Kevin James Has Just About the Lamest Excuse For Killing Donna Off Kevin Can Wait

At the end of September, fans of CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait got an unwelcome surprise in the season two premiere when one of the major characters was unceremoniously killed off. Now it looks like we’ve finally gotten an answer for how the show handled it from none other than star Kevin James.

It was announced back in June that actress Erinn Hayes — who played the wife, Donna, to James’s Kevin — had been let go from the show, so it wasn’t a complete shock when Donna wasn’t around in the season two premiere. That said, the extremely brief way Kevin Can Wait handled Donna’s death made plenty of fans upset. Instead of giving Donna a thoughtful send-off in the season two premiere, which is what most people were expecting to see, Kevin simply notes that «it’s been over a year since she died.»

Hayes and Donna’s departure was done, of course, to make room for Leah Remini’s character, Vanessa Cellucci, who CBS brought in for a longer run after her season one guest spot. Now, a few weeks into the comedy’s second season, James decided to explain why they killed off Donna during an interview with New York Daily News.

«I get that people are like ‘Whoa, why would you do this?’ But it really felt like a thing like this was needed for this show to drive forward,» James said. «The plot of the show didn’t have enough drive. If we got through a second season, I wouldn’t see us getting through a third one. We were literally just running out of ideas.»

Huh. Well, hopefully fans of the show are enjoying the relationship between the former King of Queens costars, because it looks like that’s the storyline Kevin Can Wait will be relying on for a while.

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Kevin James Explains Why They Killed Off His “Kevin Can Wait” Wife


Somebody out there is still watching Kevin Can Wait and Kevin James is still explaining what the heck happened to the wife. When the show ended its first season, it was announced that Kevin’s TV wife Donna (played by Erinn Hayes) was gonna meet her maker. When the show came back last month for season two, Donna was already sleeping with the fishes and Kevin had a new leading lady played by his former sitcom wife of 10 years, Leah Remini. Now, it SEEMS like Leah was simply a much bigger draw for audiences than Erinn was, so they did what they had to do to clear the way for her return. But according to the New York Daily News, Kevin (real Kevin, not fake Kevin) says that’s not the case.

According to Kevin (wait, now I’m confused, that sounds like the name of yet another Kevin James sitcom) they killed Donna “to give life to new storylines”. That’s a big “sure, Jan” if I’ve ever heard one.

“I get that people are like ‘Whoa, why would you do this?’ But it really felt like a thing like this was needed for this show to drive forward. Now, I have to deal with my daughter in a different way, and she’s gonna go to college, or one’s getting married, or the holidays. And it deals with things in a different, weightier way.”

This excuse smells extra funky considering the fact that Kevin says they probably won’t address Donna’s death again because “it’s meant to be a lighthearted sitcom”. So you can’t talk about her death because it’s not funny, but you can make a weighty “it’s Christmas but mom is dead” episode? It sounds to me like ya’ll were just being lazy and really just wanted to make King of Queens 2: Long Live The Queen (Leah, duh).

They’ve already got Leah teaming up with Kevin as his business partner and “neither James nor Remini is ruling out eventually exploring a romantic plotline for their characters” so… yeah. We get it. You can stop with the lies, Kevin.

Here’s an idea! They should kill Kevin off next season and bring in Mike Rinder, Leah’s Scientology and the Aftermath partneras her new co-star. They’ve got great chemistry too. They can call it Leah Can’t Wait… To Bathe In David Miscavige’s Tears. Now that’s a show I would watch.

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Kevin Costner Reveals Our Story

Get a first look inside DuJour — and see the evolution of its Publisher Jason Binn—who since starting Ocean Drive 25 years ago now brings luxury and celebrity content to our consumers. With a national and regional reach celebrating fashion, art, design, and entertainment, DuJour invites you to exclusively view our story, as told by Kevin Costner in the video below.

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Kevin Hogan Becomes 28th Browns Starting Quarterback Since 1999



It’s time to add another name to the Browns starting quarterback list since 1999. Kevin Hogan…step on up, you’re next now that Hue Jackson has decided that DeShone Kizer’s going to eventually get his head splattered via a defensive end or the pressure of continuous losing.

Folks, this is where I have to remind you that the Browns have one win since December 14, 2015. That was a Monday morning. Johnny Manziel led the Browns to a 24-10 win the day before; he threw for 270 yards and a touchdown. Since then, the Browns have one win (RG3) and the fans are watching Deshaun Watson thriving behind a ragtag offensive line in Houston.

Charles is on to something here. (Yes, the Rams traded up to get Goff.) What exactly is the plan at quarterback? It’s clear they didn’t take a QB early this year because they couldn’t possibly put their fans through that trap again.

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How This Is Us Might Be Setting Kevin Up For a Serious Addiction

All three Pearson children have had trouble dealing with their father Jack’s death on This Is Us. While both Kate and Randall have acknowledged it was hard on them, though, Kevin seems to have tamped down his grief — and we wonder if it’s about to start manifesting itself as a drug problem.

On the latest episode, pointedly titled «Highs and Lows,» Kevin begins shooting his movie with costar Sylvester Stallone, who was Jack’s favorite actor (which is a nice nod to Milo Ventimiglia‘s real-life friendship with Sly; Ventimiglia played Sly’s son Robert in the 2006 film Rocky Balboa). On set, Kate tells Sly how much he meant to their father, who passed away when the kids were in high school, and Stallone uses that as a way to reach out to Kevin before they shoot some emotional scenes together.

Unfortunately, Kevin can’t get past thinking about his dad; his memories of the night Jack died invade the World War II battle scene they’re shooting. In his distracted state, Kevin falls and hurts his knee — his bad knee, the one that was in a cast when Jack died. Viewers are also shown a teenage Kevin in the hospital with Jack putting some kind of saint’s medal or good luck charm (it’s hard to make out) around Kevin’s neck.

Cut to present day, and Kevin takes some painkillers so that he can continue shooting the movie without causing trouble due to his knee. Considering Jack’s battle with alcoholism in the flashbacks, this can’t be good for Kevin.

Alcoholism and addiction do tend to run in families. In Jack’s case, his father is presented in flashbacks as having a drinking problem (and also an anger and violence problem). While Jack seems to have curbed the violent and angry side of his father, the drinking problem continues, and Kevin may be predisposed to that as well.

According to the Addiction Center, behavioral traits like a predisposition for alcohol abuse and addiction can be passed genetically from parent to child. It doesn’t guarantee a child will become an alcoholic or drug addict, because social factors also play a role, but it does mean it can be more of a struggle for children where alcoholism runs in their family.

Kevin obviously has some issues to work through regarding his father. It always seems like both Randall and Kate were closer to Jack and Rebecca than Kevin was in flashbacks, so he may feel like he doesn’t deserve to struggle with his grief. We’re also curious about how that charm Jack gives Kevin might factor in — does Kevin blame himself for his father’s death because Jack was missing his good luck charm? It sounds kind of silly, but that seems exactly like something a kid might latch onto and carry with them for years afterward.

Whether Kevin blames himself or not, one thing is for sure — this knee problem and the bottle of pills he ran to to fix it aren’t going away any time soon.

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Review: ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ and the Warm Kindness Jason Ritter

Have you ever been drawn to an actor because you think he is kind? Like, really truly amazingly kind? There are a lot of actors I think of as talented, or funny, or smart, or versatile, but there’s not a lot of people I see and the first thing I think is: Kind.

Jason Ritter is kind. I’m sure of it. I am positive of it. First of all, his Dad was a kind human. Ask anyone who knew him. Google him. No one has ever spoken an ill word about John Ritter, who meant a tremendous amount to me growing up. Jason Ritter is also engaged to Melanie Lynskey, who is not only someone I would also describe as kind, but someone whom I have heard on podcasts illustrate that kindness. She’s good people, and good people attract good people.

Then there’s the The Lion’s Mouth, a short, 26-minute documentary about 32-year-old actress and filmmaker Marianna Palka, who is set to receive results from a medical test the next day telling her whether she has Huntington’s Disease, a brutal condition that basically takes away a person’s ability to control her body and her mind in her late 30s or early 40s. The night before Palka learned of the results, she had a dinner with her three or four closest friends. Among them? Jason Ritter, who was there to console and comfort a close friend. (You’d not be surprised to learn that Bryce Dallas Howard was also there; she, too, is kind, and comes from a kind family).

I love kindness in people, and for that reason, I will watch pretty much anything that Jason Ritter appears in. Whether it’s good or bad, I just get a good vibe from Ritter. He’s like the human embodiment of Friday Night Lights. He’s a good person, and he exudes it, and I like being around that, even if it’s only on my television screen.

Enter his new ABC drama, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. In it, he plays a Saint. Or something like that. The premise is actually kind of a mess. In fact, the whole pilot episode is kind of a mess. But I don’t care: Kind human being Jason Ritter is playing a kind television character. Actually, strike that: He plays a selfish asshole who is «touched» by God via a meteor, which slowly transforms him into a kinder human being — «the last of the righteous» — who is also supposed to find 35 other of these emissaries and hug them.

If that sounds ridiculous, well, it kind of is. And Ritter, bless him, is not very convincing at playing an asshole. He is, however, convincing in playing a guy who — with the aid of a guardian angel type person (Kimberly Hébert Gregory) — is meant to basically restore the humanity in the world. That endeavor, however, has to start at home, with Kevin’s recently widowed sister, Amy (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), and her troubled teenage daughter, Reese (Chloe East).

It sounds absurd, and it is. And the pilot is not great. But, there’s a very Joan of Arcadia/Wonderfalls vibe to it, and I think there’s a lot of potential for this series to get better once it settles in. It comes from Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, the showrunners of both Agent Carter and the creators of Reaper. They’re clever people, and there are glimmers of that in the pilot.

But mostly, I’ll admit: I’m here for watching Jason Ritter give out hugs and restore the righteousness of Earth. It’s an overly sentimental, maudlin, feel-good show, and they got the most feel-good actor on television to play the lead, and for that reason alone, I’ll keep watching.

Also, read this:

See what I mean?


Kevin Can Wait Savagely Killed Off a Main Character and Fans Are Pissed

CBS has been criticized time and time again for refusing to pick up any new shows with female leads, and now it appears that even female costars aren’t safe. It was announced in June that Kevin Can Wait, starring Kevin James, would kill off the main character’s wife, Donna, played by actress Erinn Hayes, but CBS did not specify how. Fans finally had an answer when the show’s season two premiere aired on Monday night, and they weren’t happy.

Instead of giving Donna a thoughtful send-off, which is what a few audience members were expecting, there’s a brief mention about how «it’s been over a year since she died.» Kevin’s daughter Kendra (Taylor Spreitler) is getting married, so they have a quick conversation about how sad they are that Donna isn’t there to witness the event.

Hayes and Donna’s departure was done to make room for the arrival of Leah Remini’s character, Vanessa Cellucci. After a guest spot on season one, CBS decided that the chemistry between the former King of Queens costars was too strong to ignore and ousted Hayes. There’s no denying that James and Remini work well together after having shared a screen for nearly 10 years, but why did that mean Donna had to be killed off? It’s a question that a lot of fans are still upset about.

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“Kevin Can Wait” Addressed The Death Of Kevin’s Wife With A Piece Of Junk Mail


Last night, the viewers of CBS’ Kevin Can Wait finally got to see how the show killed off Kevin James’ TV wife Donna (played by Erinn Hayes). If you thought that killing off a character so that Leah Remini could swoop in and recreate the chemistry of The King of Queens was cold, put on a warm jacket. Because the season premiere of Kevin Can Wait dropped it a few degrees below freezing.

Erinn Hayes was fired from the show, and it was revealed the show would address her death with a time-jump forward in the second season. E! News notes that the show began with Kevin’s character Kevin looking at the mail and finding a letter addressed to his wife from her gym that read: “We haven’t seen you, we miss you.” Kevin replies, “You know what, so do I.” His daughter Kendra (Taylor Spreitler) grabs the letter and says, “It’s been over a year since she died, they shouldn’t still be sending this.” Then Kevin makes a joke about not throwing it out, because…he wants to save the coupon attached for a kung fu lesson. Yeah, save that coupon, Kevin. You’re going to want to have some kind of self-defense skills to protect you from Donna’s ghost after she catches wind of how sloppily she was written out.

They cover Donna’s death again briefly towards the end of the episode when Kendra gets married with a simple “I miss mom,” but that’s it. No explanation of how she went, or what kind of sandwiches they served at the memorial. I bet if you ask Erinn Hayes what happened, she would address her exit in an equally unceremonious way. “Look, all you need to know is that I’m done with that shit. The end, case closed.

Pic: CBS


How Kevin James’s ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Killed Erinn Hayes Off So His Character Could Bang Leah Remini

When news broke that, in the interest of reuniting Kevin James with former TV wife Leah Remini, CBS’s Kevin Can Wait would kill off current TV wife Erinn Hayes, it was surprising. Very literally, it was overkill. The show, only entering its second season, could have been easily retooled. A simple retcon. A divorce. There are plenty of ways to write a character out of a 22-minute sitcom. To do so through death is usually only reserved as a punishment for problem actors or when the actor has actually died.

Hayes is very much alive, and by all network accounts, was very pleasant to work with. And, yet, this character, in the show’s universe a nurse and mother of three, was killed offscreen and the network’s proclaimed «respectful» handling of her story amounted to two mentions, neither referencing how she died or even saying her name (as I have never watched the show before this episode, I had to look up the character’s name—it’s Donna), let alone how anyone feels about or is any way affected by her loss.

The first moment was…so weird.

Opening his mail, Kevin reacts with muted annoyance. «It’s a postcard from your mom’s gym. ‘Haven’t seen you, we miss you.’ You know what? So do I.» When his daughter, in this show a young woman left motherless to essentially raise her siblings left in the incapable hands of a father who removes fruit from their lunchboxes in favor of beef jerky, offers to call the gym about the postcard, her dad then says «but don’t throw that out. On the bottom there’s a coupon for a Kung Fu lesson. I wanna go to it.»

And, uh, that’s it. Then there’s green card shenanigans (Kevin forgot to mail the daughter’s boyfriend’s visa sponsorship! Man-based hilarity!), a Civil War re-enactment, a burst appendix and a hospital wedding (forget it, Jake; it’s CBS town) that leads to the only other reference to THE DEAD MOTHER.



Here’s the thing: generally speaking, it should be frowned upon to kill a woman so you can date a different woman. Yes this is just television, but the idea of the Disposable Woman, an impediment that needs to be eradicated in pursuit of added pleasure or ratings, is a dangerous implication. Literally, of course, but also in terms of entertainment where well-written female characters are already at a minimum; do we really need to do a swap out? Is there seriously not room for two?

Here’s hoping Erinn Hayes moves onward and upward to a show more deserving of her talents. And that it turns out her character just faked her death to get out of replying to emails.



Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Are Nonstop Laughs in the New Jumanji Sequel Trailer

After what feels like an eternity of getting tidbits about Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, we now have two official trailers to obsess over. The sequel follows four high school students who stumble upon an old video-game console, which promptly sucks them inside the game’s jungle setting and literally transforms them into the adult avatars they initially chose (played by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black). Although the references to Robin Williams’s Alan Parrish aren’t in the trailers, tons of pretty great one-liners from Hart and Johnson are, so check them out.

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