Britney Spears Still Destroying A Gym, Don Jr. Deadlifts 375 & Lane Kiffin Calls This Rat Poison

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Day basketball? Are you kidding me? I’m in. Games get started at 11:30 a.m. ET on ESPN2 & ESPNU. Then tonight you get Titans-Steelers on the normal Thursday night football channels. Playoff implications for days in this one. The Steelers can pretty much clinch the North. You’ll also get Tulsa-South Florida on ESPN. Oh and you’ll also get Warriors-Celtics on TNT. BIG night of action.

Britney Spears destroying a gym in case you didn’t see the pics earlier this week

Sounds like Charlie Manson’s about to die

I get a feeling IG superstar Amberr Daviss has a fake name & might have butt implants

Don Jr. deadlifting 375

Lane Kiffin calls this rat poison

Early candidate for Kansas fan mullet of the year

Big news from 69 News – WFMZ in Allentown, PA 

Here’s Jill from ASU

You Don’t Want To Miss The Red Wings Video Pregame Show Video of the Day

Burger of the Day

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Report: Alabama Fan Shoots Auburn Fan After Argument, Bama Fan Still on the Loose

Looks like we didn’t have to wait long for Alabama and Auburn fans to start sparring over the upcoming Iron Bowl game.

According to, an argument over who the superior team is (Bama v. Auburn) randomly got violent when the Bama fan pulled out a piece and shot the Auburn fan in the leg — details from the report:

In an update sent to News 5, police say the two men were arguing outside the Extenda Suites Mobile location on the I-65 Service Road South around 7:23pm. The argument was over which team was better in the Iron Bowl rivalry, Alabama or Auburn.

The argument escalated, with the Alabama fan pulling out a firearm and shooting the Auburn fan in the thigh. The Alabama fan fled on foot, and as of Wednesday afternoon, is still on the loose.

Nothing else to say here other than first blood goes to Bama. But on the real, hopefully Auburn fan is okay and will live to see his team upset Bama next weekend. Easily the best revenge he could have on that scumbag.

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Reminder: Neil Gaiman Is Still Making His ‘Good Omens’ Series And It’ll Involve Flaming Swords

I know it feels like a lifetime ago in the timewarp that is 2017, but in case you’ve forgotten: Neil Gaiman is adapting his beloved novel Good Omens (co-written by legend Terry Pratchett) into an Amazon/BBC miniseries. It’ll star Michael Sheen and David Tennant. It’s a comedy about the apocalypse, and frankly I welcome the opportunity to actually laugh at the end of the world, as opposed to sitting in numb fear like I do now.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the man himself hoisting a flaming sword because fuck it, let’s take our little pleasures where we can. You’re welcome.

Show running privilege: when you get to play with the flaming sword.

A post shared by Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) on

The series should arrive sometime in 2019, so let’s hope he plans on continuing to share these little lifelines over the next year+ to see us through.


Faryn Corey Stops By, SEC Tat Bet Payoff & ESPN Thinks Osweiler’s Still With The Browns

It’s really going to happen & it’s going to open in 2020

The Vegas Raiders are about to have a stadium and this is some of the most exciting news out of the NFL in years. There was a groundbreaking last night and the clock is officially ticking on football in Oakland:

The historic ceremonial event after sunset, which included a tribute to the 58 people who died in the Oct. 1 mass shooting, was the team’s most visual display of committing to building a $ 1.9 billion, 65,000-seat domed football stadium and bringing the NFL to Southern Nevada, an idea most believed impossible just two years ago.

I still say, even with all the snowflakes who are boycotting the NFL, that this will be the best hangover event in the United States. Think of all the options here for a guys weekend. No need to tailgate. Just head over to the stadium after putting in all your bets, hang out for like four hours watching the early games, then watch the Raiders play and it’ll still be early when you head back to the Cosmo to get rested up for another night out before flying home Monday.

Numbers from :

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The Original ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Interns Must Have One Hell of a Tontine For These Two To Still Be Hanging On

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC at 8:00pm ET. This is the 300th episode of the show, for those of you who stopped watching when Derrick and Addison were still married. And it’s called «Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story» after the song in Hamilton, so definitely expect a good old fashioned, «entire box of tissues» kind of episode if you are watching. I have mixed feelings about the show overall, but when they wanted to tug those heartstrings, MAN did they tug. I rewatched the train crash episode recently and it’s still brutal in case you were wondering.

Supernatural on The CW at 8:00pm ET.

Nathan For You on Comedy Central at 9:00pm ET. Two-hour fourth season finale. Seems inconsiderate to air a two-hour episode of this show without the option of a personal IV filled with Xanax shipped to all viewers in preparation.

Project Runway on Lifetime at 9:00pm ET. This is two hours long and only the first part of the finale. I assume this is what all you want.

The Cromarties on USA at 10:30pm ET. Series premiere. Apparently Antonio Cromartie fathered children after a vasectomy. That sounds like a horror series to me, but it appears to be a «slice of life» kind of reality series. To each their own.


Katharine McPhee Still Wants Us To Believe She Isn’t Boinking David Foster


The only people other than Mawmaws and Pepaws tuned into CBS who have a reason to care about Katharine McPhee these days is us cagey gays who’ve made a sport of killing off brain cells watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kat Phee has been spotted around Yolanda Hadid’s ex David Foster, so some American Idol dramaaaaaa is safe to assume, right? WRONG, sez Katharine.

Katharine is in the latest issue of Health (via E! News), where she tells people to lay off the rumors that she’s snatching Yolanda’s seat next to David at the piano in Malibu. It’s totally professional and friendly and nothing more:

“We’re very close friends, and we’ve been friends for a long time. I’m really, really fond of him, and I think he’s an incredible person. I’ve known him since I was 21 years old, you know? He produced my first single. So he’s been really good to me. People can say whatever they want.”

Despite the fact that Katharine’s music career kind of went nowhere and she’s now schlepping it on Scorpion, she somehow saw it in her heart of hearts to stick out a friendship with David. Oh, so nice. Except she might not be doing a very good job of selling it. E! News reports David and Katharine were at the L.A. Lakers game Sunday night and “definitely gave off coupley vibes.” They’ve been spotted out before on what look like dates to anyone with a working set of eyeballs. Even David’s 35-year-old daughter referred to 33-year-old Katharine as her new stepmom in a Snapchat from an event they all attended together.

But Katharine maintains the only coupley vibe she has with David is one that splits a check down the middle, since she is “pretty single” since her split with Scorpion co-star Elyes Gabel:

“I’m pretty single. I had a relationship with my lead actor on my show that was almost two years. I still am crazy about him, and we have a really great working relationship. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to get over someone you see every day!”

So I guess “pretty single” means Katharine lives a life of sisters b-4 misters after a rough day running lines with the ex, but then when the mood strikers her, she slips away for some rich daddy D with a Malibu view? I’m not sure why she’s playing so coy. Is it because she’s embarrassed about dating David Foster? She shouldn’t be. It’s David Foster, not a Taylor Hicks CD scooped from a bargain bin at T.J. Maxx.

Pic: Jeff Lipsky/Health


Over 30 Years Later, Sean Astin Is Still Holding Out Hope For a Goonies Sequel

Sean Astin might be gone for good on Stranger Things, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the actor in a beloved story about a group of young kids going on a wild adventure. Coincidentally, that joke he makes about a certain ’80s movie in season two might be much more prophetic than we realized. The Lord of the Rings alum recently sat down with HuffPost and was happy to answer a question plenty of fans have had on their minds since 1985: will The Goonies ever get a sequel?

There are so many ways that the beloved action-adventure flick, written by Steven Spielberg and directed by Richard Donner, could work as a sequel, especially if Astin is on board. «It’s always possible. I will say that it’s likely that it will happen,» he revealed. «I don’t know when, but I have always had confidence that that sequel will happen mostly because Steven Spielberg, from the time when I was a kid, told me he wanted it to happen and has never changed his opinion.»

Astin played Mikey in The Goonies, which follows a bunch of kids who decide to save their home from foreclosure by finding the ancient treasure of mythical pirate One-Eyed Willy. Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, and more rounded out the young cast, but it’s unclear if anyone other than Astin would return. The actor noted that the only reason the potential sequel has yet to materialize is because «they just haven’t figured it out,» but fortunately for Hollywood bigwigs, he already has an idea about how to do it.

«What I would love to see is a Goonies animated series, and I would love to play Mikey,» he said. «I do a lot of voiceover characters, and I play younger characters with my voice, and that would be meta.»

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Selena Gomez Is Still Wearing The Weeknd’s Jacket


I’m sure EVERYONE has been wondering what Selena Gomez and The Weeknd did with each other’s things after they unceremoniously decided to end their 10-month relationship. According to UsWeekly, Selena was seen riding her bike around Los Angeles yesterday wearing one of The Weeknd’s jackets. Selena’s not letting a little thing called being broken up interfere with fashion.

Of course, there is a chance this isn’t actually The Weeknd’s jacket. Maybe Selena and The Weeknd just happen to own hideously tacky teal warmup jacket? It’s possible.

I just wish she had also kept the glasses too. It really would have completed the whole “Color Me Badd groupie” look.

That jacket could be a cryptic, yet cheesy, message from Selena to The Weeknd that says: “Despite unzipping you from my life, I know you’ll always have my back.” But it could also be a finders-keepers situation, in which case the message is: “Ha, this gaudy shit is mine now, sucker! You snooze, you lose.

But as much as Selena might appear to be clinging to the past, she still appears to be doing whatever it is she’s doing with Justin Bieber. Selena was on her bike again today, but this time she was joined by her ex.

They also spent part of the day getting iced coffees and they got “cozy” together.

It’s pretty clear that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have probably re-entered the more-than-friends danger zone. And the timing is extremely suspect. I guess we’ll only know for sure if we see pictures of The Weeknd wearing one of Selena’s silk nightgowns while torching the rest of her shit, Bernadine Harris-style, in a car she left at his house.

Pic: Instagram


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Still Hanging Out…As Friends?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Even if Justin Bieber doesn’t have a world tour to worry about anymore, he’s been keeping busy by hanging out with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Some say it’s been just as friends, but with their latest Sunday breakfast hangout (alone! No Bible study group this time!), people are wondering if Selena has gone back to making awful decision by getting on Biebs. 

Selena and Justin already hung out together earlier last week. Justin was apparently worried after he heard Selena had a kidney transplant and wanted to check in. Selena’s boyfriend, The Weeknd, knew all about the reconnecting, and it seemed like it was always part of a bigger group since they go to the same “church.” Most of those conversations probably pertained to good deeds and how much creatine they thought the pastor took before last week’s sermon. But now People and TMZ have proof Selena and Justin were spotted having breakfast yesterday morning:

Justin’s brunch getup is very toddler Eminem while Selena looked like a 50s housewife daring to show her shoulders while out at the Cape.

TMZ notes this is actually the third sighting of the two hanging out without The Weeknd, and the last time was until MIDNIGHT! They apparently also went to church together yesterday, and Justin was back at Selena’s house last night. To make matters even more “salacious” (in short: someone on Twitter made this claim), The Weeknd unfollowed Selena’s mother and a fan of his coupledom on social media.

Welp, there you have it. True music romance is over, and the Taylor Swift squad infighting was all for naught. Or maaaaybe it’s not. I’m pretty sure evvvvvery boyfriend wants to unfollow their piece’s mother on Facebook because all they do is post the same pecan pie recipe and “Windex really IS a miracle spray” article over and over in-between videos of Tomi Lahren and tips on how to make the perfect Cosmo. That’s a lot of unnecessary shit to get through just to get a great Cosmo recipe! You do you, The Weeknd. We wish we could all be that kinda social media ballsy.



16 Years Later, That Song From Donnie Darko Still Makes Me Want to Cry on a School Bus

Next to certain smells, nothing triggers my memory faster than a song. Like most people, I imagine, I’ll find myself going about my day as normal when, all of a sudden, I hear it: a song that rips me out of present day and dumps me back in a memory I’d all but forgotten about, like some sort of audio time capsule.

Hearing a certain Kate Nash song is a one-way ticket to the foot of my college boyfriend’s bed, the spot where we broke up for the sixth time. One note of Carol King’s «Where You Lead» and I’m in the passenger seat of my parents’ rusted Honda while my mom spills Diet Coke all over the cream-colored leather.

That same visceral sensation of memory rushes through me anytime I hear Gary Jules’s «Mad World,» which I keep running into because of Donnie Darko‘s 16th anniversary. The song, which is a cover of the 1983 Tears For Fears classic, is me as a melodramatic teenager, tearfully staring out the grimy window of my bus ride home, crying just to cry. It’s also me pasting gloomy lyrics like «I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad / The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had» in my AIM away message (dark gray background, light blue font, asterisks everywhere).

It still holds up.

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