Kelly Clarkson’s «Love So Soft» Video Is the Most Gorgeous Thing You’ll See All Week

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of people sobbing with happiness (but especially me) that Kelly Clarkson has returned with a new single. Oh, and not only a single, but also an incredibly glam music video to go along with it. «Love So Soft» is her debut single from Meaning Of Life, her first with Atlantic Records after signing a deal with them back in 2016. According to Clarkson herself, this will be her best album yet, and if this song is any indication, I’m inclined to believe her.

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Kelly Clarkson’s Kids Are Like 2 Deer in Headlights on the Today Show

We are so in love with Kelly Clarkson’s adorable family. The «Love So Soft» singer stopped by the Today show on Friday to promote her new music, but she ended up getting overshadowed by her two mini mes: her daughter, River, and her son, Remington, whom she shares with husband Brandon Blackstock. After bringing the two tots out on stage to join host Hoda Kotb, they both looked a bit shell-shocked before Remi took off running back to his dad. River, however, put her shyness aside a little bit to sing a few lines to «Somewhere Over the Rainbow» with her mom. Honestly, we can barely handle the cuteness.

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20 Photos of Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland That Will Make You Break Into Song

Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland share a sisterhood like no other. From exploring the world in their teenage years as bandmates in the bestselling girl group Destiny’s Child to going on to slay individual projects on their own as adults, their incredible bond has been unwavering. In 2013, Kelly opened up about her friendship with Beyoncé on a song called «Dirty Laundry.» She sang about how a former abusive relationship made her isolate from family and friends, including Bey.

Kelly recalled missing her sister during that time in her life and later shared Beyoncé’s heartwarming reaction to first hearing the song. «She looked at me and said ‘It’s incredible!’ and said how proud she was of me, and then said ‘I never left.'» Awwww! Keep reading to see all of the times Beyoncé and Kelly’s lifelong friendship represented the best of sisterhood.

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Meet Kelly Ray – The Next Sara Jean Underwood?

Tired of Sara Jean Underwood’s Instagram account? Ready for some other hot chick to hit the forest and get into her underwear on IG? We have the perfect candidate to take over for Underwood and what I suspect is a fake ass.

Her name is Kelly Ray, and she’s the blunt smoking, dog loving, selfie taking, outdoors enthusiast that I predict is going to have way over the 10,800 followers she currently has by the end of the week. Kelly Ray, who says she’s in Washington via Chicago describes herself as “That girl with all those dogs.”

I can’t find a hot chick who incorporates hiking, blunts and ass shots like Kelly. She’s really found her calling on IG.

Instagram Photo

[Kelly Ray – IG]

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Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Is All Grown Up and Gorgeous, Just Like Her Mom

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos may have a very rare kind of love, but the talk show host also shares a very special bond with her 16-year-old daughter, Lola Consuelos. Despite the fact that Kelly previously joked about Lola not liking her very much, Kelly told Wendy Williams back in November 2014 that she feels «an obligation as her mom to keep her living in the real world.» Judging from their photos together, we have to say Kelly is doing a damn good job.

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Kelly Stafford Is Back On The Wakesurf Board & Trying To Learn A New Trick

Another weekend and another trip to the lake for the Staffords to get some wakesurfing in. Training camp is coming up, so they’re taking advantage of all that time they have left before Matt gets preoccupied with other things for the next 6 months.

You saw Kelly shredding last weekend during the Ryan-Stafford couples trip, but that was about as basic as it gets. Now she’s out here trying to do tricks, albeit not successful… yet.

Instagram Photo

One day we’re going to be posting Kelly Stafford doing some wild shit on that board. This is just the beginning.

Her #TBT this week was another wakesurfing video… this one featuring her slamming a beer

Instagram Photo

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22 NSFWBDs React To R. Kelly, Usher & Kevin Hart News

Black Twitter is the most magical place on the internet so naturally, when this R. Kelly, Kevin Hart and Usher news broke over these last couple of days, you knew we were going to get some gold content from the BDs.

So let me catch you up on what’s happened over the last 48 hours or so. First, a giant story broke on R. Kelly allegedly holding six women captive in some weird ass sex cult, which makes a ton of sense if you know R. Kelly’s history. Then Radar Online reported yesterday that Usher settled a lawsuit out of court with an ex-girlfriend for $ 1.1 million that he apparently gave herpes to. And then you have Kevin Hart, who got caught on video allegedly cheating on his pregnant wife with a white woman. His current pregnant wife is the woman he cheated on his first wife (and mother of his 2 kids) with.

All of that has happened since Monday, so let’s enjoy the BD’s hilariously losing their shit over all this nonsense.

More details on these situations

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A Random Sample of TV Shows That Scored Better Ratings than Megyn Kelly This Week

Last night, Megyn Kelly’s NBC newsmagazine hit a new low in the ratings two months ahead of her debut on the Today show, where she will take over the 9 a.m. hour on September 25th. The show was only seen by 2.9 million people.

It’s the summer, though, so maybe it’s hard to put that into perspective. So, let’s look at it this way: Megyn Kelly is paid between $ 17.5 million a year, and her show got beat by the following shows last week:

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome

The $ 100,000 Pyramid

A rerun of America’s Funniest Home Videos

A rerun of Shark Tank

A rerun of Blue Bloods

A re-airing of a show on CBS I’ve never heard of, Salvation, which first aired earlier in the week

Something called The Wall on NBC

American Ninja Warrior

A rerun of Matt LeBlanc’s CBS sitcom, A Man with a Plan

A thoroughly debunked History Channel documentary on Amelia Earhart

A rerun of The Gong Show with Mike Myers

To its credit, however, Kelly did beat out the second episode of Candy Crush, which was seen by 200,000 people fewer than Kelly’s newsmagazine (although, Candy Crush trounced Kelly in the 18-49 demo). Plus, you know: It’s not like viewers are that interested in political news right now, right Rachel Maddow?

Megyn Kelly’s timeslot competitor this fall, Kelly Ripa, can dial back the Adderall; she has nothing to fear.


R. Kelly Is Being Accused Of Trapping Women In A Cult

2015 Soul Train Music Awards - Arrivals

Last week a shirtless middle-aged dude biked past me happily sing-screaming “Ignition (Remix)” at the top of his lungs, and after I was done marveling at a human living their best life, I began to wonder what R. Kelly had been up to lately. Last we heard, he was getting sued for allegedly wrecking a marriage. As it turns out, R. Kelly has been busy wrecking more than that. Several people have come forward and are alleging that R. Kelly has wrecked their families by luring their daughters into what they’re calling a “cult.” R. Kelly doing not-right shit with young women? How very R. Kelly of him.

BuzzFeed spoke to several parents of six women who are allegedly being held against their will at homes rented by R. Kelly in Chicago and Atlanta. Here’s one example of how R. Kelly lures women in: A mother identified simply as J claims that R. Kelly approached her 19-year-old daughter in 2015 after a concert in Atlanta and flew her out to Indio, California with the intention of helping her music career. Hearing that R. Kelly wants to “help” a teenager should have been a huge red flag, but J says she never thought anything was suspicious, because she was an R. Kelly fan. Now J lives with R. Kelly, and she believes her daughter has been “brainwashed” into staying with him.

Three former members of R. Kelly’s entourage – Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee – spoke to BuzzFeed, and it sounds like J and the other parents have a right to be concerned. They claim R. Kelly is a “master at mind control” and a “puppet master.” Part of his alleged puppet master techniques includes replacing their cellphones and new phones to be used solely to communicate with R. Kelly, and punishing them physically and verbally for breaking rules. R. Kelly also allegedly monitors all their activities, and films their sexual encounters with him (shocker).

R. Kelly also allegedly makes the women call him “Daddy,” and he calls them all his “babies.” That barf-making image is made even worse when you think back to those sexual assault allegations and remember that R. Kelly allegedly ordered the women in those tapes to call him “Daddy.” R. Kelly’s cult also includes uniforms of baggy track suits, so they don’t look “appealing” to R. Kelly’s male friends.

BuzzFeed says that police in Illinois and Georgia have done welfare checks on the women. Nothing can technically be done, because all the women involved are over 18 (truly a departure for R. Kelly), and they all claim their relationships with R. Kelly are consensual.

R. Kelly is the worst, but it’s like he’s actively trying to find new ways to be terrible. This latest situation especially. Hell, I bet even other cults are at this very moment trying to distance themselves from being associated with him. “The Order of the Enlightened Whispers moves to change their official designation from ‘cult’ to ‘secretive socially-alienating fringe movement’. You know – not so crazy about being known as a cult anymore.”



Kelly Stafford Out Here Shredding During Stafford-Ryan QB Couples Weekend

What are Matt and Sarah Ryan up to this weekend? Oh, nothing crazy… just spending some quality time with their favorite NFL couple, the Staffords, up in Michigan before training camp revs up.

Nothing to see here, just two of the NFC’s premier quarterbacks chillaxing on a boat:

via kbstafford89/Instagram

Fun fact: The next time these guys will see each other is Week 3 when the Falcons play in Detroit.

In the non-quarterback front, Sarah got some A+ footage of Kelly killing it in the wakesurfing department:

Stafford is obviously the captain on his turf:

via kbstafford89/Instagram

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