Today In Batsh*t Crazy Celebrity News: Shapeshifters and Aliens!

Celebrities are just like us, right? They have imperfect marriage, struggle to balance work and family, and they believe shapeshifters walk among us and aliens are real.

Billy Corgan, head megalomaniac of Smashing Pumpkins, was on The Howard Stern Show recently. Stern brought up Corgan’s appearances on The Alex Jones Show, mentioning the host’s belief in lizard people. Corgan responded:

«Not to add to the conspiracy, but I’ve had paranormal experiences in my life that sort of lend itself into that category.»

DID THEY TURN INTO A BULLET WITH BUTTERFLY WINGS?? Who knows, as Corgan most certainly realized how nuts he sounded and remained evasive with Stern. You can listen below.

Tom DeLonge, former guitarist and founding member of blink-182, continues his obsession with aliens. I mean, I listened to «Aliens Exist» on their «Enema of the State» record.

I didn’t realize DeLonge was serious, though. Back in 2015, DeLonge spoke with Papermag, stating that he had made contact with aliens and was in danger.

«At the time I didn’t know it, but the person I was dealing with was being awoken in the middle of the night with clicking and buzzing noises and falling on the ground vomiting, every morning at 4 a.m. I know now that those are artifacts from mind-control experiments, where the same technology that we use to find oil underground, we can zap somebody at the same frequency that the brain operates on, and it can cause some really horrific things to happen. But I didn’t know this until 10 years later. I got caught in the middle of it, and this was the time when I was on the cover of Rolling Stone, so I think these guys, whoever was running this operation, were like, «What the fuck? How did this kid show up?»»

In 2016, DeLonge spoke about the song with Mic:

«The very last line of that song references this urban legend in UFO folklore called Majestic 12; these documents that got leaked in the ’80s that described an entire organization of top-level scientists, military people and intelligence officials that manage the information of this phenomenon. I put the name in that song, and the irony now is that I’m dealing with people from the modern version of whatever that group is called. It’s a big deal.»

DeLonge has a website called To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences and he is using it to crowdfund a spaceship to finally prove the existence of aliens.

«Hello, my name is Tom DeLonge from the Blink-182. I have brought together an elite team from CIA, DOD and the FMR Director of Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks. We are aiming to build this ElectroMagnetic Vehicle to Travel instantaneously through Space, Air and Water by engineering the fabric of Space-Time. Our company is called To The Stars… and you can INVEST in our plan to revolutionize the world with technology that can change life as we know it.» — Via Facebook

Maybe DeLonge can get some insight from Miami congressional candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera. The video below is in Spanish.


This BBC News Reporter Couldn’t Care Less About Royal Baby No. 3

A little over a month after Kate Middleton and Prince William announced that they’re expecting their third child, Kensington Palace confirmed this week that their new bundle of joy is due in April 2018. While a lot of people were excited by the news, others were . . . somewhat unimpressed.

BBC news reporter Simon McCoy was live on air when the announcement was made, and he relayed the information in his own unique way. «Now, bearing in mind that they announced that she was pregnant back in September, I’m not sure how much news this really is,» he said with a bit of a sarcastic laugh. «But anyway…clear your diaries, get the time booked off, cause that’s what I’m doing.» Of course, Twitter users were quick to pick up on his funny report, and we have to agree with them: he did make us laugh!

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Ed Sheeran Gets Into a Nasty Bike Accident, and It Could Mean Bad News For His Tour

Singer and erstwhile Game of Thrones star Ed Sheeran took to Instagram this morning to confirm reports that he’d been injured whilst cycling in London recently. Reports suggest Ed was knocked down by a car, and the photo of his cast and sling show the injuries he sustained from the accident. «I’ve had a bit of a bicycle accident,» Ed (under)stated in the post.

This could be bad news for fans who have tickets to see Ed at his upcoming shows in Asia: he’s set to kick off the next leg of his tour in Taipei on Oct. 22, but says he’s now awaiting medical advice as to whether he’ll be able to perform. Even if he does make those dates, it’s looking highly unlikely that he’ll be able to play guitar. Here’s hoping he makes a quick recovery and doesn’t have to make too many changes to upcoming gigs.

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Twitter Flipped Its Sh*t After the Fox News W.H. Correspondent Called Hillary a ‘Shadow President’

Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? If not, no worries, Amazon has you covered! Wait, let me be more specific; Amazon has you covered if you’re a fucking racist jag. — (Amazon)

Ooooh, but here are some Halloween mask ideas that are good for your skin! — (Revelist)

John Roberts is the White House Correspondent for television’s most watched cable news network.

Check out that Twitter Ratio, folks. At publication time, it’s 1457 replies to 44 likes. That Ratio is Chris Cillizza, record-setting‏ levels. I also suspect that at least half of those «likes» come from people like me who bookmark Tweets to come back to them.

I think we all wish she were Shadow President, because it’s better than having a Prez who jokes that his V.P. wants to «hang all gays.» (HuffPo)

Princess Kate got to meet AND dance with Paddington Bear. Soo cuuute! — (GFY)

Lisa Bloom didn’t jump off the Weinstein train early enough. Before she finally bailed, she (ALLEGEDLY) tried to bribe monetarily incentivize Rose McGowan to join her on the «Harvey’s a good dude and he’s changed his wicked wicked ways» bandwagon. Ewww. — (Dlisted)

If you live in one of nine US states come January of 2018, you’ll need a passport to fly DOMESTICALLY. Yep. That’s how backward and fucked up air travel has become that some states’ state-issued IDs or driver’s license aren’t sufficient to fly within their own country. *sigh* — (Esquire)

The United States as a whole may be moving backward, but California is moving forward at least. They’ve become the first state to allow non-binary genders on official state-issued IDs. — (TMS)

Speaking of moving forward (or maybe backward) Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are hanging out together again. Are they dating? Don’t know. But I hope they’re having fun together, whatever they’re doing. — (LG)

Basically, unless they’re contractually obligated, no one wants to go on Megyn Kelly’s portion of Today. Because she’s the worst. — (Celebitchy)

John Mayer is turning 40, so he bought himself a present (because he doesn’t have any friends? Merely speculating) to mark the occasion: A diamond encrusted chain bearing a likeness of The Dude. You’re out of your element, Johnny. — (People)

Two of the prettiest people got married in one of the prettiest places. — (VF)

Did you know that for a brief time the Osage tribe was the wealthiest group of people in the United States? The story of the Osage was completely unfamiliar to Jeverett15 before he picked up David Grann’s Killers of the Flower Moon, which is now a National Book Award Finalist. "Based on years of research and startling new evidence, the book is a masterpiece of narrative nonfiction…" The National Book Award winners will be announced on November 15th, have you read any of the finalists? (Cannonball Read 9)


If the Ending of Happy Death Day Left You Frustrated, We Have Really Good News

Despite an annoying barrage of trailers that made me loathe the word «bye,» Happy Death Day ended up being an unexpectedly smart, entertaining thriller. The film chooses to leave the reason the heroine, Tree (Jessica Rothe), is forced to repeat her birthday over and over again after being murdered each night shrouded in mystery, which is potentially frustrating for some audience members (spoiler alert: the writer of this article). As it turns out, director Christopher B. Landon specifically chose to leave the mystery open-ended in that way to leave the door open for a sequel.

«The whole idea for my sequel is actually already in this movie. It’s hiding in plain sight,» he revealed to Insider. «The answer to why she’s literally stuck in a time loop — it’s something I have the answer to. It’s in my back pocket because, knock on wood, you never know how things are going to go, and we’re not counting our chickens, but if I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a sequel, the answer to that question is the premise of my sequel.»

Since Landon is the mastermind behind the Paranormal Activity series, he’s clearly no stranger to steering a horror franchise to success. Then again, can the premise of Happy Death Day really sustain another film? Landon does make the Groundhog Day-esque concept feel fresh, no matter how many times Tree does the same exact thing, scene after scene, but a sequel with a similar format could get a little tiresome. That being said, if they promise to tell me the secret behind Tree’s birthday from hell, I’ll be first in line to buy a ticket.

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Kate Middleton Is Glowing During Her First Public Appearance Since Third Pregnancy News

Kensington Palace announced in September that Kate Middleton and Prince William have another royal baby on the way, and on Tuesday, the Duchess of Cambridge debuted her tiny baby bump at a reception at Buckingham Palace in honor of World Mental Health Day. Clad in a blue Temperley dress, Kate appeared to be in good spirits as she, William, and Prince Harry met with staff from leading mental health charities. The event also marked Kate’s first public appearance since her pregnancy announcement. Earlier in the day, William and Harry hosted a reception at St. James’s Palace to thank everyone who has supported their Heads Together mental health campaign.

Kate is reportedly about three months along in her pregnancy and is once again suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Kate has been on bed rest at Kensington Palace and even had to miss Prince George’s first day of school. We’re happy to see she’s doing much better!

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Fox News Anchor Who Is Not Shep Smith Suggests Donald Trump ‘Failing as a Human Being’

I don’t know a lot about the politics of Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. I know he survived stage 4 lymphoma cancer. I know that he has MS. I know that he had a triple bypass last year. I also know that he’s an anchor on Fox News who isn’t Shep Smith, so I assume he’s not anti-Trump.

But that assumption does not jibe with what he says here, which I only post because of how unusual it is for a Fox News anchor who isn’t Shep Smith to dress down the President of the United States. Is it a turning point? Oh fuck no. I’ve given up on those. There will be no inflection point. The base may fray at the seams, but it will not cave. The best we can hope for at this point is that Trump alienates so many members of his own party that he’s left completely crippled until the Democrats can (hopefully) take back control of Congress.

This is not going to change anything, but it is nice to know that someone over there has a lick of goddamn sense.

via Uproxx


‘Late Night’ Ladies Are All Of Us Re: Harvey Weinstein «News»

After years and years of whispers and «rumors,» Harvey Weinstein‘s alleged pattern of sexual harassment and abuse of power is finally out in the open and being widely discussed. While some have expressed shock over the allegations, so so so many women have responded with a general «no shit» attitude, because sexual harassment is too damn common. For some women, the shocking part came when Weinstein tried to explain away the behavior he’s denying with an astoundingly stupid public statement.

The women at Late Night With Seth Meyers are all of us as they break all this down:


Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds To Harvey Weinstein News

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of decades of sexual harassment and lewd behavior towards female employees, colleagues, and reporters. In response, men and women of Hollywood have begun speaking out against him and his vile actions. But some are staying uncomfortably silent. The Guardian reached out to Weinstein collaborators including actors Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Russell Crowe, George Clooney and Ewan McGregor, and directors Tarantino, Russell, Ryan Coogler, Tom Hooper, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Michael Moore, Rob Marshall, Robert Pulcini, Garth Davis, Doug McGrath, John Madden, Simon Curtis, Kevin Williamson, Martin Scorsese, John Hillcoat and John Wells. None gave comment.

Now, silence does not mean they knew anything of Weinstein’s grotesque pattern of abuse, nor does it mean they are mutely defending him. But it’s not a good look. And while we might not expect much from some of the men on this list, the silence of others fucking stings. But this morning, one of our Pajiba favorites took to Twitter to publicly respond.

Props to Miranda for not only responding, but also taking responsibility for his initial lack of response, and not blaming his publicity team.


In «Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me» News, We Now Know Rick Won’t Make It Out of TWD Alive

I’m trying not to feel personally victimized by Robert Kirkman this week, but he’s making it really hard. First, he teases a big crossover episode between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead but gives very little detail about how the whole scenario is actually going to work. Then, he goes ahead and casually drops the news that Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) — everyone’s beloved, rugged, and kinda-crazy zombie slayer and infamous lover of coral — is going to die. Like, really, truly die. And way sooner than we think.

«No one is safe,» Kirkman declared during a TWD panel at New York Comic-Con over the weekend. «Hopefully there have been points where you go, ‘Is this it? Is this where Rick dies?’ And he doesn’t. One day, the moment will come where you go, ‘Oh my god, it is!’ It could happen any time between now and 50 years from now. Fifty years, that’s not gonna happen . . . «

While the thought of Rick being taken out after all that he’s been through fills me with dread, Kirkman clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to telling this story. Could this somehow connect to the glimpse of «old Rick» lying in a hospital bed that we got at the end of the season eight trailer? Well, with the «All Out War» storyline from the comic books imminent and the battle with the Whisperers on deck after that, we at least know that Rick will survive long enough to participate in both (at least he does in the books). What will happen to him after that? It’s anyone’s guess.

Kirkman went on to divulge that The Walking Dead‘s next storyline in the books is titled «New World Order,» which will introduce a group with extensive military training (which we can only imagine will serve as a threat to Rick, Carl, Michonne, and the rest of the gang). Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in season eight, which is set to premiere on Oct. 22.

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