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Did you watch any of the Golden Knights game last night?

I don’t know where Las Vegas found all those passionate hockey fans, but something is definitely brewing in Sin City with hockey. You know how I know? The crowd jumped to its feet as a defenseman made a pass to center ice to start a 3 on 2. It was a simple moment, but it caught my attention because we were led to believe that Vegas couldn’t possibly find enough fans that would know hockey to survive. Uh, this could end up being another Nashville where you have people who are learning about the game, but there’s also a nice base of knowledgable fans.

And then I caught James Neal ripping a turnaround wrister to give Vegas a 3-0 lead. They eventually won 5-2 and are 3-0.

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Review: ‘The Mountains Between Us’ Is Terrible, But Idris Does Take Off His Shirt, So …

I don’t understand why The Mountain Between Us was made. It feels like one of those implausible, miraculous, inspired by actual events films. If it were, then I’d understand why Fox might have greenit the picture, because truth is often stranger than fiction. But when fiction is far stranger than truth, it’s hard to buy into the implausibilities with something suggesting this scenario is even in the realm of possibility.

It’s based on a novel (one that presumably many people inexplicably read), and it has no basis in fact whatsoever. It is, instead, a mishmash of genres that do not belong together: A disaster film and a romantic drama. It is beyond far-fetched, like The Bridges of Madison County crossed with Alive (minus the cannibalism).

By way of explaining the plot, here’s a short list of the mounting absurdities:

— Photojournalist Alex (Kate Winslet) and neurosurgeon Ben (Idris Elba) each have pressing engagements to get to (Alex, her wedding; Ben, surgery on a 10-year-old boy), but they are left stranded in an Idaho airport by an oncoming storm. They do not know each other, but both agree to charter a small, private plane INTO A STORM in order to make it to their destinations.

— The small plane is piloted by Walter (Beau Bridges), a daffy old guy with a dog, who decides to fly the two of them through the storm without a flight plan. Somewhere over the mountains of the High Uintas Wilderness, Walter has a stroke. The plane goes down. Somehow, Alex, Ben and the dog survive a crash that rips off the tail and the wings of the plane.

— Alex and Ben do not care for each other, initially. She’s about to get married, and his marriage is «complicated» (which is all that I will say so as not to spoil anything). Nevertheless, Ben nurses an unconscious Alex back to health after she breaks her leg in the plane crash. They take up residence inside the hull of the plane for three days, surviving on melted snow, almonds, and cookies.

— There is no cell reception, and after three days (and a near-death experience with a cougar), they realize no one is going to save them, so they decide to walk. They walk through feet of snow for days — many, many days — she with a broken leg. They nearly die on several occasions. At one point, in fact, Alex falls into a pond after the ice breaks and she has to be rescued by Ben. At another point, Ben steps in a bear trap.

— Somehow, despite numerous bruises, a broken leg, cracked ribs, and two lengthy spells of unconsciousness between them (plus, no showers), the two fall in love. This despite the fact that they bicker most of the time, and despite the fact that there is zero chemistry between Idris and Kate. None. Nada. Idris plays an uptight control freak (and therefore, charmless) and Kate plays a … I dunno. A restless, impatient person with zero chill, which is not exactly Winslet’s wheelhouse.

— Then there’s the third act. I don’t want to even get into the third act because I don’t want to spoil anything, but the third act is laughable. It is horrendously dumb and it’s not just in the writing (although, that, too), but in the way that Hany Abu-Assad chooses to shoot Winslet and Elba: In lots of unflattering close-ups, but, like, too close, like the camera is smushed up into their faces.

In fact, the entire movie is horrendously dumb, and yet, it’s doesn’t lack for entertainment value, mostly of the unintentional comedy variety. If this were a movie you were watching home alone on your television, it would be two hours of you slapping your forehead, guffawing, and yelling at the television screen, «Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me!» But you probably wouldn’t turn it off. It’s that kind of movie, and it’s so earnest and heavy handed in its efforts to force romance that it wouldn’t even work as unintentional comedy if director Hany Abu-Assad had shown one ounce of restraint. It’s its very awfulness that saves The Mountain Between Us from being an insufferably boring two hours of very attractive people bundled up in layers of clothes trudging through the snow, stopping occasionally to complain or debate whether or not they would live.

In that respect, it’s an amusing film to watch, although it feels interminably long (I watched Blade Runner 2049 afterwards, and though it is an hour longer, The Mountain Between Us feels like it’s twice as long as Blade Runner, which itself is a slow-paced film). I could see The Mountain Between Us working during, say, a large gathering of drunk friends who spend much of the movie screaming, «Take off your shirt, Idris!» but as it is intended, it is a spectacular failure, a complete waste of Elba and Winslet, and a shoddy embarrassment to both of their careers. (Spoiler Alert: Idris does take off his shirt)


Matthew Rhys Took Off His Shirt on the Red Carpet, Much to the Delight of Keri Russell

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell hit the red carpet together for the premiere of Mother! in NYC on Wednesday night. Things started out totally normal — the couple flashed smiles while posing for photos with other guests — but then Matthew decided it was time for a costume change. The Americans actor then took off his shirt in order to swap with another guest, who was sporting a t-shirt in support of the People’s Climate March in Washington DC in April. Matthew’s antics seemed to simultaneously delight and embarrass Keri, who couldn’t stop cracking up. We have to say, though . . . Matthew looks pretty damn good without a shirt on! Check out all the fun photos.

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I’m Sure It Was Just A Coincidence Roethlisberger Wore His Findlay, Ohio Shirt In Cleveland

All it took was a Findlay, Ohio t-shirt maker to create a F7NDLAY shirt and Hancock County, Ohio to induct him into some unknown county sports hall of fame and Ben Roethlisberger was suddenly back in love with his hometown, the one he disowned to the point where he changed his hometown to a fake Ohio town that doesn’t actually exist. Seriously.

And of course Roethlisberger debuted the F7NDLAY shirt Sunday at the postgame press conference after beating a Northwest Ohio quarterback, DeShone Kizer, who is now the darling of NW Ohioans who see Kizer as a guy who takes pride in his roots. Kizer will wear Toledo Mud Hens gear. Kizer’s all over NW Ohio media being lauded for getting a starting job while Roethlisberger’s hometown watches it on their local news.

I’m sure it was all a coincidence on Sunday, because after all, Big Ben’s not a huge bitch. No way he thought about facing a local NW Ohio QB and wanting to make a statement. Zero chance. Total coincidence. Of course he loves his hometown.

Let’s go back to 2010:

The quarterback enthusiastically called Findlay home since the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him in 2004. But he has made a revision.

His hometown is now listed as Cory Rawson, Ohio, in the Steelers’ media guide and all of their rosters, at Roethlisberger’s request.

That town doesn’t exist. Long story short, Big Baby got mad at Findlay locals because they supposedly said some nasty things about him after rape allegations in Georgia. So to destroy them, he changed his hometown to Cory Rawson in the Steelers media guide and didn’t change it back to Findlay until this summer.

Suddenly this guy is all about NW Ohio football. Even said it at the 1:00 mark.

And now Big Ben has a hometown shirt to wear and show off how damn proud he is of a place he couldn’t stand all those years. And now you can get yours for only $ 20.

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Jason Momoa’s Shirt Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Ripped in These Photos

Jason Momoa loves going to the beach almost as much as we love looking at his bulging biceps. On Friday, the actor took a break from filming Aquaman to go surfing near Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. Wearing colorful swim shorts and a sleeveless shirt, Jason put his gorgeous arms on full display as he walked along the ocean with his board. He even showed off his beautiful locks as he played with his hair while grabbing a drink with friends. If his incredible physique didn’t convince you, then his love for the water should definitely prove he’s the perfect Aquaman.

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Taylor Swift Mocks That Tom Hiddleston Shirt in Her «Look What You Made Me Do» Video

Taylor Swift dropped the video for «Look What You Made Me Do» during the MTV VMAs on Sunday night, and it was rife with references to her past looks, former flames, and ongoing feuds with other celebrities. In one scene — which was widely compared to Beyoncé’s «Formation» video — Taylor wears a black fishnet outfit while surrounded by male dancers (including Todrick Hall), who rip off their jackets to reveal black crop tops emblazoned with «I [Heart] T.S.» If you recall, the singer made headlines when her then-boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, was photographed wearing a tank top with the same message written on it during her Fourth of July bash in 2016. Pretty sneaky, sis.

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Kacie McDonnell On The Tee Box, Caroline Wozniacki Shoots Pool Hoops & Tiger’s Wearing A Costco Shirt

You like ice cream? You can’t eat it like this woman

Miki Sudo ate 16 1/2 pints of ice cream in 6 minutes at the Indiana State Fair to set a new ice cream eating record. The mark was set during Sunday’s Prairie Farms World Ice Cream Eating Championship, which was sanctioned by Major League Eating. Sudo, who also gets a $ 2,000 prize for first place, joked she’d “like to grab a sweater right now” as she took photos with fans.

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Dwight Howard Broke Out His “Savage as F—k” Shirt

A week after gracing us with his uber classy “May I suggest the sausage?” tee, Hornets big man Dwight Howard is back with yet another very bold shirt.

Dwight, who seems to have a fondness for apparel that would be found at Spencer’s, hit the gym Wednesday with “Savage As F—k” plastered on his chest. The woman who wanted a picture with him didn’t seem to be fazed by it, so that’s a positive:

It’s official: We’re officially on Dwight shirt watch the rest of the offseason. It only makes sense after consecutive weeks of juvenile tops.

Dwight went with the clean white tee for an Atlanta Dream game:

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Grown Man Dwight Howard Rocks His “May I Suggest the Sausage” Shirt to Hooters

Dwight Howard had himself a Wednesday night in downtown Atlanta — he hit up Paranoia Quest (escape room place) with his boys to work the brain a bit, and followed up his success — or failure — with a post-quest meal at Hooters. And he did it all in the most D12 shirt ever:

Normally I’d say that this is a shocking lack of self awareness for D12 considering he has a baby mama story leak like every year, but in a way he’s just an everyman. Dude’s banked over $ 167 million in his NBA career and he’s still buying stuff a college bro would wear.

Dwight and his sausage shirt tackle the escape room:

Want the same shirt? It’ll set you back $ 21:

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The Only Thing Wrong With Jason Momoa’s Beach Outing Is That He’s Wearing a Shirt

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a romantic walk on the beach with Jason Momoa? Well, it would probably look a little something like this. While taking a break from filming Aquaman, the incredibly sexy (and large) actor soaked up the sun at Currumbin Alley on the Gold Coast, Queensland, on Monday. While he certainly looked happy and content as he flashed a «hang loose» sign for photographers, there is one major problem with his outing: he’s wearing a shirt. Thankfully, we got a glimpse of his killer biceps in his cutout top, but next time we’re really going to need him to take it off. In all seriousness, though, he looks good no matter what he’s doing or wearing.

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