How Cersei’s «Good» News May Finally Turn Her Into the Mad Queen

Sometimes you can see a Game of Thrones twist coming years before it actually happens. Come on . . . was anyone really surprised when Jon Snow’s parents were revealed in season six? Cersei’s pregnancy is not one of those twists. In Sunday night’s episode, «Eastwatch,» Qyburn confirms Cersei is pregnant and tactfully offers her something to deal with the issue, but she declines. Does that mean Cersei is really expecting again? Almost certainly, but it may not be good news for the queen.

There is a palpable shift in Cersei’s attitude in this episode. She actually allows her little brother Tyrion into the castle to meet with Jaime, and she is entertaining the thought of speaking with Daenerys. Suddenly, Cersei sees a future for herself and Jaime that is a happy one. The joy on her face when she tells Jaime the world will know he’s the father of her child is real. After losing her three children, the Lannister Queen now has a reason to hope for a new beginning, but allowing herself to hope could be her downfall.

Maggy’s prophecy still looms over Cersei’s story. The wood witch from season five promises a young Cersei that she will have three children and «gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds.» The deaths of Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen all come to pass just as Maggy predicts. There’s no mention of a fourth child, which suggests Cersei will not carry this baby to term. That begs the question: why bother making Cersei pregnant at all? And the answer is simple enough: to finally push her fully over the edge.

Ever since she blew up the Great Sept of Baelor, fans have been predicting that Cersei would become the Mad Queen. So far, she’s been stable enough. She certainly wants to destroy Daenerys’s army, and her goal of uniting the realm to make sure the Dragon Queen doesn’t take her position of power remains her focus. All of her interactions with Jaime suggest she wants to build a world where no one can tell them what they can and cannot do anymore. They are lions, after all, and she’s heeding her father’s advice about not worrying about the opinions of the sheep. As ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, she is finally in a position in which she doesn’t have to answer to anyone, and that’s all Cersei has ever wanted.

Now that she has a new baby on the way, Cersei has even more of a reason to seek peace with Daenerys. In her mind, she can finally have a happy ending, but if that beautiful image in her head is destroyed, so will be the last vestiges of her humanity. Right now, Jaime and the baby are keeping her grounded. But if Jon succeeds in bringing a White Walker to King’s Landing, then Jaime may be inclined to join the fight to stop the fall of Westeros. Cersei doesn’t warn her brother never to betray her again for no reason. One way or another, Cersei seems destined to lose Jaime, and this reality compounded with a miscarriage could push her over the edge.

Her children are everything to her, and she has yet to truly grieve over Tommen. Losing a fourth child could be her undoing and lead to the birth of the true Mad Queen. If Cersei’s hope for the future is crushed, then she will be more than happy to watch the world burn around her. In fact, she may once again light the match.

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The British Monarchy Crumbles Around Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown’s Season 2 Trailer

Queen Elizabeth II does NOT have an easy journey ahead of her in season two of The Crown. Netflix dropped the first teaser trailer for its $ 130 million royal drama on Thursday, and it hints that the bond between Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and Prince Philip (Matt Smith) is going to reach its breaking point sooner rather than later as the young queen struggles to keep the British monarchy afloat. The trailer also features a few quick glimpses of Michael C. Hall as US President John F. Kennedy and Quarry actress Jodi Balfour as First Lady Jackie Kennedy, so check it out above before season two returns on Dec. 8.

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Look Back on Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-Year Marriage in Pictures

After almost 70 years of marriage, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are still going strong. The two were first introduced in 1934, when she was only 8 years old, but it wasn’t until their meeting at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in July 1939 — Elizabeth was 13 and Philip was 18 — that they fell in love and began to exchange letters. In November 1947, the two made things official when they tied the knot during a luxurious ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Nearly a year after their wedding day, Elizabeth gave birth to the couple’s first child, Prince Charles, and they welcomed their daughter, Princess Anne, two years later. Over the years, the pair have shared a number of sweet moments together as they carry out their royal duties across the globe. Now that Prince Philip has officially retired, look back at his best appearances with Queen Elizabeth II.

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The Queen Likes Her Booze

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is 91 years old, and she looks pretty damn good for 91. Turns out there may be a reason why The Queen doesn’t look a day over 86, and it could be that her insides are preserved like an expertly aged jar of pickles from all the booze she drinks. Based on zero research, of course. I’m just going with what I know: that wine is basically a health elixir, and that a human gut can only take so many cream-based party coolers (those do no favors for no body).

Business Insider (via Travel + Leisure) has a list of all the things The Queen likes to eat and drink in a day. She eats normal British stuff: tea and biscuits, toast and marmalade, tea sandwiches. If her daily diet was one of her grandkids, it might be Prince William. Her daily cocktail list on the other hand is a little more Prince Harry.

According to the report, The Queen has four drinks a day. The Queen allegedly starts before noon with a Dubonnet and gin with a slice of lemon. Booze on booze? What a champ. Then she has a glass of wine at lunch. Then during lunch she has a dry gin martini. I’ll be honest, it sounds like The Queen has three drinks at lunch. Get wild, QEII!

After dinner, she has a glass of champagne. I knew The Queen was classy, but champagne after dinner every night of the week classy? Goodness gracious, no wonder she wears a crown and pearls when she leaves the house.

What the report fails to mention is how many drinks The Queen slams back after Prince Philip does something embarrassing. Or maybe she takes care of that by summoning a corgi to fetch her best bong.



The 3 Things Prince Philip Gave Up For Queen Elizabeth II Prove Just How Strong His Love Is

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are coming up on 70 years of marriage in November, and while that’s a huge feat in itself, the journey to get there hasn’t been all that easy for him. Philip — who is Elizabeth’s third cousin — was originally born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, but when he and Elizabeth decided to tie the knot in November 1947, he had to renounce both of his Greek and Danish titles on the morning of his wedding. As a result, Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, made him the Duke of Edinburgh. Philip also switched to Anglicanism from Greek Orthodoxy to win the British public’s favor and prove his allegiance to Elizabeth.

When the king’s health began to worsen in 1951, Philip abandoned his naval career to support Elizabeth and assume his royal duties. Philip had just acquired the title of commander of the Royal Navy at the time. «I don’t know how difficult it was, it was naturally disappointing,» he said in a May 2011 interview with ITV. «I had just been promoted to commander and the fact was that the most interesting part of my naval career was just starting.»

Elizabeth eventually returned Philip’s royal status in 1957 when she gave him the title of a Prince of the United Kingdom, and for his 90th birthday in June 2011, Elizabeth made Philip the head of the Royal Navy, giving him the title and office of Lord High Admiral of the Navy, a position Elizabeth held since 1964. Now if that isn’t love, we don’t know what is.

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Emilia Clarke’s Hollywood Evolution Proves She’s Always Been a Queen

Emilia Clarke is making big waves in Hollywood thanks to her role as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, but you also may know her as Lou Clark from 2016’s Me Before You. Other than her hair color and wardrobe, the 30-year-old London native hasn’t really changed much since she first burst on the scene, but then again, she’s only just getting started.

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Why Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Photo of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has made more public outings in her royal career than any sane person could actually count, but her latest one has been causing some serious waves. After attending a celebration to mark Canada’s 150th birthday in London on July 19, the 91-year-old royal was spotted making her way out of Canada House. While this fact isn’t necessarily exciting, it’s who she was with that is behind the current «scandal.» Canadian Governor General David Johnston was photographed helping the queen down the stairs by lightly touching her arm and back. Totally harmless right? Not so fast. Royal etiquette states that greetings should not go beyond a handshake, and while the younger royals like Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton have no problem breaking this rule, especially when it comes to emotionally charged meetings, the queen can be a different story. While she’s not too bothered if people bow or curtsy in her presence, she is known to be quite traditional.

The governor spoke out about his decision to touch the queen, saying he was simply trying to prevent her from falling. «I was just anxious to be sure there was no stumbling on the steps,» he told CBC News. «It’s a little bit awkward, that descent from Canada House to Trafalgar Square, and there was carpet that was a little slippy, and so I thought perhaps it was appropriate to breach protocol just to be sure that there was no stumble.» While we understand the royals’s «no autographs or selfies» policy, the innocent and polite gesture of helping a woman down the stairs is nothing to get upset over.

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The Special Way Will and Kate Honored the Queen During Their Polish Tour

The British royal family officially began their five-day tour of Poland and Germany when they touched down in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday. Upon their arrival, Charlotte practiced her royal wave and George kept close to his dad as he gave him a princely pep talk. Will and Kate then paid their respects at the Warsaw Rising Museum before visiting the Heart Business Incubator. While there, the royal couple tested out a pair of virtual reality goggles, which were designed to provide a visual of the Polish capital.

But their day didn’t end there! Later in the evening, Will and Kate switched up their looks and attended a special garden party in honor of the queen’s birthday at Lazienki Park. Will even gave a speech to the crowd, saying, «Tonight we have double reason to celebrate, we mark the birthday of my grandmother, the queen, and we mark the depth and breadth of our two great shared countries.»

Unfortunately, George and Charlotte did not attend as they are reportedly staying with their nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo, while their parents conduct their official duties.

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Simone Biles, Queen of Comebacks, Responds to Being Called a «Bad Role Model»

resting beach face 🐚

A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on

Simone Biles is not afraid to speak her mind, and that’s exactly what the five-time Olympic medalist did when she was called a bad role model for posting a photo of herself enjoying a well-deserved vacation. «Seems like you have partied non stop for a year #trash #unfollow #suckyassrolemodel,» someone wrote underneath her Instagram selfie. Instead of letting the ignorant comment go unnoticed, Simone decided to call the person out.

«Comments like this have me shook. I really wanted to blur her name out so she doesn’t get attention. but it is what it is . . . ✌🏾 #BLOCK» she tweeted. Simone also replied back on Instagram, writing, «talk to me when you train for 14 years and earn 5 Olympic Medals. I think kids would think otherwise. My year off is well deserved! Take a couple seats.» Now that’s what you call a mic drop!

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21 Awkward Interactions Between Kate Middleton and the Queen

Kate Middleton’s been a member of the royal family for more than six years and has produced two heirs to the throne, yet we have to imagine she deals with some of the same in-law annoyances as the rest of the world. Her grandmother-in-law is the actual queen of England, after all, and with that comes royal protocol and rules way beyond traditional in-law issues. Read through to see all the comical interactions Kate and the queen have had through the years.

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