45-Year-Old Kevin Millar Goes Yard In His First At-Bat At An Anniversary Independent League Game

25 years ago Kevin Millar started his professional baseball career with the independent league St. Paul Saints. Eventually, he made his way to the bigs and had a long career. Last night, Millar went back to St.Paul for a 25-year anniversary game in his first at-bat in seven years, he cranked one out to left field.

Keep in mind, he’s facing legit pitching from the other team. This wasn’t an old-timers game, just an anniversary game. That pitcher could be half his age and he still went yard.

He kind of called his shot earlier in the day


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Kevin Durant Eyeing Amber Rose, Nina Agdal Vs. Outdoor Shower & A Tornado Coming To Dicktown

Michael Strahan Tagging Along on Rodman’s Next North Korea trip?

That’s a possibility, at least according to Rodman. We would be entering real life “The Interview” territory if this happens. Dennis Rodman plans to return to North Korea in August and has invited “Good Morning America” anchor Michael Strahan to go with him. “He very aggressively pushed Michael to join him on the trip. He told him it’s just like every other country,” an insider told Page Six after Strahan landed a controversial interview with Rodman following his return from the country’s capital, Pyongyang. “He hasn’t done a hard news interview like this before and he did a really great job. He was focused and his tone was great,” an insider told us of Strahan. How crazy would it be if two former athletes were the people who brokered peace between the US and NK?

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Dwayne Johnson Can’t Resist Trolling Kevin Hart After He Posts a Shirtless Pic

Kevin Hart is currently getting in some R&R in Hawaii before the arrival of his son with wife Eniko Parrish, but if he thought that meant he’d also be catching a break from Dwayne Johnson terrorizing him, he was wrong. Not long after Kevin posted a shirtless Instagram photo of himself relaxing on a yacht did Dwayne capitalize on the opportunity to troll him. «Pls jump overboard,» Dwayne commented. To make matters even better, Nick Cannon also joined in on the fun, writing, «Go put some Gaht Damn clothes on!!! Tired of looking at your ashy ass nipples!!!» Poor Kevin just can’t seem to catch a break.

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Expectant Parents Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart Sneak in Some Alone Time in Hawaii

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart are getting in some R&R before the arrival of their little boy. The expectant parents enjoyed a tropical getaway in Hawaii on Tuesday. Aside from sharing a family photo with his 12-year-old daughter Heaven and 9-year-old son Hendrix, whom he shares with ex Torrei Hart, the comedian also posted a sweet couple photo with his wife, Eniko. While Kevin showed off his fit physique in maroon swim shorts, the mom-to-be gave us a sweet glimpse of her growing baby bump as she rocked a red bikini.

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Open Post: Hosted By Kevin Spacey Trying To Show John Travolta Up 


John Travolta’s wig tamers better Super Glue, Gorilla Glue, and cement glue his hair to his head, because Kevin Spacey is trying to snatch that shit and take the crown. Nobody can beat John Travolta’s flawless man wig game, but Kevin is giving him a run for his lace front.

At today’s London premiere of Baby Driver (and, I’m still fucking pissed it’s not a Latarian Milton biopic), Kevin Spacey worked that rug on his head and he didn’t even care that the hawks flying above were seconds away from swooping in after mistaking it for a squirrel in distress. Kevin also worked it for the cameras even though his makeup person did him wrong by not blending his face paint all the way. Kevin didn’t only wear the best hair at the Baby Driver premiere, he also wore the best ensemble.

Kevin’s co-stars (Jon Hamm, Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Lily James and Eiza Gonzalez) all wore stuffy outfits from the House of Boring, while Kevin went full mid-life crisis daddy chic. It looks like his twink friends (or the new Ken dolls) took him to Macy’s and gave him a totally hip and fresh makeover. That IS the look. And I bet that at the after-party for Baby Driver, Kevin went up to Ansel and Lily at the bar and said, “Issa ’bout to be savage ay eff tonight, sis!

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Kevin Durant & OKC Chick Argue About Him Liking Chicks Farting In His Face

What a Father’s Day for Kevin Durant. (Does he have children? I know zero about him off the court.) He spent part of his day arguing with an Oklahoma chick over the news she dropped that KD likes when chicks rip farts in his face. I mean, you can’t let that slide without a comment even though you’re in the middle of celebrating a championship, right?

The chick mentioned something about some chick at Coyote Ugly in OKC, farts, KD, etc. I assume this is just a story being passed around OKC by chicks while they’re at a nail salon or while they’re getting their hair done. It’s not like they’re talking weather with their stylist like us guys do. Think about that. You go into an OKC Great Clips and hypothetically the conversation turns to KD enjoying a nasty fart in his face.

Just mindblowing stuff, right?

But here we are with KD spending like two hours of his night arguing it out with Kaylee and a bunch of other people over rumors.

That’s the sign of a guy who wants to dick slap OKC with his Larry and that MVP trophy.

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Kevin Spacey Joked About Not Coming Out 


During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter a few years ago, Kevin Spacey made it sound like he’s never going to officially come out about how his tongue gets the tingles for twink ass. But while hosting the Tonys last night, Kevin made jokes about being a permanent resident of the glass closet. I guess Kevin Spacey farting out gay jokes while dressed in Norma Desmond drag (which looked more like low-budget Walter Mercado drag) at the Tonys is the closest he’ll ever get to waving goodbye at fellow polyester wig master John Travolta as he strolls out of the closet.

Kevin opened the Tonys with a long ass, never-ending musical number where he spoofed a bunch of the musical nominees and got hosting advice from past awards show hosts. At one point, Whoopi Goldberg came out of a closet on the set and when Kevin asked her, “Whoopi, how long have you been in that closet?”, she threw a verbal wink by saying, “Well Kevin, it depends on who you asked.” Kevin kept the closet jokes coming when Billy Crystal told him “If all else fails, put on a dress,” and he got into Norma Desmond drag before singing, “I”m coming out…. No, wait, no….

Some people didn’t laugh at Kevin’s jokes and thought that shit wasn’t not funny, because there he was joking about not coming out, especially during Gay Pride Month. They also think him playing coy about his love of peen is as old as that dusty beaver pelt on his head. One part of me, thought that maybe, just maybe, Kevin’s fresh jokes were his way of laughing at the tricks who say he’s still in the closet since pretty much everyone but my mom (“Kevin Spacey is gay?!” – my mom while watching the Tonys last night) has heard the stories and seen the pictures. And the other part of me didn’t really think about it much since I was too busy protecting my precious ears from the warble that came out of Stephen Colbert’s mouth.

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‘Jeopardy’ Takes a Shot at Kevin Durant Wussing Out and Joining the Warriors

How weak was Kevin Durant’s decision to bail on the Thunder and form a superteam on the Warriors? So weak that “Jeopardy” of all programs fired a direct shot at KD before tonight’s Game 5 with this clue:

Sports-related clues on “Jeopardy” are typically the death knell for nerdy contestants, but even Tucker knew about the snake who backstabbed Russell Westbrook to grab an easy $ 600.

More Sports Jeopardy!

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The Leftovers Ended With The Sacrifice of Kevin Garvey and Nora Durst

There were a lot of things to digest on the last episode of The Leftovers and yet not as much as I thought there would be. They managed to resolve a lot of character arcs and plots along the way in the last season. We already knew the great flood wasn’t coming. The seventh anniversary was a bust. The only surprise was Laurie popping back up, but otherwise the finale was more an emotional resolution than a climax, and for this show it felt exactly right. Some of the symbolism that’s been sticking with me since then is that of Nora’s doves and the goat she rescues.

Lambs and doves are both traditional sacrificial animals in the Old Testament. And I noticed that both Nora’s doves and the goat at the wedding were pure white, unblemished. They were temple-ready sacrifices, and I doubt that was unintentional. Both goats and doves could be sacrificed as a Peace Offering or as a Sin Offering. Peace Offerings were voluntary acts of worship or thanksgiving. Sin Offerings were mandatory atonement.

The doves are peace offerings in the show, they «spread love.» The joke is just that they don’t spread it any farther than the immediate vicinity. They take what is given to them and come back to the same place each time. It doesn’t matter what the sentiment is, someone felt good writing it and watching the dove fly off, so the purpose has been served. This purpose served, they unerringly return home to be «offered» again. The goat is explicitly a sin offering, as stated by the groom. It is to take the burden of the sins of the wedding guests and carry them off. The «where» doesn’t matter for the goat either. But unlike the doves, it has no fixed place. It only has a fixed purpose. Once it reaches Nora’s farm, it immediately starts trying to eat the messages that had been affixed to the doves, taken upon itself more emotion, more to bear. The doves had a temporary burden, the goat tries to make it permanent.

Throughout the show Kevin has been sacrificed over and over again and just keeps coming back. We’ve watched him bend his life to what others need of him over and over again, apparently unaware of his own desires or simply without many strong desires of his own. He gets dragged into people’s lives and stories almost by the force of gravity. And when those stories end, he just walks away. He has temporarily been entangled with Patty, with his father’s delusions, with the guilt of Evie’s disappearance, with Matt’s conviction that he’s a savior, and he’s come back from all of it. This is why he’s so cruel to Nora about the disappearance of her children, moving on is all he knows. But his slate is still not clean, exactly. He is willing to try to bring others peace, but the only kind of peace he knows is returning home.

Nora is a goat. She is stubborn as hell and will fight any help you try to give her. She will take hurt and anger and pain upon herself and into herself. Her self-harming was an extravagant yet deeply personal expression of grief. Her work with the DSD involved throwing herself at hope and forcing it to explode against her to save others the pain. She gave up a child because its mother repented, and bore that burden on her heart without question. If we believe her story, she literally walked through heaven and hell to find her family, and upon seeing them she decided to leave and bear the exquisite pain of her knowledge alone rather than risk a moment of their discomfort at seeing her. She’s atoning over and over again for sins she can’t even name. She will never reach out for help. It has to come for her, be forced on her in a way.

This all just drives home how much Kevin and Nora need each other. Kevin needs Nora’s ability to ground him. Laurie would try to fix him, but he needs stability more than he needs help. His psychic breaks always seemed to come when his sense of «home» was threatened. Nora needs Kevin’s spirit to keep her from spiraling into a self-imposed form of exile and self-loathing. He will always return to her. She will always need to be returned to. Doves and goats can be sacrificed in the name of peace or the name of sin. Either in thanksgiving or to cleanse one’s soul. Both Nora and Kevin need their souls cleansed, and they need to be at peace. Perhaps by finally, fully, sacrificing themselves to each other they can find that peace. And that is the only resolution that makes sense.


Rihanna, LeBron James Superfan, Can’t Resist Trolling Kevin Durant at the NBA Finals

Image Source: Getty / Thearon W. Henderson

Are Rihanna and Kevin Durant currently engaged in a bitter feud? Probably not, honestly, but whatever was going down between them at the NBA Finals game on Thursday night was extremely entertaining. The singer and Bates Motel actress attended Game 1 in the finals series at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA, where the LeBron James superfan cheered on the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. She supported #23 at the start of the game by dabbing courtside and even told off a Warriors fan complaining about her blocking their view. It was great:

Unfortunately for both Ri and LeBron, it soon became pretty clear that Kevin Durant was leading the Warriors to a big win. Naturally Rihanna wasn’t pleased, so she and personal assistant Jenn Rosales engaged in some light heckling as he shot a free throw:

As a potential response to her yelling, Kevin appeared to stare her down after he hit a three later on in the game, which you can see below (at the :36 minute-mark):

The Warriors won 113-91, and at the postgame press conference a reporter asked if the staredown was on purpose, since «social media was buzzing» about it. «I don’t even remember that,» Kevin responded, while teammate Steph Curry joked, «Don’t get in that trap.» For her part, Rihanna was filmed walking out of the arena after the game seeming decidedly unbothered, saying that the loss «doesn’t matter, b*tch. The king is still the king.» Here’s hoping Rihanna shows up for Game 2.

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