Life & Style Says That Kourtney Kardashian Is Also Knocked Up

Kourtney Kardashian leaves Church Service in Beverly Hills

According to Life & Style, Kourtney Kardashian is joining Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner in creating jobs for the nannies of Calabasas. A source tells Life & Style that 38-year-old Kourtney got knocked up by her 24-year-old boy toy Younes Bendjima.

“She was thrilled to learn she was expecting. She loves being part of a large family and having so many siblings, and she wants the same for Mason, Penelope, and Reign.”

Life & Style’s source says that she wanted to have a fourth kid, and heavily implied that Younes will be a great dad simply because he’s not Scott.

“She needs a man who will be both present and sober,” the source explained. “With his charming personality and intelligence, Younes will make the perfect father.”

Kourtney hasn’t said anything about the possibility of her fourth pregnancy, but then again neither has Kylie or Khloe said anything about theirs. In all likelihood, this is probably just some uncreative fiction written by a bored Kris Jenner. But even if it’s true, it’s like – okay? Sure I guess? Of course Kourtney would be rumored to be knocked up again! Being pregnant and eating gluten-free snacks are literally her only KUWTK story lines. If we really wanted some shocking Kardashian news from Kourtney, someone should have leaked a video of her eating a Kit Kat like a normal person.



Tony Romo’s Broadcasting Style Is Interesting If You’re Into Psychics

You know how I know Tony Romo’s broadcasting career is off to a solid start? Tony wasn’t trending on Sunday for sucking and here we are on Monday without Twitter dbags calling for his head. You know the usual sites that would hammer the guy. They’re all quiet.

And for good reason.

It turns out that Romo’s style is actually pretty interesting. Watch above as Tony calls out plays before they happen. Turns out the NFL playbooks are pretty similar and makes me wonder how, if Romo in booth knows what’s coming, the defenses don’t know a run to the left is coming. Maybe they do. Maybe some defensive guy will come along and predict plays.

Peter King is officially in love:

He saw things before they happened: Late in the first half, Romo said the Raiders would carefully push the ball downfield to see if they could get into field-goal range without turning it over. They did. He called a Tennessee blitz with 29 seconds left in the half, and here came free safety Kevin Byard on an Oakland screen. And he praised the Raiders’ offensive coordinator, Todd Downing, in his first game as a play-caller, when he called eight straight runs down the stretch, forcing Tennessee to stop Oakland; the Titans couldn’t. “How about this offensive coordinator!” Romo hollered. “”Run, run, run with the game on the line.”

Richard Deitsch got a pretty obvious response out of the CBS execs:

“He had a really good day,” Rikhoff said on Sunday night. “I felt he was really prepared, did a great job on replays, and it gives us a great foundation to work with now. He’s so fresh from playing the game and sometime I immediately noticed in our production meetings with teams just how comfortable players were with him. We have some broadcasters who players have no idea who they are. But they know Tony, and I think he’s able to get interesting things out of them because he is so close to the game.”

Richard will have his gushing report at some point very soon. It’s just a matter of time.

Add it all up and you’re about to get Tony Romo for the next 25-30 seasons – at least. Cris Collinsworth joined Inside The NFL in 1989. That’s a 28-year broadcasting run with no end in sight. You can see where I’m going here. Tony’s 37. Most of us on here will be nearing death by the time this guy hangs up the broadcasting mic.

My only real complaint is that Tony has that one button thing going on. Need to either go two or none.

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Behind the Exhibit: “Drawing on Style: Three Masters of Elegance”

In the months leading up to it, this fall’s New York Fashion Week saw a minor exodus with designers like Rodarte and Thom Browne decamping to Paris, prompting the New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman to diagnosis the biannual affair with an identity crisis. While the New York shows may be down for the count, NYFW happened to score some major artistic cred this season with the migration of the annual fashion illustration exhibit “Drawing on Style” from London Fashion Week, where it’s been held for the last five years, to New York’s Cheryl Hazan Gallery.

The stateside iteration, which opened this week, highlights three American artists who each define a distinct era of fashion illustration. Kenneth Paul Block, who began his career in the 1950 when fashion editorial was more evenly split between photography and illustration, was the industry’s go-to sketch artist throughout the latter half of the 20th century, serving as chief artist for both Women’s Wear Daily and W Magazine. Bil Donovan and Jason Brooks, both contemporary, represent diverse techniques; Donovan, Dior’s Artist in Residence since 2009 and the first fashion illustrator to hold the role, is known for his classic, gestural illustrations, while Brooks, one of the first fashion illustrators to go digital, creating high-impact campaigns for brands like Lancôme, Chanel and Veuve Cliquot.

While these illustrations may recall a bygone era of editorial, the quaint medium has plenty of upsides to the far more dominant photography, according to curator Connie Gray. “The works that you see here would literally take minutes as opposed to [the] hours or days [it takes to shoot],” she says. “Photography is very much a mirror image of something. Illustration is more about the feeling, the emotion of a look.”

Whether it’s the efficiency of the form or simply the whims of fashion, illustration, says Gray, is coming back in style. “It’s having its time again,” she says. “Of course there is still a lot of photography, but there’s equally beginning to be as much illustration coming back into the pages, which is really exiting.”

“Drawing on Style: Three Masters of Elegance” will be on view until September 10th.


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Diane’s Closet: Fall Style Inspiration From ‘Twin Peaks’

While everyone has been oohing and aahing over the coats of Westeros, another style icon has been subtly giving us Sunday night closet envy: Diane on Twin Peaks. As played by longtime Lynch favorite Laura Dern, Diane didn’t have to be anything more than a quick answer to the question that has plagued fans since the pilot first aired back in 1990: who was Agent Cooper talking to on his tape recorder?


Given her association with Coop, it would have been easy to expect someone as buttoned-up and slicked-back as the agent himself. Utterly professional, enthusiastic, and perhaps a touch eccentric. Instead, the Diane revealed on Showtime’s revival has been a cabaret-styled hellcat with a pack of smokes and a ready «fuck you» waiting to trip off her tongue. That she worked in any capacity for the FBI seems more surprising than an other-dimensional spiral in the sky. She looks like she should be working in an art gallery, not a law enforcement office.

Granted, Diane’s style has been targeted with accusations of «problematic Orientalism» in the past. And while there is an undeniable Asian influence to her costuming, it is far from the only influence. Her mandarin collars reside alongside wide legged pants, leopard prints and sensible flats in one big eclectic wardrobe that owes a debt to librarians, mid-century vintage, and even the occasional Delia*s catalog.

We may have lost Diane, who was revealed to be a warped tulpa somehow created after a violent encounter with Evil Cooper. We don’t know if she’s lost in the Black Lodge, or if we’ll ever see her again. But her attitude and aesthetics will always be an inspiration. Here, then, are some lessons we can take from Diane’s example and use in our own everyday lives:

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Strong Robe


You may not want to entertain FBI agents in a robe. Heck, you may never let another person see you wearing one. But that doesn’t mean your robe needs to be boring. Find yourself a bold, silky style, and enjoy yourself. Not all of our fashion decisions need to be made for the eyes of others. Confidence starts at home.

With Eyeliner, Go Bold


Personally, I have never been brave enough include eyeliner in my makeup routine. My few experimentations were shaky, self-conscious, and immediately removed. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t envy a confident cat eye application, and Diane’s double-winged look is a knock-out, especially when paired with her simple, naturalistic makeup palette.

This Fucking Shirt


Leathery. Structured. Crimson. It’s a statement, but also simple enough to be paired with almost anything. TAKE MY MONEY.

Animal Prints Are Forever


A leopard print coat may not seem to go with anything, but in fact it goes with EVERYTHING. Whether you still have the one you wore in the 90s or you’re cruising the thrift store racks, the only rule to remember is that the faker it looks, the better. Real fur isn’t necessary. Real courage is.

Don’t Be Boring, Even In The Details


Why choose one nail polish color when you can have a different color on each nail? There are lots of ways to coordinate. «Boring» doesn’t need to be one of them.

In Fact, The Details Are What Matter Most



We get it. You have to wear a suit for work. But even a work wardrobe can be distinctive if you pay attention to the details. Whether it’s a perfectly fitted pair of wide pants, a bold pair of flats, a touch of embroidery or a colorful collar, you can be professional and still be unconventional. And best of all, you can be yourself.

Go Bold Or Go Home


When they go grey, we go orange.

And Remember: Fuck ‘Em All

Sometimes the only correct response is a strong «fuck you.»


18 Style Moments From Lollapalooza That We’re Still Obsessing Over

Figuring out what to wear to a music festival can be a tricky game — do you go for that cute mesh top even if there’s a chance it could be cold, or do you play it smart and layer up? Do you stay safe and wear the chunky rain boots you hate, or take a risk and bust out those new sneakers you’ve been dying to show off? Festival style is no joke, especially at Lollapalooza.

Despite the weather conditions at the Chicago-based event this year (which included a rainstorm so bad that everyone was evacuated, NBD), plenty of festivalgoers we bumped into managed to mix the best of both worlds. From the streets of Grant Park to a rooftop Lollapalooza soirée thrown by POPSUGAR, we managed to find the festival’s coolest looks.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

How to Experience Lollapalooza in Style

It doesn’t matter if a festival has been around for 26 years (Lollapalooza) or two (Panorama): all festivals have their pros and cons. There will be a moment when you’re craving a delicious craft brew but are disheartened by the seemingly endless queue. Alternatively, there may also be a moment when your newly discovered-turned-favorite band of all time is playing an afternoon set and you’re able to sneak to the front of a barely-there crowd, enjoying what feels like an intimate performance for you and only you. Or, you’ll get to experience a pro/con combination when someone in your group lets their phone die–despite you encouraging everyone to utilize battery saving mode–leading to their disappearance for a few hours, followed by a heroic reemergence at an epic set by Radiohead.

There are both pros and cons to attending a festival, but the latter can easily be avoided. Simply put, instead of having to endure a long line for an underwhelming burger, or protecting your phone’s battery as if it were a prized jewel: upgrade

Radiohead at Lollapalooza 2016
Credit: Charles Reagan Hackleman// Lollapalooza 2016

Chicago’s Lollapalooza is one of the few festivals that seems to understand the importance of offering an upgraded experience–two experiences, to be exact. Guests can either opt in to the VIP or Platinum packages, which include perks like multi-level viewing platforms in VIP and reserved front row areas for Platinum guests. This year, Platinum ticket holders will have the opportunity to watch sets from side-stage viewing platforms on the main stages, giving you the chance to actually see Chance the Rapper or The Killers, as opposed to watching the screen from the back of the crowd. 

VIP & Platinum Manager Courtney Murphy gave DuJour the inside scoop saying, “Our VIP Lolla Lounges offer a laid-back vibe. It’s more chilled out and very amenity-driven.” She continues to describe the Platinum experience which is Lollapalooza’s next-level program, saying, “It is exclusive, elevated  and truly a rockstar experience. Guests can get up-close and personal to their favorite artists on all of the main stages. Plus, we are offering meet and greets with the artists for the first time.” Obviously the music is a priority at Lollapalooza, so having exclusive viewing access is key and with the new addition of artist meet and greets in Platinum, you can get even closer than you thought possible. 

Lollapalooza in Grant Park 2016
Credit: Roger Ho/Lollapalooza 2016

Entering the festival that hosts upwards of 300,000 attendees every year can be time consuming and cut into your time exploring Grant Park or even performances. VIP and Platinum ticket holders will enjoy the luxury of more convenient and dedicated entry lanes to avoid the crowds, and both upgrades offer access to golf cart transportation to navigate Grant Park (which is one mile end-to-end). Murphy makes it a point to mention that there will be more golf carts dedicated solely to the Platinum guests, which is cut off at 350 tickets, ensuring those elite guests receive the most personal attention. 

And as for sustenance, VIPs will have a shaded bar in the Lolla Lounge North serving artisanal cocktails and beers. Platinum ticket holders can indulge in daily happy hours, champagne and a Tito’s Bloody Mary Bar every morning. Since Chicago is hugely celebrated for its local fare, Lollapalooza has partnered with some local restaurants guaranteed to please. Platinum restaurants include Avec, Nico Osteria, The Publican and Dove’s Luncheonette, while VIP offerings slim down to Big Star, PQM and of course, the Lolla Lounge Café serving up tasty bites from 12:30-7:30pm daily. Another perk is that all refreshments are complimentary when you pass through those velvet ropes into VIP or Platinum. 

If you dare to splurge on the $ 2,200 + fees 4-day VIP ticket or the impressive $ 4,200 4-day Platinum ticket, you will be rewarded with several ancillary perks as well. Both options include air-conditioned, flushable restrooms, air-conditioned hospitality lounges, complimentary mobile charging stations and more. Platinum goes the extra mile with complimentary wi-fi and a massage tent which, after four days, you’ll need.

Lollapalooza will be held at Grant Park, Chicago from August 3 – August 6, 2017.

Main image credit: Maclay Heriot/Lollapalooza 2016

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Leonardo DiCaprio Could Have Won Project Runway With This Creative Beach Towel Style

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently vacationing in the South of France with his pack of friends (and, of course, a group of gorgeous women) and was spotted hanging out on a yacht wearing a stunning beach towel design on Thursday. Seriously, he would have crushed it on Project Runway. Between this avant-garde design and that inventive plastic bag display, we might need to get ready for Leo’s Fashion Week debut.

The Oscar winner is in St.-Tropez to host a gala for his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation; on Wednesday, he reunited with BFF Kate Winslet and their fellow Titanic costar Billy Zane to raise money for a young mother in the UK to pay for her cancer treatment. They also auctioned off a private dinner with the two of them! Will you be copying Leo’s styling hack this Summer?

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Latex Designer Sonia Agostino Breaks Down Her ‘High-Fashion Dirtbag’ Style

Last January, I interviewed Sonia Agostino about the audacious latex outfits she designs for her line Tableaux Vivants. Her pieces were so vibrant and singular that it left us curious about her everyday style and whether her business is the polar opposite of her personal tastes. During a repeat visit to her stunning…

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