Why Margot Robbie Didn’t Want to Spend Much Time With Tonya Harding Before Playing Her

In taking on the lead role in I, Tonya, Margot Robbie had the tough task of portraying not only an Olympic figure skater but also a public figure involved in a scandal that many people remember very well. Both she and Sebastian Stan, who plays Tonya Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, were able to study their real-life counterparts via online footage, but they also met Harding and Gillooly face to face. For Stan, this really helped him get into character, but Robbie was a little hesitant to spend too much time with the former figure skater. Here’s what Robbie and Stan had to say at a Q&A at the Toronto Film Festival when asked if meeting Harding and Gillooly made them sympathize with them more:

Margot Robbie: «It did, which is why I didn’t want to spend too much time with Tonya before we started shooting. I didn’t want to pull back anything in the performance and in the story. Craig [Gillespie, who directed the movie] and I flew up to Portland and met with Tonya and we only spent a couple of hours with her, and I think it was better to keep it that way. I think otherwise I would’ve probably had too much empathy for her.»

Sebastian Stan: «I sought him out. It took me a while, he wasn’t returning my calls right away. But finally I tracked him down. No matter what the situation, you’re always feeling some kind of responsibility for the person because they’re a real person and we have a script to honor, and that was always going to be my main task, no matter what, without judgment of what any character was doing. And with him, it was just to learn as much about him as possible and try to figure out why people do what they do.»

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Joel Embiid Says He’s Only Playing At 69% Right Now

Breaking news: Joel Embiid is a monster and trusting the process has finally worked out for Philly. Sam Hinkie literally died for Sixers sins and they now have 2 of the best young players in the NBA with Embidd and Simmons.

Last night, the big fella went to Los Angeles to face off with Lonzo Ball and left the game with a casual 46/15/7/7 line. It was by far the best game of his career and after the game let it be known that he’s not even playing at his full capability right now. There’s still a lot more where that came from.  About 31% more, because according to him, he’s only playing at 69% right now.

As you know, only one word can be said about that: niiiiiiice.

He also murdered the Ball family

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Kate Middleton Serves Up Some Serious Fun While Playing Tennis With Kids

Kate Middleton is a self-proclaimed tennis fan, and it certainly showed during her latest appearance in London. On Tuesday, the royal, who is currently pregnant with her third child, served up some serious fun as she visited the Lawn Tennis Association at the National Tennis Center. Sporting a fashionable black tracksuit and sneakers, Kate couldn’t contain her laughter as she tossed the ball around with some kids on the court. She even gave one boy a congratulatory high five after their one-on-one. Once again, she has proven that she’s not too «princessy» to play sports, and we love it.

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USA Cancels ‘Playing House,’ Thanks for Three Bangin’ Seasons

Well, my fellow jammers, we kind of knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Yes, after three lovely seasons, Playing House has been cancelled. After USA took its time announcing season 3 and then burned that season by airing episodes back-to-back over six weeks, it seemed as though this would be the outcome. It stings especially after how personal season 3 was, recreating often word-for-word co-star and co-creator Jessica St. Clair’s real breast cancer treatment journey. And likely knowing this was a big possibility, the writers gave the show a nice ending, replete with drag queens and a happy ending for everyone—even Bird Bones.

The show was a warm joy, a 22-minute hug over a big glass of sauv blanc, a celebration of the best kind of friendship without cruelty or callousness, only support and a multitude of loving jabs. It was a love story, the best, most important love story of female best friends who become sisters. And sisters, have ya heard?


Thanks for three great seasons, Lennon and Jessica. We’ll be there for whatever comes next.


Here’s Exactly Why Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Is Playing His Wife in Their New Movie

Despite the fact that Elsa Pataky has 48 credits to her name (including several Fast and the Furious movies), she’s never acted alongside real-life Thor/husband Chris Hemsworth — until now. Elsa and Chris are playing a married couple in the upcoming war drama 12 Strong, the true story of a Special Forces mission in post-9/11 Afghanistan.

Along with a handful of reporters, I was invited to the Albuquerque set to watch the cast film in February. Elsa had already shot her scenes (which were primarily with Chris), and I couldn’t resist asking Chris what it was like to act with her.

«She did very well,» he said jokingly. «It was great; she’s fantastic. We didn’t have to form any chemistry or bond; that came pretty easily and naturally, as you could expect.»

So, how did they both land in the same movie? According to Chris, it was just a perfect fit.

«When I was looking at doing the film, I was right in the middle of Thor [Ragnorak]. It was a busy shoot and I was exhausted . . . The idea of going back to work again was just, Ugh, hang on. Then they simultaneously were like, ‘Look, we’d love Elsa to play your wife, as well.’ That made it a little easier for her to come to terms with packing up and moving again . . . It organically happened all at once, which was nice. I wouldn’t have wanted to say, ‘I’m only doing it if she does it.’ It wasn’t that at all.»

Despite the family affair, Elsa and Chris’s three kids, Sasha, India Rose, and Tristan, stayed behind. While the cold, windy desert setting isn’t for everyone, Chris said, «The kids would be rolling down the hill as we speak.»

12 Strong is set for a Jan. 12 release!

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Sophie Turner Takes a Break From Playing Sansa Stark to Channel Her Inner Britney Spears

A post shared by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on

Sophie Turner does one hell of a job playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, but she also does one mean Britney Spears impression. On Friday, Sophie took a break from filming her Wella Professionals campaign to channel her inner pop star. «Having a Britney moment backstage at @wellahair with @cwoodhair,» she captioned a video of herself strutting her stuff to Britney’s classic «Baby One More Time.» Honestly, this is probably the best thing you’ll see all day.

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American Horror Story: Meet Valerie Solanas, the Real-Life Figure Lena Dunham Is Playing

Image Source: FX Networks

The next episode of American Horror Story: Cult has an unusual episode title: «Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins: Scumbag.» It almost sounds like just a random assortment of words strung together, right? Well, Valerie Solanas is an actual historical figure who will be played by Lena Dunham, so we’re here to help you out with a primer and some speculation as to how she might pertain to AHS season seven.

To know what Solanas was all about, we first have to talk about Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was an artist known as a leading figure in the pop art movement. He worked mostly with painting and silkscreening and was known for his pieces depicting celebrity or consumer culture. Some of his most famous works include the Campbell’s Soup Can and the Marilyn Diptych, a silkscreen painting of actress Marilyn Monroe.

Warhol definitely had a strong following — one might almost call it cult-like — which was only increased by The Factory, Warhol’s New York City studio that was a hotspot for the big names of the bohemian, counterculture movement.

Image Source: Getty / Bettmann

In 1968, radical feminist Solanas came to The Factory and shot Warhol and art critic Mario Amaya. While Amaya’s injuries were minor, Warhol sustained life-threatening injuries. He survived but had to wear a surgical corset for the rest of his life. Solanas said of the attack that Warhol had «too much control» over her life, though there was also a disagreement between them about Warhol producing her play, which he found obscene; Solanas was later diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

Now, how does all this tie into AHS beyond the cult theme? Apparently Evan Peters, who plays cult leader Kai Anderson on the series, will also appear as various other famous, real-life cult leaders like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and Warhol. Dunham is guest-starring as Solanas in the Warhol episode, which creator Ryan Murphy described to Entertainment Weekly as being about female rage, then and now, which ties into Solanas’s famed SCUM manifesto that urged women to overthrow the government and eliminate men altogether.

So obviously Warhol and Solanas are going to make an appearance in the episode, but what’s even more intriguing in light of the episode «Mid-Western Assassin» is that Ally just played Kai’s Solanas for the national media by shooting up his campaign rally. Sure, it was actually a plot between Kai and Meadow to gain him more exposure, but no one knows that. To outsiders, it merely looks as though Ally is a deranged woman obsessed with bringing Kai down. She will undoubtedly be painted as a feminist extremist — and with wife Ivy in the cult and her one ally, Sally Kefler, dead in a staged suicide, is anyone going to believe that Ally was only trying to help?

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Here’s the Famous Actor Who Will Be Playing Veronica’s Infamous Father on Riverdale

Riverdale is taking things to the next level with season two. Along with even more mystery, it’s also adding a few fresh faces to the mix. While Charles Melton will be taking over the role of Reggie after Ross Butler’s departure, we will also get to meet Veronica’s corrupt father, Hiram Lodge, played by Spain-born actor Mark Consuelos.

While the actor is well-known for being a loving family man to Kelly Ripa and their three children, make no mistake, Consuelos has had plenty of experience heating up the small screen. Just like his wife, Consuelos got his start on the soap opera All My Children before scoring a few starring roles on series like American Horror Story, Kingdom, Queen of the South, and The Night Shift and the short-lived Fox series Pitch. And you better believe he made us weak in the knees on every single one. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see him slip into that fitted suit when Riverdale season two premieres on Oct. 11.

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Roll Tide Yall, Indians Fan Playing Risk At Game 5 & Indians Fan Doesn’t Feel So Good At Game 5

Have you looked at Saturday’s schedule?

No games between two ranked teams. You know what that means…upsets. Never fails. You get Ohio State on the road. You get Michigan on the road. Washington State’s on the road Friday night. Utah’s at USC. Oregon’s at Stanford. So it’s not like the schedule is complete garbage. I know ESPN’s headed to James Madison, but don’t sleep on Texas-Oklahoma. I warned you guy.

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Florida Fans Were NOT Happy With LSU’s Band Playing Before Tom Petty’s Tribute

Yesterday, at the beginning of the fourth quarter at The Swamp, Florida did this awesome tribute to Tom Petty that, if you ask me, should become a new tradition from now on. 90,000 people all singing “I Won’t Back Down” as they went into the 4th was by far the coolest thing I saw yesterday.

The tribute was announced earlier in the week after Petty passed, so people knew it was coming and they were ready for it. But as the 4th quarter was about to start, LSU’s band decided they were just going to play whatever generic ass song college bands play in between quarters. Keep in mind, this is right as the Petty tribute is about to start.

Let’s just say Florida fans were not happy about that.

You do not screw with Florida fans and their Petty.

This is the most Florida guy in the stadium: Overalls, a Tom Petty shirt, and a middle finger for the band

Love this LSU fan coming back with the flex

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