with limited VIP packages available for each date.

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Nicki Minaj Is Literally Feeling Herself on This NSFW Paper Magazine Cover

Three years after Kim Kardashian balanced a glass of Champagne on her ass for Paper Magazine, Nicki Minaj is gracing the cover of the publication’s December issue, which is once again aiming to «break the internet

Instead of one Nicki, there are three versions of the 34-year-old rapper in the image, which was shot by famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth and styled by Nicki herself; the «Minaj a Trois» shows a trio of Nickis in suggestive poses. Just like her verse on Beyoncé’s hit song, she’s literally feeling herself. And what did the original internet-breaker think of Nicki’s cover? Kim «liked» the Instagram snap Nicki shared of the photo and also commented with three flame emoji.

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This 1 Major Clue Could Explain How the House Fire Started on This Is Us

This Is Us has had us going through tissue box after tissue box with every episode in the second season, but we’ve still yet to find out how Jack died. It’s the story that has been referenced throughout the entire series thus far, and it’s likely the story that will make us ugly cry the hardest. At this point, we know that the Pearson patriarch dies in a house fire, and now the details that surround that heartbreaking night are starting to come together.

Season two’s eighth episode, «Number One,» focuses on Kevin’s present-day battle with substance abuse and alcoholism, and the troublesome teenage years that lead up to it. The episode opens with a power outage and Jack working on the breaker box to make sure the power is back by the time a Pitt football coach arrives to meet with Kevin. Breaker box? House fire? Maybe, but following Kevin’s ruthless hormonal attitude to the coach, Jack sends him upstairs to write an apology letter.

Before Kevin walks upstairs to see his father reciting the AA serenity prayer on his knees, the camera focuses on the lamp on Kevin’s desk for a long enough time that we took note. Reddit user _daath theorizes that the lamp could be what started the fire or that it started in Kevin’s room (he’s living in the basement at the time). «It would explain the theory that Jack is able to get his other kids out of the house and him having to go back in and ‘save’ Kevin in his room with Jack not knowing that Kevin wasn’t home,» they wrote.

During the season two premiere, when it’s confirmed that Jack dies in a fire, Kate tearfully tells Randall that they have to go find Kevin and tell him the sad news. She immediately knows where he is — with Sophie, and in a full leg cast, presumably following his knee surgery. But could this understanding of Kevin’s location during the fire be the reason both Kate and Kevin feel so much irreparable guilt for their father’s death?

Well, the same Redditor seems to think so, and we can’t help but really wonder about this theory. «It’s possible Kevin snuck [sic] out the night of the fire without anyone knowing except Kate,» they wrote. «She either covers for him, or sees him sneak out without Kevin knowing. Jack goes back in the house to save Kevin before Kate and can tell him that he wasn’t there. So Kate feels guilty that he never told her father and Kevin feels guilty because maybe he left his lamp on, it started the fire, and he didn’t tell anyone he was leaving which lead to Jack going back in to save him.»

Adding fuel to the _____ (we don’t have the heart to write it), is at the time, Kevin is in a full leg cast, so it does make sense that Jack would run inside to save him knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get out of the house on his own.

We also couldn’t help but notice the obvious washing machine in the basement near the exposed breaker box, which practically screams «electrical fire waiting to happen!» And remember the season one episode «The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World,» which sees teenage Kevin move into the basement because he can’t deal with Randall’s late-night studying? He complains to Rebecca about how the new washing machine won’t turn off. Is there anything this kid doesn’t complain about?!

It’s all incredibly heartbreaking to watch Jack’s impending death unfold, and equally as difficult to watch present-day Kevin struggling with addiction like his father did. Fortunately it’s all starting to piece together, even if it’s painful. We can speculate as much as we want, but all the theories in the world won’t change the fact that we’re going to cry like babies when we finally find out what caused the fire that led to Jack’s death. Until then, we’ll never let go, Jack.

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It’s Time to Settle This Once and For All: What Is the Best Taylor Swift Album?

Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur / TAS

After staying out of the spotlight for most of the year, Taylor Swift made her big return to music in November with the release of her sixth album, Reputation. While she has made it clear that the old Taylor is «dead» with her new sound, her star power is currently thriving. Aside from keeping fans guessing with her cryptic lyrics, her album has already broken a ton of records (including a few of her own). It’s obvious that the singer’s music only gets better over the years, but that doesn’t stop everyone from having a favorite. In honor of the new Taylor Swift era, let’s decide this once and for all: which album is the best?

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