Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s Romance Is as Perfect as a Sunday Morning

Millions of hearts broke in July 2014 when Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Los Cabos, Mexico. But while you may still be recovering from the fact that your dreams of actually dating Adam have gone out the window, you have to admit that the couple’s romance is pretty damn cute. They first became an item back in 2012, welcomed daughter Dusty Rose in September 2016, and are currently expecting their second child. In honor of their laid-back and hilarious relationship, we’ve rounded up some of their cutest moments together.

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This Grandma’s Game of Thrones Cosplay Is So Perfect, We May Actually Cry

Don’t like Game of Thrones? Well, deal with it. At least, that’s 87-year-old cosplayer Beverly’s attitude, inspired by arguably the show’s most badass character, Olenna Tyrell. Beverly channeled the spirited matriarch for DragonCon, an Atlanta fan convention, and her flawless imitation of Lady Olenna went totally viral.

Beverly’s «it was me» sign is a reference to Lady Olenna’s badass final moment on the show, when she owns up to Joffrey’s murder and tells Jaime Lannister: «Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.» The grandma also carried another sign option for the con, which proclaims «not dead yet.» (Though, as show watchers know, this isn’t necessarily true for Olenna.)

For reference, the rose Beverly carried with her costume is both a nod to House Tyrell’s sigil and Olenna’s nickname, «The Queen of Thorns.» The pixelated glasses are a reference to a meme praising Olenna’s badass «deal with it» attitude. Like so:

Get on with your bad self, Beverly. You’re an inspiration.

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This Season 1 Scene Is the Reason Why Littlefinger’s Death Is So Damn Perfect

Warning: spoilers for Game of Thrones below!

Leading up to the season seven finale of Game of Thrones, plenty of theories popped up about the eventual fate of Littlefinger: would Arya murder him? Should Sansa kill him instead? Would Arya take out Sansa because of her loyalty to the former Master of Coin? Although all would have been interesting developments, «The Dragon and the Wolf» finally put an end to all of our questions. Littlefinger, after spending years manipulating the Starks and essentially igniting the War of the Five Kings, was sentenced to death by Sansa at Winterfell.

Despite the appearance of tension between Arya and Sansa over the past few episodes, the sisters had actually been working together all along (all the credit in the world to Arya, because she laid her «I hate my sister» routine on THICK). After tricking Littlefinger into thinking that he’s attending a trial for Arya’s past misdeeds in the Great Hall, Sansa surprises the hell out of him by actually announcing that it’s his life that’s at risk. Unfortunately for Littlefinger, Sansa’s mind is completely made up. She orders Arya to slit Littlefinger’s throat with the very Valyrian steel dagger he uses in season one to start drama between the Starks and the Lannisters, but there’s another reason why his death is so satisfying.

In season one, Littlefinger figuratively stabs Ned in the back by literally holding the dagger to his throat and chiding the Stark patriarch for trusting him to begin with. While Sansa gives the order for Littlefinger’s death, it’s Arya who actually does the deed, which is fitting if you take into account just how much Arya has started to look just like her father lately. It’s as if Ned himself gets revenge on Littlefinger for destroying their family, slicing open his throat the same way Littlefinger almost did years earlier.

Like Sansa says, «There’s no justice in the world, not unless we make it.»

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6 Guaranteed Things We Know About Pitch Perfect 3

Now that Pitch Perfect 3 has wrapped filming, all we can do is sit back and wait for the aca-details. Right now, you need to know that the first poster has been released and the trailer is here! Who will be returning, and what will the characters do now that they’ve graduated? Here’s everything we know so far about the movie, including the latest (exciting!) stars to sign on, the release date, and more. Take a look and find out whether we’ll get more cameos in the new movie!

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Vinessa Shaw Announces Her Pregnancy With the Perfect Hocus Pocus Photo

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Vinessa Shaw is going to be a mom! The Hocus Pocus actress, who played Allison in the Halloween classic, revealed this week that she is expecting her first child with husband Kristopher Gifford. «We are proud and excited to share that we are expecting a little one early next year!» she wrote on Instagram. «My hubby is a graphic designer, so I hope you appreciate his cheekiness.» In the photo, the two stand in front of a photoshopped background with the words, «Great news! I am pregnant.» Following her initial reveal, the 41-year-old couldn’t help but make a Sanderson sisters joke by posting another snap of a pregnancy test inside a frame that read, «Winnie, I smell . . . a child. It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.» Now if you need us, we’ll just be getting our nostalgia fix by rewatching the movie.

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The Full Cast of Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3 is coming later this year, and we got a first look at footage earlier this week, reminding us about our favorite Bellas. We may only have a few details so far, but we do know much of the cast. Anna Kendrick is reprising her role as Beca, and she’s not the only one who is set to return. Keep scrolling to see everyone who is signed on for the film (including the latest addition, DJ Khaled!), and check back as we update with more.

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A Sober Seth Meyers Gives the Perfect Retort to Donald Trump’s Inadequate Charlottesville Response

Seth Meyers does not use a graphic here. He makes no jokes. Nor does he run a bunch of clips highlighting the hypocrisy of Donald Trump. He just tells it straight: Donald Trump is not acting as a President should.

Ivanka is viewed the same as a half-wit Saudi prince, according to an Indian diplomat. I am fucking DYING!- (Celebitchy)

Did you catch the Easter eggs and callbacks in Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones? No worries, Joanna’s got you covered. — (VF)

Miley showed up for soundcheck, but then didn’t show up for the actual Teen Choice Awards—where she was going to be presented with the Ultimate Choice Award— because she had created unrealistic schedule expectations. — (LG)

Zendaya did show up for the awards and she wore THE BEST pajamas ever. I mean, if this whole fancy pajamas thing is going to become a real-life fashion thing, I will 100% get behind it. — (GFY)

Eloquent MelBivDevoe (who has one of my all-time favorite user names) received this GLORIOUS RBG Dissent Collar pin from a kind friend. The Notorious RBG wears a special Dissent collar to signal that she doesn’t agree with the Court’s decision on a ruling, and she *coincidentally* wore that collar on November 9th. You can get your own Dissent Collar pin (or necklace or glorious RBG herownself) here (50% of their profits go to organizations that you may find worthy of support) — (DissentPins)

Friend of the site, Angry Black Lady said on Facebook that I had to click through to this Twitter link and she did not disappoint. It’s delicious! — (Twitter)

This is mostly about Jennifer Aniston’s nipplage on Friends, but really what I mostly took from it is that Jen and Reese Witherspoon are going to be in a teevee show together? Will they be playing Rachel and Jill Green and can Christina Applegate be in it, too?! I would watch that. — (Dlisted)

These illustrations of the joy of living alone are SUH adorbs! — (Bored Panda)

Jenny S recently went on a Louise Penny-inspired road trip with her mother and sister. Along the way, she bought the 4th in the Inspector Gamache series, The Murder Stone (US title: A Rule Against Murder.) The series isn’t "fast-paced tales of suspense but rather explorations of human relationships and tensions that lead to murder." What’s your favorite murder mystery series? (Cannonball Read 9)


These Peeks of Jason Momoa as Aquaman Prove That He’s the Perfect Casting Choice

In case his crazy Justice League workout regimen or the first look behind the scenes didn’t convince you that Jason Momoa is perfect for the role of DC Comics’ Aquaman (a trident-wielding half-god also known as Arthur Curry), we’ve rounded up all the peeks we’ve gotten at the highly anticipated Atlantean hero. Momoa’s hulking stature, no-nonsense gaze, and ability to rock tattoos lend him the perfect look for embodying director Zack Snyder’s new take on the beloved hero, and the actor’s pioneering attitude and respect for the sea mean that he’s inwardly suited for the role also.

Both interviews with Momoa and social media snaps about his new role reveal that he’s ridiculously excited to pick up Aquaman’s trident — especially because he’ll be able to portray his Polynesian heritage in the role. Check out these incredible moments from the filming of Justice League, his appearance in the trailer, and Aquaman’s brief cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Once you see how powerful, passionate, and intimidating Momoa appears in the role, you’ll barely be able to wait for the Justice League premiere! (If that is indeed the case, then here are all the shots you need of him from the first Justice League trailer.)

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Kate Hudson’s Halloween Costumes Are the Perfect Mix of Sexy and Scary

When it comes to Halloween, Kate Hudson goes all out. In addition to her annual bashes, Kate has sported a variety of fun costumes throughout the years, from a Day of the Dead skeleton to a «Daughter of Anarchy» at her Sons of Anarchy-themed party, and there’s one thing they all have in common: they’re the perfect mix of sexy and scary. Look back at Kate’s costumes throughout the years.

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The Cast of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Is Already Looking Pretty Perfect

If you’ve read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, the first novel in Jenny Han’s bestselling trilogy, then you’re probably already obsessed with it. If you haven’t, don’t worry — you have plenty of time to fall in love with the YA books before they hit the big screen (the first one only recently began production). The story follows Lara Jean Song Covey, a teenager whose secret love letters to her former crushes accidentally get sent out. To avoid admitting her past feelings, she fakes a relationship with one of them, but she quickly realizes she may not be pretending after all.

Details about the movie, including the cast, have been slowly coming in over the past few weeks, and Han has even been sharing adorable set photos on social media. She also expressed her excitement over the fact that her diverse characters, which aren’t typically seen as leads in the predominantly white romantic comedy genre, get three movies with its sequels, P.S. I Still Love You and Always and Forever, Lara Jean. «The most important thing for me as the author is seeing an Asian American girl in the starring role, and with this movie, we get to see not one but THREE!» she wrote. «That is truly groundbreaking.»

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