The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For Your Trump-Stumping Dad

Father’s Day is too often a half-hearted gift-giving affair littered with cornball cards and #1 Dad mugs. But if your bleeding heart wants to do something special for your conservative dad, you want to go above and beyond, right? But that can be tricky. I mean, he already has a «Make America Great Again» ballcap and probably several of Trump’s Made-In-China neckties. So what’s a special gift to give your dad to show him how you care? We have racked our brains to present the perfect gift guide for your Trumping-Stumping Dad on Father’s Day, because this is a holiday where he should really know how you feel.

Climate Change shmimate change, amirite? Your dad doesn’t need to appreciate the world-threatening dangers of America’s carbon footprint to appreciate this solar-powered laptop bag/charging station. For all those times he barked about you running up his electricity bill, show him you’ve learned your lesson about the importance of conserving energy with Climate Store’s unique gift.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.57.31 AM.png

Does he consider himself a master of spotting «fake news?» Get him a subscription to the New York Times, The Washington Post, or even Teen Vogue. That’s sure to amuse.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.20.46 AM.png

Is your father constantly talking about politics on Facebook? Well, he’ll love to know the inside scoop on congress, from Al Franken, Giant of the Senate!

Or maybe yours is the kind of dad that thinks family shouldn’t talk politics. Get him this charming pachyderm, because clearly he loves an elephant in the room.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.16.13 AM.png

Does your dad love history? He’ll surely relish this riveting docudrama.

Or this one! Everybody loves George Clooney.


Your dad is big on personal responsibility? He’ll love that you supported responsible life choices by donating the money you would have wasted on another tie or tacklebox doodad on a donation to Planned Parenthood! A donation could even net him a cool sticker for his car!


Or perhaps your dad is very concerned about those refugees that Fox News is always talking about. Then he’ll be ecstatic that you donated to a refugee-aid charity in his name. We recommend International Rescue Committee, where donations contribute to toilets to keep camps sanitary, education for uprooted children, and safe passage funds.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.24.59 AM.png

Finally, if your father can’t get enough of Trump’s off-the-cuff, never look back, never apologize attitude, give him the gift that celebrates all of that. A covfefe shirt from our very own Pajiba shop!

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.08.03 AM.png

And maybe treat yourself to something nice, for being such a great kid. Shirts are 15% off through June 21st!

Happy Father’s Day, Pajibans!


Meryl Streep Dressed as Diane Keaton to Honor Diane Keaton, and It Was Perfect

Diane Keaton was (finally) honored with a Life Achievement Award by the American Film Institute in LA on Thursday night. The big event brought out lots of her famous friends and costars, including Father of the Bride‘s Steve Martin and Martin Short, Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, and Meryl Streep, who took the stage to give a toast to her fellow legend. Meryl went the extra mile to celebrate her longtime friend by wearing a look inspired by one of Diane’s most iconic characters, Annie Hall; from the blazer and tie to the oversize hat, Meryl really nailed her homage to the 1977 film, as well as Diane’s own unique personal style. The 71-year-old star looked overjoyed to see Meryl’s ensemble, and the two stuck together throughout the gala. Keep reading to see Meryl’s tribute to Diane Keaton, then look back on the speech Diane made at Meryl’s AFI ceremony in 2009.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

And There is Simply Too Much News, That’s All. Just Cut a Bit And It Will be Perfect.

Masterchef on Fox at 8:00pm ET.

2017 NBA Finals: Game 3 on ABC at 9:00pm ET. The site I use for listings styles the title in quotations, so they have «Game 3» listed and I keep reading it really sarcastically. «Oh, yeah ‘game 3’ of the NBA finals. Yeah, right.» No, it doesn’t actually make sense.

The Carmichael Show on NBC at 9:00pm ET.

Fargo on FX at 10:00pm ET. There was a real weird twist at the end of last week and I’m sure it’s either going to drive the entire rest of the season or literally not matter at all. No in-between. Noah Hawley has either planned all of this out from the start or he just enjoys fucking with those of us who feel like he might have, and honestly I’ll be sticking around for either one.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS at 10:30pm ET. Kind of sad this is airing the night before the Comey hearings, but I guess it gives her a whole week to come up with stuff to say about them. Then again, the way the news cycle has worked lately, those hearings will probably be last month’s news by Monday.


The Perfect Way to Honor Prince Today Is With This Impeccable Tap Dancing Routine

Wednesday marked what would have been Prince’s 59th birthday, and ever since his death in April 2016, fans of the singer have found ways to honor his legacy through music, art, and dance. First uploaded in May of last year, this tap routine by the Syncopated Ladies adds a fresh, new attitude to Prince’s 1984 hit «When Doves Cry» — the choreography is on point, yes, but the emotion from these ladies that goes into it is truly something to appreciate. Watch the video above now, then look back on Prince’s best, shadiest facial expressions.

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This Brand For Proud Papas is Perfect For Father’s Day

Singer and actor Matthew Morrison and photographer and travel expert Zach McDuffie are on a mission to break the stereotype of the frumpy dad. Their new line, Sherpapa Supply Co., aims to bring the modern family man a line of high-quality products like locally grown organic cotton shirts, “manly” diaper bags that last for every season of fatherhood, hats, bandanas, field kits and more.

As the proud father of a little girl, McDuffie understands the inconveniences that arise during fatherhood and the opening in the market for great dad products. Sure, men can carry a diaper bag or backpack when on baby-duty, “But the thing is, you have to carry all of your wife’s gear because they don’t make anything cool for dads,” says McDuffie. “Guys should have something of their own to be proud of.”

M4 Diaper Bags, the anchor products to the Sherpapa Supply Co. brand, make everyday father duty and family adventures more feasible. “It’s really the basis for our whole brand,” says McDuffie. “We just want that lovely classic look for the modern American family man. It’s something that’s meant to last as an heirloom piece as opposed to something that you just use once and then pass it on.”

The essential canvas bag comes with eight gusseted side pockets, easy to travel pouches, a leather changing pad and reusable containers, making it much easier to stay organized. The utilitarian bag functions as an overnight hospital bag for when the baby comes, a heavy duty diaper bag, and later (during the toddler years) an activity bag to fill with f coloring books and snacks.

Gilt Diaper Bag

Even moms appreciate the variety of colors and patterns available. “Women appreciate a good bag,” says Morrison, “it’s the bag that everyone wants because it’s more functional.”

McDuffie explains the meaning of Sherpapa in a press release as “a strong family leader, guide, and protector of our children’s future. It is also is a term of endearment for a beloved father or grandfather. It is a combination of the words sherpa (expert guide or mentor) and papa (universal term for father), but also a reference to cher papa, which in French means ‘dearest papa.’” The term papa, Morrison adds, has an acronym the company supports: Protect Aid Prepare and Advise.

Sherpapa Supply Co. has collaborated with to expand their reach to the Gilt audience. “Gilt has a really good channel for the storytelling aspect, so it’s not just launching a brand with cool bags and cool apparel,” says McDuffie. “We’re really trying to tell a story of what a sherpapa is, and that’s a modern family leader.” Officially launching on June 1st, favorite Sherpapa items along with Father’s Day gifts (hand painted baseball bats and canoe paddles) and exclusive products curated specifically for the partnership will be sold on

“Being a dad is the best job in the world and there’s a lot of great dads that are really proud of being dads,” says McDuffie. “But there’s not a lifestyle brand that really supports that, until now.” 

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Celine Dion’s Family Is Just Like Her Voice — Gorgeous and in Perfect Harmony

Celine Dion may be a world-renowned pop star, but she’s also a proud mom. The Canadian singer and her late husband René Angélil are parents to three sons, René-Charles, 16, and 6-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson. Over the years, the boys have grown up right before our eyes as they have accompanied their mother to various events, including her emotional return to the stage after René’s death last year. Aside from their public appearances, Celine has also given us a more candid look at her family life as she documents their sweet moments at home.

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Your Perfect TV Character Dinner Party

If I may be so bold to say: it’s been quite the 2017 so far.

I mean, spoiler alerts and all, but it’s been quite the roller coaster, garbage fire, or whatever else you want to dub it. And while the answer to this isn’t always «drinking,» the answer to this sometimes is absolutely «drinking.»

Drinking alone? Bad. Drinking with friends. Drinking with fictional TV characters? The best.

I’ve thought about the type of crowd I’d want to have come over from my favorite shows past and present. This is fun for two reasons: 1) I get to look at my DVD shelf, streaming service queue, and DVR backlog and try and come up with the best party of ten, and 2) Since this is a theoretical party, I don’t have to worry about my social anxiety kicking in due to my inherently introverted nature. It’s win win, really.

Basic rules of thumb:

We’re talking TV characters, not actors, and while they are in the same room, they have arrived from their own fictional universes.

The people should more or less get along, although there would naturally be pockets that would form.

The people should give off a vibe that you would want to have at your ideal get-together. If you want quiet, erudite conversation, you’d pick a different ten than if you wanted to play the ultimate Cards Against Humanity game.

With that said, I’d want a party in which I could blow off some steam after reading the latest end-of-day blockbuster reveal from the Washington Post, New York Times, or other reputable establishments. This isn’t a dinner party: it’s one in which there’s a large space in which people can serve themselves food or drink, both of which are in ample supply. I want people who are witty but aren’t «always on.» I want people that aren’t against throwing back a few but aren’t going to tear my house apart if I lose sight of them for thirty seconds. At least a few of them should want to talk about the Dungeons and Dragons game I’m currently running, but we should also be able to talk about how the new Ryan Adams album is pretty much the best thing since Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Also, everyone should leave by 11 pm at the latest because I’m an old.

OK, with that said, here are the 10 for my first shindig, in no particular order.

Cisco Ramon (The Flash): I gave up on this show right around the time Barry was a self-serving jerk who rewrote reality without recognizing the consequences for the eighth time, but I always loved Cisco, and his upbeat energy coupled with his nerd sensibility makes him an easy choice.

Ellie Torres (Cougar Town) I think Ellie would take one look at Cisco and sass him all night long, which would confuse Cisco and delight me. She’s in.

Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) The running gag about the different personalities Amy has depending on how many drinks she’s had is one of my favorites in the show’s history, and with her around the mood will never get stale. It might get sloppy or weird, but never stale.

Rupert Giles (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) He’d have to bring his guitar. Obviously.

Marnie Michaels (Girls) Hahaha just kidding she’s the absolute worst moving on …

Tim Gutterson (Justified): One of the unsung heroes of that show, Tim is a guy who didn’t say much, but made it count when he did. We have a lot of outgoing personalities at this party, so we need at least somewhat reserved who can still unleash a devastating burn when no one’s looking.

Tyrion Lannister (Game Of Thrones) He knows things, and he drinks. Imagine showing him your Twitter feed and watching him try and figure out a way to be President by month’s end. The Iron Throne would seem like to much of a bother once he realized how easily he could manipulate politicians here.

Waverly Earp (Wynonna Earp) Tell me Cisco and Waverly wouldn’t be besties within five minutes. Plus, she can make drinks, and probably could keep Tyrion in line with a stern finger wag.

Hugo «Hurley» Reyes (Lost) Everyone loves Hugo! Why not bring in a guy who will instantly make everyone feel at home, and can also step in if things go a little sideways? I loved where he ended up on the show, and would hope he could make a quick sojourn off the island to make this happen.

April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation): I’m thinking she would be the padawan to Ellie’s Sith Lord. Plus, you might get a cameo from Janet Snakehole, which is always a good thing.


Who would come to your ideal TV character party?


What Movie Is Perfect To Watch With Mom This Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and just as there are all kinds of moms there are all kinds of movies that are perfect to watch during that holiday visit. The Overlords share theirs below, and we invite you to share your suggestions in the comments.

Brave. The movie about a teen girl is a metaphorical bear to her mom, and turns her mom into a literal bear. I saw this in theaters as part of my job, then peeled off from my fellow critics to call my mom and apologize, basically for ever being a teenager. I remember distinctly feeling my mom didn’t see me for me when I was in high school. And watching Brave, I realized it wasn’t that, it was that she knew the world would play nicer with me (angry, weird, outspoken me) if I could just play its game. We still take very different sides of this issue, but Brave helped me see that hers comes from a place not of censorship but caring. And now, it’s a movie that’s not only something we enjoy watching together, but also that she shows regularly to my nieces, «So they can learn to be strong and brave just like their mom, aunt, and grandma.» —Kristy Puchko

Overboard has been a movie that Mom and I have watched together a million times when I was a kid, but not recently. It’s a problematic movie if you look at it with even the tiniest bit of scrutiny, but we are both willing to let it go. Why? Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are a comedic fantasy couple and the innate 80s-ness of the entire flick transcends any gripes about the plot. I know we will cackle, giggle, and wax poetic about Russell’s hair and Hawn’s reactions to peasant life. Then when the movie is over, we’ll pepper our interactions with quotes for weeks to come. Perfection. —Jodi Clager

Hidden Figures It doesn’t feature any flesh-eating zombies (which would disappoint my mom as she loves The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead) or Steve Harvey doing his own version of KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS, but it features Black women, and Black women being awesome and doing great, inspiring things. So it’s something I know she’d like and enjoy.—Brian Richards

Home Alone — You see, Mom? This is what it was like growing up with you. You were NEVER around. I had to chase off all the bad people by myself, and where were you? Gallivanting around Europe, while I was left by myself with a box of cereal and microwave pizza. Oh sure, you’d come back every once in a while, but you’d just leave again! That’s why there are four sequels, Mom. Because you were never around, and I got stuck in New York City by myself, or had to fight off North Korean terrorists, or get left alone in a haunted house. NO MOM, that didn’t actually happen to me. They’re metaphors, Mom! Metaphors for a childhood without the love of a mother! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. —Dustin Rowles

Saving Private Ryan. HEAR ME OUT. During my freshman year of college I was struggling with the transition, and I came home one weekend, and Saving Private Ryan was on. My mom watched it with me and was like, «Well, this is good to put all your problems in perspective, I bet!» And it really was. You know that scene in Bridesmaids where Kristin Wiig is watching Castaway at her parent’s house and sobbing over Wilson? It was kinda like that. —Victoria McNally

I would want to watch a double feature of Beloved and Moonlight with my mother, because the first one she specifically avoided because she and her privilege thought, ‘I don’t want to watch a depressing movie,’ which is basically the story of my Mom’s life. It’d be nice if I could force her to confront difficult movies about race, and that’s what Mother’s Day is for, right? And then we’d watch Moonlight, and maybe she’d not only shut-up about La La Land but we could bond over Andre Holland. —Grainger Heavensbee

When I was a kid, I always remember The Sound of Music being a relative constant once we hit the VCR stage in our lives, but I never quite got why. It wasn’t until I was in college, when I brought my girlfriend home to meet my parents, that the level of my mom’s adoration for the film sunk in. The conversation went something like this:

Me: This is my mom and dad, and my sister Liesl.
GF: Hi! Wait, your name is Liesl? Liesl and Kurt? Like The Sound of Music?
Me: Ha! Yeah, I guess so. But it’s not like we were named after the movie.
Me: Wait, WHAT?
GF: This is the best day ever.

Yeah, it wasn’t until I was 20 that I learned that my mom loved that movie so much that she named us after it. I used to be embarrassed by it, but then I realized that the idea of this adoring family filled with love and song must have appealed to my mother, and if I’m being honest, that’s a fairly apt description of my family growing up. God knows we had some terribly rough times, but music was always a huge part of our lives, particularly for me and my father. I also ended up marrying that girlfriend, and we’ve done much the same — ours is a house filled with music and singing, and I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I’ve embraced it, and while it’s not my favorite movie, I’ll gladly watch it with my mom anytime.—TK


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