Read This If You’re Still Sobbing Over That Shocking Game of Thrones Death

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Game of Thrones. For one, we never expected to sob actual tears over a dragon. Neither, it seems, did the entire GOT fandom, because after Viserion meets his icy end in season seven, the entire internet about lost its mind. Between the overall grief of losing one of Daenerys’s three children and the heartwrenching realization that Viserion will have to fight his two brothers as an undead slave of the Night King, the entire ordeal was just too much.

If you’re still lost in your emotions over the saddest moment of the season — perhaps the entire series — then join with your fellow fans in mourning Viserion. But don’t feel too depressed . . . at least we have the newfound friendship of Tormund and the Hound to look forward to, right?

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Simon Cowell Made A Joke About Mel B’s Wedding Night, And It Didn’t Go Over Well


We all know that Mel B has been going through all of capital-I it lately. Her marriage finally ended and it was revealed that her husband, Stephen Belafonte, was a real piece of (allegedly violent) work. Then she was ordered to fork over a ton of cash to keep Stephen in the moocher lifestyle he had grown accustomed to. We also know that Mel B is close with her fellow America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell. Simon decided to make a joke about Mel B’s marriage last night on America’s Got Talent. That’s not Mel B showering Simon with a cup full of kisses.

TMZ says that Mel B got out of her seat and tossed her cup of water at Simon as he made this crack to a contestant:

“I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night: lots of anticipation, not much promise on delivery.”

That sounds more like a burn on Stephen Belafonte to me. Regardless of intention, Mel B left and went backstage. TMZ says that, despite Mel B smiling at first, she wasn’t feeling the joke and had to be coaxed back onstage.

E! News caught up with the judges after the show. Howie Mandel said that it was actually vodka in Mel B’s cup. That was obviously a joke, since no one in their right mind would waste a good cup of vodka like that. Mel B explained her reaction. One act earlier in the night reminded Mel B of her father, who passed away from cancer earlier this year. So her emotions were already running high.

She ends the interview by scoffing at the notion of getting set up with anyone, saying “Ugh god, I’m single and I’m raising my kids.” This is the second time Mel B has claimed that no one is making her holler in the bedroom. She just won’t comment on that rumor that she’s dating a Beverly Hills cop. In Touch thinks there’s a reason for that, and it’s because her Beverly Hills cop is married. A friend close to Mel B says:

“He’s married. He’s a cop with the Beverly Hills Police Department. He’s also younger than her.”

Mel has been assuring everyone that “he was unhappily married for a while. He had planned to separate from his wife prior to meeting Mel.”

The source adds that Mel B’s divorce hasn’t been finalized, and that Stephen could absolutely use her new relationship against her in court. He could. But he probably won’t. There’s a chance Mel B could throw a beverage at Stephen, which would mean he might have to get his divorce court suit dry cleaned. And he already barely has enough spousal support for extravagances like that, what with his $ 750 a month cellphone plan.

Here’s more of Mel B at AGT last night. Also included is Tyra Banks, who tried her hardest, but just couldn’t outshine Mel B in the bonkers red carpet look department.

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Open Post: Hosted By Sarah Jessica Parker Geeking Out Over The Eclipse


Yesterday while everybody in my TL was having eclipse fever, I was busy debating whether or not to take out the kitchen garbage, which was barely full but stinky. There was no eclipse here in Switzerland, but there are very strict rules about refuse disposal and you can only throw out very expensive garbage bags that they make you buy at either the post office or from behind the counter at select stores. So, while my natural inclination would be to just throw the fucking thing out because I am very smell sensitive and easily yucked out, the thrift-miser in me is inclined to hoard the garbage bags and fill them to the absolute brim to squeeze every last franc of value out of them.

Even so, the Great American Eclipse (it was actually, officially called that?) we hoped could heal a divided nation went on without me. Everybody in the “path of totality” (which sounds HORRIFYING, btw) was out there wearing their little glasses or with cereal boxes on their heads experiencing profound “moments.” None more so than broadway babe Sarah Jessica Parker.

SJP posted a video to Instagram of her on a boat somewhere in North Carolina gagging at the majestic wonder of it all. Maybe she has an audition for the role of “most moved by a somewhat rare natural phenomenon,” because she was doing the absolute most. She screams a frantic warning at somebody “don’t look too hard!!!” and says it’s “one of the most thrilling moments” of her life, smartly followed by “outside of having my children” and then, a beat too late, maybe two beats too late, “and marriage and all that.” Poor Matthew Broderick!

And it wasn’t even in totality yet, just a chip at the beginning. Can you only imagine the wailing, garment rending and pants peeing she must have done when the thing actually happened? You don’t have to, because here it is! She plotzed!

A post shared by SJP (@sarahjessicaparker) on

I am sorry to have missed it, I would totally have nerded out too. But come on, SJP, put the phone down and live in the moment! But actually don’t, because if everybody did that, I’d be out of a job.

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Junior League WS Player Dives Over Fence to Rob Home Run

Austin Jackson flipping over a damn wall to rob Hanley Ramirez is probably the best catch you’ll see all year. However! Pennsylvania center fielder Jack Regenye came pretty close to topping A-Jax this afternoon when he dove and flipped over the outfield fence to steal a home run:

According to the Detroit Free Press, this was momentarily ruled a home run for Chinese Taipei by the umpiring crew before they came to their senses.

The bad news for Pennsylvania: that catch was the highlight of their day, because CT whooped some ass:


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The Twins Are Trying to Keep Ryan Pressly “More Erect Over the Rubber”, Per Dick Bremer

If you got a kick out of NFL Network’s Jane Slater dropping the phrase “bulging dick” on live TV, then you’re probably going to enjoy Minnesota Twins announcer Dick Bremer talking about a pitcher’s need to be “more erect over the rubber”… or something like that.

Before you criticize Team BC for dirtying things up again, just listen to ol’ Dick discuss the Twins righty this afternoon:

Dick definitely dropped a hard E there, and Twins fans are loving it:

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50 Reasons You’re Still Not Over (500) Days of Summer

It’s been eight years since the release of (500) Days of Summer, but time hasn’t lessened our love for this movie. It’s a romantic comedy without the conventional happy ending, and it made us all sit up and realize that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be the big screen’s most adorable leading man. Since it’s Summer, we’re looking back at the reasons we all can’t get over this movie the way Tom just can’t get over Summer. (Note: this is best read with «Sweet Disposition» playing.)

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This 1 Goes Out to Game of Thrones Fans Losing It Over That Jon Snow Reveal

This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones fans have been awaiting the official unveiling of supposed bastard Jon Snow’s parentage for years; for some book readers, it’s even been decades. And in the most recent episode of the series, a major tease for the anticipated reveal of Jon’s claim to the Iron Throne was dropped in a serious way.

Naturally, everybody freaked out when Gilly told Sam about a certain maester’s record of an annulment between Rhaegar Targaryen and his wife, and the subsequent new marriage that the maester officiated for the dragon prince. After all, if Rhaegar annulled his vows to Elia Martell and married Lyanna Stark before Jon’s birth, it means that he’s not a bastard at all — Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, with a claim even stronger than Daenerys Targaryen’s. Damn Sam for ruining the official reveal!

Guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out if Jon’s claim is true, and if anyone will ever learn the truth. In the meantime, bask in the over-the-top reactions from Game of Thrones fans who would bend the knee for Jon freakin’ TARGARYEN in a heartbeat.

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Wedding Music: Over 100 Pop Songs to Get Everyone on the Dance Floor

We’re doing our best to help you with your many music decisions this upcoming wedding season, giving you inspiration for processional songs, recessional songs, and first dance songs, but if you’re thinking about what comes after all that formality, then listen up. When it’s time for the reception and you want to get those guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor, we’ve got the pop songs that should do the trick. Play DJ with these hits from the current charts and past couple of years, and we’re sure you’ll get everyone from the groomsmen to the grandparents boogying.

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The Brandy And Monica Feud Started Up Again Over Whitney Houston’s Birthday


Yesterday was Whitney Houston’s birthday and I celebrated by giving a pitchy performance of So Emotional at karaoke. R&B singer and longtime Brandy rival, Monica, commemorated the day with a sweet post on Instagram. R&B singer and longtime Monica rival, Brandy, also commemorated the day with a heartfelt Instagram post.

But then things got weird.

Brandy’s post is below, and it seems that Brandy is very territorial about Whitney Houston.

Here I thought Nippy belonged to all of us, but according to Brandy, only Brandy is allowed to love Whitney. Not only that, according to Brandy, Brandy is the second coming of Whitney, because that’s what Whitney whispered to her on her deathbed, never mind that Whitney died alone in a hotel bathtub. By acknowledging Whitney, Monica inadvertently opened up a can of crazy and re-reignited the long standing feud between her and Brandy.

Vibe reports:

Now, somewhere along the way the feud between Brandy and Monica (that was allegedly squashed when they both took home a Grammy for their 90s classic “The Boy Is Mine”) was reborn via perceived pettiness a few months back on social media. Cool heads prevailed and everyone allegedly moved on.

Or so we thought.

Yet, when word got out Monica too showed loved to Ms. Houston, Brandy wanted to make sure people knew she wasn’t concerned with “oh girl” and whatever she posted.

Oh yes, Brandy #tooktotwitter! to drag Monica for…, for…, well I’m not really sure what for. Brandy has clearly lost her damn mind. (via Vibe)


Brandy’s scree pissed off a lot of Monica’s fans, who criticized Brandy on IG and Twitter for being so extra about Whitney. So then Brandy got mad at Monica, because her fans were doing the most. Us Weekly reports:

Brandy then slammed fans who attacked her on Instagram, and seemingly blamed Monica for the hate she’s been receiving.

“Monica needs to really check her evil ass fans,” the “I Wanna Be Down” songstress wrote in the comments. “It’s so much stuff I can post about hateful things they say to me … but I will never have time for that. Always thinking something is about her. It’s not!!!! Me and Whitney have nothing to do with anyone but the two of us … we made history and I cared more about being with her than I did with anything else.”

This makes me wonder, does Brandy have an actual mommy? She is clearly obsessed with Whitney to a frightening degree. Monica on the other hand, has been silent on the whole mess and seems to be happy letting Brandy spin herself up into a tornado of insecurity and delusion. If Monica is engaged in this alleged feud at all, her shady and silent method seems to be working, because Brandy is clearly losing her shit. According to Us Weekly she also said:

I’m not to be F–ked with today! If this was rap or hip hop you would be praised for speaking your mind but since it’s rnb you have to take the so called high road … well because I can rap just look at this as my high road.”

This makes we wonder, does Brandy have and actual clue as to what words mean? Brandy, your high road is underwater. Whitney Houston, the epitome of R&B, was never afraid of speaking her mind. And though she put us through a lot, she never once tried to rap. I doubt she’d be on board with all this pettiness. Whitney, if you can hear me up there, come get your girl. She trippin’.



About That Time Viggo Mortensen Broke a Wine Bottle Over Someone’s Head

Once, back in the mists of time (2006) on the streets of a faraway land (Madrid), Viggo Mortensen was shooting a movie (Alatriste, by Agustín Díaz Yanes).

Just recently, Viggo told a story from this time to an Argentinian radio station that went a little bit like this:

On one of his days in Madrid, Viggo happened to be out and about while wearing the soccer jersey of his favorite club, the Argentinian team San Lorenzo de Almagro, the colors of which are strikingly similar to Spain’s own Barcelona FC’s. Now on this day, Viggo was just walking about in his jersey, being Viggo, carrying a bag with two bottles of wine inside it, when a group of soccer hooligans appeared out of nowhere—specifically a bunch of Real Madrid Ultras, a nakedly violent and xenophobic lot. Spying Viggo’s ostensible Barcelona colors some of them them approached the actor, spewing vitriol and seeking to do violence. Desperately looking around for a cab or any other easy means of escape and finding none, Viggo Mortensen, faced by a charging hoodlum, grabbed one of the wine bottles in his bag, smashed him over the head with it, and legged it to the director’s house, where he arrived sweaty and covered in red liquid, hurriedly explaining to the director that it was in actual fact wine and not blood.

Which, you know. It could’ve been worse…


Source (Spanish).

h/t. Sandra


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