The ‘Usual Suspects’ Shut Down Production for Two Days Over Kevin Spacey’s Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz is arguing that the sexual harassment case, filed by Summer Zervos from the 2007 season of «The Apprentice», should be dismissed because Trump is too busy. How many times has he gone golfing this year? (Politico)

Gabriel Byrne, who starred in 1995’s Usual Suspects, admitted that production had to be shut down for a couple of days over Kevin Spacey’s inappropriate sexual behavior. It’s also worth noting that the director of Usual Suspects was … Bryan Singer. (Uproxx)

I hate The National Enquirer. It was always sleazy, but when reports came out that they orchestrated stories to demean Hillary and promote Trump, I thought it couldn’t get any worse. Now the top editor there, Dylan Howard, has been accused of sexual misconduct. I hope they get Gawkered. (Jezebel)

8,000 people crowdfunded $ 591,305 and purchased a 13th century castle in France. Pajibans, we need to talk. (The Cut)

Russia has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games due to widespread and state-run doping. The story of how this scandal was uncovered is fascinating. (Vulture)

Jay-Z turned 48 today. Forty-eight. Damn. His first album came out in 1996. All of this makes me feel old, but you better believe that Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life is playing on my iPod right now. *bounce wit me, bounce wit me* (Lainey Gossip)

The Royal Society Publishing posted the winning photographs from their competition and they are stunners. (IFLScience)

I like bananas just fine, but a banana wedding cake is too much. Prince Harry disagrees. I think this is the only reason I’m not a princess, honestly. (Celebitchy)

John Mayer’s appendix definitely does not think John’s body is a wonderland. (Dlisted)

I am very much pro-capes and pro-sparkle, so I’m not sure why this dress on Diane Kruger is not quite working for me. (GFY)

Sylvain Neuvel’s debut novel Sleeping Giants starts slowly enough that yesknopemaybe almost quit, but the cast recording of the audio version was engaging enough that she stuck with it. She was glad she did. "What makes this such a fun audioread is that the cast of characters is HUGE and they almost have a full production going on with all the great voice actors they hired." She recommends this for a long car trip. Which audiobooks have you liked for long journeys? (Cannonball Read 9)

While all of you argue in Emily’s post, I’m just going to leave the best Christmas song here. You’re welcome!

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Get Ready to «Ooh» and «Ahh» Over Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip’s Family Photos

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip may be Swedish royalty, but when it comes to their home life, they’re just two doting parents to 1-year-old Prince Alexander and nearly-4-month-old Prince Gabriel. The family recently attended Gabriel’s christening at the Drottningholm Royal Palace Chapel in Stockholm, and we couldn’t help but melt over how precious the entire brood looked together. Can you just imagine what a play date with Prince George and Princess Charlotte would look like? While we put that out into the universe, get ready to «ooh» and «ahh» over Carl and Sofia’s sweetest family moments.

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Dustin Hoffman Gets Into a Spat with John Oliver Over Harassment, Plus What’s Up with Scott Baio?

Tiffany Haddish has had quite a year and may end up with an Oscar nod. Did you know she also has a book coming out? This is one I want to get on Audible rather than in print. It just begs for her own narration. — (Lainey)

No idea what is up with Scott Baio, but a co-star from his Charles in Charge days really, really wants to speak with him, and Nicole Eggert is retweeting him like crazy.

Meanwhile, at a 20th Anniversary screening of Wag the Dog, John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman got into an uncomfortable spat about the sexual harassment charges leveled at Hoffman. (THR)

Matt Lauer’s wife has split and she’s gone back to the Netherlands. Good for her. You go, girl. Literally. — (Celebitchy)

In case you weren’t aware of the actual start of The Christmas Season, it evidently begins when MiMi puts up her tree. I have to admit a) I didn’t know that, and b) her tree is waaay more understated than I would have guessed. — (VF)

I don’t know if Reindeer Boobs are a current thing, a couple of years old, or if, like, 3 people did it specifically for this article. BUT, I do know that it’s no dumber than glitter beards, so… — (NYPost)

Is LiLo dating The Korean Hulk? I have no idea, but the pictures are making my night! — (DListed)

Keira Knightly is wearing a thing. Wait, sorry: Keira Knightly dost wearest a thing. — (GFY)

Because human sunshine Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t busy enough, he and wife Vanessa are also expecting a second baby. Their 3-year-old son Sebastian is pretty excited about it. — (US Weekly)

As Cannonballer mathildehoeg says, "this play makes no fucking sense what-so-ever." But who cares, because Much Ado About Nothing is really Beatrice and Benedick’s play. Their insult-barbed flirting and downfall into love make the play a riot to watch. Mathildehoeg loves the play so much, she filled her review with David Tennant gifs. Who are your favorite Shakespearean lovers? (Cannonball Read 9)

In the words of our Kristy, «This 6-year-old has no time for your Santa bullshit.»


One Of Danny Masterson’s Accusers Confronted A Netflix Executive Over Their Lack Of Action

Celebrating 20 Years Canon Appreciation Reception

Not very long after Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of groping him at a party when he was 14, Netflix pulled a Verbal Kint on Kevin Spacey and like that (poof) he was gone. No more House of Cards, no more Gore Vidal biopic. Yet Danny Masterson, who stars on Netflix’s The Ranch, still found himself employed even while facing rape accusations. And according to a story published by HuffPo, they’re very much aware of the accusations.

Back in March, three former Scientologists came forward accusing Danny Masterson of rape. Another woman made the same accusation. The LAPD and Los Angeles County District Attorney are currently investigating all four allegations.

One of the four women (who goes by Victim B) reportedly confronted Netflix director of global kids content Andy Yeatman at a youth soccer game over the weekend. Andy was the coach of one team and Victim B’s husband was the coach of the opposing team. Victim B claims that she approached Andy and asked why Netflix hasn’t taken any action against Danny Masterson.

According to Victim B and another witness to the conversation, Andy Yeatman responded that Netflix takes sexual misconduct allegations very seriously, but that the higher ups at Netflix “don’t believe” Danny’s four accusers. That’s when Victim B allegedly informed Andy Yeatman that she was one of his accusers and the conversation ended.

About an hour later, Andy Yeatman reportedly approached Victim B and said he had no idea she was one of his accusers. He allegedly told her that he isn’t able to decide what Netflix does with Danny Masterson. Victim B says she responded, saying that Netflix was going to regret not doing anything. She and her witness claim that Andy responded with a condescending “We’ll see.

A spokesperson for Netflix has commented on this situation. They say that Andy never hissed “we’ll see” like Victim B claims. But they don’t deny the rest.

“While he was coaching a youth soccer match today, Mr. Yeatman ― a Netflix kids’ programming executive ― was approached by a stranger who did not identify herself or explain her connection to Danny Masterson. Mr. Yeatman’s comments were careless, uninformed and do not represent the views of the company. Further, he would have no insights into decision making on The Ranch. We are aware of the allegations against Danny Masterson and we are following the current investigation, and will respond if developments occur.”

Victim B says she filed a police report against Danny Masterson back in 2004, but the case went nowhere after dozens of Scientologists filed affidavits claiming she was lying. The LAPD reopened her case in January.

House of Cards fans lost their damn minds at the thought of Netflix taking away their precious Frank Underwood, but they should know that literally no one will care if they cancel The Ranch. The only people who might care are Scientologists. And even then, if they want to see one of their allegedly creepy stars do cowboy boot cosplay opposite of Debra Winger so badly, they can just borrow a copy of Urban Cowboy from John Travolta and screen it in the lounge.



LiAngelo Ball’s UCLA Stint Reportedly Over

Just a few months after yanking LaMelo Ball from Chino Hills HS, LaVar Ball is at it again, reportedly pulling LiAngelo Ball from UCLA before he even played a game. LiAngelo, of course, was suspended indefinitely by the school for stealing high-end merchandise during their China trip. He’d probably still be there if it weren’t for POTUS randomly coming in for the save.

The details from TMZ:

We’re told LaVar believes the suspension was unfair, especially since the charges were dropped. LaVar’s people tell TMZ Sports the famous dad thinks, “There’s no need to break down a kid’s spirit for making a mistake.”

Our sources say LiAngelo is not officially withdrawn from the school but he’s at home and will not return to UCLA.

They say things happen in threes, so I’m fully expecting LaVar to complete the cycle by removing Lonzo from the Lakers until LeBron comes. As for LiAngelo, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman says he’s exploring options:

Sidenote: Gotta watch out for Donald Trump weighing in on LaVar’s parenting on Twitter. It could happen.

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Enjoy New York Media and Fans Losing Their Minds Over Shohei Ohtani Eliminating the Yankees

How did New York media and Yankees fans react to Japanese two-way star Shohei Ohtani snubbing their team (and pretty much the entire east coast)? Nothing crazy, they’re just ready for Hot Stove season to move on.

Just kidding! The entire state went ballistic over a potential superstar preferring to play on the west coast, and immediately started firing shots. The NY Daily News fired the opening salvo with this ridiculous cover calling him a chicken:

Ah yes. Shohei fears the big city, because Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas, and San Francisco obviously aren’t large markets. And now, reaction from New York fans…

Moving on from butthurt NY fans, Ohtani, official hero of the west coast, has narrowed his list down to seven teams:

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Pardon Twitter While It Loses Its Damn Mind Over the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

The first epic trailer for Avengers: Infinity War dropped on Wednesday morning, and with it came a tidal wave of passionate reactions on Twitter. I mean, how are we not supposed to freak out about that big Guardians of the Galaxy reveal? Or Spider-Man’s flashy new suit? Or CAPTAIN AMERICA’S BEARD?! Naturally, there were a few pretty thirsty responses . . .

As well as some emotional ones . . .

But mostly everyone is just so freakin’ excited . . .

Well, except for a few people . . .

Now let’s just all take deep breaths while we watch this trailer over and over again until May 4, OK?

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Frances Bean Cobain Is Still Fighting With Her Ex Over Kurt’s Guitar

Hilarity for Charity's 5th annual Los Angeles Variety Show: Seth Rogen's Halloween

25-year-old Frances Bean Cobain is almost divorced. Hooray for her! But sadly, it’s not totally over yet.

Frances got married to Isaiah Silva back in September 2015, and split from him ten months later. Frances and Isaiah’s separation has been messy. Isaiah claimed custody of a guitar that once belonged to Frances’ dad Kurt Cobain. He says Frances gave it to him as a wedding gift, but she denies that and wants it back. Isaiah also tried to come for $ 300,000 a year in spousal support. At one point, Courtney Love and her pal Sam Lutfi were reportedly involved in Frances’ Not Without My Dad’s Guitar saga.

The Blast says that a judge ruled yesterday that Frances and Isaiah are technically single again. However, they’re not officially divorced until they’ve split up all their assets, and the biggest asset is Kurt’s guitar. The Blast says it’s potentially worth millions of dollars, which is probably why Isaiah is so attached to it. Then again, it has sentimental value for Francis, which is probably why she doesn’t want to see it in the hands of her husband of ten months. Frances plans on calling Courtney Love to testify on behalf of the guitar in the event Frances and Isaiah aren’t able to split their assets.

Luckily, Frances has a new boyfriend to distract her from the drama being caused by her ex.

i sure do love you.

A post shared by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

If Frances and Isaiah can’t work out who gets the guitar, I wonder how the judge will eventually decide. Because forget about Courtney’s testimony. That’s only going to make things messier. “Your honor, I spoke to the guitar in a dream, and I’m pretty sure that guitar wants me to have it? It also wants me to ask the jury how much a guitar like that might go for on eBay. I’m just curious! Can’t blame a girl for asking!



Kourtney Kardashian Gets Into a Fight With Kim Over Some Seriously Cute Puppies on KUWTK

The Kardashian family is known for their strong family bond, but even they get into arguments every now and then. In an exclusive preview for Sunday night’s episode of E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney get into a hilarious fight when Kim swaps Penelope’s puppy, Honey, for North’s puppy, Sushi. Between Kourtney chasing Kim around the kitchen and then hopping on the counter, get ready to LOL!

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Matt Lauer Abruptly Fired by NBC Over Sexual Misconduct

The Today show’s Matt Lauer was unexpectedly fired this morning by NBC due to inappropriate sexual behavior. Savannah Guthrie made the announcement this morning, after learning of the news herself only minutes before.

While the complaint received was the first against Matt Lauer in over 20 years, Guthrie said, there is reason to believe that it was not an isolated incident. It never is, is it?

«This is a sad morning at ‘Today’ and NBC News,» Guthrie said. «As I’m sure you can understand, we are devastated. I’m heartbroken for Matt. He is my dear, dear colleague.»

This news comes a week after Charlie Rose was fired from the CBS Morning Show.
We’ll have more later, once we know more.


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