Jay-Z May Have Turned Down The Super Bowl

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z enjoy a dinner date at Harry's Bar in Mayfair

When you’re a true ORIGINAL rap mogul like Jay-Z, you don’t want to be some poser, so taking a page from the Beyoncé playbook and performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl isn’t going to cut it. Leave that kinda shit to Kanye West. He needs the checkCBS Sports says Jay turned down an invite to perform at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. Poor Super Bowl is going to head to happy hour early tonight to drown its sorrows from all the rejection. First Adele passed it over last year, and now they can’t get Jay.

Before the Super Bowl pops on some Dashboard Confessional and cries itself to sleep, the NFL seems to make it seem like they haven’t officially done anything yet:

“No decisions have been made on the performer(s) and we are not going to speculate on particular artists. Along with Pepsi, we know that we will put on a spectacular show. When it is time to announce her name we will do it. Or his name. Or their names.”

Their names! Does this mean we have a chance of the Osmonds and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?! I kinda get Jay’s thinking. How the hell are you supposed to get through “99 Problems” when the actors paid to act like fans rushing the field are standing their bored while waiting for a surprise appearance by your wife?

Speaking of his wife, that mammoth Beyhive buzzing you hear over Brooklyn today is from the news that Beyonce will perform at a hurricane relief benefit concert at the Barclays Center in October. Jay and other Roc Nation artists will also be there, but all anyone should care about is if there’s some Dreamgirls kinda shit going on in the performance where Bey relegates Blue Ivy to backup and Sir and Rumi battle for second-lead vocalist in their debut performance!

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10 People Who Feel Lied to Because Pennywise From It Is Super Sexy in Real Life

The highly anticipated remake of Stephen King’s It hit theaters last week just in time to kick-start your nightmares ahead of Halloween. While many people lost sleep and probably a few bodily fluids due to the terrifying nature of the film, there are also some very strong reactions about something else: finding out Pennywise, aka Bill Skarsgard, is hot as hell in real life. People were understandably shook after googling the handsome actor and realizing there is nothing scary about him once you take away the clown makeup. Between his beautiful eyes and perfect smolder, we agree with these hilarious reactions.

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Amber Ruffin Singing Super Mario Bros. Is Everything You Need For Your Friday

I legitimately don’t understand why it isn’t Late Night With Amber Ruffin yet. Unless she has vocally and actively said that she doesn’t want to appear on the show more, I have no idea why she isn’t in each segment. Even during the interviews. Just have her come out, and do a segment called «Amber Finally Asks Celebrities Questions People Really Want To Hear.» Like «How bad does your body hair get when you’re not filming?» and «Seriously, what do you do when Daniel Craig gets gassy on set? Do you have to ignore it? Or does he joke along? What about Julia Roberts?»

But until then, we’ll have to settle for Amber perfectly addressing those recent «Mario is no longer a plumber» rumors.

Oh, and Amber? One-hundred-percent would buy that hat.


Robert Kraft Gave The Kid Who Found Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jersey Tickets To Tonight’s Game

Remember Dylan Wagner, the 19-year-old internet detective who did the FBI’s job better than them and found Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl 51 jersey just by doing a little eBay searching? Well, he made his way out to Foxborough today from Seattle to collect his reward for being the sleuth of the year.

As you would expect, the Patriots are showering this kid with gifts for saving their asses from an embarrassing story and losing an incredibly valuable piece of memorabilia. Bob Kraft himself even came out to greet the kid and give him a new Brady jersey, tickets to tonight’s game, and sideline passes.

Now, if I’m this kid I milk this for all it’s worth. Maybe try and finagle a future job with the team once he graduates college, or see if Brady needs a personal ball boy or something. These gifts are sweet, but I’m telling you, Dylan, you can really capitalize on this situation if you put your mind to it.

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Meet the Super Duo Behind Pentatonix Spin-off, Superfruit

With three Grammy wins and over six million albums sold in the United States, the five-piece a cappella group Pentatonix needs no introduction. But two members of the groundbreaking quintet, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, have emerged separately in 2013 as Superfruit – the duo’s musical side-hustle and YouTube channel – with a deluxe EP, Future Friends – Part II, coming out on September 15.

Hoying and Grassi started the side project with the hope of doing something a little different and, perhaps, a little raunchier. “We made our own YouTube channel to showcase our friendship and it turned into this hyper-musical, super energetic thing. It feels like it’s limitless,” Grassi says. “It’s like the gay best friend sort of thing but you’re watching two people who truly enjoy each other’s company, have endless inside jokes and can be totally comfortable with each other.”

With new content – a mix of music videos and comedic vlogs – uploaded weekly, Superfruit’s YouTube following has escalated to 2.5 million subscribers. But, Hoying admits that creating fresh, weekly videos that meet their standards can be challenging. “We find ourselves falling into the same cycle humor-wise. It gets a little repetitive and then we’re feeling like we’re not delivering the best possible content,” he explains. Grassi adds that when in doubt, they return to the music. “We’ve always wanted to do just pop music, that’s what Scotty and I are best at,” he says. “[But the channel has] been such an eye-opening experience, full of exploration and creative control.”

Like Future Friends – Part I, Part II will showcase Hoying and Grassi’s infectious chemistry – with some added sophistication. “It’s very upbeat and has a lot of personality but I think we get a lot bolder with the production on Part II,” Hoying says. “Personally, I think the songwriting is better. I think the lyrics are more emotional and a little bit darker. The production is still really upbeat though, so it’s a cool dichotomy,” he adds.

With Superfruit’s powerhouse vocals and multiplatinum pedigree, they may have been destined for success since the start. But, Grassi says, the most important thing is that the music makes listeners relate and feel good – a cue they take from artists like Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars and Beyonce. “When I watch a pop star, I want to have my breath taken away,” Hoying says. “I want to be like, ‘Wow, they are doing things that no one else can do.’” With talent and energy like theirs, it’s safe to say Superfruit is unlike anyone else.

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Must See: Albert Pujols Looking Super Thicc Dressed as Allen Iverson

The Los Angeles Angels kicked off nine-game roadtrip in the best possible way: taking on an NBA jersey theme for their short flight to Seattle.

MLB team-themed roadtrips are usually something we don’t touch here on BC, but as you can see above, the Angels’ jersey games are remarkably skrong. You know there’s some Wild Card magic with these boys when you see a vintage Jerry West (Tyler Skaggs), Bulls alternate Dennis Rodman (Martin Maldonado), and Grizzlies Mike Bibby (not sure).

But while there are many great jerseys here, one man stands above them all, Albert Iverson Pujols, who apparently morphed from The Machine to a much thicker version of The Answer for a couple hours:

Other notables:

Keynan Middleton in the Tune Squad jersey:

Andrelton Simmons delivering the mail, makes sense:

via MikeTrout

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Floyd Mayweather Seems Super Worried About Conor McGregor… JK, He’s Working On His Jumper

T minus 25 days until Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fatten up their respective bank accounts while robbing millions of people around the world of their hard-earned money with their cross-sport “superfight”.

Just how much of a joke is this spectacle? Well, it’s Aug. 1 and Floyd is hitting us with IG videos of him working on his damn mid-range jumpshot, so yeah…:

Better superfight idea: Money vs. Manny Pacquiao in a one-on-one basketball battle. Loser has to fight Jeff Horn.

Get ready, IRS. Money will be making his tax payment soon:

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T.J. Miller Gives a Super Bizarre Exit Interview After His Final ‘Silicon Valley’ Episode

In a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter, T.J. Miller was far more open about his reasons for leaving than he has been in recent interviews, and offered a few telling quotes about his fellow cast members and the producers in a bizarre rambling interview. It’s worth checking out in its entirety, but here’s a few of the best takeaways:

— The decision to leave the show came after the producers came to him and told him that they weren’t picking up his contract for next season; they only wanted him for 3 to five episodes, and Miller basically said, «That’s great! How about I don’t come back at all!»

«And then they suddenly said, «Wait, no, what? You can do whatever. What? What do you mean?» And that was so good of them. They said, «Look, we wanted to reduce … We just wanted you to have more time to do all of the things you’re doing.» And I said, «Well, the best way for me to be involved in the show is by no longer being on it.»

To be fair, they only wanted him for 3-5 episodes because it was impossible for them to fit their production schedule around all of Miller’s other projects.

— Miller doesn’t seem to be a fan of Alec Berg, a producer and the showrunner on the series for the first couple of seasons. Miller blames Berg — who came from Seinfeld — for the cyclical nature of the show. «It’s recycling, it’s network. This is HBO. And so I thought, what if suddenly the whole thing changed? Where’s the guy at the house? He’s gone.»

He added later that he didn’t talk to Berg about the decision to leave.

«I didn’t talk to Alec because I don’t like Alec, but I think Mike Judge and Clay Tarver are brilliant. Both of them were so accommodating, saying, «Well, what if you just do three episodes?» or, «What if you just did the season finale?» … But I just thought that what the show has suffered from, what’s bad about it, is that Richard is the CEO and then he isn’t but then he finds his way back to be CEO, and then once he finds his way back to being the CEO he says he doesn’t want to be the CEO, and it’s just the same thing over and over. … So I thought it would be really interesting [to leave].

— Miller seems to be having a weird time with his family, as he alluded to when he explained his reasons for leaving the show.

«It’s not about money, it’s not about any of that stuff. It’s certainly not about fame, which is destroying my relationships with my family.»

Later, he adds, «Instead of dying, like everybody in my family would love, I go and make The Emoji Movie. It’s worse for American culture.»

He seems to have a weird relationship with the Emoji Movie, too. «I guess some people are like, ‘Ah, I guess he’s got too much going on, he’s too big for the show,’ Miller says. «What are you talking about? It’s, like, the best show on television, in my opinion, and I’m going and doing The Emoji Movie — and you can publish that because Sony knows we down to get motherf—ing paid globally.»

Back to his family: His father seems like an asshole.

And even my father when I told him that I was leaving was like, ‘Yeah, we watched three or four episodes in a row and it’s kind of one-note. I think it’s a good idea.’ So I had the perfect father-son moment with him going, ‘Yeah, it’s starting to kind of suck. It’s a little stale. You’re becoming a bit hack.’ If I can trust anyone in terms of comedy, it’s my father. I thought this is definitely a good idea if he’s saying, ‘I’m getting sick of watching you. Why don’t you do something else?'»

— He is complimentary of his co-stars:

«Knowing that Kumail [Nanjiani] is brilliant, Zach Woods is the greatest improviser alive, Thomas Middleditch is one of the funniest people of all, Martin Starr is the deadpan comedian of our generation, what if I just stepped aside and let them continue the show and see what it becomes? «

But he also seems to have a love-hate relationship with Thomas Middleditch:

«But I’m not sitting here saying, ‘I need more lines. I’m not funny enough.’ I’m not Thomas Middleditch,» he says at one point. At another point he adds, «Thomas Middleditch has always wanted to be a star. He’s always wanted to be the star of the show. So I thought, really it’s an ensemble show and if I step aside, the ensemble will each have a little more room.»

And then he seemed to take another swipe at Middleditch and Alec Berg:

I think that HBO and Alec Berg, specifically, kind of thought — and I guess apparently Thomas Middleditch — I guess they thought, «Alright, maybe this is the end of the character. But like everything in the show, we’ll sort of solve this and then it’s back to normal.» And they just didn’t imagine that I would be in a position of being like, «I think that’s it.» … I don’t know how smart [Alec] is. He went to Harvard, and we all know those kids are fucking idiots. That Crimson trash. Those comedy writers in Hollywood are fucking Harvard graduates and that’s why they’re smug as a bug.

But then again, he also seems to love Middleditch:

I think in some ways Thomas Middleditch is … we have a contrarian relationship, like a big brother-little brother relationship. And this is also an opportunity for me to be like, «Let me just step off, dude. Like, just do your f—ing thing. You’re amazing.» I did a two-man improv show with him for a decade. He’s amazing.

— And no, Miller is not coming back.

I would love to work with [HBO] forever. It’s just that I will never be on Silicon Valley again. That character, as you have seen, disappeared into the ether.

— And then he ends the interview on a sad, sort of self-pitying note, but it’s T.J. Miller, who can very self deprecating, so I have no idea how to take this:

And then the people that don’t are like stupid fucking websites like TV Over Mind or something, and they’re putting forth very reasonable, well-written logic for why this is so dumb and the only thing I’ll ever be good at was this part in Silicon Valley. Yet none of them have seen Yogi Bear 3D, so they’re all talking and chit-chattering and squawk, squawk, squawk — but none of them have seen Yogi Bear 3D. So they don’t know that I’ve already done the best thing that I’ll ever do. And because of that, there is no fear about any move in Hollywood for me. I’m just on the downslope. This is all a downward spiral, career-wise.

So, yeah: Really bizarre interview.

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The Patriots Super Bowl 51 Rings Have 283 Diamonds

We pretty much knew something like this was coming whenever the Patriots finally got their rings. Nowadays these things always have some sort of hidden reference on them to make them unique to that specific team. The Cubs had the billy goat and the Cavs ring from last year mentioned the 3-1 comeback, so of course the Patriots were going to make sure some sort of 28-3 reference was going to be on their rings just to cut a little bit deeper into Falcons fans’ wounds.

The way they did it was by featuring 283 diamonds.

Here are the highlights from the ring ceremony

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

And to take the trolling even further, they had Atlanta’s own Gucci Mane to perform


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Tom Brady Has Romanced the Same Number of Women as He’s Got Super Bowl Rings

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of football (he racked up his fifth Super Bowl win in February), and over the years, he’s captivated a handful of women with his incredibly good looks and heart of gold. In fact, his wife, Gisele Bündchen, previously admitted that it was love at first sight when she first met Tom. «I knew right [a]way — the first time I saw him . . . I was like, that is the most beautiful, charismatic smile I’ve ever seen!» But can you recall the four other ladies Tom dated before tying the knot with the supermodel? No? Allow us to help.

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