The Beautiful Way Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Honored His Late Mom at Their Wedding

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian tied the knot in an opulent Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding in New Orleans in November. Not only were the nuptials one of the most over-the-top weddings we’ve seen to date, but the personal touches they incorporated were also the best part. From the couple’s vows to the special meaning behind their wedding date, read on for five fascinating tidbits about Serena and Alexis’s big day.

  1. Their wedding was so star-studded, it could have easily doubled as an award show. The grand affair brought out Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Anna Wintour, and Ciara and even included a special performance by New Edition.
  2. Their wedding date holds special significance. The couple decided to tie the knot on Nov. 16 in memory of Alexis’s mother, who passed away in 2008. «It is her birthday, and we wanted her to be represented at the wedding,» Serena explained to Vogue. «Obviously, we wish that she could be here for this, but choosing her birthday as our wedding date was a nice way of making sure she’s still involved and made us feel more connected to her on our day.»
  3. Serena had not one but three outfit changes. Serena wore an Alexander McQueen princess gown complete with a cape for the ceremony and then changed into a feathered Versace dress for the reception with Nike sneakers. After dinner, the tennis champ mixed things up and changed into another Versace ensemble with a short skirt.
  4. It was an emotional day. Serena and Alexis both wrote their own vows, and when Alexis read his, «everybody was crying.» «You are my Queen and we already have our Princess,» Alexis told Serena.
  5. Alexis surprised Serena with a carousel. At around 1:30 a.m., Alexis took the stage and unveiled an all-white carousel while Ginuwine’s «Pony» played in the background. Beyoncé was even photographed taking a ride on one of the horses.

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‘The Late Show’: Jordan Peele Schools Stephen Colbert On Black Horror Cinema

Jordan Peele was greeted with a standing ovation from the audience on last night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which he seemed both flattered and unnerved by. Then again, considering he’s on his like 10th month of talking about his smash hit film Get Out, it’s no surprise he’s made a few admirers along the way. The timing for this appearance couldn’t have been better, though, as it comes on the heels of the news that the film would be competing in the Comedy category during the 2018 Golden Globes. Just that morning, Peele himself had addressed the category confusion on Twitter:

And that’s a sentiment he echoed again with Colbert. «The movie is truth. The thing that resonated to people is truth. So for me it’s more of a historical biopic. Like the original title was Get Out: The Kanye West Story but I had to lop off the end.»

They pair discussed the film’s success, with it’s 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (what’s the missing 1%? «Racism,» quipped Peele), as well as what happens when you let a black person be the protagonist in a horror movie («It turns out you have a movie that has a protagonist who is aware that horror is going down») and how white and black audiences experience the horror of the film differently. And then the conversation turns to the fact that Get Out is already being taught in college classes, which gives Peele a chance to lecture Colbert a bit on the history of black horror films. And yes, Night of the Living Dead totally counts because that one black guy is THE MAN, ok?

«He is the guy who is ready to fight zombies because he’s been fighting white people off his whole life!»

Check out the entire segment here, but the history lesson starts around the 7 minute mark:

Hearing Peele namecheck Candyman just makes me want to see Tony Todd pop up in his next movie. Or anywhere, really. As long as it’s not right behind me.


‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’: Even Hillary Has A Few Jokes Seth Can’t Tell

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of… you know what? Let’s not keep talking about it. It still hurts. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that Hillary Clinton dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to show us how to laugh again.

At first, it’s just another typically hilarious installment of «Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,» with Seth flanked by writers/wingwomen Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel. He tells the set up, they land the punchline, and everyone is happy. It’s good. It’s comforting. It’s familiar.

And then they introduce Hillary Fucking Clinton, because some jokes can only be told by the winner of the popular vote. While I don’t think she’ll be reinventing herself as a comedian anytime soon, it’s still nice to see her looking so relaxed and game. Especially yesterday, of all days.


Guess It Wasn’t Too Late to Say Sorry, Because Justin and Selena Are Officially Back Together

Here we go again! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are officially back together. According to Us Weekly, the former couple, who dated on and off from 2010 to 2013, reconnected following Selena’s kidney transplant over the Summer, and they have decided to give things yet another go. A source confirmed, «Selena and Justin are back together. Selena and The Weeknd just fizzled and ended amicably — it wasn’t dramatic and it wasn’t about Justin,» adding, «But Selena always had feelings for Justin. Her friends want her to be cautious because she has been in such a good place post-surgery.» Here’s how the reunion has played out so far.

  • Oct. 22: Justin is spotted at Selena’s home. A month after Selena revealed she had a kidney transplant, Justin’s white G-Wagon was photographed arriving at Selena’s home in Studio City, CA. Minutes later, Selena pulled up. According to TMZ, the exes were joined by mutual friends and The Weeknd was «fully aware» of the reunion.
  • Oct. 29: Justin and Selena have a breakfast date. Unlike their past meeting, Selena and Justin spent their Sunday morning catching up over breakfast in LA, just the two of them. That same day, the duo attended church together, and Justin later played coy when photographers asked him about his reunion with Selena. According to a source close to Justin, Selena’s family is not happy about their reunion. «Justin is aware Selena’s family is not thrilled they are hanging out. They think he caused Selena a lot of grief,» the insider told People. «Justin hopes he can prove to them that he has changed. He has changed a lot in the past few months. He is a very different person. They have a lot to talk about and are having fun catching up.»
  • Oct. 30: Selena and The Weeknd split. A day after Justin and Selena’s breakfast date, eagle-eyed fans noticed that The Weeknd had unfollowed Selena’s mom, her assistant, and her best friend on Instagram. That same day, People reported that Selena and The Weeknd had broken up. «She and Abel have been going back and forth for a few months about their relationship,» a source told the publication. «It’s been hard with him being on tour and her shooting in New York. That wasn’t easy on them.» Selena and The Weeknd are both still following each other on Instagram, at least for now.
  • Nov. 1: Selena and Justin appear to be in a good mood as they are spotted taking a walk together in LA; at one point, Selena was even seen resting her head on Justin’s shoulder. Later that afternoon, the duo were seen riding their bikes, and Selena stopped to take a photo of Justin on her phone. That evening, Selena sported a hockey jersey to watch her man hit the ice for a game.

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In ‘People Who Aren’t Garbage’ News, Here’s A Clip Of Mark Ruffalo On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

I don’t know about you, but I needed a palate cleanser this morning. A straight shot of celebrities being charming rather than trash for a change. And then I found out Mark Ruffalo was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. BINGO.

The Ruff, as I call him (in my head), stopped by to chat with Stephen about Thor: Ragnarok because it FINALLY comes out this week. He recounted his grandpa antics from the film’s premiere, where he got in trouble for accidentally live-streaming the first ten minutes of the film because Instagram is hard. Good thing Marvel can’t fire the Hulk! Or at least, they can’t until he’s done filming «Infinity War Part 2″…

I don’t know what’s more charming, honestly: Stephen asking Mark how his work in Spotlight informed his Hulk performance, or his suggestion for the best Thor/Hulk mashup name (which Marvel will never ever ever use). Enjoy!


How The Walking Dead Honored Late Stuntman John Bernecker in Season 8’s Premiere

The Walking Dead family suffered a tragic loss in July when a stuntman on the show, John Bernecker, died while working on the set after suffering serious injuries. The people working on AMC’s zombie drama clearly haven’t forgotten the shocking death of the 33-year-old, who was honored during the season eight premiere on Sunday night.

The stuntman, whose previous projects include Black Panther and Logan, suffered a fatal head injury after falling almost 25 feet onto a concrete floor. AMC immediately halted production on the series, but Bernecker passed away shortly after the incident at Atlanta Medical Center. The show later released a statement via Twitter, saying, «We are deeply saddened by the loss of John Bernecker. He will always be part of the TWD family. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.»

As the season eight opening of The Walking Dead concluded, a black and white title card revealed that the episode, «Mercy,» had been dedicated to Bernecker’s memory. The episode was also done in memory of legendary director George A. Romero, who died in July after a battle with lung cancer. Romero’s groundbreaking foray into the zombie genre paved the way for The Walking Dead, so it’s touching to see both him and Bernecker honored for their contributions to the series.

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Deshone Kizer Was Reportedly At a Bar Late Friday Night

If getting benched again wasn’t bad enough, Browns rookie quarterback Deshone Kizer now has an off-the-field problem to deal with as video of him partying at a bar late Friday night (with teammates) has reportedly surfaced.

A 21-year-old enjoying his Friday night really shouldn’t be breaking news, but Kizer quarterbacks a win-less team that is just two years removed from the Johnny Manziel experience. Oh, and his putrid play (he’s now up to 11 interceptions) on the field doesn’t help his cause.

Kizer was questioned by the media about his late night after the game — he expectedly deflected:

Head coach Hue Jackson also learned of Kizer’s bar fun after the game, and surprise, he doesn’t approve of the move:

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‘Late Night’ Ladies Are All Of Us Re: Harvey Weinstein «News»

After years and years of whispers and «rumors,» Harvey Weinstein‘s alleged pattern of sexual harassment and abuse of power is finally out in the open and being widely discussed. While some have expressed shock over the allegations, so so so many women have responded with a general «no shit» attitude, because sexual harassment is too damn common. For some women, the shocking part came when Weinstein tried to explain away the behavior he’s denying with an astoundingly stupid public statement.

The women at Late Night With Seth Meyers are all of us as they break all this down:


Lady Gaga’s Tribute to Her Late Friend on Her Birthday Is So Sweet, It Hurts

Lady Gaga‘s best friend Sonja Durham lost her battle with breast cancer in May, and the singer recently honored her late friend on what would’ve been her 42nd birthday. On Oct. 7, Gaga took to social media to show her Little Monsters how she’d be celebrating with her boyfriend, Christian Carino. «After rollin around on the couch feeling sad with the help of some of my #grigiogirls and a very special someone I managed to dress up and feel better in a beautiful pink sequined dress generously gifted to me from @oscardelarenta,» she wrote on Instagram. «Sonja would want us to celebrate her birthday. So we are. Dressed in pink and handing out pink chocolate kisses for #breastcancerawareness.»

In addition to sharing a photo from Sonja’s wedding months before her death, the singer also revealed an incredibly special way that she stays connected to her friend. «I wear some of @sonjad7777 Sonja’s ashes around my neck in a black pearl given to me by her husband & widower @viegitane007 André Dubois,» she wrote. «My extended family @angiepontani, mother of my godchild Sissy and wife of @briannewmanny my buddy I’ve played jazz with in NY for over ten years told us she had a dream. That we could talk to Sonja through her pearls. And I will Sonja. I Will. Happy Birthday. I love you.»

Read on to see Lady Gaga’s tributes to Sonja on her birthday, and prepare to weep over the throwback video she shared of them listening to «Grigio Girls,» which Gaga wrote about her friend’s battle in 2016.

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If You’ve Ever Lost a Pet, Taraji P. Henson’s Tribute to Her Late Dog Will Make You Sob

Taraji P. Henson is mourning the death of her dog, Uncle Willie. On Thursday, the Empire star honored her pup with a touching tribute on Instagram. «Although I understand NOTHING lasts forever the pain is still very real,» she wrote. «#RipUncleWillie He made it 16 long years. He truly was #BenjaminButton I will miss you soooooooooo much!!! 💔💔💔» Along with her note, Taraji also posted a series of photos with her furry friend.

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