Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Costume Is Straight Out of an ’80s Rom-Com

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are pros at being ridiculously adorable on social media, and their Halloween costume was no exception. On Tuesday, the couple dressed up as Andie and Duckie from the ’80s film Pretty in Pink. «Happy Halloween everyone!» the actor wrote alongside his snap. «Eat your heart out John Cryer! Next year . . . Maxwell Houser makes an appearance.» Not only did Sarah don a red wig, but we can’t get over how spot-on their clothes are. Guess these two are following suit of other celebs and going with the movie character theme this year.

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Michelle Williams Opens Up About Being Suicidal While Touring With Destiny’s Child

In her 20s, Michelle Williams lived a life most of us could only dream of: touring the world with her bandmates, Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, as one-third of Destiny’s Child. But even with all of her accomplishments, the 37-year-old «Survivor» singer recently revealed that she was battling depression during her rise to fame.

«I didn’t know until I was in my 30s what was going on,» Michelle shared while guest cohosting on The Talk. «I just thought it was growing pains. I just thought, ‘I’m turning into a woman.'» The gospel singer also revealed that she had been feeling depressed since her teenage years but «didn’t know what to call it.»

Eventually, Michelle opened up about her depression to Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, who was also the group’s manager at the time. Mathew reportedly questioned why she would be feeling depressed after singing a multimillion-dollar deal and preparing for a tour. «‘What do you have to be depressed about?'» Williams says he asked. «So I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I’m just tired.'»

Michelle told the talk show panel that things got «dark and heavy» — to the point that she felt suicidal. «I wanted out,» she recalled. Fortunately, she now says she has «released» herself from her battle with depression and hopes her story can inspire others. «Depression doesn’t mean lazy. Self-harm doesn’t mean you want attention. It’s not any of that.»

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Out of All 144 Episodes of Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar Picks Her Absolute Favorite

There are very few TV shows that compare to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sarah Michelle Gellar knows it. Not only did the supernatural drama spawn 144 episodes and seven whole seasons, but it also gave rise to Gellar’s empowering, vampire-slaying heroine, a character who ended up paving the way for more bold female figures on TV down the road. It’s no wonder that, even after 20 years, the show’s fan base is insanely dedicated. While there were tons of memorable moments during its seven seasons, there are two episodes in particular that really stand out to the show’s star, albeit for different reasons.

As for her overall favorite? «I like ‘The Prom,'» Gellar told me of the heartbreaking season three episode during Capital One’s event with Priceless Table to promote its new Savor rewards credit card. «Just because to me that was all about who she was and the isolation that you feel as a teenager.»

When it comes to narrowing down the scariest episode, though, she loves season four’s «Hush» — which was predominately filmed without any dialogue — just as much as the fans do. «I thought that it would be really easy to have no lines for eight days, but it was so hard,» she admitted. «I was like, ‘This is way harder. I’d rather learn lines.’ And they had the scariest costumes.» You can say that again. The Gentlemen’s sunken eyes and creepy smiles still give me nightmares.

Seeing that the show recently celebrated a huge anniversary this year, I couldn’t help but ask what her favorite part about playing the incredibly fierce and inspiring Buffy Summers was. «If I say her wardrobe, I seem shallow,» she quipped. «If I say hitting men, that sounds awful.»

All joking aside, it’s obvious that Gellar is just grateful she got to be a part of something so iconic that stands the test of time. «We all talk about legacy and what we leave behind and what we represent — I’m just very proud of the story we told and the characters we created ultimately.»

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The Sweet Reason Sarah Michelle Gellar Keeps Her Marriage Out of the Spotlight

Sarah Michelle Gellar is well-known for her empowering role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer from the ’90s, but these days, her main focus is on her family — and food. «When I had kids, I sort of reevaluated my life,» the mother of daughter Charlotte and son Rocky told POPSUGAR at a recent event promoting Capital One’s Savor rewards credit card. «You realize our society is such a technologically savvy and advanced community, but what are those moments where you really connect? Where you put the phones down and you really have that one-on-one moment. I had this epiphany and I realized everything in my life was around food. Whether that’s having dinner at your home in the kitchen or you’re hanging out with friends, those are where the memories happen.»

In fact, a lot of her most memorable family moments happen to deal with food. Even though her kids have differing tastes, both literally and figuratively, there is one rule that their whole family abides by: try something more than once. «Our rule in our family is you have to try something 10 times and two times more before you decide you don’t like it,» she said. «They know in our household that you have to try new things.» While she admits she doesn’t have a favorite family memory in the kitchen, she adds that «the little moments» are what make motherhood so special. «It’s the times you don’t realize they’re paying attention.»

Of course, part of what makes her family extra special is her loving husband of 15 years, Freddie Prinze Jr. While the two have given us glimpses of their sweet bond from time to time, they usually keep their romance out of the spotlight. «I love that we keep our relationship private,» she adds. «I think that’s probably why we manage to survive.» Although, their ability to make each other laugh certainly helps as well. «We really enjoy each other’s company.»

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There’s a Big Chance Michelle Williams Is Joining Venom, the Spider-Man Spinoff

If just hearing the name «Venom» gives you PTSD from watching Tobey Maguire do that (incredibly cringey) dance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, never fear: the supervillain is getting a facelift. A film centered around Venom is in the works at Sony, and Tom Hardy is taking on the role of Eddie Brock, a human who gets infected by the evil alien symbiote. Not too much is known about Venom at the moment, but we’ve rounded up all the details that have trickled out about it so far (including an exciting new addition to the cast!).

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Who’s Ready for Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou Catchphrase?

Teen Wolf on MTV at 8:00pm ET. Series finale.

Sunday Night Football: Oakland Raiders at Washington, D.C on NBC at 8:20pm ET. The NFL games today have been the scene of massive protests after Donald Trump insulted the players taking a knee for the anthem yesterday. Not only the players, there have also been cheerleaders and national anthem singers who have taken a knee to shine a spotlight on racial inequality in America. People are pretty angry about this, but as a reminder this is a ceremony that started as basically a marketing strategy in 2009 prompted by the Department of Defense paying the NFL for patriotic displays before games.

Star Trek: Discovery on CBS at 8:30pm ET. 65 minute season premiere.

Ballers on HBO at 10:00pm ET. Third season finale.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO at 11:04pm ET. I honestly don’t know how the writers decide on material for this show anymore. You think they have a dart board they just stick Trump’s Tweets on and take aim before filming?


Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley Have Been a Power Couple For Nearly 25 Years

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley are two of the biggest names in Hollywood — Michelle for her blockbuster movies and David for his work as a writer and producer on award-winning shows — but the only thing sweeter than their long-lasting careers is their long-lasting marriage. The couple first met in January 1993 when their mutual friend, Kate Guinzburg, set them up on a blind date. Their connection was so instantaneous that they ended up tying the knot that November.

Aside from sharing a handful of sweet moments on the red carpet together, they are also parents to two children, an adopted daughter named Claudia Rose and a son named John Henry. See the couple’s best moments over the past two decades ahead.

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7 Barack and Michelle Moments That Made the World a Little Bit Brighter This Year

Ever since Barack and Michelle Obama left the White House in January, the couple has been living it up, yachting, signing book deals, and traveling the world. While we’re more than happy that they’re making the most out of their post-presidency life, we can’t say we don’t miss them. Thankfully, Barack and Michelle have given us plenty of sweet moments to swoon over this year. Keep reading to see them all now.

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Photo Evidence Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley Have Barely Aged Since the 1998 Emmys

It appears Michelle Pfeiffer and husband David E. Kelley took a stop at the Fountain of Youth on their way to the Emmys. The longtime couple, who got hitched in 1993 and have been looking more and more in love with each passing year, hit the red carpet at the annual event on Sunday night, and we couldn’t help but notice that they’ve barely aged since attending the Emmys together back in 1998.

Sure, the Mother! star might have traded in her sparkly silver crop top for a black lace gown by Oscar de la Renta, and David, who is a television writer and producer, ditched his sunglasses, but the two look damn good. Read on to see their appearance at the 2017 Emmys compared to their stop at the same show nearly 20 years earlier!

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Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips Reminisce About Their ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Make-Out Partners

What’s with today, today? I know it is 9/11. That’s not what I mean. Something just feels off about today. At any rate, I decided to look for some odd news to go along with all of the discomfort of today’s weird vibe.

Bill Skarsgard Does the Pennywise Smile Sans Makeup

Jesus crapsnacks.

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps Talk About Dudes They Kissed on Dawson’s Creek

Well, Michelle does. Busy only kissed Pacy (RIP).

Learn All About Squirrel Girl From This Handy Video

Maybe you want to know about a character, but you don’t want to read the comics. Maybe Wikipedia?


The Greatest American Hero, Cheesy Favorite of My Husband, Is Being Rebooted

In the 80s, a white dude with curly hair had an alien suit that gave him superpowers. He didn’t Venom his ass up or anything. He flailed around while flying and…that’s all I remember, thank god.

Since this seems to be The Thing now, the people that own the rights to the show are planning a reboot. And that reboot will feature an Indian American woman in the formerly William Katt lead role.

I know you saw the «but the lead character is now a lady» part coming, but what about that diversity? Still not interested? Fair enough.

Nicolas Cage Is Still Crazy Part #2,472

Superman Lives, the one that never got made and would have starred Cage and been directed by Tim Burton? Cage has this to say:

«I would offer that the movie that Tim and I would have made, in your imagination, is more powerful than any of the Superman movies. I didn’t even have to make the movie and we all know what that movie would have been in your imagination. That is the Superman. That is the movie. Even though you never saw it — it is the Superman.» — EW

Doesn’t that just mean that Superman is best left to the imagination and the proposed movie has nothing to do with it? Also Superman blows?

In other news, that Deadpool movie I thought about making and didn’t is probably the best movie in my imagination. SO POWERFUL. Deadpool’s gun arsenal and tight butt, I mean. I’ll be in my imagination bunk, kids.


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