John BC Got The News Today That His Father’s Day Gift Is A Trip To Lambeau Thanks To #CrownYourFather


So Crown Royal approached me like 10 days ago or so and said they were looking for bloggers to ‘Crown’ their fathers for Father’s Day this year. “Would you be interested,” they asked.

There’s still time to enter your dad for the velvet Crown painting via on your mobile device.

Well, considering the fact that my dad keeps his Crown empties, has carried coins in his Crown bags to poker parties for like 25 years and actually drinks Crown when he’s at the lake, I said yes. Part of the crowning was to buy a gift for dad. I went back and forth on this part. Do I send dad with me next week for the College World Series title game or do I save the funds and take dad to Lambeau Field in the fall for another one of his bucket list items.

In the end I went Lambeau because it’s harder to pull off that one and it’s one of those places he’s always talked about visiting.

Here’s the trip plan:

We make the drive from Ohio to Ludington, Michigan to catch the SS Badger Ferry. We put the truck on the ferry across Lake Michigan and into Manitowic, Wisconsin, which is just 41 miles to Lambeau Field. The ferry stops running on October 15 so our choices are an early September game against the Seahawks, a 4:25 kickoff against the Bengals (not ideal since I don’t want to watch my Bengals get lit up) or a Thursday night game against the Bears.

That might just be the play here. Rivalry game. Night game. Get up there on a Wednesday night, catch the game Thursday, maybe a stadium tour Friday and then possibly Northwestern-Wisconsin on the way home on Saturday.

That’s a bucket list trip right there.

Thanks to Crown for this opportunity. I’m happy once again to be partnering with Crown Royal and I know dad is jacked up over this whole thing.

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‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ Gets A Second Season Thanks To The Haters

Science guy, Bill Nye has become an unexpected center to a political firestorm ever since he dared to proclaim global warming is a thing. Naturally, he addressed the issue on the first season of his Netflix series Bill Nye Saves The World, much to the chagrin of science-deniers and conservative blowhards. But the kid show star turned advocate wasn’t through yet. He supported LGBTQA+ rights with an episode about sex, sexual orientation, and gender. And right-wing Twitter was more fired up than a tiki torch at a Richard Spencer rally. But if these bigots and trolls thought bitching in tweets would stop Nye or scare Netflix away from giving him a second season, well, they proved even dumber than they seemed.

Not only has Netflix announced a second season of Bill Nye Saves The World, but they’re crediting these haters for it!

«If Twitter is any indication, the world still needs saving,» the ad teases. And our childhood hero is ready to be our champion once more.

Let’s do this.

Kristy Puchko met Bill Nye, and it was rad.


Gal Gadot Thanks Her Fans For Wonder Woman’s Success: «This Was All You»

Gal Gadot sent a heartfelt message to fans via Instagram on Tuesday to thank them for making Wonder Woman such a huge success; the masterpiece of a film topped box offices all over the world last weekend, and the actress took time to express her gratitude for «the most amazing weekend and craziest weekend I’ve ever had in my life.» Along with a caption thanking fans in multiple languages, Gal told followers, «You made this movie what it is.» Another cute fact: her Justice League costar Jason Momoa liked the video, too. Watch Gal’s video above, then get to know her with these 17 badass facts.

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‘Sin City’ May Get A Television Series: Thanks, 2005!

And I guess also thanks to the cult comics that first appeared in a 1991 issue of Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special. Frank Miller’s neo-noir comics finished their run in 2000 before becoming a movie co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Miller in 2005. Sin City was a hit, making $ 158.8 million on a $ 40 million budget. The sequel would not appear until 2014, making only $ 39 million on a $ 65 million budget.

That’s not great, but it’s like Hollywood always says, «Eh, fuck it. Let’s try it on television.»

The good news is that there will be an all new cast of characters apart from Rodriguez’s films. I mean, if you hated the characters it is good news. I quite adore Marv (Mickey Rourke) and Gail (Rosario Dawson). Miller’s style and setting will be kept, but new characters, timelines (?), and story lines are expected for the series.

Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead) is being identified as writing the series while Len Wiseman (Underworld) is being tapped as director. Lest you think this means the series already has a home, I must tell you that this is not the case. Mazzara and Wiseman are getting together with Miller and Bob & Harvey Weinstein to get the project pulled together before shopping it around.

My feeling is that HBO would be a good home for the series, considering the violence, nudity, and objectification of women woven so deeply into the source material. It could handle the production budget and get bigger names to populate Basin City. HBO could take the series to places that the movies and comics either couldn’t or didn’t get a chance to go.

Another option would be Netflix, since they’re all up in the original programming grill. I’m guessing they’ve got access to a similar budget as HBO and the same pool of Hollywood talent. Again, this would be a place where a series like Sin City could be at home without sacrificing the things that fans like to see.


Thanks To That Bloody Trump Mask Pic, The Dynamic New Year’s Eve Duo Of Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Is No More 


It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Kathy Griffin caused everyone to lose their heads (I see you eye-rolling at my very original pun) over her holding a repurposed Michael Myers mask covered with grenadine syrup in the name of art, and she’s already on her way to joining Billy Bush in the section marked: Tricks Who Get Punished As An Untouched Trump Gleefully Coqueefs Along.

Kathy ended up apologizing for the stunt and said that she knows she fucked up. But it wasn’t enough. Kathy lost an extremely lucrative deal to continue to hawk the shit-aiding toilet ottoman known as Squatty Potty. (You know you really shit the bed when a poop tool product doesn’t even want to be associated with you.) And now CNN has dropped Kathy as co-host of their New Year’s Eve special.

New Year’s Eve will no longer be the same without The Silver Fox turning into The Red Fox as he blushes over a rated PG-13 nugget coming out of Kathy’s mouth. CNN announced today that after almost 10 years of Kathy co-hosting their New Year’s Eve show, they are done with her. Well, at least we still have Drunk Don Lemon.

Even Anderson Cooper didn’t defend his ginger sidekick.

As for Trump…. When Ted Nugent said that President Obama should be hung and “suck on his machine gun,” Donald Trump defended the popped pimple clinging to America’s b-hole by saying he was just using a figure of speech. But when Kathy held up a rubber mask covered with red corn syrup, Trump tweeted that she should be ashamed of herself and that she upset his 11-year-old son Barron Trump. That tweet was a preview to the story that Trump’s gay boo, Harvey Levin, and TMZ told.

TMZ says that yesterday, Barron was watching TV with Melania Trump when he saw the picture of everyone’s 2017 Halloween costume. Barron really thought that Kathy was holding the actual head of his dad and screamed, “Mommy! Mommy!

All of this over a Tyler Shields photo shoot?! To quote Kathy’s jewel of a mother: GODDAMMIT, JESUS H. CHRIST, KATHLEEN!

And well, hopefully Squatty Potty gave Kathy plenty of its product and she’s got it stashed all over her house. Because since Trump is probably going to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate deal, L.A. will be underwater one day and Kathy can use them to float. So there’s that!




A Little Girl Thanks Prince Harry For Helping Her Mummy in the Invictus Games

Prince Harry had a precious encounter with a little girl when he met with the team who will represent the UK at the Invictus Games at the Tower of London on Tuesday. The royal was introduced to 6-year-old Maya Turner, whose mother, RAF Sgt. Michelle, is taking part in the games this September. Not only did he lean down to shake the little girl’s hand, but he also took a moment to read the letter she wrote to thank him for «helping my mummy» and other wounded and injured military heroes. This is just the most recent way Harry is giving back to the community. Aside from offering his condolences to the victims of the Manchester attack in an official statement, he also met up with former president Barack Obama on Saturday to talk about «a range of shared interests, including support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people, and the work of their respective foundations.»

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Amy Schumer Doesn’t Give a F*ck If You Love Her Body, but Thanks Anyway

Amy Schumer and I are together sitting on a couch in a dimly lit bungalow at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. I’ve had two mimosas, because who says no when someone offers you a mimosa, and then offers you another mimosa? Amy is wearing what her publicist refers to as «comfies,» which I quickly understand to mean she’s decked out in a soft navy blue tracksuit. Despite her laid-back look, she still has fresh hair and makeup from all the on-camera interviews for Snatched, her new mother-daughter comedy with Goldie Hawn.

You might be tempted to think Amy Schumer is tired of talking about her body, but it seems like she’s only just begun to make it a greater conversation. The topic is so prevalent in her life that she brings it up in her new Netflix stand-up Amy Schumer: the Leather Special, which dropped in March: «I tweeted a photo of myself wearing just underwear,» she says during the special, referring to her nude Annie Leibovitz shot in the 2016 Pirelli calendar. «And that’s when I learned the word you don’t want people to use when a nude photo of you goes viral: brave.» But there’s an ulterior motive to her being vocal about self-love and body confidence: it’s not just about her. «With body confidence and stuff,» she tells me, «it’s never been something for me to get over. It’s been something for me to help other people get over.»

«I look in the mirror and I know who I am and I feel beautiful and I feel strong and sexy.»

This remarkable sense of humor about the way people react to her body and self-acceptance has emerged in different ways since Amy’s career surged. Part of it comes through transparency on social media, as a way of helping other people see the same strength in themselves. She posted about thigh chafing ahead of the Met Gala in 2016: «I think I look strong and healthy,» she wrote in the caption of a bathing suit snap on Instagram, also calling out body-shamers on the web. Even in interviews — like her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December — she’s not afraid to broach the topic. «I look in the mirror and I know who I am and I feel beautiful and I feel strong and sexy,» she told the host.

And when it comes to her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, she’s managed to bring focus to these kinds of issues, whether it be with the boy band jam «Girl You Don’t Need Makeup» or a commentary on body shaming in the clothing industry. Amy’s confidence comes from more than just having a sense of humor about the issue or not being afraid to spotlight it. From what I can tell, she doesn’t let other people affect the way she sees herself.

As Amy tells me, we’re «all going through some sort of a journey» to love ourselves. Everyone’s got their fair share of baggage and hang-ups about they way they look. I myself have spent the better part of the last 10 years trying to love my stretch marks. «You have days where you’re like, ‘I am a lump of garbage and I should be on a curb,'» she says. «Every year you look back, and you’re like, ‘I was so great then and I was stressing about how I look, I just want to get back to that at this point.’ You know you’re going to feel like that year from now.» As soon as I’ve brought up the topic, she cuts to a recent controversy that shouldn’t have been a controversy: a cover shot for InStyle magazine, on which she wore a white one-piece swimsuit.

«I felt great that day. I feel good in a bathing suit.»

«It’s funny because me being on the cover of a magazine in a bathing suit, some people look at it as a statement. They say, ‘What were you saying with that?’ I felt great that day. I feel good in a bathing suit.» The internet flared when a swimsuit designer by the name of Dana Duggan left a nasty comment on the magazine’s Instagram: «Come on now! You could not find anyone better for this cover? Not everyone should be in a swimsuit.» Many voices rose to the surface to support Amy, and at the same time, her original intentions ring true: she’s owning herself on the cover of a magazine, and it’s someone else that has to come to terms with that.

Amy also sports a swimsuit in Snatched; in one scene, she lounges by the resort pool with her mother in a mismatched bikini. «In this movie, when I see myself in a bikini, I’m not cringing. I look fine,» she says. «I think people are either into me on camera or not. They’re not wrong if they don’t like seeing me on camera. They’re not right either, it’s just your preference.» She continues: «If you want to go see movies with people who look like what we’ve come to know a movie star looks like, then that’s your choice and I understand. I prefer amateur porn to watching the overly produced stuff.»

«Same,» I say involuntarily.

She nods. We’re on the same page. «But there’s a market for both.»

There’s another component of the conversation we’re missing. As her career has grown, Amy hasn’t just felt the brunt of criticism from body shamers.

«When it comes to the internet, you’ve faced some pretty severe blowback recently,» I venture.

«Recently?» She laughs a little. I’m talking about the new army of trolls hiding behind a veil of internet anonymity. Mostly coming from a space of pitiful misogyny, this alt-right army has attempted to organize and kill buzz and ratings for her projects. Recently, they attempted to tank her Netflix special. Amy quickly addressed the haters on Instagram. «I thank you trolls so much,» she wrote in the caption. «It fills me with hope and power to see you all furiously posting so as always accuse me of whatever lies you want. Call me a whale. Call me a thief and I will continue to rise and fight and lead. I know who I am.»

«How do you tune it out?» I ask.

«I’m just making a commitment to myself to be authentic.»

«It’s all about how your friends and family feel about you,» she confesses. «The people that I really care about, their opinion can see the truth. The people who have decided that they’re like, actively against me and organizing against me, they already made their decision. I’m not trying to win them over. I’m not trying to win everybody over. I’m just making a commitment to myself to be authentic.» She does admit that she’s not totally immune to the hate. «When there’s a lot of it coming at you, I’m not desensitized to that . . . but it just rolls past you.»

Amy goes on to cite the Beatles when explaining why none of this really matters in the long haul. «I just watched that Beatles documentary [The Beatles: Eight Days a Week], and John Lennon said that comment about the Beatles [being] bigger than Jesus. And people were just, like, burning their albums and were so mad. But you don’t think about that when you think about the Beatles.» She pauses. «Not that I’m the Beatles.»

There’s no telling where Amy’s career will go, or how we might look back on it decades from now. I imagine there will be more movies, stand-up specials, and bikini-clad magazine covers. Regardless, it was her last words to me that really set the stage for her legacy: «Your work and who you love will stand the test of time.»

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I’ve Never Heard Of The Red Hook Criterium Bike Race Until Tonight & Now I’m Hooked Thanks To The Crashes

Instagram Photo

Men’s Journal once wrote about the Red Hook Criterium bike race: “The seemingly insane and masochistic nature of the Red Hook Crit is what drew the racers there in the first place.” What is the Red Hook Crit? I’m just finding out that it’s a 26-lap bike race in Brooklyn where there are going to be glorious wrecks and people are going to go to the hospital. And the legendary wrecks just keep happening year after year.

Last night was no different.

The crash above happened at the beginning of the women’s final and, according to what Men’s Journal has previously written, this wreck would require a restart. That’s right, you don’t just get to run away with the lead and win this thing. Escaping a wreck doesn’t get you bonus points here. Back to the start line you go.

Who won? The people who didn’t go to the hospital.

This is insanity & I’ll be there next year…marking it on my calendar:

Instagram Photo

How about we get a look at some of the war wounds from last night:

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo


Looks fun:

Instagram Photo

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U.S. Officials Question 3-Month-Old Baby On Terrorism Ties Thanks to Botched Visa Form

A three-month-old baby was taken in for questioning at the U.S. Embassy in London after his grandfather mistakenly marked the purpose of his trip to the U.S. as “terrorism” on the immigration form. There’s…a box for that? Genius! What a flawless system.

Read more…


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