Donald Trump Told a Really F**ked Up Lie About President Obama Today

In the grand scheme of things, this is not healthcare, it’s not tax reform, it’s not an assault on the rights of women, POC, or the LBGTQ community, but it still matters. It still matters when the President lies, and it still matters when he tries to make his predecessor look like the lazy, unfeeling, unsympathetic jackass that Donald Trump is himself.

To wit: President Trump has made no public mention of four special-forces soldiers killed in Niger 12 days ago. That matters. He was finally called on it today during a press conference, and here’s the answer he gave:

Listen: That’s a really shitty thing to say. It’s also a lie, and an appalling one, at that:

Trump was called on that lie in real time at the press conference, and sort of backtracked.

And then he lied again, and said that generals told him that lie.

That’s a fucked-up lie. It’s double fucked-up that he would lay the blame for that lie on his own military leaders.

What the hell is wrong with this man?


If the Ending of Happy Death Day Left You Frustrated, We Have Really Good News

Despite an annoying barrage of trailers that made me loathe the word «bye,» Happy Death Day ended up being an unexpectedly smart, entertaining thriller. The film chooses to leave the reason the heroine, Tree (Jessica Rothe), is forced to repeat her birthday over and over again after being murdered each night shrouded in mystery, which is potentially frustrating for some audience members (spoiler alert: the writer of this article). As it turns out, director Christopher B. Landon specifically chose to leave the mystery open-ended in that way to leave the door open for a sequel.

«The whole idea for my sequel is actually already in this movie. It’s hiding in plain sight,» he revealed to Insider. «The answer to why she’s literally stuck in a time loop — it’s something I have the answer to. It’s in my back pocket because, knock on wood, you never know how things are going to go, and we’re not counting our chickens, but if I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a sequel, the answer to that question is the premise of my sequel.»

Since Landon is the mastermind behind the Paranormal Activity series, he’s clearly no stranger to steering a horror franchise to success. Then again, can the premise of Happy Death Day really sustain another film? Landon does make the Groundhog Day-esque concept feel fresh, no matter how many times Tree does the same exact thing, scene after scene, but a sequel with a similar format could get a little tiresome. That being said, if they promise to tell me the secret behind Tree’s birthday from hell, I’ll be first in line to buy a ticket.

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Saying Farewell To ‘Sex And The City’ Really Is For The Best

Sex and the City was a game-changer in terms of TV. It’s become a buzzword for the representation of women, a kind of cultural benchmark for discussions of sex, sexuality and relationships. Women defined themselves using the characters’ foibles and trademarks. That’s so Miranda, we might say. And we knew what it meant. If like me, you watched it avidly the first time around, you definitely had an opinion on who Carrie’s best boyfriend was.

Then came the films; the first, a more serious attempt at a continuation of the story, and the second, a daft romp that was not reviewed kindly, to say the least. So I had mixed feelings when the news broke that Sex and the City 3 had been shelved, apparently because Kim Cattrall wouldn’t do it.

SATC3 could have been a return to the show’s glory days. Roles like that don’t come along often for women over the age of 50. Politically speaking, another shot at pushing the envelope in terms of representation of female sexuality and issues pertaining to women’s bodies could have been welcome. It could have been really interesting to see the show’s take on those issues in the current political climate. Imagine Miranda representing a woman in a sexual assault case, Samantha wearing a Pussy Hat to the Women’s Day March, Charlotte teaching her daughters about role models like Malala, and Carrie finally getting round to teaching that ‘Women in the Arts’ writing class to some young people in need of a mentor and role model. With crazy fashion, occasional slapstick and some sex jokes thrown in for good measure.

But again, the rose-tinted nostalgia glosses over some of the issues in the show, issues that perhaps don’t stand up to scrutiny so much now. And so, as I read the hot-takes flying in about the show, the films, and Cattrall’s decision, I couldn’t help but wonder: is there still room for the SATC brand in 2017? How does the show hold up now? Is it time to strike the movies from the canon?

For reasons that seemed a good idea at the time, I recently completed a re-watch of the series. I’ve seen the whole thing countless times before, but the boxsets had gathered some dust since the last visit. As the episodes rolled on, there were a lot of things that dated the show. Surprisingly, fashion isn’t really one of them. Some of the outfits were so bonkers at the time that they are still just bonkers now. The shoes are still fabulous. The technology seems ancient; Carrie uses email for the first time in season 4. SEASON 4! (Who feels old?) She even has an embarrassing email address like so many of us did the first time, before we realised we’d have to start using it to apply for jobs. Hey, Shoe Gal.

But more seriously, it was a little disconcerting that the show I remembered as such a driving force in terms of representation would be pulled apart if it aired in 2017. It’s really white. It could be called Rich White Women Problems and the City. It doesn’t do well representing lesbianism, bisexuality or trans issues. There are beloved gay male characters, but these rely on outdated clichés and outlandishly flamboyant campness. How did I not notice all this the first time around? It’s like reuniting with someone you thought was a delight and a hoot, only to realise they are actually a bit of an arse.


The episode on abortion is also somewhat uncomfortable, with rather too much (for my taste) focus on the guy’s right to know, and some borderline unpleasant judgment from the otherwise perfect Aidan. (Perfect for me, not for Carrie.) Would the 3rd movie have taken a bolder stance? We’ll never know, but it’s unlikely. There are plenty of things that you can ‘get away with’ on TV that would never make the cut in a mainstream movie.

It’s what the films did to the characters though, that makes the cancelled movie more of a relief than a disappointment. Adorable Steve became Steve the Cheater. Big went from ‘go get our girl’ romantic epiphany to wedding day flight risk. You could excuse (to an extent) some of those transformations by narrative need; stories that were neatly resolved in the show needed a fresh injection of conflict to justify the movies. OK, Big was never totally reliable. But Steve? How dare you.

It didn’t stop there. And this is where you can’t help but be thankful that the third movie never existed to provide its take on current affairs. Stanford and Anthony conveniently stopped hating each other’s guts and got married, so that the second movie could have a gay wedding. Featuring Liza Minnelli, of course. Hell yes for a gay wedding. But Stanford and Anthony together? Look, Anthony put it best when Charlotte tried to set them up on a date in the show. Just because they are both gay doesn’t mean that they will get along, or like each other, or fall in love. I admire the intention, but more could have been gained with Stanford marrying a New Character Who Happens To Be Gay (fancy that?) and hiring Anthony as his wedding planner. Now that would have been interesting. Just imagine the Groomzilla moments we could have seen…

Carrie always was rather melodramatic in the show, but usually in a harmless way. No more: Movie Carrie became hurtful, snobby and mean. Samantha went from risqué and provocative to an embarrassing American tourist, in an attempt to address attitudes to female sexuality in the Middle East. That was meant to be profound and political, but instead it was mortifying. Just, hide-behind-your-hands mortifying.

In all honesty, the highlight of the second movie was a brief conversation between Miranda and Charlotte about how hard motherhood is, where they were kind and supportive to each other while acknowledging their privilege.

So yes, there would have been lots of opportunities for interesting representations and messages, but could we trust them to do it well, given the evidence of the first two films? Not so much.

I still love a lot about the show. I kind of enjoyed the first film, if you can call ‘furious and crying’ enjoyment. I enjoyed a few bits of the second film, and cringed through much of the rest. I would have seen the third film, though it would have been out of apprehensive curiosity rather than full-blown excitement.

I mean, it could still get made. They could write Samantha out, or re-cast the role (as Kim Cattrall suggested). Or they could just come up with a new idea. How about that, Hollywood? Use the SATC fans as a demographic, as you can probably rely on them to turn up to watch it, especially if you cast those actors who want to work together again. But make something new, rather than recycling material that should be left to the warm, fuzzy realm of nostalgia. AND DO IT BETTER.

P.S. Big and Carrie clearly belong together.
P.P.S. Berger and the Russian are the worst.
P.P.P.S. How come I still can’t afford Manolos?


This Old Tweet About Adrian Peterson Really Backfired on Chris Johnson

Life comes at you fast, just ask Arizona Cardinals unemployed running back Chris Johnson.

Last month, he was like every football fan in America wondering why the hell Adrian Peterson carried the rock just six times against the Vikings. That was supposed to be Peterson’s revenge game — CJ certainly knows it judging from this aggressive all caps, pro-AP tweet he sent out:

Sean Payton disagreed with that sentiment, as Peterson got little work in with the Saints before getting shipped to the Cardinals today. The fit is an obvious one and AP will definitely be getting more carries going forward. The bad news? Johnson’s ass was cut in a corresponding move.

On the plus side, CJ seems to be handling AP taking his job okay:

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Riverdale Has Finally Cast Betty’s Older Brother, and He’s Really Hot

Riverdale is about to get even more complicated during season two. Not only will Veronica’s father (Mark Consuelos) stir up some trouble next season, but we’ll finally get to meet Betty’s long-lost brother, Chic. Newcomer Hart Denton, who previously appeared on an episode of Fox’s Lethal Weapon, has been cast as the eldest Cooper son. Even though he’s a bit younger than we were expecting (Alice gave the baby up for adoption when she was still in high school), he definitely has that Cooper family look. So, does that striking blond hair mean the popular theory that FP Jones is the father of Alice’s child isn’t true? We guess only time will tell.

Chic, who will be a recurring character on the series, is slated to come to town midway through the upcoming season. Seeing that Denton is already in Vancouver with the cast, fans are theorizing his big arrival could happen during the recently taped Christmas episode, «Silent Night, Deadly Night.» You know what they say: there’s no place like home (and a bit of family drama) for the holidays.

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15 Vampire Diaries Costumes You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

As The Vampire Diaries finished up its eighth and final season, last year, but it’s still cool to look to some of our favorite characters (living and undead) for a little Halloween inspiration. Not only do Elena and the Salvatore brothers have some iconic looks, but they’re also incredibly easy to re-create. So grab some fake vampire teeth and a leather jacket and get ready to kill it with your costume.

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This Theory About What Really Happened to Dumbledore’s Sister Will Make Your Head Spin

Image Source: Everett Collection

As one of the Harry Potter series’ most important characters, Albus Dumbledore’s early life was fraught with tragedy. Over the course of just a handful of years, his sister was attacked, his father was sent to prison, and his mother was killed in an accidental explosion caused by his sister Ariana. And then Ariana died in the crossfire of a duel between Albus, his brother (Aberforth), and Albus’s then-best friend, Gellert Grindelwald.

The real truth of the events that transpired is still widely debated, but one question that’s never been answered is a pretty major one: who actually killed Ariana Dumbledore?

First, some context on the sad story of Ariana Dumbledore. At just 6 years old, she was brutally attacked by three Muggle boys who spotted her doing magic. The event left her mentally unstable and scared to perform magic. Her emotions turned inward, creating what many fans assume to be an Obscurus, which is the bottled-up, dangerous energy of a child with magical powers (known as an Obscurial) who isn’t allowed to practice his or her magic. Obscurus were explored in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and there’s justified speculation that Ariana was an Obscurial as a result of her childhood trauma with the Muggles.

If Dumbledore accidentally killed Ariana in the confusion of the duel, the Elder Wand’s allegiance would have then shifted to him.

Dumbledore’s father, Percival, went after the Muggles who harmed his daughter, earning him a sentence in Azkaban. His mother, Kendra, moved the family to Godric’s Hollow and kept Ariana hidden from the wizarding world, due to her uncontrollable magic. One of Ariana’s magical explosions resulted in Kendra’s death, leaving Dumbledore to take care of his family right after he graduated Hogwarts and was planning to travel the world with his close friend and confidant, Gellert Grindelwald — the man with whom he planned a «new world order» between the wizarding and Muggle worlds.

Albus’s brother, Aberforth, felt that Dumbledore was neglecting Ariana as he pursued his ambitious path with Grindelwald, and their disagreement came to a head when all three wizards engaged in a violent argument that left Ariana Dumbledore dead. There’s always been the implication that Grindelwald dealt the final magical blow that ended her life, but a new theory argues that much darker sequence of events unfolded, and that Dumbledore was actually to blame. Here’s what it says:

[Harry Potter] Albus killed Ariana from FanTheories

Based on the nature of how the Elder Wand is passed from person to person (a wizard must win the wand), the theory argues that Ariana Dumbledore overpowered Grindelwald (who wielded the Elder Wand at the time) to protect Aberforth, thus winning its allegiance for herself. Based on that fact, if Dumbledore accidentally killed Ariana in the confusion of the duel, the Elder Wand’s allegiance would have then shifted to him, which would explain why the wand answered to him in the future. More widely accepted theories of the wand’s allegiance come from the belief that Dumbledore won it in the famous duel with Grindelwand much later.

«This is why Albus took so long to fight Grindelwald [later when he rose to power as a dark wizard],» the theory claims. «He knew that it would confirm that it was he who had killed Ariana. It did, and he lived with that for the rest of his life.»

Live with it he did. Dumbledore is undeniably guilt-ridden for reasons that are never fully explained (think about his reaction to the Drink of Despair in Half-Blood Prince). This theory is also supported by his explanation in the book as to why he put on the cursed ring containing the Resurrection Stone.

«I put it on, and for a second I imagined that I was about to see Ariana, and my mother, and my father, and to tell them how very, very sorry I was . . . .»

Sorry for neglecting his family? Sorry for starting down a dark path with Grindelwald? Or sorry for sending out the curse that ended the life of his own sister? You decide.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

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Hey! That Show You Don’t Watch Had a Really Great Episode This Week

I’m going to briefly tell you about three amazing episodes of television that almost none of you saw this week. In some cases, I believe these are series you should watch, if you do not, and therefore, I don’t want spoil the episodes. So:

Fear the Walking Dead — I know, I know! You gave up last season. Or two seasons ago. Or you never even bothered. Or maybe you think of Fear the Walking Dead the way I used to think about Agents of SHIELD before I gave up on it: That every once in a while it’d give you an episode just good enough to keep you watching only to let you down again the very next week.

And maybe that will happen here, too. But, there have been two good episodes of Fear the Walking Dead in a row, and not just good episodes. Great episodes, and not just «great for Fear the Walking Dead episodes, but great episodes of television.

I wrote about this extensively over on Uproxx. I think the show has turned in a corner in a way that may be more permanent because these two episodes weren’t entirely reliant on plot developments. The series has finally found their best characters — Nick, Troy, and Alicia — and they’re developing them, keeping their focus on them. They show really needs to lose Madison and Daniel, but I truly think the show has finally found is legs. It took three seasons, and you may not want to slog through the first two seasons to get here. But, if you bailed after season two, it’s definitely worth catching up on it this year if you’re a fan of the universe (and these last two episodes have been as good or better than anything produced on The Walking Dead).

Mr. Mercedes — I have talked a little about this show before — a David Kelley created adaptation of a Stephen King novel, largely directed by Lost’s Jack Bender and featuring episodes written by Dennis Lehane and A.M. Homes. Oh, and it also stars Brendan Gleeson. It’s a really good hard-boiled detective series about a retired, alcoholic cop (Gleeson) trying to solve the murder of the Mercedes killer (Harry Treadway) — a guy who, years before, plowed into a crowd of people in a stolen Mercedes because he felt like it. It’s a ten-episode series, I believe, and next week’s is the finale, but when it shows up on Netflix or Amazon, jump on it (it’s currently on DirectTV’s Audience Network, so many of you probably don’t even have access to it). It’s great television, and it has not been afraid to kill off some of its higher-profile names, often in dramatic fashion.

Halt & Catch Fire — This one is two episodes away from its series finale, and it’s five seasons long, so if you’re not onboard yet, you’re not gonna catch up by the finale. But it’s worth it to get invested at some point. The AMC series struggled in its opening seasons — sometimes badly — but the network had faith in it for some reason. There was little in that opening season aside from a terrific cast to give AMC any reason to renew it, but they did anyway, and even as the ratings have fallen so far that basically it’s just a handful of critics watching this show on Saturday nights, it has managed to improve every reason. At this point, it’s remarkably good. This week was a «big» episode, but they handled it in a very restrained manner, and it was twice as effective for it. I knew it was coming — I think the 14 of us who still watch this series have known it was coming for three seasons — but they handled it so gracefully, so delicately. It’s a great show, not just for the cast (Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Toby Huss, Kerry Bishé, Mackenzie Davis), but for essentially taking us through the computer age, from PCs to video games to the Internet to the search engine wars. I can’t recommend this show enough, and it has sadly been one of the biggest casualties of the Peak TV era.


Kristin Davis Really Wanted “Sex And The City 3” To Happen


Kristin Davis is probably not going to sign Kim Cattrall up for the Sex Toy of the Month club for Christmas like she planned (nothing says Warm Holiday Wishes like a new dildo every month). Brooke from Melrose Place says it’s “deeply frustrating” that Sex and the City 3 is deader than our political system. It turns out that Kim Cattrall realizes that no one wants to see Samantha Jones removing her dentures and putting them in a cup of Polident on the nightstand so she can blow the UPS guy on the big screen. Kim put the kibosh on the film by refusing to be in it. Speaking of sending people gifts to show your appreciation, are we all chipping in on an Edible Arrangement to send to Kim to thank her for sparing us that particular hardship?

Kristin, who hasn’t been that visible since Charlotte York, took to Instagram to share her pain about not getting that SATC 3 check.

MPK” is famed SATC producer/writer/director Michael Patrick King. He directed those two movie messes and had apparently already written the third one. Both of those movies made bank at the box office, and you can’t really do them without all four of them which means Kristen was probably making yacht money. I guess I’d be irritated, too. It’s not like Kim’s being highly sought after for the Big Trouble in Little China sequel (such a good movie). She obviously has some time on her hands. *shrug*

As you know, Kim Cattrall tweeted that the story about her making demands was a load of shit and the only demand she made was that she didn’t want to be in a third movie.

In other no longer Patricia Fields-dressed bitchery, Stanford Blatch (aka actor Willie Garson) re-tweeted a link to the Daily Mail article about Kim’s “outrageous demands” being the reason for the movie not happening. Oh, and just in case you didn’t pick up what he was putting down, he tweeted (and later deleted):

“And that, is that. And sadly the reasons are true. Period.”

Uh, you were in both flicks for roughly 3.2 seconds.

Screw Stanford Blatch and his dumb outfits. And screw Charlotte! Kristin Davis will always be psycho Brooke from Melrose Place to me, anyway. She was the first (and if I remember, only) character to drown in the complex pool. That should be at the very top of her IMDB.

Pic: Instagram


Sam Heughan Steps Out With His Girlfriend — He Really Knows How to Break Our Hearts

Sam Heughan has popped up in our dreams more times than we care to admit (yes, there were kilts involved), but it looks as though being Mrs. Heughan is something that will only happen when we’re fast asleep. The Outlander actor looked all sorts of fine when he was photographed talking a stroll in NYC with his girlfriend, MacKenzie Mauzy, on Thursday. Sam, who, dare we say it, looks almost hotter with short hair, sweetly had his arm around MacKenzie as they made their way around the city.

Rumors of a romance between the two started swirling in 2015 when he attended her 27th birthday bash, but it’s still unclear when they officially started dating. But this outing definitely proves they adore each other. Sigh. We’ll just see you in our dreams tonight, Sam!

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