20 People Whose Lives Were Forever Changed When Beyoncé Unveiled Her Twins

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While everyone was sleeping on the night of July 13, Beyoncé gave the world a first look at her twin babies, Rumi and Sir Carter, with a beautiful Instagram photo reminiscent of her maternity shoot. In true Beyoncé fashion, the queen did not warn us or give us any sort of indication that our lives would be forever altered on that fateful night. While fans were certainly overjoyed, Twitter was most definitely abuzz. We scoured Twitter, and here are the best reactions we found.

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The Keepers Deconstructs the True Crime Genre to Focus on Women’s Lives 

The Keepers isn’t much of a true crime documentary, at least in the traditional sense of the genre. And that’s to its immense credit. Netflix’s seven-part docudrama flirts with the genre but resists its pitfalls; this series is no whodunit, no he-said-she-said narrative that concludes with neat resolution. Instead,…

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Princess Charlene Lives Out Your European Dreams in This Stunning Video

Ever wonder what it’s really like to live like royalty? Well, according to this new video posted to the Prince’s Palace of Monaco’s Facebook page on Thursday, it’s pretty amazing. In the video, which is in celebration of Monaco’s 75th Grand Prix, Princess Charlene and her husband, Prince Albert II, open up about the prestigious and glamorous event. While Charlene arrives by boat (and stuns in a gorgeous halter top, sunglasses, and red lipstick), Albert flies in on a helicopter. The couple then join past Grand Prix winners David Coulthard and Mark Webber at the Monaco Yacht Club to talk about their favorite memories from the auto race’s past. The video, which could easily double as a Hollywood film, also features appearances by Irish racing legend Eddie Jordan and sports journalist Steve Jones. Watch the rare glimpse into royal life above!

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Dwayne Johnson Gives Some Lucky Disney Tourists the Surprise of Their Lives

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Disney has tapped Dwayne Johnson to lead their film adaptation of the Jungle Cruise ride (à la Pirates of the Caribbean), so the Baywatch actor decided to «dive head first» into researching the role on Monday. He hopped aboard the Disney World ride, surprising the hell out of some very lucky tourists. «It was a GREAT day on the river,» he captioned an Instagram photo of his outing. «Learned a lot.. for example, it takes approximately 12.6 minutes for all the passengers to get over the shock of me jumping on the boat and thinking I’m a DJ look-a-like. One passenger even said, ‘Oh the real Rock is much smaller than this guy’. I threw his ass off the boat.»

In addition to giving them a good surprise and providing one woman the opportunity to snap a pic of his «bootaaaay,» he explained why he’s so excited to join the new movie. «Jokes aside (and yes, with me as the Cruise Skipper there will be plenty of puns) this is such an amazing, fantastical and cool world to build out,» he continued. «Best part about this surprise research day was knowing how FUN of an experience we’re gonna work hard to create for families around the world. That’s the part that gets my excited the most. The movie. The ride. The experience. It’s the cruise of a lifetime. And trust me, you’ll want me as your Skipper. Just don’t forget to bring my beer. Next step… we find our visionary director.#SurpriseAroundEveryCorner #ResearchDay #DisneyWorld #AllAboard #JUNGLECRUISE.»

Although the action star has been hard at work promoting The Fate of the Furious, he never misses an opportunity to have a little fun with his fans. Just last week he brought a man to (happy) tears while pulling off some epic photobombs with Jimmy Fallon and had the time of his life while playing with a giant beach ball. Who wouldn’t want him as their Cruise Skipper?!

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Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten Lives Up To His Name by Defending Trump and Praising Brexit

In perhaps the least punk thing ever, John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, went on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday, where he described meeting Nigel Farage as «fantastic», defended the Brexit vote, and described President Trump as a «possible friend.» Ironic, in a way, because in an interview on Conan, Lydon said:

I [became an American] because I believed in Barack Obama, and I thought that that was the way forward. His healthcare thing didn’t quite work out what we all want, but there is a great potential there. Now we’re looking at dismantling and, you know, [a] crazy loony monster party.

While Lydon dismissed accusations that Trump is racist, he also believes something «good» can come out of the current political situation in America «because it terrifies politicians,» and that is a «joy to behold» for the singer.

According to NME:

I didn’t expect to be misunderstood, I think I speak very clearly. America now has a new President and whether you like him or not you have to support him or you will destroy the country. You got to make things work.

Lydon continues:

The attitudes that are being pulled on him are stupid and wrong. He’s got some serious money issues and business concerns that deeply fascinate all of us but to be smearing him as a racist, this isn’t right, there’s no evidence or proof to that and until there is, I’ll stand up and say that I think that’s wrong.

It’s an interesting stance for Lydon to take, when he himself had been called a racist in the past. He claims that Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke unfairly labeled him racist back in 2008 when an alleged altercation at a music festival resulted in Okereke suffering severe facial bruising, cuts to his face and body, and a split lip.

In my past I’ve had that accusation thrown at me willy nilly and it’s a damn hard one to have to listen to and endure — make sure it’s right,» Lydon said. «There’s a terrible attitude in left-wing politics — they just feel they have the pomposity and right to just throw these accusations out without any evidence — well don’t because my world requires facts.

Lydon also defended Brexit, describing Nigel Farage’s movement as «fantastic.»

«For the next week and a half the rag-and-bone trade that we call the media is going to be calling me a racist, that’s the tomfoolery of it all,» Lydon said. «That’s going to be damn upsetting all over again to my grandkids, isn’t it?»

Here’s the whole interview:

And here I thought the worst thing Lydon has ever said is that he loves disco music. Let this be a lesson, folks. Sometimes, you have to separate the art from the person or get used to disappointment.

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Here’s What Barack Obama Has Been Up to Since He Walked Out of the White House — and Our Lives

Barack Obama officially left the White House on Jan. 20, and he did so faster than we could say, «Don’t go!» Since his departure, Barack has been fulfilling his passion for adventure and settled into permanent vacation mode (really, though, can you blame him?). While many of us are still longing for his return, the sad truth is that Barack is gone and off living his best life.

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