Preview Christie’s Online Jewels Sale 2017

Calling all jewelry collectors: Prepare for September 20th, when the Christie’s will offer a once-in-a-lifetime online sale of luxury pieces from Buccellati, Cartier, Hèrmes, David Webb, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co. and more. The dynamic signed pieces span a range of designs, from modern to vintage and retro. Ahead of the sale, we spoke with Angelina Chen, SVP of eCommerce & Jewelry at Christie’s, to see what to watch out for.

What types of pieces are you seeing in this year’s jewels sale?

We are seeing very classic pieces that stand the test of time, in addition to some unique artist pieces such as the Alicia Penalba bracelet.

What should you look for when buying jewels online?

You should look for a great company that stands behind what they are offering. When buying online, go with a larger company with experience and track record like Christie’s. You want to transact with a company who will stand by their information and cataloging. Also, the items on offer are more unique and special because of the immense reach of our resources in acquiring property.

What are your top tips for someone buying their first piece of luxury jewelry?

If you are buying your first luxury item online, take a look at estate jewelry. What is great about Christie’s is that we have been leaders in the market for 73 years and always provide a large and varied offering for any taste with extensive cataloguing for each item. Our specialists are always on hand to assist and answer any questions a new or curious buyer may have.

Register for the sale now, and get ready to make your purchases September 20th-28th, 2017.

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How Identity Politics Nearly Destroyed, But Then United a Small, Online Community

This is a story about video games, but it’s more than that. It’s also a story about friendship, racism, homophobia, loyalty, and how you learn the truth about your friends.

But it started with video games. Three years ago, Bungie, Inc. released a game called Destiny. It’s a fairly hard-to-define game, a sprawling first person shooter game with a hard sci-fi backstory. It’s an online cooperative game, wherein you join up with other players for missions and raids, but also for activities where you play against other groups of players. Despite playing video games on and off for the last 30+ years, it was my first online game. And after two months of it, I basically quit. I didn’t know anyone else who liked to play it, and I was anxious about online gaming with strangers (which is ironic in retrospect when you consider how many friends I’ve made through online writing). But eventually, a Pajiba reader and Facebook friend persuaded me to join his clan (in the Destiny world, likeminded groups of players can join together into formalized collectives called clans). And that’s how I dipped my toe into online gaming.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that it changed my life in a lot of ways. It turns out that this particular clan was filled with people who I almost instantly connected with. They were funny and smart and interesting, with common interests in movies and TV and comic books and sports. What started out as a casual gaming experience became … a form of socializing. For me, it became something bigger. I was a relatively new father with a wife who worked nights. I had little to no social life, and so my nights frequently consist of me coming home from work, playing with my son, feeding him dinner, and putting him to bed. And then, it’s just me by myself with books or TV or video games. But suddenly, I didn’t feel like such a shut-in. Suddenly, I could play video games and socialize with people, shooting the shit while we also saved the universe.

What’s more, the guys in that clan became my friends. Real, actual friends. Sure, we were scattered across the world, from Boston to Nebraska, Texas to DC, California to hell, Australia. We were housing managers and logistics coordinators, chemists and oceanographers. A guy who works for REI and a guy who works for the CIA (I think. He works at the Pentagon. He might be a government assassin for all I know.) But it was diverse, enjoyable company. We joked and made fun of each other, we celebrated each others’ personal triumphs and commiserated each others’ losses. Whether it was the birth of a child or the death of a parent, that clan was there for each other. We became friends. It felt like a family.

And then, in not-particularly-coincidental timing, it started to fall apart at the beginning of the year.

It started one night, when it was just me and one other guy from our group, Bill (all names have been changed). He was relatively new — newer than me, anyway (a lot of these guys have been gaming together for years). We were playing Destiny’s PvP (Player versus Player) activity, «The Crucible,» wherein you’re matched up against other players, sometimes with various objectives, but ultimately to try to kill each other off. Things were not going well for Bill. He was of probably average skill, but tonight was not his night. Finally, after being killed ten or eleven times, it happened. Some straw broke the back of some camel, and he shouted out:


I felt as if all the air had been sucked out of my basement TV room. I was stunned, but only for a moment. I immediately barked back:

TK: Whoa, whoa WHOA. What did you just say?

Bill: Sorry man, I just —

TK: No, man, there’s no «I just». What the fuck was that?

Bill: I didn’t mean it that way…

TK:: What the fuck other way is there?

Bill: When I say it, I mean, you know, stupid people. I was actually talking about myself because I fucked up.

TK: Bill. You’re a smart guy. You know a lot of words. Find a better goddamn word.

Bill: OK, OK. Look, I’m sorry if you got offended.

There it was. «I’m sorry if you got offended». No acknowledgement that he’d said some racist shit, just that he’d been busted saying some racist shit. I finished off the match we were playing and signed off.

A couple days later, after I’d cooled off a little, things came to a head in our Band chat (we use an app called Band — similar to Slack — to chat and goof off with each other during the day). Someone posted a meme that was uncharacteristically homophobic. The chat became uncomfortably quiet, and then I asked if we could perhaps refrain from posting homophobic or racist shit in our chat. It started an argument about «just joking» and «not taking everything so seriously,» and «how come some jokes are OK and others aren’t?». Sides were chosen. And this wonderful little group of friends that I’d been with for almost three years felt like it was starting to fracture.

I took a break, going almost two weeks without playing or joining our chat. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where my friends stood. I was angry and hurt. I remember saying «someone has to take a stand on this. We’re either OK with this kind of talk, or we’re not. There can be no middle ground on this for me.» And I thought … this might be it. This might not be important enough to them. I mean, all they want is to play fucking video games. They joined this group to get away from politics, from conflict. Just like I did. But it was a new world now, and that world had invaded our place. It was a microcosm of every family fight, every divided friendship that post-Trump America had created. It felt like it had become too real, too much like the very world we were trying to escape. Maybe we should accept that the «real» world is always going to play a part in our lives, even when we’re banding together with Hunters and Titans to save the galaxy from an evil God of the Hive. Part of me realized that maybe this was our problem in the first place — maybe we shouldn’t be trying to escape.

This is a story about video games. But it’s also a story about all of us. It’s a story about how easily we fracture apart, and how the differences between us seem sharper, more painful than they did a year ago. It’s a story about how voices of anger and prejudice have gotten louder over the years. It’s a story about the end of friendships. This is a story that isn’t uncommon — it’s easy to say that video game communities are a pit of vitriol and bitterness. It’s what’s dominated the headlines when it comes to these communities — GamerGate being the chief perpetrator. But of course, it’s not just video game communities — it’s the world around us, where anger and racism and hatred seems to be on the rise with every passing day.

Eventually the guys who were the de facto leadership, the originators of the clan, got tired of my silence and reached out to me. The answer they gave me was everything I needed: «We get it. We want to fix it, but we’re not sure how. Let us figure it out. Don’t go.»

So I didn’t go. They figured it out, collectively. And they changed things. They created a code of conduct, and everyone in the clan — everyone — had to acknowledge it. A line on hate speech of any kind was drawn hard in the sand. It was time for people to learn the difference between «that’s what she said» jokes, and misogyny, racism, homophobia. In the face of the ugliness of the outside world, they had the choice to put blinders on. But they chose righteousness. I was proud of them, proud of us.

It made us stronger. It made us better, and cemented our friendships. For better or worse, Bill ended up getting kicked out — his temperament and attitude just never found a place after that, he had another ugly night (I wasn’t around for it), and the next day he was asked to leave. The tension was gone, and it felt like we were having more fun than ever. But it also made us freer. Talk of politics, previously mostly ignored, became a little more common. Not because of commonality of belief (though there is that), but because I think we realized that we didn’t need to hide anything about ourselves.

This was a story about video games. But it’s also a story about finding hope in the darkness. Ask any of the Pajiba writers, and they’ll tell you that when we talk about the current state of affairs, I’m losing hope. So much so that I can barely write about it anymore. I tried to give myself a boost earlier in the year, but it always felt like we were losing more battles than we were winning. But then I realized something — this band of strangers, this band of brothers? They can give me hope, too. Even a community as seemingly silly and lighthearted as ours can take a stand on something. Communities like this can do amazing things — hell, this week alone, Destiny players raised over a million dollars for kids with cancer (in only seven days, no less). So while this story may not seem like a big deal, it plays a part in the larger world. It makes me realize that every day, people are taking stands like this, both small and large. It becomes a question of numbers and momentum. The road to progress lost both numbers and momentum last year, but we’re still traveling on it. Still pushing forward. And maybe if enough of us take these little stands, it’ll keep going and we’ll finally get somewhere where we don’t feel like we’re taking steps backwards.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a good Destiny clan? Hit me up. I know a solid group of guys.


These Are The Types of Women You Should Date Online

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You may think of yourself as someone who is experienced when it comes to online dating. After all, you know that hot girls chat online and you have spoken to many of them but you probably don’t realize that you are actually dating the same kind of women.

With this in mind, do you know what women you could be dating? This guide will give you an insight into the women that you should be dating!

The Sophisticated Urban Type

This kind of woman is the woman that all other women want to be! They have a great sense of humour, like to try new things and are beautiful. As this kind of woman is the envy of all other women, you will feel amazing when you are the one who is dating her.

If you are someone who has a huge amount of confidence then she is the type for you. This is because she will get a lot of attention and enjoy it but jealousy is something that you will need to brush to one side.

The Hip and Arty Type

If you date a woman who is hip and arty then you will soon find that she has a different way about her. She knows all about those bars that slip under the radar but she will certainly come with an abundance of excitement and style. She is often cultured and enjoys intellectual conversations, often about topics such as art and music.

Dating someone like this will require you to have interests that are very similar because you will not be able to make it up as your go along because they are often opinionated and expect you to know the things that they know.

The Girl Who Is Laid Back

She is often someone who participates in yoga on a regular basis and is a vegan. Often she will have fantastic skin and offer you excellent massages but knows how to remain calm and that is always a great attribute in a relationship. She is all about finding out what life is all about and so, she wants someone who really does relate to her. Her views about life and the world will be different to most and she will have a rare connection but her views could be fascinating to you.

The Strong-Willed and Strong-Minded Type

She is strong-minded to the point where she gets exactly what she wants. Her career has been guided by this inner drive and determination and she loves what she does to the point where she never takes a holiday.  She craves that power. If you are someone who likes to be dominated then she could well be your type but remember that she will want to take full control!

The Intimate Type

She is into keeping fit and has a body that backs this up but she knows how to be intimate and is a great kisser to go with it. She likes to make a connection with you and this makes flirt dating a woman like this extremely intense but many men can learn a lot from what she has to offer. She will ask questions about what the relationships mean and that could be trouble for some but if this is your thing then you could be onto a winner.

The Settle-Down Type

For many men, dating a woman who wants to settle down is exactly what they want. She isn’t out to date men who have money, she just wants a normal life where, she has a home, children and you both look after each other. If you have no problem with this then she is certainly the right type for you. Many men have that kind of thinking about them, that stems from an era where they used to be the sole provider and so, they take great satisfaction from giving their family what they want. This traditional kind of thinking is often associated with men who were brought up in a family environment. However, in contrast to this, a woman like this is also great for those men who were brought up in a household that was a little unstable.

The type of woman however, may decide that you do actually have to provide for her and that she has no intentions of going to work. If you are career-driven and earn the correct wage then this could be a great choice.

Choose the Right Date

Therefore, if you have been dating the wrong women and getting nowhere, you should consider the type of women you date. As they say, there is someone out there for everyone and you may surprise yourself when you realise that the type you would stay away from actually turns out to be your type!

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Take 25% Off Online Only Style (Including Sale Items) from Aerie

Aerie styles pop up in American Eagle stores a lot, but their online shop is much, much bigger. While that may seem annoying, it sometimes has its advantages, like when they take 25% off online only styles, including ones already marked down. Grab swimwear, bras, bralettes, tops, and everything in between from Aerie…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminated an Online Troll Who Insulted the Special Olympics

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a break from feuding with Donald Trump to terminate an online troll who attempted to turn an inspirational post into a sour one. The post in question was a Facebook video of the winners at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria. The saved Snapchat video said, «These guys inspire me!» as Arnold gave praise to the athletes. A Facebook user then replied to Arnold’s video referring to the athletes as «retards,» and Arnold was not having it. The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Read his now-deleted response below!

Only thing that would have made his response better? If he ended it with «Hasta la vista, baby.»

POPSUGAR Celebrity

LeAnn Rimes Is Accused Of Paying A Professional Online Bully To Mess With Brandi Glanville


Any day now, trillions of locusts will swarm the land, Satan will crawl out of Hell to high-five his homeboy Trump and nukes will fly above our heads. And as the world crashes down around us and we all run for our lives, you can count on one thing: Amidst the chaos of it all, LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville will be looking at each other like, “Ewww, your implants are jank, your weave is trash, you totally have cankles and Eddie said my pussy tastes sweeter, bitch!

LeAnn v. Brandi is the roach of feuds, and like roaches, it apparently can be found amongst the trash and scum. The Dirty recently noticed that Brandi unfollowed her forever arch rival LeAnn on both Twitter and Instagram. James McGibney, the owner of the site BullyVille, tells The Dirty that Brandi broke up with LeAnn on social media after finding out that the diabolical luck dragon allegedly hired a professional troll (and yes, that’s what I write under “occupation” on my tax returns) to stalk and harass her. LeAnn Rimes is 34 years old. I’m pointing that out, because I’m around her age and I thought I acted like a bitchy immature tween (see: Everything I write on this blog and the fact that I asked my friend if my ex’s current boyfriend is hotter than me. The answer was yes.) But this two Dollar Tree clearance bin Regina George has me beat.

James McGibney got a hold of a transcript of a testimony in a child support case involving a dude named Brandon King. During Brandon’s testimony, he says that he makes a living doing web design, web development and professional trolling. Brandon says that he sets up “troll accounts” and that he’s really good at it. Brandon doesn’t come out and say that he trolled Brandi Glanville for money, but he does say that he’s got a contract with LeAnn Rimes through a company called Spina Law Firm. Brandon also testified that Joanna Krupa is one of his clients. Joanna Krupa is currently suing Brandi for saying that her cooze smells like rotten fish.

James added this about Brandon King:

“Brandon King is a convicted felon who was hired by the Spina Law Firm out of New Jersey. We heard through some back channels that the Spina law firm hired Brandon to troll celebrities online. Until I got my hands on that transcript, it was pretty hard to prove that he worked for them.

This guy is the worst of the worst. (An) alleged child abuser, alleged woman abuser, alleged convicted felon, etc……why on earth would Leann Rimes hire someone like this?”

The Dirty believes that Brandon may have used the Twitter account @FauxRealityE, and they posted screen shots of LeAnn talking with that account in 2014:


Eddie Cibrian pissed on these claims and tells The Dirty that LeAnn has never heard of Brandon King and that they never hired him to do any kind of work. Eddie says the transcript is either fake or Brandon King is lying. Brandi, on the other hand, believes it, because duh, this keeps this never-ending feud going, which means she’ll get more attention:

“I’m shocked and disappointed at the lengths some people will go to harass others. Hiring a convicted felon to conduct online bullying on their behalf is a reflection of the character of his clients.”

This whole story is ridiculous, far-fetched and pathetic, but since it involves Brandi and LeAnn, I believe it! If this is true, then what’s really sad is that LeAnn used some of her county fair concert money to pay someone to troll Brandi. There are many, many trolls who would do it for free, because the thrill of trolling is payment enough. Or LeAnn could’ve told Eddie to make himself useful and have him to do it. And well, Brand is a wreck, but she wins this round since she doesn’t need to hire a professional troll. She gladly does the desperate trolling herself.

And here’s the come-to-life Twitter egg in lipstick working the pap stroll in L.A. a couple of weeks ago:

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The FBI, Which Still Won’t Address Online Threats Against Women, Arrested Someone For Tweeting a GIF at a Male Journalist [Updated]

In December, Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald was tweeted at by someone who sent him an image of the words “You deserve a seizure for your posts,” over a flashing, strobing image. Eichenwald, who has epilepsy, says the image caused him to have a seizure. On Friday morning, the FBI announced they’ve arrested the…

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Us Weekly Bought For $100M By the Owner of The National Enquirer and Radar Online

Us Weekly, the celebrity gossip rag known for iconic features like “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” and “What’s In My Bag?” that’s somewhere in the bottom-center of the Approval Matrix, has reportedly been purchased by American Media (the owners of The National Enquirer and Radar Online) for $ 100 million after a…

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