Emily Sears Busts Out A Draft Beer Pic For The Ages, ESPN Has Strong Thanksgiving Eve & Philly Grandma Pulls A Robbery

It’s coming up…tomorrow!

Busiest plumbing business day of the year is….Black Friday. Yeah, that’s a local news go-to story this time of year. You’re going to see it on the nightly news while digesting that turkey. Guaranteed. Roto Rooter is even open 24/7 on Thanksgiving for all those clogged toilet calls.

Changing courses a little bit…remember when Thanksgiving Day was all about the pigskin and two football games and then that was it, you took a nap and called it a day? Yeah, well there are like 500 college basketball games being played today. And the Egg Bowl tonight on ESPN. It’s also Phil Knight 70th birthday basketball shootout day in Portland. Remember, stick to sports out there today.

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Scumbag Philly Fan Taken Into Custody For Stealing A Jersey From The Roy Halladay Memorial

How about this human piece of garbage? You have to be a real desperate son of a bitch to steal from a memorial of a beloved athlete not even 48 hours after he passed.

So apparently, this Philly fan thought it would be a good idea walk right up to Roy Halladay’s memorial at Citizen’s Bank Park, which was started by Phillies fans, and take one of the jerseys left there in his honor. Let me say this again: HUMAN PIECE OF GARBAGE.

Luckily, people noticed this idiot putting the jersey under his jacket and chased him down. Police arrested him and ended up giving him a citation for disorderly conduct.

Details from CBS Philly:

Police tell CBS3 that a person was initially taken into custody after an officer observed a man taking a jersey from the memorial.

The man, who’s accused of placing the jersey under his jacket, was chased down by officers.

Police say the man was cited for disorderly conduct and released.

Authorities add that since no one claimed ownership of the jersey, no charges will be filed.

Somehow he’s getting off with just that ticket. Trash like this deserves WAY more than that. Lock him up, let him learn a lesson or two.


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Drew Rosenhaus Gets Shirtless For Rocky Run, Philly Middle Fingers & CNBC Morgan Seems Like A Good Time

How do I know Vegas has moved on from that mass shooting?

From the Las Vegas SunThe second round of skill-based gaming machines has hit the Las Vegas Strip, allowing players to stake their cash on their abilities to use a cartoon catapult or survive a zombie-infested cornfield. 

The six games are:

“Into the Dead.” A zombie shooter game that was originally a smartphone game with 72 million downloads.

“Catapult King.” Also first a smartphone game, players use a catapult to topple knights and castles.

“Lucky Words.” Players must quickly put together letters to form words.

“Match 3volution.” Players create creatures and match them.

“Smoothie Blast.” Players swipe fruit to make smoothies.

“Slice of Cake.” Players slice ingredients to bake a cake.

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Gilbert Arenas Ruthlessly Lets Jahlil Okafor He’s Done in Philly

Former third overall pick Jahlil Okafor recently told SB Nation he’s “unsure” if he’s still a part of the Philadelphia 76ers’ infamous process. Looking at the depth chart, the answer appears to be “no” considering the team is loaded with bigs — Joel Embiid, Rishaun Holmes, Amir Johnson, Dario Saric, etc. Basically he might get minutes if/when Embiid gets hurt. Not a great situation for Big Jah.

Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas chimed in when he saw that headline, and as per usual, held no punches and told the guy he’s getting traded for a washing machine:

😂😂😂😂 when they signed @joelembiid to that max deal, yo ass was like Michelle from destiny child “you are the weakest link #skedaddle” they about to Jackie moon you ass…..breaking news:: Delaware 87ers announced they traded away they washing machine for center JAHLIL he punches in bunches OKAFOR OKAFOR OKAFOR 😬😂😂 bye bye first class HELLO greyhound 💯💯

Savage, and this time we’re pretty sure this isn’t a publicity stunt by Gil.

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Lyft Driver Spots Joel Embiid Jogging Through Philly at Night

Joel Embiid already has a crazy cult following in Philly, but he probably added to his legend Monday night by going full-Rocky Balboa with a late-night run in the streets. And there’s proof of said run as a Lyft driver spotted Embiid running in the wild and did the sensible thing of tailing him to yell… “Trust the Process!” Of course.

Evan Bowen-Gaddy captioned:

Driving in the night, I spot Embiid running with a small man. In my panicked euphoria, I act weird, but Embiid is nice.

The 76ers open the season on Oct. 18 in Washington, no word on whether Joel will be available considering he’s still not participating in full-court scrimmages…

Just trust the process, I guess.

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Philly Fan’s Obituary Asks For 8 Eagles Players To “Let Him Down One Last Time” As Pallbearers


I feel like every few months or so, we’ll see an obituary go viral and I feel like this is the next one. Eagles fan, Jeffrey Reigel, who lived out his whole life without seeing a Super Bowl win (and only 2 appearances), who suffered through countless dissapointing seasons and endured Andy Reid’s egregious clock management, used his last dying wish to shit all over the team.

How did he do it? Well, he specfically asked for 8 Eagles players to show u to his funeral and let him down one more time.

From his obituary via the Wimberg Funeral Home:

God gave Jeffrey the miracle of time to prepare which allowed him to verbalize his last wishes. He requested to have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as pall bearers so the Eagles can let him down one last time.

Obivously, we’ve all heard this sports joke before, but it’ll never get old. Anybody who uses their dying breath to take shots at their shitty team is a winner in my book. Jeffrey had to deal with cancer, meanwhile in the 56 years he was on Earth the Eagles couldn’t win one goddamn Super Bowl, so of course he’s taking shots.

At least he got to see them pull out a W last week in a preseason game (via Philly.com):

As cancer was getting the best of him, Riegel watched his Birds beat the Buffalo Bills, 20-16, last Thursday in their second preseason game.

Riegel, a 1978 graduate of Mainland High School and longtime member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 351, died early the next day, his wife said.

“He got to see them go out on a win,” his wife said, suggesting that may have been what he needed to make peace with death. He enjoyed the team in many ways, including having his picture taken with two cheerleaders — with Riegel smiling wide beneath the brim of his tan cap.

Busted Coverage

Remember the Browns fan who did this a few years back?




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Kristen Stewart’s Hair, Kentucky’s Rally Cup Hat & Britt Defends Philly Rant Reporter

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There’s a bunch of NCAA super regional action to watch today. You’ll even get an Oregon State-Vandy game at 9 EST. All…day…long. And Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Sympathy win or the Cavs roll over and get ready for vacation. I’m going with the latter. Warriors want that 4-4-4-4. You’ll also get the St. Jude Classic at 4 on the Golf Channel.

Kristen Stewart’s new hair — like it?

T Swizz vs. Katy IS ON….bitchez gonna get it ON!

Kentucky’s rally cup hat is impressive

Draymond’s mom vs. Cavs fan — who you got?

Britt McHenry defends Philly TV reporter

This is going to change the Olympics — 3 on 3 in 2020!

This Florida Man used his kid to steal from Lowes then left his kid at store

Here’s Madeleine from San Diego State University

The BC & Bellino Friday Show!

Bone-in Ribeyes of the Week

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Eagles Fans Had Some Philly Fun With The Cowboys Draft Helmet

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After what we’ve seen from the draft in the first day and a half, I’m thinking we might need to keep this thing in Philly every single year. These people are a bunch of savages and they don’t care who knows it. They have 80,000 people show up to night one, they boo Goodell like there’s no tomorrow, and they LOVE F’ing with all of the Cowboys stuff.

Yesterday we posted the video of the Cowboys fan getting booed to the moon by Eagles fans at the fan fest and now on day two, even with biggest night over, they’ve still come out in troves to shit on the Cowboys.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I love it

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Piss break

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Your classic middle finger

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Bonus from yesterday

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It’s going to be tough to top Philly next year.


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Danny Amendola & Olivia Culpo Getting It In, El Chapo’s Disgruntled, Plus Philly Liquor Bottle Forecast


Annnnnnnddddd…here comes the First Four in Dayton. I was in Dayton over the weekend and you’d be shocked how excited that city is for 8 random schools to be in town for games. I went to a family gathering and ended up talking First Four. It just means more in that city. Kansas State-Wake Forest sounds interesting. That’s on TRU TV at 9 or whenever the first game ends. You’ll also get Pistons-Cavs at 7 on NBA TV.

Danny Amendola about to give Olivia Culpo the D on the beach

El Chapo’s struggling with U.S. prison system

Jose Reyes’ secret baby mama files lawsuit

Worst out call in softball history? This isn’t even a bang-bang play

Tom Herman throws a rave

Philly weatherman has liquor bottle snow forecast

Florida Man spills his food scraps on I-75, highway closed

Meet Sara from Arizona State

Behind The Head Pass of the Week

Korean BBQ Fries of the Day

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Joel Embiid Gets His Boogie On At A Meek Mill Concert In Philly


“I thought Joel Embiid was out with a knee injury? If a guy has missed 11 of his last 12 games, why is he going buckwild on stage at a Meek Mill concert? Knee looks pretty healthy to me. This guy is just becoming more and more of a distraction.”

I think I just wrote every Philly columnist’s Sunday column right there. Embiid is going to get crushed for doing this, but guess what, I love it. Every fan in Philly loves this dude, so why wouldn’t he want to get his boogie on in front 20,000 people?

But, like I said, he will get crushed for this. I guess it might be a little bit of a bad look when you’re supposed to have a knee issue and you’re hopping around stage like a madman.

I’ve said that Embiid is becoming the NBA’s Gronk and this is exactly something Gronk would do. Get injured and do a little bit of partying when you’re out with that injury. A classic Gronk move that he never gets heat for. Embiid will. Book it.



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