16 Moments That Show Rihanna Has Been Work, Work, Working Hard All Year

This is shaping up to be an incredibly busy year for Rihanna. In addition to finding love with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, the singer really set out to conquer the world: releasing a beauty line, starring in a film, and expanding her Fenty x Puma fashion line. On top of it all, Rihanna also found time to make new music, and according to Entertainment Weekly, she and Lupita Nyong’o are teaming up for an upcoming film project with Netflix. We can’t wait to see what Rihanna has in store for us in 2018!

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Video Hilariously Breaks Down What Happens in the Moments Between the Bits Shown in a Montage

Cinematic montages are fun and efficient ways of covering a lot of essential story ground very quickly. They allow a filmmaker to creatively and often stylishly or rhythmically skip through plot beats while leaving out the minutiae and banal details that pad out real life.

There have been many parodies and self-aware winks to montages in film and TV, but one of my new favourites is by YouTube duo Chris and Jack. Their video lovingly pays tribute to exactly those quiet moments in between the cinematic cuts:


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55 Moments From Years Past That Made the CMA Awards Worth Watching

The CMA Awards always bring out the biggest stars in country music, but what really makes the show special are all the electrifying performances and unexpected surprises. In 2015, Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton gave us the country duet we never knew we needed, and in 2016, Beyoncé shocked us all when she popped up at the show to perform with the Dixie Chicks. This year’s CMAs are going down on Nov. 8, but before we get the party started, take a look back at some of the best moments from years past.

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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Moments That Will Make Your Heart Go Wild(ling)

From onscreen lovers to real-life couple, former Game of Thrones costars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have one adorable love story. Sparks first started flying between the pair when they met in 2012, and Kit proposed to Rose in September. They’ve shared more than a few sweet moments in the spotlight over the years, including their unforgettable scenes as Jon Snow and Ygritte, plus the truly iconic interactions that came when Kit serenaded Rose with a performance of «Wild Thing» — er, «Wildling» — for Red Nose Day back in 2015. Check out some of the all-time cutest GIFs of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, then relive their romance in pictures.

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Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe Have a Whole Host of Heart-Warming Moments

Eddie Redmayne and his beautiful wife Hannah Bagshawe have the look of love down to a fine art. The pair, who married in December 2014, welcomed daughter Iris Mary last June, and recently announced that they’re expecting baby number two! We simply can’t get enough of this loved-up parents, whose red carpet appearances always warm our hearts. Read on to see all of their most memorable moments so far, then remind yourself of just how charming this Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them actor truly is.

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8 Angelina Jolie Moments From 2017 That Will Make You Wonder, «How Does She Do It All?»

Angelina Jolie is generally pretty private when it comes to her family, but this year, we saw more of her and her kids together than we ever have, and we just couldn’t get enough! In addition to being a doting mom, Angelina also debuted two films, The Breadwinner and First They Killed My Father, and on top of that, she still made time to focus on her philanthropic work. We still have a couple more months left of 2017, but Angelina’s year has already shaped up to be one of her busiest yet.

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The 13 Biggest Moments of Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things season two is finally here, bringing with it old foes, new faces, and plenty of ’80s references. If you’ve finished watching and want to make sure you didn’t miss anything during your binge, or if you haven’t finished but want to skip ahead to the end, we’re here to help with a handy season two recap, hitting all the highlights.

From the answer to where Eleven has been all this time to the new threat to how Will’s time in the Upside Down affects him now that he’s back, here are the 13 biggest moments from Stranger Things season two. Be warned of major spoilers if you haven’t watched the whole season yet!

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Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander’s Cutest Couple Moments — on and Off Screen

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are notoriously private about their romance, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less adorable. Despite staying out of the spotlight for most of their nearly three-year relationship, the pair, who reportedly tied the knot in Ibiza, Spain, have given us a few rare glimpses of their love from time to time. Whether they’re sharing the screen in The Light Between Oceans or they’re sharing sweet PDA during award shows, it’s clear these two are quite smitten with each other. See some of their rare couple moments (on and off screen) ahead.

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12 Disturbing Moments From The Walking Dead Comics You’ll Be Glad the Show Skipped

The Walking Dead is no stranger to gore and over-the-top violence, and after seven seasons, we feel like we’ve seen it all. From poor Glenn getting his head smashed in so hard his eyeball nearly popped out to watching an iron melt a guy’s face off, there’s probably not a lot left to surprise us, right? Wrong.

The comics are even more insanely brutal and horrendous, which is why we’re low-key glad the TV show spared us a few of the more gorier sequences. Some things are better left to the imagination or just left out altogether.

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27 Celebrity Friendship Moments That Will Make You Feel Better About 2017

2017 may not have been all that we hoped for, but thankfully, we have plenty of celebrity friendship moments to be grateful for. From Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s Titantic reunion with Billy Zane to Jimmy Fallon «bro-biking» with Justin Timberlake, this year definitely taught us what true friendship looks like. Take a look back at some of the best moments from 2017.

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