Jaime Lannister Shows Off Those Game of Thrones Muscles by Lifting Lin-Manuel Miranda

Um, Daenerys Targaryen might want to watch out on Game of Thrones, because Jaime Lannister has some serious strength. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime on the hit HBO show, stopped by The Late Late Show on Wednesday night to chat about his other exciting project (we know, it’s hard to think about him in any other place except King’s Landing), his upcoming film Shot Caller. After telling host James Corden that the movie is set in a prison, Nikolaj revealed that he’s pretty much perfected a few workout moves that are popular behind bars. To prove his strength, he had fellow guest Lin-Manuel Miranda hop on his shoulders while he did a few squats. While it has been hard to look at Nikolaj on Game of Thrones recently (seriously, ANOTHER baby with your sister?!), we could watch this all day long.

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Jon Gruden’s 5-Foot-6 Fire Hydrant Son, Deuce, Wins World Lifting Gold Medal

Deuce Gruden is having himself a good time at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Belarus. He already has a gold medal in his pocket and now he’s going to come back to the States as a viral sensation now that word is starting to travel around that the 5 foot 6 fire hydrant is a yoked beast. This is exactly the kind of news a legitimate blogger latches onto during June when all we have is the College World Series and some NBA draft stuff to fake care about.

How did Deuce Gruden get his name? His actual name is Jon David Gruden II, hence the ‘Deuce’ nickname. I know some of you were losing your minds over this one.

Deuce spent the 2016 NFL season as a strength and conditioning intern with Uncle Jay’s Redskins after graduating from Lafayette where he was a running back (16 carries, 46 yards over final two seasons). Legend has it that Deuce was a 350-pound bench pressing behemoth who played quarterback, wide receiver, linebacker and safety during high school.

Now he’s a competitive lifter with just 1,317 IG followers as I type this. That number is about to explode now that Deuce is out here dominating the world in powerlifting. Now he has a gold.

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Instagram Photo

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Says That Clip Of Him Lifting Up Sarah Paulson’s Skirt Was Misinterpreted

Nicole Kidman and Sunny Pawar at The 69th DGA Awards Press Room in LA

Last month, Cuba Gooding Jr. got shit when he lifted up Sarah Paulson’s skirt on stage during a PaleyFest event for American Horror Story: Roanoke. Some people shrugged it off as Cuba being Cuba, others stared at him the same way you would a creepy uncle who can’t keep his hands to himself. Cuba spoke to People magazine at the FX All-Star Upfront in NYC yesterday about it.  Cuba isn’t sorry, but he does see it all as a “very teachable moment.

The students on the receiving end of Cuba’s teachable moment are his two college-age sons. Cuba tells People that after the skirt-lifting incident, he told his sons that the internet is a “beast” and an “information highway without regulation.” Cuba added that any image you put on the internet can be “interpreted” in any way. Like how people interpreted Cuba lifting up his female co-star’s skirt without her consent as icky. Cuba says that people don’t know his relationship with Sarah and they shouldn’t judge what they saw.

“I love the lady that is Sarah Paulson. We have a banter like brother and sister, which is how the spirit of that whole panel was. Yet that image was taken out to represent some kind of sexual misconduct, and that wasn’t my intent. The first person, when I heard about the fervor, I called Sarah, I said, ‘I love you, I see you as my sister,’ and she said, ‘I feel the same way about you.’ And so I let it go.”

Cuba also told his sons that there will be images out there without their control, and that “the only thing you can do is represent your moral compass and who you are.

So Cuba didn’t mean to be gross when he lifted up Sarah’s skirt; he was just representing his moral compass and who he is. I guess that means Cuba’s moral compass is pointed to “embarrassing brother.” Women should keep that in mind when they’re around Cuba. Wear pants, hide your diaries, and don’t let him answer the phone when your crush calls.

Here’s Cuba at the FX All-Star Upfront yesterday. Someone should tell Cuba that he’s done playing OJ Simpson and that he doesn’t have to wear the black gloves anymore.

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