Matt Damon Says He Knew That Harvey Weinstein Sexually Harassed Gwyneth Paltrow

Film Premiere of Suburbicon

By now, we all know the sad and icky shit that was going on in NYC and Hollywood thanks to the world’s worst ass wart, Harvey Weinstein. Even Gwyneth Paltrow admitted he harassed her, and now Matt Damon has come forward saying he knew about it.

HuffPo say Matt and George Clooney were on Good Morning America today, and Matt admitted he found out about Gwyneth and Harvey through his best bro-friend Ben Affleck. As everyone knows, Ben dated Gwyneth after Brad Pitt. Gwyneth was dating Brad when Harvey allegedly creeped on her, and Brad defended her by threatening to beat Harvey. Brad’s estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, was also one of Harvey’s targets. This is getting to the point where we’re going to need a giant Venn Diagram.

Matt admits he always knew Harvey had the same personality of oozing pus since that was his shtick, but he says he didn’t know he was such a predator. Matt just thought Harvey was a cheating slut.

“You had to spend about five minutes with him to know that he was a bully and he was intimidating. That was his legend. That whole kind of M.O. When people say ‘everybody knew,’ yeah, I knew. I knew he was an asshole. He was proud of that. That’s how he carried himself. I knew he was a womanizer. I wouldn’t want to be married to the guy, but it’s not my business really, but this level of criminal sexual predation was not something I ever thought was going on.”

Matt also gave his take on how Gwyneth handled the matter on her own:

“I knew the story about Gwyneth [Paltrow] from Ben [Affleck], because he was with her after Brad [Pitt], so I knew that story. But I was working with Gwyneth with Harvey on ‘Ripley.’ I never talked to Gwyneth about it. Ben told me. I knew that they had come to whatever agreement or understanding that they had come to. She had handled it and she was the first lady of Miramax. He treated her incredibly respectfully. Always.”

I’m sure the team at GOOP was ready to send Matt over a basket of organic bird seed snacks….until he used the term Maureen Dowd used in her article that kind of slammed Gwyneth for continuing to work with Harvey. I’m talking about the term “First Lady of Miramax” and that’s what led to Blythe Danner slapping at Maureen Dowd in an op-ed piece. So I better run to the concession stand right now and quickly get some popcorn, because I want to be sitting in the front row when Blythe slaps Matt Damon down.



Matt Damon Is All Smiles Amid Rumors He Tried to Shut Down Harvey Weinstein Exposé

Matt Damon was all smiles when he attended the Thor: Ragnarok premiere in LA with his wife, Luciana Barroso, on Tuesday. The carefree outing comes on the heels of Matt publicly denying that he tried to kill a 2004 New York Times exposé surrounding multiple allegations about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct. According to Sharon Waxman, a former reporter for the publication, her story was «gutted» after she received phone calls from Matt and Russell Crowe «vouching» for Harvey and then-Miramax executive Fabrizio Lombardo.

«My recollection was that it was about a one minute phone call,» Matt told Deadline about his previous chat with Sharon. «Harvey had called me and said, ‘They’re writing a story about Fabrizio . . . and it’s really negative. Can you just call and tell her what your experience with Fabrizio was?’ So I did, and that’s what I said to her. It didn’t even make the piece that she wrote. As I recall, her piece just said that Russell and I had called and relayed our experience with Fabrizio. That was the extent of it and so I was very surprised to see it come back. I was never conscripted to do anything.»

In addition to clearing up allegations surrounding the New York Times article, the actor also addressed the recent criticism he has faced from actresses like Jessica Chastain and Rose McGowan for not speaking up sooner. «Look, even before I was famous, I didn’t abide this kind of behavior,» he explained. «But now, as the father of four daughters, this is the kind of sexual predation that keeps me up at night.» Even though he did five or six movies with Harvey, he claimed that he «never saw» any of the «type of predation» Harvey is being accused of. «I would have stopped it,» he added. «And I will peel my eyes back now, father than I ever have, to look for this type of behavior. Because we know that it happens. I feel horrible for these women and it’s wonderful they have this incredible courage and are standing up now.»

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Matt Kemp Isn’t Looking So Hot These Days

It wasn’t too long ago when Matt Kemp was a rockstar in Los Angeles — you know, he was dating Rihanna, challenging for NL MVP (lost to roider Ryan Braun in 2011), and one of the main pillars of the Dodgers franchise with Clayton Kershaw. Now he’s a shell of himself skillwise and playing for the shady-ass Braves, and if that isn’t bad enough, baseball fans now know him as THICC Kemp.

He was listed at 210 pounds to start the season, but diehard Braves fans know he’s more like 230ish these days. Apparently he’s packed on some pounds DURING the season:

In Matt’s defense, he has dealt with hamstring issues all season so I imagine cardio might be tough to pull off. Still though… I remember him as the dreamboat who ran LA:

Not the sequel to decline-phase Vernon Wells:

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Matt Hasselbeck Smashed His Face Into a Fake Birthday Cake

Matt Hasselbeck will always remember his 42nd birthday as the one where he “C’mon Man’d” himself on national television.

As you can see below, Matt’s “NFL Countdown” colleagues were nice enough to get him a cake to mark the occasion, but the former Seahawks quarterback failed to recognize it was nothing but a prop. The episode ends in grand fashion with Matt randomly committing to a cake smash:


Looks like he busted up his nose a bit on that cake fail:

A better look at the cake…

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Battle Of Best Friends…Matthew Stafford & Matt Ryan Are Getting Jacked Up For NFC Supremacy

By now you know that Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford are best friends during the offseason. The wives are besties. The Staffords and Ryans travel together. They doing what couples do. Nights at Applebees. Drinks by campfires. Count zeroes. Discuss the new travertine that went down over the summer.


On one side we have Matt Ryan, best known as the guy who couldn’t run out the clock on the Patriots and a guy who makes being a Regular Guy look extra regular.

On the other side we have Matthew Stafford, new dad to twins who are becoming Instagram famous and the guy who owns the NFL’s richest contract EVER.

Instagram Photo

Stafford’s offense has put up 59 points; Ryan’s O has dropped 57. Ryan swaggers into the THUNDERDOME as a -3 favorite. TOTAL INSULT TO THE LIONS.

Folks, look at these two. I’ve never seen such focus three weeks into the season. Both clearly understand that this could lead to a Super Bowl run. FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!

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Matt Prater Juuuuust Made This 56-Yard Field Goal

Typically when we post field goals around here it’s because someone choked and shanked a gimme in a huge playoff game (you know, like Blair Walsh against Seattle). But not this time! Tonight we praise the awesome Matt Prater for delivering one of the most exciting field goals you’ll ever see with this 56-yard bomb against the Giants:

If Hollywood plans on churning out a football movie in the future, they should definitely steal this for a potential ending.

Did you know…

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If You’re a Fan of the Tiny-House Trend, You’ll Love Matt Damon’s New Movie

Have you ever wished that Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was a drama instead of a fun, family comedy? Well, you’re in luck. Downsizing stars Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig as a middle-class couple who are offered the opportunity to «downsize» their lives, literally, after the technology to shrink human beings down to a few inches tall is invented. The concept alone is enough to make it one of Fall’s most anticipated new movies, not to mention the all-star cast (which also includes Jason Sudeikis, Christoph Waltz, and Hong Chau). Suffice it to say, the tiny-house trend is shook.

Downsizing hits theaters on Dec. 25.

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Meet Nicole Kidder — Girlfriend of Athletics 1B Matt Olson

No one outside of the Bay Area cares about Athletics baseball right now (you know, they’re so bad they’re not in the hunt for the AL WC), but they seem to have an interesting homegrown infield to keep an eye on. Matt Chapman at the hot corner, top prospect Franklin Barreto at short, and big Matt Olson at first.

You might have seen Matt, who wasn’t even ranked in Baseball America’s preseason A’s Top 10 prospect list in November, crank this bomb off Doug Fister earlier tonight:

That’s 18 home runs in 49 games for Matt, not to mention he’s already up to six HRs this month. Perhaps he has a Giancarlo-type run in him to give the diehards some optimism headed into the offseason? I’d bet on it.

Off the field we have bad news for thirsty A’s fans… Matt is dating fellow Georgia native Nicole Kidder. She’s a recent University of Georgia grad and was a Kappa Delta.

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TIFF Review: Matt Damon Gets Small in Alexander Payne’s High-Concept ‘Downsizing’

The procedure is unveiled in Istanbul, at a lecture concerning «Human Scale and Sustainability,» presented as the only «reasonable solution» for overpopulation and overconsumption. It’s called cellular reduction, and simply put, it shrinks you — to roughly .0364% of your current size, where you’ll take up a fraction of the space for a fraction of your living cost, and create a fraction of your current environmental footprint. I can’t speak to the scientific accuracy of the cellular reduction process, but as it’s presented in Alexander Payne’s new film Downsizing, it’s at least convincing, and that’s all that matters. (The vernacular shorthand for the process is «get small,» a touch that Steve Martin fans will appreciate.)

This is a pretty high concept for a filmmaker usually preoccupied with the lives and struggles of the ordinary, but Payne and his regular co-writer Jim Taylor think this thing through, working out all its complications and ramifications — and the logistics of such a procedure once it becomes your typical, streamlined medical process (dental work, hair removal, and, um, «irrigation»). The thrust of the story takes place ten years after that Istanbul lecture, and the filmmakers convincingly imagine how «getting small» would work its way into daily life, becoming not only normalized, but corporatized. When Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) and wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) visit «LeisureLand,» a mini-city for shrunken people, all they see is snazzy presentations and amenities. They’ll live, for all intents and purposes, in dollhouses — but they’re sold as the last chance to grasp at a lost suburban American Dream. And it’s already become a world filled with the same shitty chain restaurants and McMansions they’re ostensibly escaping.

That’s not all Paul’s trying to fix; he’s got a mild case of midlife dissatisfaction, and much to his disappointment (and thanks to no small confluence of outside events), the cellular reduction only exacerbates it. But he turns it around, somewhat, via a convoluted chain of events that starts with his rowdy upstairs neighbor (Christoph Waltz, sporting a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin and an outrageous accent) and ends at the «original colony» in Norway.

Any more than that is best discovered yourself. Downsizing is a refreshing left-turn in the Payne filmography, starting in familiar territory (his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, with Damon in the Omaha middle-aged man uniform of untucked button-up shirt and khaki shorts) and with brief appearances by alums (including Election and About Schmidt‘s Phil Reeves and Paris je t’aime‘s Margo Martindale). But he couples the fanciful premise with his most overt social commentary since debut film Citizen Ruth; a tipsy guy at Paul and Audrey’s goin- away party asks, «Do you think you should still have the same rights as us normal people,» and even in this rebooted civilization, the menial jobs are still filled by minorities, who are shuttled back to their slums at the end of the work day.

So Payne’s created a mixture of mid-life crisis comedy, sci-fi parable, and class commentary, with a last-minute helping of eco-drama to boot. This, as you might imagine, makes for a peculiar mishmash of tones, and much of Downsizing is spent walking a fine line between oddness and earnestness. The success of the execution is questionable; there are entire scenes and subplots that don’t land at all. But there’s no denying or dismissing the picture’s ambition, and it’s honestly a little shocking that a major studio is releasing it in this form, since it’s chock full of red flags for notes and interference.

By the picture’s conclusion, it’s hard to guess exactly what Payne is going for, and he ends up grasping at emotions that are, sad to say, just out of reach. But I was consistently engaged by Downsizing, and appreciate its subversions of norms and expectations. Towards its end, Damon does one of those «If somebody would have told me ten years ago…» speeches, which makes for a funny, momentary reminder of just how weird this movie’s become. But there’s another frame around that moment; if somebody would have told me ten years ago that Alexander Payne would make this movie today, I wouldn’t have believed them. And that counts for something.

Jason Bailey is film editor at Flavorwire. His first book, Pulp Fiction: The Complete Story of Quentin Tarantino’s Masterpiece, was published last fall by Voyageur Press. His writing has also appeared at The Atlantic, Slate, Salon, and The Village Voice, among others. Follow him on Twitter.


Bella Hadid Doing Work, Scottie’s Back With Larsa & Booger McFarland Piles On Matt Elam

Instagram Photo

Nothing is on TV tonight. My ass isn’t watching anything and I won’t be on the computer. Don’t care if there’s something that tries to suck me back in. I just spent like 5 straight days with my ass planted in a worn out desk chair. I have to do something like go for a walk tonight. Maybe run some speaker wire in the basement. Something. My brain is roasted.

Bella Hadid clearly looking for an NBA power forward via social

Scottie’s back to laying the pipe with Larsa

Euro soccer facial wounds of the week…kinda gruesome

CBS NFL intern wants this one back

Booger McFarland piles on Kentucky’s Matt Elam…Matt Elam can’t catch a break on SEC Network

TV reporter goes toe to toe with Florida Man war vet in Jacksonville…this is WILD

Now we have TV reporters being tied off & held up during live hurricane shots

Here’s Caitlin from Florida State!

Time Of His Life Video of the Year From ESPN

Burger of the Day

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