These Photos of a Shirtless Chris Pratt Playing Football Should Be Remembered Forever

If you’re currently sitting at your desk in a freezing-cold office and thinking to yourself, «I really need a vacation. I really need some shirtless men. I really need Chris Pratt,» then we are here for you. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 actor has been enjoying some time off in Hawaii this week, and now you can transport yourself right next to him thanks to these glorious new photos. A few days after Chris’s wife, Anna Faris, tweeted a shirtless photo of him flexing his arms while appearing to tap into a keg, he enjoyed a game of football in the sand in Honolulu on Sunday. While rocking swimming trunks, a baseball cap, and blue tape on his chest, arm, and leg (sure?), Chris threw around the ball before taking a dip in the crystal blue water. Excuse us while we study every single inch of these photos.

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LaVar Ball Went Shirtless on ‘Raw’

LaVar Ball continued to carry us through this summer snooze by taking his talents (and his sons) over to tonight’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” at Staples Center.

You may be tired of hearing about this helicopter parent, but no one can deny that his swag walk and running form is something special:

He also saved his segment with The Miz the only way he knew how…showing off his Big Baller Bod:

Vince McMahon gladly showing off some BBB gear:

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Anna Faris, True Saint, Tweets a Shirtless Photo of Chris Pratt For Fans

Anna Faris is a true treasure. The witty actress couldn’t help showing off her ripped husband, Chris Pratt, when she signed onto Twitter on Monday. «@prattprattpratt honey-you can’t just send me a photo like this and not expect me to tweet it,» she captioned a shirtless shot of Chris flexing his huge biceps. Anna certainly knows his fans well. It’s no wonder the two make such a perfect pair.

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Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Even Shirtless, but This Video Will Make You Work Up a Sweat


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Ryan Reynolds is getting fit for Deadpool 2 and we’re loving every second of it. The charming actor recently hit the gym to prepare for his upcoming role as the antihero, and it’s actually making us work up a sweat. Wearing gray sweats and a tight-fitted shirt, the father of two can be seen doing leg lifts with his trainer to work on his abs. Even though he doesn’t give us a peek at his glorious six-pack, it’s still all too much for us to handle. Bless you, Ryan.

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Dwayne Johnson Can’t Resist Trolling Kevin Hart After He Posts a Shirtless Pic

Kevin Hart is currently getting in some R&R in Hawaii before the arrival of his son with wife Eniko Parrish, but if he thought that meant he’d also be catching a break from Dwayne Johnson terrorizing him, he was wrong. Not long after Kevin posted a shirtless Instagram photo of himself relaxing on a yacht did Dwayne capitalize on the opportunity to troll him. «Pls jump overboard,» Dwayne commented. To make matters even better, Nick Cannon also joined in on the fun, writing, «Go put some Gaht Damn clothes on!!! Tired of looking at your ashy ass nipples!!!» Poor Kevin just can’t seem to catch a break.

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Stephen Curry Goes Shirtless For a Beach Day With Ayesha, and We Are All So Blessed

Stephen Curry is celebrating his big NBA Championship win with a family getaway in Hawaii this week. On Wednesday, the Golden State Warriors star hit the beach in Kailua with his wife, Ayesha, and their two daughters, Riley and Ryan. The couple waded in the ocean with their little ones, and Steph kicked back with a beer and cigar as he and Ayesha playfully posed for photos on the sand. That same day, Ayesha treated us to a steamy shirtless photo of her man via Instagram, which she captioned, «‘Can’t keep my hands to myself’😍💁🏽 . . . Selena couldn’t have said it better.» We don’t blame her.

It’s been a big month for Steph, who took home the championship after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA Finals. He had his adorable family by his side both during the big event and at the celebration parade in Oakland, CA, later that week. While the Curry family last headed to Hawaii to celebrate Ryan’s first birthday back in July 2016, Ayesha and Steph were able to sneak away on an adults-only trip to St.-Tropez to ring in their fifth wedding anniversary the following month.

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Watch a Shirtless Tom Brady Go Head to Head — Er, Belly to Belly — With Sumo Wrestlers

@tombrady always fighting for that extra yard. 😂😂 #TBAsiaTour #IWILL

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In today’s unexpected yet oh-so-glorious celebrity news, we present to you Tom Brady going head to head (or shall we say belly to belly) with sumo wrestlers. No, Tom unfortunately isn’t wearing the traditional mawashi that these athletes typically wear . . . BUT he is shirtless, so he gets brownie points for that.

While on tour with Under Armour in Asia, Tom took a break from throwing footballs on the Great Wall of China and attending various press events to get down and dirty with the wrestlers in Tokyo. He may be strong on the football field, but those skills were no match for the expert athletes, one of whom didn’t budge one bit despite all of Tom’s efforts.

The Super Bowl champ was joined by his 9-year-old son, Jack, and the duo posed for some epic pictures at their sumo wrestling adventure.

Arigatōgozaimashita 🇯🇵🙏

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Brady vs Brady #therecanonlybeone 🏆

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I’m Inspired By This Mom Taunting Her Daughter With Shirtless Dude Pics

My mom is wildly gregarious and talks easily to strangers. As an adult, that still occasionally makes me uncomfortable, but as a teenager it made me cringe into a cramped ball and roll away. It is only now, with the remove of this college student’s tweet, that I can truly appreciate the value of moms who make friends…

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These Sexy Shirtless Pictures Will Have You Chugging Water Like You’re in the Sahara

From the beach to the streets to the thirst trap that is Instagram, hot famous dudes have been taking their tops off since January, and we’re more than here for it. We’re kicking off Summer with a look at all the hottest shirtless celebrity moments we’ve seen so far this year — here’s hoping for many, many more!

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Shirtless Gronk Tore Up a Casino Over the Weekend

Where did Gronk take his shirt off this weekend? That would be the Shrine Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, where Gronk got crazy with Flo Rida and reportedly dropped over $ 100K on alcohol.

The deets from TMZ:

In total, Gronk’s gang tore through 160 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE including:

– 18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose: $ 18,000
– 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose: $ 27,000

There’s more … including 16 bottles of Grey Goose for $ 10,400, 45 orders of Maker’s Mark, 24 shots of Jim Beam Fire, 3 bottles of Don Julio 1942. These guys weren’t messin’ around.

Seems excessive, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make Flo Rida’s music tolerable.

Proof that Gronk was wearing a shirt at one point:

Before the thirsty chicks put their hands all over him:

Tomorrow on First Take: Could Cam Newton get away with shirtless partying like Gronk?

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