23 Flat-Out Beautiful Reactions to The Mindy Project’s Epic Series Finale

As much as we wanted to pretend The Mindy Project would just go on forever and ever, our beloved Mindy Lahiri has taken her final bow. Mindy Kaling’s romantic comedy ended with an emotional and near-flawless episode on Monday night, and fans were understandably in their feelings about it. And how could we not be? A romantic reunion for Mindy and Danny (Chris Messina) might not have been the ending we were envisioning at the start of season six, but we have to hand it to Kaling: this finale felt right.

Twitter poured out plenty of love for both the Hulu comedy and Kaling herself. Tweets ranged from gut reactions to certain moments throughout the episode («DANNY AND MINDY. DANNY AND MINDY. DANNY AND MINDY.») to heartfelt thank-you messages for Kaling that just might make you tear up as much as «It Had to Be You» did. Check them out below!

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Reminder: Neil Gaiman Is Still Making His ‘Good Omens’ Series And It’ll Involve Flaming Swords

I know it feels like a lifetime ago in the timewarp that is 2017, but in case you’ve forgotten: Neil Gaiman is adapting his beloved novel Good Omens (co-written by legend Terry Pratchett) into an Amazon/BBC miniseries. It’ll star Michael Sheen and David Tennant. It’s a comedy about the apocalypse, and frankly I welcome the opportunity to actually laugh at the end of the world, as opposed to sitting in numb fear like I do now.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the man himself hoisting a flaming sword because fuck it, let’s take our little pleasures where we can. You’re welcome.

Show running privilege: when you get to play with the flaming sword.

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The series should arrive sometime in 2019, so let’s hope he plans on continuing to share these little lifelines over the next year+ to see us through.


Amazon Is Dropping A ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Into Your Streaming Selections

I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but there is a series of books known collectively as Lord of the Rings. The books were written by a J.R.R. Tolkien and I’ve heard that some people love them.

Also, there was a trilogy of three hour long movies released from 2001 through 2003. They were little indie productions.

At any rate, streaming giant Amazon has announced that they will be bringing a Lord of the Rings series to their streaming service. They’ve also committed to producing the series over multiple seasons, so you can recreate your time in the theater in the comfort of your own home.

Amazon Studios head Sharon Tal Yguado assured fans that they will be working with Tolkien’s estate to create storylines that involve the timeline prior to The Fellowship of the Ring. It will take place in Middle Earth and will «…bring to the screen previously unexplored stories based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s original writings

This deal also gives Amazon the global TV rights to the film trilogy and the potential for a spin-off series in the future. The deal is said to be worth $ 250 million and will fill the Game of Thrones-shaped hole in the internet conglomerate’s programming. Netflix and HBO had a chance to work with Tolkien’s estate and Warner Bros., but Amazon obviously won that precious.

By the way, the $ 250 million is just for the rights. The costs of production are a whole other set of dollar signs. I hope this doesn’t raise my Amazon Prime fee again.

Now we wait on the announcement of characters and the ensuing internet explosion of casting wishlists, rumors, and annoyance.


Hollywood Is FINALLY Giving Us The Angelyne TV Series We Need And Deserve


Because of the billions upon billions of stories from people who have been preyed on by powerful trash men, Hollywood as we know it is burning down to the ground. And lurking in the smoke and flames is Hollywood’s future: ANGELYNE!

My headline is a bit misleading (What else is new?), because when I think of an “Angelyne TV series,” I prolapse from butt orgasming over the thought of an Angelyne reality show starring Angelyne. This isn’t a reality show and it’s not going to star Angelyne herself. It’ll be a scripted limited-series starring Emmy Rossum and it’ll be based on The Hollywood Reporter’s riveting tale of Angelyne’s transformation from Polish refugee to the candy-dipped Queen of Los Angeles. Hey, I’ll take an Angelyne TV series anyway it comes.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Emmy Rossum will play Angelyne in a limited series. She’s teaming up with Mr. Robot creator (and her husband) Sam Esmail. Emmy and Sam bought the rights to THR writer Gary Baum’s investigative profile of the Los Angeles billboard goddess Angelyne (born name: Renee Goldberg). Gary discovered that Angelyne was born in Poland in 1950 to two Holocaust survivors and her family later moved to Los Angeles, where she eventually reinvented herself as a peroxide bombshell who rules the streets of L.A. in her pink Corvette.

Emmy said this about bringing Angelyne’s story to the small screen:

“I have always been fascinated by the enigma that is Angelyne. At a young age, I can vividly remember staring up at her on a billboard above me and wondering, ‘Who is that woman?’ Gary Baum’s investigative journalism has finally unearthed the true, complex identity of the infamous woman who has fascinated Los Angeles for over 30 years. From the moment I read Gary’s recent piece, I knew I had to tell this story. It’s a poignant and bizarre tale about the hunger for fame, the sexualization of women and the erasing of past traumas.”

Emmy and Sam will both executive produce alongside Chad Hamilton. They’re currently shopping the project around to networks.

In case you’ve never seen a second of Shameless or Phantom of the Opera, this is what Emmy Rossum looks like:


I hope she’s a pro at wearing 45 pounds of brilliant white hair on her head, 80 pounds of rubber titty meat on her chest, and can hit the gas pedal on a pink Corvette while wearing 6 inch platform heels.

Angelyne doesn’t really want the details of her past out there, so I don’t know if she gave a pink polish-covered thumbs up to this series about her. If she did, then she’ll definitely get a check and an Emmy Award for Best Inspiration For A Limited TV Series. That’s a good thing. If she didn’t, then she’ll definitely sue Emmy and Sam, and we’ll get to see the spectacular sight of her working a hot pink mini-skirt business suit and court-going stilettos in court. That’s a good thing too.

Pics: Wenn.com


Paul Wall Keeps His Promise And Gets The Entire Astros Roster Custom World Series Grillz

Instagram Photo

Houston rapper and known grill enthusiast, Paul Wall, said during the Astros playoff run that if they won the World Series, he would get the entire squad some fresh custom grillz as a gift. You might remember when Mr. Wall fitted Tom Herman’s grill a couple years back while he was still at Houston and won the AAC Championship.

He kept his promise then and he did it again this time around to the tune of 40+ grillz for the whole World Series roster. Try and find me something more Houston than this.

Jeweler Johnny Dang is the man who hooked up it up once again and customized these bad boys for the players. According to the ABC13, each one takes about 5 hours to make, which is juuuuust a slight bump up from only making one for the local college football coach.

And yes, Paul Wall is still out there dropping heat


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Justin Verlander And Kate Upton Will Skip The World Series Parade To Get Married In Italy

The Astros aren’t just out here winning the World Series and fulfilling 3-year-old prophecies, but also love is in the air in Houston. Obviously, the big story everybody will be talking about is Carlos Correa setting the proposal bar for every other man in America at an impossible height last night after he proposed in front of America, but don’t sleep on Kate Upton and Justin Verlander.

These two have been engaged for about a year and a half now and it sounds like they’re finally going to lock it down for good this week. That means they’ll be skipping out on the World Series parade in Houston on Friday.

Details via WXYZ:

Sources confirm to 7 Action News that Verlander and his fiancée, Kate Upton, will get married this week in Italy.

The wedding will come just days after Verlander won his first World Series with the Houston Astros. That means Verlander will miss the Astros’ world series parade in Houston.

The couple has been dating for years and got engaged in May 2016. Upton was first spotted with the engagement ring on the red carpet of the MET Gala.

I have a feeling Astros fans won’t mind too much. I think they’re more worried about celebrating this championship with the homegrown guys like Springer, Altuve, and Correa more than the guy who came in for the last 3 months of the season, even if he was a huge part of it.

Also, there’s no doubt this has been planned for months and there was a zero percent chance anything was going to change that.

Jon Heyman confirmed the report last night


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Twitter Spanks It To News That New World Series Champion Evan Gattis Was A Janitor

There’s nothing White Twitter likes more than some sort of redemption story where some athlete makes it out of a shittty job (according to society), like a janitorial job, and then go like 10 years later to win a World Series title. Do I have proof? Of course I have proof, it’s right there on Twitter where people are literally jerking off all over themselves over Evan Gattis’s life story where he went on some spiritual journey at 19 or so like guys you went to high school with.

Look, good for him getting his baseball life back after doing some shittty jobs. But, which one of us hasn’t done some sort of shittty job? This isn’t about crushing Gattis for working through what he’s described as mental illness. This is about crushing the Twitter crowd who needs to equate being a janitor as some shittty life trajectory. Guy that lives two houses down from me is a janitor, drives a Harley & a truck, is a successful high school volleyball coach, does some on-air TV work and drinks fairly high-end scotch.

Remember the Kurt Warner bagging groceries story? Of course you do. White people can rattle that off better than they can tell stories about their kids.

CBS Sports couldn’t help themselves last night…sounds like a “movie” to them…so much sports porn here:

Here’s the gist of the Gattis story:

• Injured his knee, went off the baseball grid at 19 after playing at some Oklahoma junior college

Took odd jobs (yes, one was as a janitor with his brother), maybe smoked some pot, typical shitt guys do at 19 to find themselves; flipped a couple pizzas, worked at a ski lift

Once found himself in NYC on a five-day visit, stayed at a hostel (so gritty!) and found himself with an emptied ATM and no cash to make it to the airport for his flight back to Texas; cop let him jump on the train to JFK, didn’t have any money for food so he asked some traveler for food & got $ 10 instead…blah, blah, blah.

• I’m still trying to find evidence where Gattis was ever homeless; there was some sort of mention here, but it’s not verified with the backstory. Gattis said during the NYC trip that he sat with some homeless dude, but never said he was homeless

• Of course he ended up back in college, started smashing the ball, got drafted and made the trek to the big leagues

Now we have tweets rolling in where people are ready to drop $ 15, or whatever it costs to go to the movies, to see Disney ramp up his story even further.

You think this story from Houston’s ABC 13 mentions where & when he was homeless? Of course it doesn’t. Just the headline. I watched the entire story.

ABC 13 even teased it on Twitter that he overcame being homeless….RATINGS GRAB! Then they didn’t mention it in the above report:

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Carlos Correa Proposed To Girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez After Winning World Series

Carlos Correa, 23,  proposed to girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez last night after the Astros won Game 7 of the World Series 5-1 over the Dodgers at Dodgers Stadium. Correa, who had a ring ready to go during an interview with Ken Rosenthal, got a “YES!” and fans of love got themselves a moment that will now become a favorite of the Today Show and Good Morning America.

Daniella, Miss Texas 2016, first hit our radar back in the day when she threw out a first pitch at an Astros game and bounced the throw to home plate. Now she’s engaged to a budding superstar and has a massive engagement ring. Correa — 24 HR, 84 RBI & .315 during the regular season — is about to cash in on a massive contract that should make having a wedding no problem at all.

Instagram Photo


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What the Opening Scene of Stranger Things Season 2 Means For the Series

Warning: there are some spoilers and a LOT of speculation below!

The opening sequence of Stranger Things season two takes us far away from the tiny town of Hawkins, Indiana. We watch as four criminals flee some kind of crime; they speed through the streets of an urban city, trying to ditch the cops who are hot in pursuit. Then, something strange happens. One of the four of them uses her mind to make the mouth of a tunnel collapse . . . except it hasn’t collapsed at all. This girl, who has a #008 tattooed on her wrist, has made it look like it collapsed. At the end of the scene, a small amount of blood trickles out of her nose.

Based on this information alone, we can connect the dots. This character is another experiment of Dr. Brenner’s. Prior to the introduction, we might have assumed that all of the subjects before Eleven had died. why else would they bring in a new subject? With this revelation, the game has changed.

The fact that Eleven is test subject #011 means there are almost certainly 10 other children before her who were given these supernatural abilities. Since #008 is not dead, it means any of the other test subjects could also be alive. Of course, some of them might be dead, but now we’re not sure. We also learn, in this space, that more than one experiment may have been running at the same time. For instance, as Eleven slowly figures out what has happened to her mother, she realizes experiment #008 was in the lab at the same time she was, in what she later refers to as the «Rainbow Room.»

In episode seven, Eleven goes to find this «sister,» this #008, who we learn is named Kali. We learn other things in this episode as well. We now know Eleven’s mom has kept track of all the «missing» kids over the years who may be like Kali and her daughter. When Eleven’s aunt Becky (aka her mother’s caretaker and sister) digs around in a file cabinet looking for answers, it means there are leads about the other supernatural children who may still be out there in the world. We also know Kali has abilities that are different from Eleven. She’s an «illusionist» who can trick the mind into seeing things. Not every test subject is telekinetic like Eleven.

But let’s go deeper. Of course, by the end of the season, we’re still not entirely sure if Dr. Brenner is alive or dead. The old lab technician Eleven and Kali track down says he’s alive, but Eleven admits she hasn’t been able to find him in her all-black sensory deprivation world. But the fact that he’s potentially hiding somewhere could mean there are more supernatural children. There could be a #012, #013, #014, or #015. In fact, since we can assume the lab had multiple test subjects at the same time, it could mean there are other test subjects we don’t see in the season one flashbacks. They may simply be in other rooms, and other isolation cells.

What does all this mean? Well, it means we may meet even more of Eleven’s «sisters» (and possibly some brothers) in the show’s third season. It also means that any of the potential experiments after Eleven could be more powerful and possibly dangerous. And they could have vastly different (and more terrifying) abilities. And if any of them are under Dr. Brenner’s care (assuming he’s alive), it could mean the show’s next big villains aren’t coming from the Upside Down after all.

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“33-Year-Old Athletic White Male” Offering Free World Series Tickets to Hot Fans

In the market for World Series tickets but don’t want to blow your next paycheck? You’re in luck! There’s someone in the Houston area offering three tickets to Game 4 at Minute Maid Park for free. The catch? He’s most definitely a perv (a 33-year-old athletic white perv, to be specific) who will only give the tickets up to women who send in the hottest photos — not to mention you have to watch the game with him.

Details from the ad:

It goes without saying, but women should probably steer clear of this guy’s ticket contest. Maybe troll him a bit and send in a bunch of penis pics if you’re offended? Sounds like the correct course of action here.

[Craigslist; H/t @BritniB714]

On the real, WS ticket prices are insane. Just watch the game at home (and in air conditioning if you’re in LA):

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