Open Post: Hosted By The Faux Sign Language Interpreter Who Signed Gibberish At A News Conference 


Those balding dudes in ties are making faces like they know that something in the milk ain’t doing sign language right.

Tampa Bay Times says that on November 28, the police department held a news conference about the arrest of a possible serial killer who has been terrorizing the neighborhood of Seminole Heights. The news conference co-starred an American sign language interpreter who was supposed to be interpreting that cop’s words for the hearing impaired. But the deaf people who watched had the same reaction that those of us who can hear have when we listen to Ozzy Osbourne. They had no idea what the fuck she was saying. She was signing pure gibberish. How do you say, “Bitch, wut?!” in sign language?

After deaf advocacy groups let the Tampa Police Department know that they should get a refund for their ASL interpreter because she wasn’t interpreting shit, they told the media that they didn’t exactly request an interpreter for the press conference. She just showed up, said she was the ASL interpreter and so they put her in front of the camera. The police department says they’re looking into who sent her and how she got there.

Meanwhile, the fraudulent ASL interpreter has been ID’d as Derlyn Roberts, and she’s dealt with the Tampa Police Department before. But the last time she dealt with them was when she was arrested for organized fraud. She was convicted in 2012 and just got out of prison last year. And the fraud flower of Florida struck again!

The hearing impaired must’ve wondered what the Redwood Forest and the New York island had to do with a serial killer in Tampa, because I’m pretty sure she’s doing the moves for This Land Was Made For You And Me. I’m also pretty sure that she threw up signs for about six gangs and also hit on all of us by doing the “peen” in “hole” sign.

And once the investigation wraps up, I’m sure officials will announce that they’re not going to press charges against Derlyn. Instead, they’re going to honor her for perfectly upholding Florida’s state motto: Keep fuckery alive!

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Josh Rosen Calls NFL Draft Reports “False News”

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen is not a fan of fake news and took to Twitter to deny reports that he’s declaring for the NFL Draft. Walter Football reported on Wednesday the junior was leaving that college life, but Rosen responded to that noise with a simple “No”:

Before really unloading today. Suffice it to say that he’s not happy about friends and fam blowing up his phone over “false news”:

Seems like Josh is annoyed for no reason here. Everyone expects him to declare and test fate with the Cleveland Browns en route to select first overall. Just get it over with.

NFL scouts are already drooling over Rosen per a report from Yahoo’s Charles Robinson:

All seven evaluators shared one common thread with Rosen: His throwing motion and release are basically as elite as it gets for a prospect. They raved about his fluidity and how he spun the ball effortlessly. “He can really spin it” was said repeatedly.

There was agreement that Rosen’s footwork is sound with a clean pocket but that he can get loose in his discipline – both in decisions and mechanics – when he’s flushed out of the pocket or trying to make something happen. There also appeared to be universal agreement that Rosen is the likeliest “start from Day 1” guy in the class.

If this is it, Josh had a strong run in Westwood:

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Did Donald Trump’s Dentures Slip Out During a News Conference Today?

It’s late. Lainey’s under the weather, and I just got home from pub trivia (where we won) and I’m on the tipsy side. Let’s do this quick and dirty (insert your mom joke here) (also, sorry for the lateness, CaliCheeseSucks):

Margot Robbie walked the red carpet with Tonya Harding at the I, Tonya premiere, in case you want to compare and contrast. (Lainey)

You guys have no idea how much I love Eliza Coupe. Eliza Coupe is kind of a kook. Also, she’s married to the founder of Shakeology. Damnit, this is why I don’t like to do Pajiba Love. I find out things about people I adore that make me adore them less. (Celebitchy)

Oh God, this doesn’t help, either. Oprah asked Jennifer Lawrence if she could have a dinner party with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Spoiler: They’re all alive, and Jennifer Lawrence could probably have a dinner party with them on any given Thursday. (Dlisted)

Here’s 25 things from the director’s commentary of the best «Christmas» movie of this decade. NO ONE DENIES THIS. (FSR)

In Pajiba-related podcast news, our own Courtney will be on Travis McElroy’s podcast Trends Like These on Friday to discuss Danny Masterson (subscribe here) and Kristy is on this week’s Slashfilm podcast talking Ladybird. (/Film)

Speaking of Courtney, she takes a closer look at «the most bonkers and fun delight of a misandrist spectacle ever to appear in mine eyes.» (SyFy)

More evidence that Trump is an evil pile of discarded foreskin? He thinks it is «low class» to own a pet. (The Hill)

So, John Conyers’ son, who may or may not be running to replace his father, should definitely not run to replace his father. Dude’s got some serious baggage. (The Root)

What are you wearing, Diane Kruger?! And why are you wearing it? (GFY)

OK, fine. I begrudgingly concede that Evans is kind of close to being the Best Chris but is still definitely not the Best Chris.

The Best NOT CHRIS has a great idea, too:

Does Donald Trump wear dentures? Because it sure as hell looks like it. (OK, maybe they’re just «porcelain restorations,» or there are too many veneers. I dunno. Whatever. Point is, the President’s teeth are ganked, but they’re hilarious. (Newsweek)

Mikki Blu quickly recognized Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me as a spinster and rake romance set in contemporary Chicago, and she was bored. Not that there’s anything wrong with updating a historical romance trope, but there was too much focus on Min’s weight and way too much chicken marsala. How many times could you eat chicken marsala in a week? (Cannonball Read 9)


Today In Bryan Singer News: We’ve Found One Shoe, Now Where’s The Other?

Remember when Bryan Singer’s name was mysterious trending on Twitter as the allegations against Kevin Spacey came out?

There’s a strong chance that it’s NOT because Singer coincidentally directed Spacey in The Usual Suspects way back when. Since yesterday afternoon there has been a developing story around Singer that, while not damning in and of itself, seems sort of like the news equivalent of that arthritic ache old timers get when a storms a-comin’.

It started with The Hollywood Reporter‘s exclusive reveal that Fox had booted Singer out of the director’s chair on Bohemian Rhapsody, their upcoming Queen biopic starring Rami Malek as Freddy Mercury. It was a bold move on the part of the studio, made all the more surprising because the film only had two more weeks of principal production to go. That’s a hell of a time to can your director, even if the decision was made after Singer reportedly stopped showing up on set, necessitating a production shut down on Dec. 1.

THR‘s report is a juicy one with all the fun elements of unprofessional conduct. A studio that warned Singer not to step out of line before production began, likely due to his track record of not showing up to set and getting in fights with his actors. A director who — yup you guessed it — started not showing up to work and pissing off his cast, while his cinematographer would have to step in and shoot in his stead. Singer and Malek reportedly got into it after Malek complained to the studio about Singer’s unreliability and disappearing act, and the argument got so heated that Singer threw something (not at Malek, but still). Malek’s co-star Tom Hollander also supposedly quit the film because of Singer’s behavior, though he was eventually coaxed back.

Everyone supposedly settled their differences… and then Singer took off for the Thanksgiving break and never returned to set (the film is shooting in London, and he’s supposedly been in the U.S. for the past week and a half).

Obviously Singer’s version of events is different — he cites health concerns for his parents as the reason why he wanted time away from the film, which the studio was unwilling to accommodate.

With fewer than three weeks to shoot remaining, I asked Fox for some time off so I could return to the U.S. to deal with pressing health matters concerning one of my parents. This was a very taxing experience, which ultimately took a serious toll on my own health. Unfortunately, the studio was unwilling to accommodate me and terminated my services. This was not my decision and it was beyond my control. Rumors that my unexpected departure from the film was sparked by a dispute I had with Rami Malek are not true. While, at times, we did have creative differences on set, Rami and I successfully put those differences behind us and continued to work on the film together until just prior to Thanksgiving. I wanted nothing more than to be able to finish this project and help honor the legacy of Freddie Mercury and Queen, but Fox would not permit me to do so because I needed to temporarily put my health, and the health of my loved ones, first.

So, OK, taken at face value this is just the story of a troubled film shoot. What’s the big deal? Well, there are other factors that hint at something larger developing. Like, for instance, this:

Or the fact that Fox didn’t renew their first look deal with Singer’s production company, Bad Hat Harry, which ended in October. And now they’re clearing out their office on the Twentieth Century Fox studio lot. Mind you, Singer is the guy behind almost everything X-Men so it’s odd that Fox would be cutting ties with him entirely…

If you’re sick of reading between the lines, you can just go to Radar who have helpfully filled in all the juicy gossip for you. But really, you know where this is going…

For years there have been rumors about Singer’s sexual misconduct, including pedophilia. In 2014 a man named Michael Egan filed a civil suit against Singer and a few other Hollywood figures, accusing them of sexual assault starting when he was a mid-teen. The case fell apart though, and it didn’t seem to impact Singer’s career (it doesn’t hurt that Egan later pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud).

Of course, there’s also this:

Right now everyone seems to be waiting to see if Singer is going to be the next Hollywood figure to fall in the face of sexual misconduct allegations. And while none of the current spate of Singer news seems to have any connection to it, who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes. Time will tell, but it definitely feels like something big is on the horizon …


Anatomy of a Royal Engagement: Behind the Scenes of Harry and Meghan’s Big News

Image Source: Getty / Daniel Leal-Olivas

It’s the news that royal fans have been waiting 392 days to hear: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged! Just over a year after their relationship became public in October 2016, the office of Harry’s father, Prince Charles, made the announcement. Behind the simple statement of «His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle» lies a long list of to-dos that needed to be ticked off before the news was made official.

Meeting the Parents

In order to get to the point where an engagement was possible, the couple needed to rack up a few milestones so that everything could be deemed «proper.» One of the most important was meeting each other’s families. It’s likely that Harry met Meghan’s mother, Doria, during one of his visits to stay with Meghan in Toronto, while for Meghan it was about meeting Harry’s brother, William, his father, Prince Charles, and his grandmother the queen. Meghan revealed in their engagement interview that she has spent lots of time with William and Kate over the past 18 months and accompanied Harry to meet up with Prince Charles a handful of times as well. It was reported that she then met the queen for the first time in September at Buckingham Palace.

A Few Formalities

In conjunction with the usual signs of a relationship getting serious — such as meeting each others’ families — royal status calls for a couple of formalities to be taken care of too. It’s likely that since the relationship has, from the beginning, moved along at a brisk pace, Harry and Meghan would have discussed marriage before Harry proposed, and when they knew they were heading very firmly in that direction, they made their first public appearance, when Meghan accompanied Harry to various Invictus Games events in September.

They will have needed to wait a while rather than rushing into marriage, too. In the past, royal relationships have been a bit of a whirlwind: Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and Prince Andrew all married when they had been dating for just one year, but after those three marriages all ended in divorce, it’s likely that Harry would have been strongly advised to wait until at least the one-year mark before proposing — meaning that by the time he and Meghan marry next Spring, they will have been together for two years. As their relationship became serious, Meghan would have also had palace advisers on hand to brief her on her shifting profile.

The Royal Seal of Approval

Once Harry had decided to to ask Meghan for her hand in marriage, he was faced with something of a royal obstacle course that lay between his proposal and his wedding day. First up: getting permission from the queen. The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 means members of the royal family need permission from the monarch in order to marry, and although these days it’s more of a formality, it still needed to happen. Her majesty’s permission comes in the form of an Instrument of Consent, which is written out in ornate calligraphy and marked with her red wax Seal of the Realm.

Permission From the Bride-to-Be’s Parents

Tradition dictates that any potential husband-to-be should ask for permission to marry from the parents of his intended, and although this practice is now pretty relaxed, Harry would want to do things «properly» — and the announcement from the palace stated: «Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms. Markle’s parents.» It isn’t yet known whether this occurred before the proposal — as is tradition — or afterward, which is what Prince William did when he proposed to Kate Middleton. His reason? As he revealed in his engagement interview, «I was torn between asking Kate’s dad first and then the realization that he might actually say ‘no’ dawned upon me. So I thought if I ask Kate first, then he can’t really say no. So I did it that way round. I managed to speak to Mike soon after it happened really and then it sort of happened from there.»

Choosing the Ring

Selecting an engagement ring is never going to be easy for a husband-to-be, but in Harry’s case, there was a whole other layer of considerations, as royal engagement rings are usually steeped in history and personal meaning. When his grandfather Prince Philip proposed to the queen, he used a ring made up of diamonds from a tiara which had belonged to his mother. When Prince Charles proposed to Camilla Parker-Bowles, he selected a ring that had belonged to his grandmother, the queen mother, and when William proposed to Kate, he of course chose Princess Diana’s iconic 12-carat sapphire. By selecting two diamonds from Diana’s collection for the ring he helped design, Harry clearly wanted to continue the family tradition.

Image Source: Getty / Karwai Tang

Telling Friends and Family

Although they like to keep their happy news to themselves for a while, there are certain people the royal couple tell before the news becomes public. Immediate family and very close friends would have been on Harry and Meghan’s list.

Informing the Prime Minister

It was reported that Prime Minister Theresa May had been informed a week before the royal engagement, and it is usually protocol to inform the sitting PM. On the day the news broke, Theresa tweeted, «I would like to offer my very warmest congratulations to HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle upon their engagement. This is a time of huge celebration for two people in love and, on behalf of myself, the Government and the country, I wish them great happiness for the future.»

Official Engagement Portraits

Having formal engagement photos taken in a private setting is common practice among senior royal family members. They are usually taken before the announcement so that they can swiftly be supplied to the press to quell the demand for perfectly posed pictures of the couple — and in them, the couple is likely to be more relaxed and polished than they are at their press call.

Breaking the News

It’s traditional for the parents to break the news, and in both William’s and Harry’s cases, the announcement came from Prince Charles’s office at St. James’s Palace. Simultaneously, the announcement was made across all royal social media platforms.

Stepping Into the Spotlight

The final part of a royal engagement process is that the couple get suited and booted to meet the world’s media during a press call. For the queen and Prince Philip, it was at Buckingham Palace; for William and Kate, it was at St. James’s Palace; and for Harry and Meghan, it was in the gardens of Kensington Palace. As was the case with William and Kate and Harry and Meghan, a television interview was recorded directly afterward with someone already known to the couple. Once the engagement itself is done and dusted, it’s simply on to the small matter of planning a royal wedding.

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Some Important Cancellation News

Well, we all woke up to the press release alerting us this morning. And we knew this was a possibility, even a probability. The numbers don’t lie. But, still, we hate being the ones to have to tell you.

Men have been cancelled.

Men enjoyed a long run, with little in the way of competition for ratings. But even the biggest fan has to admit their seasons were largely inconsistent, and their narrative choices at times shockingly confusing. Men did have some truly remarkable moments from time to time, but ultimately, I think we can all agree it’s time. While it would have been nice for them to go out on top, the last few episodes have been truly painful. So the powers that be pulled the plug.

Congratulations, men. I’m sure it was fun while it lasted. But we’re really looking forward to the all-woman reboot.


Jimbo Fisher’s Christmas Tree Broke The News Of Him Leaving Florida State For Texas A&M

If you want to get technical, Mark Schlabach over at ESPN broke the news of Jimbo Fisher resigning from his job at Florida State to become the head coach at Texas A&M.

But if we’re being honest here, everybody on Twitter already knew Jimbo was out of there about 45 minutes before that news even broke. Schlabach’s report was really just a technicality – a confirmation, if you will.

That’s because when this photo dropped of Jimbo’s sad Christmas tree sitting on the side of the curb outside of his house, we knew that man had already boarded his flight to Texas and probably already had recruits on the line.

This is the beauty of college football, people. When the coaching carousel starts in late November into December every year, you know any little detail can mean everything. Every flight is tracked, every real estate website is monitored, and if you make one small mistake like putting your Christmas tree out for the garbagemen a full 25 days before Christmas, well then that’s all the confirmation we need.

Hey Tennessee, I think I just solved all of your problems

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20 NSFWBDs React To Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment News

Ooohhhh boy is this a good one from the NSFWBDs. They had themselves a field day with news that Matt Lauer was fired because he’s a sexual harassment dbag who reportedly had a secret button to lock his office door and news that he might’ve offered up some sex toys to coworkers.

This story was made for the BDs and they went on the offensive.

I’m asked quite often why I do the BD posts and the answer is always the same: because the BDs cut through all the nonsense. They get down to business and say what’s really on their minds and it’s always presented in layman’s terms.

Straight to the point.

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Net Neutrality News Round-Up: Brought To You By The Internet. We’ll Miss You, Internet.

Happy Cyber Monday! Have you blown next month’s rent on a bunch of online sales, buying gifts for everyone on your shopping list (but mostly for yourself)? Me too, me too. Cool story. Oh, hey, speaking of Cyber Monday — more than 200 internet companies, including broadband bad boys like Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Airbnb, chose today to release a letter urging the Federal Communications Commission not to roll back the current net neutrality rules. Addressed to FCC Chairman/Fuckboi Ajit Pai, the letter notes that the «current rules provide the protections necessary to protect net neutrality and ensure the internet remains a free and open marketplace that encourages innovation and supports robust competition.»

Why does this matter, today of all days? Well, Cyber Monday earned $ 3.5 billion dollars in America last year, making it the largest online sales day in history (and today’s profits may blow that figure out of the water). More commerce is occurring online than ever before — thanks to the free and open internet that net neutrality guarantees us.

Because of the open internet, a web developer can launch a business out of their own apartment, an aspiring fashion designer in Wyoming can sell clothes in Los Angeles, or a caterer can find new customers in their town. Because of net neutrality, consumers and businesses have unfettered access to one another, increasing competition and consumer choice.

Disastrously, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week released a draft order that would end this open commerce by repealing the current net neutrality rules and eliminating the protections that keep the internet free and open for America’s businesses and consumers.

Without these rules, internet service providers will be able to favor certain websites and e-businesses, or the platforms they use to garner new customers, over others by putting the ones that can pay in fast lanes and slowing down or even blocking others. Businesses may have to pay a toll just to reach customers. This would put small and medium-sized businesses at a disadvantage and prevent innovative new ones from even getting off the ground. An internet without net neutrality protections would be the opposite of the open market, with a few powerful cable and phone companies picking winners and losers instead of consumers.

But maybe we need to calm down and give the internet service providers the benefit of the doubt. Surely such large corporations wouldn’t really take advantage of the net neutrality rollback to make more money, would they? After all, Comcast (the largest home internet provider in the U.S.) has been saying for years that it would respect the principles of net neutrality even without being forced to — principles like not discriminating, blocking or throttling internet content, and not instituting paid prioritization by creating fast lanes for certain content providers.

Except, as Ars Technica points out, lately Comcast has dropped the promises about paid prioritization. Check out this article to see the complete breakdown on the shifting language of Comcast’s messaging.

Still, at least the FCC has given us a clear, simple, and not-at-all confusing platform to voice our opinion! They’re listening to us — whether we support the current net neutrality rules or support their desire to repeal them. Nothing can possibly go wrong with that. It’s not like some data scientist is going to analyze the comments submitted to the FCC between April and October and discover that over a million pro-repeal comments were likely faked, right?

Well, at least the New York State Attorney General hasn’t found evidence of identity theft in those comments and accused the FCC of refusing to aid in the investigation, right?

On December 14th the FCC will vote on whether to eliminate net neutrality as we know it — but it’s not too late to make your opinion heard. From Verizon store protests to petitions to calling or writing to your representatives, there are many ways to participate. And despite the 2-dimensional hellscape that is the FCC’s website, John Oliver’s handy «gofccyourself» shortcut is still active!

1. Click
This redirects you to the FCC’s misleadingly named «Restoring Internet Freedom» proceedings page.
2. Click «+Express»
3. Check that «Proceeding(s)» is pre-populated with 17-108. If not, type 17-108 and click enter
4. Under the «Name(s) of Filer(s)» field, add your name, then click enter
5. Add your address
6. Under «Brief Comments» — comment away!
Here’s a basic template:
«Dear FCC Chairman Ajit Pai,
I support the existing Net Neutrality rules, which classify internet service providers under the Title II provision of the Telecommunications Act. Please DO NOT roll back these regulations. Thanks!»
7. Click «Continue to review screen,» check your submission, click submit

And if all else fails, you can email Ajit Pai directly: Just leave his family out of it.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Engagement News Has the Internet Royally Freaking Out

After months of speculation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement! And in true internet fashion, the tweets are already pouring in. Some social media users are sharing the loss of having to kiss goodbye their Prince Harry fairy tale, while others couldn’t be happier for the royal couple. Press play on «Someday My Prince Will Come», and read on for the best reactions so far.

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