Why Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode Titles Might Contain 3 Subtle Spoilers

There are only a few weeks left until Stranger Things drops its second season, so in honor of the ever-nearing premiere date, Netflix decided to give fans a few clues about what’s to come via Twitter on Tuesday: season two’s episode titles. The video the Stranger Things Twitter account shared includes the names of the first six episodes — «Madmax,» «The Boy Who Came Back to Life,» «The Pumpkin Patch,» «The Palace,» «The Storm,» and «The Pollywog» — but leaves the last three blank, simply referring to them as «Chapter 7,» «Chapter 8,» and «Chapter 9.»

At first glance it might not seem like any of the names contain spoilers, but when you take into account that we’ve actually already seen the last three episode titles before, it kind of feels like we should be giving them a closer look.

As you might recall, Netflix released a teaser back in August 2016, which named the last three episodes as «The Secret Cabin,» «The Brain,» and «The Lost Brother.» Could the Duffer Brothers simply have decided to rename the final trio of episodes later on in production? Totally. But let’s see what we can parse from the episode titles alone. For starters, «Madmax» is no doubt a reference to Sadie Sink’s new role on the show, a new girl at Hawkins High School named Max. We can assume «The Boy Who Came Back to Life» is about Will Byers, given what happened to him last season, and «The Pumpkin Patch» is a nod to all of the Halloween scenes we got a glimpse of in the trailer (maybe a pumpkin patch in Hawkins ends up being a battleground for some kind of showdown, or the lair of a new, evil force?).

«The Palace» is a little trickier, as is «The Storm,» (unless you take it literally, of course), but «The Pollywog» definitely seems to hint at a new monster. In the most recent video, the title card to go along with «The Pollywog» is a black, goop-y creature in a trash can (which certainly looks like the same shaking trash can that Dustin goes to investigate in the trailer). «The Secret Cabin» and «The Brain» don’t seem to allude to anything directly at the moment, but «The Lost Brother» does give us pause. With all the allusions to Will not being quite right since his journey back from the Upside Down in season one, is he once again the brother who gets lost? Or maybe his older brother, Jonathan, sacrifices himself to save Will once and for all?

The new season premieres on Netflix on Oct. 27, so we’ll just have to wait until then to see if the last three episode titles are the original names, or something completely different.

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The First Song From the Stranger Things Season 2 Soundtrack Is Here, and It’s Eerie AF

Consider your Halloween party lucky, because the Stranger Things season two soundtrack is dropping just in time to creep out all of your guests. Like the show’s highly anticipated new episodes, the album won’t hit iTunes until the end of October (on Oct. 20, to be exact, seven days before the season two premiere). We just got our first preview of what the 34-track compilation will include, and it’s just as eerie as you’d expect:

The song, titled «Walkin’ in Hawkins,» is the first song on the soundtrack and has the same kind of atmospheric synth feel that the Stranger Things theme song does. If you’re interested in speculating at what the rest of the song names on the soundtrack might mean, have at it:

1. «Walkin’ in Hawkins»
2. «Home»
3. «Eulogy»
4. «On the Bus»
5. «Presumptuous»
6. «Eight Fifteen»
7. «The First Lie»
8. «Scars»
9. «I Can Save Them»
10. «Descent Into the Rift»
11. «Chicago»
12. «Looking for a Way Out»
13. «Birth / Rescue»
14. «In the Woods»
15. «Digging»
16. «Symptoms»
17. «Eggo in the Snow»
18. «Soldiers»
19. «Choices»
20. «Never Tell»
21. «She Wants Me to Find Her»
22. «Shouldn’t Have Lied»
23. «It’s a Trap»
24. «Crib»
25. «The Return»
26. «Escape»
27. «We Go Out Tonight»
28. «Connect the Dots»
29. «The Hub»
30. «On Edge»
31. «What Else Did You See?»
32. «Run»
33. «Levitation»
34. «To Be Continued»

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‘Riverdale’ Report: The Questions Posed By Season Two’s Premiere

It’s been a long, wretched summer without my Riverdale. But at long last Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s twisted spin on Archie comics is back! Okay. So it came back last Wednesday. I had an ugly head cold, so waited to watch the season two premiere once the fog had cleared. Now that I have, let’s dig into the questions «Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying» has posed.


Who Is The Man With The Green Eyes?
As you might recall, hot dad Fred Andrews (played by the one, only, and still smoking hot Luke Perry) was shot at in the very final moments of season one’s finale, leaving fans stunned, and this fan a puddle of screaming and tears. The good news: Fred is not dead. After a string of creepy coma nightmares, he was conscious once more, assuring Perry won’t be leaving the show just yet. But who is the man with the green eyes that gunned Fred down?

This is the mystery that will play at the center of season two. But the clues so far are sparse. This «angel of death» has green eyes, a black jacket and homemade black hood. He didn’t steal from Pop’s, so Jughead’s probably right that this was a hit, not a robbery. It’s unlikely this guy is a Southside Serpent, and he may not even be a Riverdale resident, considering he was last spotted in Greendale, across the Sweetwater River. But more on that in a minute.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.11.19 PM.png

What Does Archie’s Mom Have To Do With The Blossoms?
The whole shared red hair thing has launched a thousand fan theories about how the Andrews clan might have ties to the Blossoms. Yet that came to nothing in season one beyond Cheryl and her parents uncomfortably ogling Archie as a Jason substitute. But in Fred’s vision of Archie’s wedding, he realizes something is wrong when he sees the deceased Clifford Blossom in attendance. Then he sees Jason Blossom, also redheaded, also dead. THEN he sees his wife Mary (Molly Ringwald), who winks at him. THEN the green-eyed gunman comes charging down the aisle, the Blossoms and Mrs. Andrews in the foreground smiling.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.12.18 PM.png

WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Is Mary on the killer’s hit list, and Fred’s subconscious is trying to clue him in? Or is she so closed to the father who killed his son because maybe the bullet wasn’t meant for Fred but for Archie, and she was paying the gunman? Or—considering the gunman’s final victim—is this Archie’s real dad, and the dream is cluing Fred into the bio dad’s existence, his wife’s duplicity, and how this fucked up father is gunning down anyone he finds unworthy of his redheaded son? It’s a stretch and early days. But hey, who among us predicted the maple empire was actual a heroin front?

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.13.59 PM.png

Why Were They Wearing Kilts In The Wedding Vision?
Are we just assuming all redheads are of Scottish heritage? Is this canon? Is Fred Andrews just really into Outlander? Or is this a clue? Please please speculate wildly in comments.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.05.08 PM.png

What Went Down At Thornhill?
All hail the return of the HBIC (Head bitch in charge), Cheryl Blossom! At the end of season one, we saw this poor little rich girl burn down her family’s grand home, Thornhill. In that scene, both she and her mother made it outside the house, unscathed. But in the premiere, mother Penelope Blossom has third degree burns and smoke inhalation. So clearly, she went back inside. But why? I suspect just as this ep circled back to reveal the moments between the gunshot at Pop’s and the shooter’s exit, a future episode will reveal what demented biz went down between these Penelope appearances. In a related question: Where the hell is Cheryl’s gypsy-blooded Grandma Blossom?


What Happened In The Barn?
Last season, even the most ardent Riverdale fans admitted disappointment in the big reveal of Jason’s killer. Not so much because it was his dad, but because he’s found out an immediately hangs himself in his maple syrup/heroin barn? It seemed abrupt and sloppy. But oh wait faithless fans! Because Cheryl’s threat to her burned up mummy reveals there’s something more to that story. Now, Penelope couldn’t possibly have hoisted her bulky husband to a noose on her own. So let your mind wander down the orchards to consider what sticky secrets still lie in the Blossom family closet.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.21.23 PM.png

Whatever Happened to Miss Grundy?
The one question Riverdale set up and answered in this premiere involved the music teacher who molested and manipulated Archie is season one. This felt a bit like fan service. Because while hot Grundy got the show a lot of attention and eye-brow raises out the gate, it quickly became a plot line that sickened fans. And many of us were pretty damn peeved that this sexual predator basically got off with a warning. Turns out she fled, but not far. Just across the river in Greendale, Miss Grundy set up shop, grooming another boy for statutory rape. But like a slasher in a horror movie, the Angel of Death snuck into her window and brought her a painful and bloody end. So is he an avenging angel—perhaps for Archie? If so, what did Fred do to incur his wrath? Or is there even more to Miss Grundy’s backstory that we might see later this season? I’m hoping it’s not the latter. Let’s leave Grundy’s thread like its central predator, dead.


Is Cheryl A Witch?
My favorite theory our of this ep comes from my friend and fellow Riverdale obsessive Kase Wickman. (Check her out on The Podcast With Pep.) You can read her full analysis atTV Guide, and should. But between Cheryl’s spooky «kiss of life» seeming to bring Fred back from the brink, her ability to be dressed in pristine white even when her damn house was burnt to cinders, and the one-two delivery that The Chilling Tales of Sabrina is in TV development and the reveal of the teen witch’s Greendale stomping grounds on Riverdale, it seems more than feasible Cheryl is HWIC. Head witch in charge. And besides, the Blossoms having extra abilities was teased in season one when her creepy granny predicted Betty’s sister is birthing twins. Maybe Cheryl’s brush with death in the Sweetwater River sparked his magic powers?

We’ll be looking for answers next Wednesday on Riverdale.


Mindhunter: Season 1’s Ending Will Leave Your Skin Crawling

It’s quite the luxury for viewers when a show has already been renewed for a second season before it premieres. Such is the case with Netflix’s Mindhunter, its new serial killer drama starring Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv. Going in, you know there’s going to be more of the show, so you can become invested without fear of it getting canceled and leaving you hanging on a cliffhanger that will never be resolved.

Why this is particularly good in Mindhunter’s case is because there are a couple big questions left hanging in the season one finale. Here’s how the first season wrapped everything up, but be warned of spoilers ahead.

In episode 10, by now Agent Ford is becoming a little big for his britches in that all these interviews he’s conducting with incarcerated serial killers are making him feel like quite the BMOC. He still wants to catch and convict murderers, so it’s not like he’s becoming a total monster, but his ego is definitely leading the charge at this point.

When a suspect in the murder of 12-year-old Lisa Dawn Porter is looking like he’ll have to be let go without a charge, Ford swoops in to save the day, staging the interview room with items that belonged to Lisa and the clothes she had on when she died. Ford then talks to the suspect, Gene Devier, about liking young girls, even going so far as to quote Ed Kemper, the Co-ed Killer, from back in episode two: «You got to make it with that young pussy before it turns into mom.»

Thinking they share a bond, Devier starts opening up about being attracted to Lisa and eventually confesses to murderering her. Ford loves the media attention, even if Dr. Carr and Agent Tench think it’s going to make it harder for them to speak with more killers in the future. Ford got his killer (and the glory) — but what kind of man is Ford turning into?

Gregg, the agent the team adds in episode eight, feels the same way, so he sends the Office of Professional Responsibility the tape of Ford’s interview with Richard Speck, a man who raped and murdered eight women in one night. The interview is completely inappropriate and the team had decided to get rid of the tape and say it was accidentally destroyed. But Gregg had kept the tape and now OPR has it — though Ford and Tench blame Dr. Carr for giving OPR the tape — and Ford’s FBi career is in serious jeopardy.

Of course, all Ford sees is that he is justified and the FBI can kick rocks for questioning his methods. He goes to see Kemper, who makes Ford his medical proxy and then attempts suicide in order to get Ford’s attention. Apparently Ford has been ignoring Kemper’s letters and Kemper misses their chats. When Kemper tries to hug Ford (a seriously scary moment), Ford kind of freaks out. He does hug Kemper, but only to appease the giant serial killer who is currently towering over him, then runs into the hospital hallway and collapses in an apparent panic attack.

The final scene takes us back to the ADT Serviceman, aka Dennis Rader, aka the BTK Killer, in Kansas. He is burning creepy drawings of bound women in a trash can outside his home. Presumably season two of Mindhunter will continue to track the BTK Killer, since John Douglas (the real-life FBI profile on whom Agent Ford is based) was a key official in bringing Rader to justice.

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What You Need to Know About the New Characters Joining Outlander Season 4

In totally unsurprising news, Outlander is barely halfway through season three, and we’re already starting to obsess over season four. Starz recently announced that two key roles for the upcoming season have officially been cast. Each new character plays an integral role in Claire, Jamie, Brianna, and Roger’s stories moving forward, so we’re excited to see how Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book, Drums of Autumn, plays out on screen.

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25 Reactions We Had While Watching Riverdale’s Thrilling Season 2 Premiere

When the Riverdale cast said they were going even darker this season, they weren’t kidding. Jughead is tangled up with the Southside Serpents, Veronica is dealing with some major family issues, and Cheryl has officially gone full-on crazy. Although, we have to be honest — we’re kind of loving the latter. Not only is the season two premiere filled with a whole lot of drama, but it also unveils a brand-new killer. Yep, on top of all that, there’s now a murderer on the loose. Relive all the crazy moments ahead!

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This Throwback on the Grey’s Season Premiere Was So Subtle, You Probably Missed It

Don’t get us wrong, we had our qualms with the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere. Owen’s sister Megan seems a little bit too fine. Amelia Shepherd is facing a very familiar threat. And Meredith Grey may be on the verge of her next great tragedy. But for all the grief the show can cause with its pitfalls and devastations, sometimes all it takes is one small moment of nostalgia to loop us back in. In the case of season 14’s kick-off, Meredith actually uses a very old Cristina quote when talking to Jo. And here’s the crazy thing: the Cristina quote in question dates all the way back to the series premiere. Let’s go over the glorious parallels.

In the very first episode of the series, all of the interns compete to figure out what’s wrong with Derek Shepherd’s young patient. As a reward, whoever finds the answer gets the honor of scrubbing in on the surgery. Meredith and Cristina decide to work together. That way, they’re that much more likely to figure it out, and hey, at least one of them will get to scrub in. Meredith says she’ll work with Cristina, but she doesn’t even want to scrub in on the surgery . . . because she’s already slept with Derek Shepherd and she’s trying to avoid him.

Of course, Meredith and Cristina do end up figuring out what’s wrong, and Derek tells Meredith she gets to scrub in. Cristina is dumbfounded, and her shock turns to anger when Meredith doesn’t say anything to Derek about not wanting to scrub in or giving the victory to Cristina. When Meredith tries to talk to Cristina about what happened, Cristina snaps. «Don’t come to me for absolution,» she says. «You want to be a shark, be a shark.»

Fast forward to the premiere for season 14. Meredith has decided to give Owen’s sister an abdominal wall transplant. She enlists the sub-i (sub-intern) team to help find her donor, promising a familiar prize: the chance to scrub in on a once-in-a-lifetime surgery. When the intern dubbed «Glasses» finds a match, Jo swoops in and secures the family’s blessing and brings Meredith in. Meredith gives the scrub-in prize to Jo, and Glasses gets upset, saying he should be the one to claim the prize. But Jo maintains that she’s the one who deserves it. Just before the surgery, Jo admits to Meredith that it was Glasses who found the donor and says she’s sorry. Mer responds with a familiar quote: «If you want to be a shark, be a shark. Don’t apologize for it.»

«If you want to be a shark, be a shark. Don’t apologize for it.»

It’s been years since Cristina left the show, but it’s still fun to see these little nodes to the show’s most epic friendship every now and again. It reminds us of the rich history we have with each and every doctor on the show. Also, it just goes to show you: there may be plenty of problems with the show that bubble up over the years. But every once in a while, there’s a little nod or a wink that reminds you why you loved the show so much in the first place. Now, we’ll just patiently sit here and cross our fingers for Sandra Oh’s triumphant return as a guest star. After all, the only one who can do a Cristina Yang quote justice is the woman herself.

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Once Upon a Time Might Have Revealed Emma’s Fate in the Season 7 Premiere

Ever since Jennifer Morrison announced she would not be returning as a series regular on Once Upon a Time, fans have been in constant turmoil over the fate of her beloved character Emma Swan. Even though the actress is set to return for one episode this season, the show’s creators are calling it «an emotional curtain call.» As if that didn’t already make us uneasy, the season seven premiere included a major clue about the fate of our beloved Savior. Spoiler: it’s not good.

While most of the episode is centered around the new characters, the final few minutes include a quick cameo from our beloved heroine. As Roni (aka Regina) gives a heartwarming speech about fighting for what you believe in, Rogers (aka Captain Hook) is seen looking at Emma’s picture in Lucy’s storybook. Only, this isn’t a story we’ve seen before. Wearing her signature red jacket, Emma appears to be standing in front of a portal. While it’s not exactly clear what is happening in the scene, you can make out some of the text if you look close enough.

«. . . Emma . . . resolve in her eyes . . . and her jacket. . . . It was meant to be an . . . getting hurt by those I . . . ‘But now it’s just a . . . . protect those I love.’ . . . . Armor, it struck Emma for . . . truly come. And while . . . gained a family. She . . . Because she was the . . . still needed saving . . . portal. And with . . . the tears from . . . was. And with . . . portal and disappeared . . . replaced . . . tick.»

If the mysterious page is any indication, it sounds like Emma’s «emotional curtain call» will be a heroic one. Since the photo bears striking resemblance to the recent promo pictures of Emma with Hook and adult Henry, we can only assume that her decision to jump into a portal has something to do with saving her family. Remember when OUAT fast-forwarded to the Enchanted Forest during «a time of great upheaval» in the season six finale? Maybe her sacrifice is what brings order to the magical realm. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Emma put her life on the line for her loved ones.

And don’t think we didn’t notice that the last word on the page is «tick.» As in the first time the clock «ticked» when Emma came to Storybrooke in the first episode. Not only could this throwback signal the beginning of a new story, but it could also signal hope for the future. Maybe this is the way OUAT will retell its iconic story — with Henry Mills taking his mom’s place as the new Savior.

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Why the New Season of The Bachelor Could Be Pushed Back

Admit it — your Monday nights have lost their meaning ever since the last Bachelor franchise, Bachelor in Paradise, ended. But luckily, we never have to say goodbye to the drama-filled show for long! Next up on the list is The Bachelor, which means we’re ready to watch 25 gorgeous women fight over one equally gorgeous man.

People were pretty shocked that ABC decided to bring back a blast from the past, Arie Luyendyk Jr. Actually, #BachelorNation had a lot to say about it. But when will we finally get meanings back to our Mondays? From the looks of producer Mike Fleiss’s picture, Arie began filming with the ladies in September, which probably means there have been at least a dozen meltdowns by now.

Most recent new seasons of The Bachelor have begun on the first Monday in January — we’re looking at you, Nick Viall, Ben Higgins, Chris Soules, and beyond. But since that day falls on New Year’s Day, it could be pushed to Jan. 8. Then again, what’s a better way to mend a hangover than to watch women sob over a man they’ve known for five minutes? NOTHING. So by all means, ABC, get to airing!

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NHL Ice Girls Are Back, McLovin 69 Is Back For Another NHL Season & Doubleheader 69 Yankees Fans

If you were worried when Vegas would get back to normal…it’s getting there

From the Las Vegas Sun: Just days after a gunman killed 59 people at an outdoor concert, the party in Las Vegas seemed to be back on.

“I feel like we kind of mourned yesterday,” said Tre Marino, a landscaper from Asheville, North Carolina, who was playing table shuffleboard Tuesday evening with friends at a bar across from the MGM Grand hotel. “We were definitely a little down yesterday and just hung by the pool. But this is Vegas.”

It’s a big week in Vegas. There’s a UFC PPV and the Lakers will be in town. Life will get back to normal and people will be back to going to Vegas clubs and dropping huge money on bottles of vodka.

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