Liam Payne and Niall Horan Had a One Direction Reunion and We Need a Moment

As fate would have it, Liam Payne and Niall Horan had a One Direction reunion when the former bandmates ran into each other at a concert in Indiana. «I’m here at the ZPL Birthday Bash and look who I found,» Niall says before revealing Liam standing behind him. Liam, who looks just as excited to see Niall, also recorded their mini reunion on his cell phone.

Naturally 1D fans lost their sh*t over seeing the guys together again. It also reignited our hope for a full reunion with all of the original members. Until then, this adorable moment is more than enough to hold us over. Watch Liam and Niall’s heartwarming reunion video ahead.

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Meet Angelica Payne — Girlfriend of Gonzaga’s Zach Collins

Gonzaga fans are probably bummed that star big man Zach Collins decided to go the one-and-done route (first player in school history to bail after a year), but you can’t blame the guy. Collins is one of the top centers in this year’s draft class — Chad Ford ranked him as the ninth-best player on his big board, while Draft Express is more bearish and ranked him 17th.

A snippet of Collins’ strengths and weaknesses via Draft Express:

Collins is a versatile offensive player, not particularly consistent in any one area, but showing a nice frame-work of skills to build off. He shows flashes of being able to do a little bit of everything at this early stage of his development, and was both highly prolific and efficient as a freshman, despite his lack of experience and polish.

Another question mark surrounding Collins’ transition to the NBA revolves around his passing ability and seemingly just-decent feel for the game. He does not appear to have great court vision or playmaking instincts, ranking as one of the worst passers in our Top-100 statistically. He’s not really a guy you want making decisions with the ball, which can be somewhat of an issue in today’s NBA operating at the power forward position, where he’ll be asked to read defenses in closeout situations, out of short rolls, and in dribble-handoffs.

Where the latest mock drafts have Collins:

Draft Express: No. 10 (Kings)
Chad Ford (In$ $ $ ider): No. 10 (Kings)
CBS Sports: No. 13 (Nuggets)
SI: No. 13 (Nuggets)

Basically we all need to pray for Zach, because experts seem to think he’ll end up in basketball hell (Sacramento).

Off the court, Zach is doing well for himself dating UCLA Alpha Phi Angelica Payne:

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Open Post: Hosted By Liam Payne Reading Erotic Fantasies About Himself Aloud


One Direction’s Liam Payne is considered sessy to a whole bunch of the group’s fans. Like any pop star, there’s all sorts of filthy fantasies written about him on Tumblr, Twitter, that secret Facebook group you’re in, etc.

Liam was nice enough to sit down for BBC Radio 1’s “Perv Pad” to read aloud what horny people are writing about him online. I was all set for fisting fantasies, but they were remarkably tame. Is there a red-band version of this? Also, that hoodie isn’t really erotic. Can’t he do this topless? This is a big fail, “Perv Pad!” “Only you can dance on me?” Amateurs.

Pic: YouTube


Liam Payne Doesn’t Like Harry Styles’ Solo Stuff

One Direction on 'Good Morning America'

All the One Direction guys are all off doing their own thing now. Zayn Malik was the first to jump ship and release an album. Eventually the rest started releasing music that will definitely show up on a BuzzFeed list in 2028 called “14 boy banders who tried to go solo.Liam Payne, the one who made a baby with Cheryl, released his debut song as a solo artist called Strip That Down. So of course he was asked about the other solo music being released by the other members of 1D.

Liam likes some of it. However, there’s a good possibility that there’s a promo copy of Harry Styles’ first album being used to prop up a wobby table leg at Liam’s house. Liam recently admitted to Music Choice (via NME) that he’s not a fan of Harry’s solo work.

“The rest of the boys’ debut songs I heard. Obviously Niall had Slow Hands out, and he had This Town, which is great. Niall’s gone down the singer-songwriter route, which is really cool. Harry’s song I heard, and I’ll be honest with you, it’s not my sort of music. So it’s not something I’d listen to. But I think he did a great job of doing what he wanted to do. That’s the way I’d put it best, I think. I think the funny thing is he’d say the same thing about me, because he doesn’t really listen to hip hop music.”

That’s funny, I’d say the same thing about Liam’s music” thought fans of real hip hop music after hearing Strip That Down.

Good for Liam for being honest, but he might have just initiated an internal civil war among the remaining One Directioners. They’ll be forced to pick sides: those who are on Team Nobody Talks Shit About My Precious Harry and Team Liam Is Right Sign Of The Times Sucks. There will be rioting in the streets! Okay, maybe not. But there will definitely be some not-nice words typed on the odd One Direction message board.

Here’s Liam leaving Radio 1 in London earlier today wearing some kind of crotch bib.



We Finally Know What Cheryl And Liam Payne Named Their Baby

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne attend the Fayre Of St James' charity Christmas concert

Yes, finally; I’m sure there’s at least one person out there who was anxiously bouncing their legs in anticipation. Good news, that person – we’ve got a name! Cheryl and the One Directioner Liam Payne made a baby boy who was born five weeks ago. At the time, Cheryl and Liam both made it known in their social media birth announcements that they didn’t have a name for their kid yet. Yesterday, The Daily Mail claimed that Cheryl and Liam named their baby Bear Payne. That news was confirmed by Liam after he was congratulated on Twitter by urine-drinking wilderness person Bear Grylls.

The Daily Mail says that both Cheryl and Liam know Bear Grylls and he may have been the inspiration for their kid’s name. Well, that or Cheryl and Liam threw a dart at a list of Quirky-ish Famous Baby Names and hit Alicia Silverstone, Jamie Oliver, Kate Winslet’s favorite.

But back to that name. Bear Payne doesn’t even sound like the name of a baby; it sounds like a home-made alcoholic energy drink for lumberjacks. If Yogi trained Boo Boo as an MMA fighter, his Octagon name would be Bear Payne. All I really know is that if Bear and his mom were to get into Britain’s Motherboy circuit, Cher & Bear would be a great team name.



Billy Payne Left A Seat For Arnie At No. 1 This Morning At Augusta

Not going to lie, I got choked up this morning when Masters chairman Billy Payne walked to No. 1 at Augusta with Arnold Palmer’s widow Kathleen Gawthrop and placed a green jacket on an empty chair for Arnie.

Palmer died September 25. He was 87.

“This is a wonderful and difficult day,” Masters chairman William Payne said. “Arnold Palmer was more than a King. He was my friend. He was your friend.”

Here’s the full honorary starters ceremony from this morning:


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Liam Payne Reveals Cheryl Has Been His «Dream Girl» Since He Was a Teenager

Liam Payne was just a 16-year-old contestant on The X-Factor when he first met future girlfriend Cheryl, who was a 26-year-old judge on the show at the time, and now the pair is expecting a child together and more in love than ever. In the most recent issue of the UK’s Rollacoaster magazine, the 23-year-old One Direction singer opened up about his relationship with Cheryl. «This is the thing: In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream,» he gushed. «Obviously I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my dream girl since I was younger. She’s so ace.»

Liam confirmed rumors that he was dating the 33-year-old Girls Aloud singer on Instagram in February 2016, and the couple later made their red carpet debut at the Global Gift Gala in Paris that May. «She is a wonderful, wonderful person, and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things — someone who’s taken greater steps than me,» he continued, referencing Cheryl’s experience in her own girl group. «Her solo career was amazing. She’s been in the industry for 14 years now.» He added that she «fully supports» him, which bodes well for the soon-to-be parents. «We’re super happy. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still learning. I’m only 23.» Cheryl was granted a divorce from her second husband, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, in October.

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If Catwoman Was Real, Her Name Would Be Doris Payne

Last Tuesday, an 86-year-old woman named Doris Payne was arrested for entering a jewelry store in the Atlanta area and stealing a $ 2,000 necklace. She was stopped by a security guard in the jewelry store, which soon led to her being taken into police custody. This would normally be the type of random and uneventful story that you’d probably read about on page 15 of your local newspaper or given a mention of no longer than a minute during the local evening news, as some random old lady being a shoplifter isn’t something that would merit much attention.

Except that Doris Payne is no random old lady, and this definitely wasn’t her first, second, or third time taking something that wasn’t hers. And Doris Payne has done this so often that she has gotten plenty of attention for it.

From The New York Times:

Born in West Virginia in October 1930, the child of a father who regularly abused her mother, Ms. Payne began her criminal career at an early age… As a little girl, she went to shop for a watch but was interrupted when another customer entered the store. The store’s owner, who she said did not want to be seen talking with a black person, asked her to leave. He did not notice that she still had the watch on. Though it is unclear…whether she stole that watch, Ms. Payne suggests that she first realized in that moment how easy theft could be…

…She began to steal only out of necessity, as her father’s abuse of her mother worsened.

Ms. Payne traveled to Pittsburgh by bus, where she stole a diamond and sold it for cash, giving her mother money to leave her father’s house, she said.

Soon after, Ms. Payne’s criminal career took off. An article by The Associated Press in 1976 suggested that her documented crime spree began when she was 16.


Once she went to a fine dress shop in Pittsburgh and asked to see a satin robe on the mannequin in the store window. Payne was wearing a ring she had just stolen and the sales lady commented on it.

Tears flowed from Payne’s eyes and she told the woman she had to sell it, something about her divorce. The woman thought she could help and left to speak to the owner. The owner paid her $ 3,500 cash.

From then on, she had no fear of being caught. As she explains it, it was as if her victims became her silent partners.

When she was 23, she took a Greyhound bus to Pittsburgh and walked out of there with a square-cut diamond with a value of $ 22,000. Knowing that she couldn’t hold on to it for very long, Doris went to a nearby pawnshop and exchanged the ring for $ 7,500, a third of its value.

In 1974, she went to Monte Carlo and stole a platinum diamond ring from Cartier. Despite the suspicions of customs agents who prevented her from boarding her flight out of there, the ring was never located. And while she was staying at a motel room in the Mediterranean, Doris asked the woman running the motel for some nail clippers and a needle and thread for patching up her dress. She then used those items to pry the actual diamond, sewing it into her girdle, and then throwing the ring into the sea. Which made it even more impossible for investigating officers to locate the ring, as her girdle was never removed from her person, not even when bathing.

In 1998, Doris spotted a diamond ring worth $ 57,000 being sold at Neiman Marcus on display in an issue of Town & Country Magazine. And it wasn’t long before she went to that very same Neiman Marcus store and then walked out with that very same diamond ring in her possession before leaving on a jet plane to Europe.

And these are only just some of the robberies that the authorities know about.

Doris Payne’s career as a professional thief has been such a long and impressive one that she has been the subject of a documentary entitled The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne. (Which is available on Netflix, for those of you who need something to watch other than A Christmas Story and It’s A Wonderful Life this weekend). There has also been discussion about a feature film being made based on her life and criminal career, with Halle Berry playing Doris.

«I’m sure they don’t see me as a Black American woman who just walked in,» Doris once said of the White people in jewelry stores she would rob from. «I’m sure of that. I say that because I’ve had many, many people say to me: ‘Oh, you’re not Black. You don’t act Black.'»

«I don’t have any regrets about stealing jewelry. I regret getting caught.»

Doris Payne was released on bail this past Saturday, after posting $ 15,000 bond and assuring the judge overseeing her case that «[she’s] never been late for a court date» and that she would not make any attempts to leave town and disappear.

According to witnesses, Doris Payne was last seen walking out of the courthouse and heading home, before getting into the passenger seat of a luxury car being driven by someone who bears a very strong resemblance to Pete Postlethwaite.

And like that…she was gone.


The Walking Dead: Tom Payne (aka Jesus) Looks Way Sexier Under All That Hair

If you watch The Walking Dead, you’ll know that one of the most alluring new characters is none other than Jesus. Those icy blue eyes, that disdain for authority, that beanie . . . all these factors mix together to remind us that Jesus is kind of a babe. Here’s the thing, though: when you shave off that beard and trim that hair, actor Tom Payne gets, like, 100 times hotter. Don’t believe us? We’ve got a whole pile of pictures to prove our point, complete with the very thoughts you’ll be thinking when you behold them.

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Cheryl Glows During Her London Date Night With Boyfriend Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne are still going strong! The couple were all smiles when they attended a Christmas carol concert in London on Tuesday. Dressed in a gray sweater dress and black coat, Cheryl stayed close to Liam as they made their way back to their car. The last time we saw these two out together was at the Chopard Trophy Ceremony during the Cannes Film Festival back in May, shortly after the two made their red carpet debut as a couple at Eva Longoria‘s Global Gift Gala in Paris. Although the pair have been keeping a low profile, Liam recently grabbed headlines after he posted a sexy shirtless photo of himself on Instagram over the Thanksgiving holiday, and all we can say is that Cheryl is one lucky woman.

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