Norman Reedus May Keep His Love Life Private, but He Definitely Has a Thing For Pretty Women

Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger have been going strong for quite a while now, but before she came along, Norman was linked to a handful of models. While the Walking Dead actor usually never comments on his love life, he dated former Victoria’s Secret Angel Helena Christensen in 1998 and the two even have a 17-year-old son together. Keep reading to see all the women Norman was linked to before he got together with Diane.

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These Sexy Pictures of Beyoncé Will Keep You Up All Night

Beyoncé knows how to keep us at the edge of our seats. The last few years have been huge for the singer, who dropped two surprise visual albums; performed at the Super Bowl; embarked on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, On the Run Tour, and Formation World Tour; and welcomed two beautiful twins into the world. Beyoncé has balanced her busy work life with sweet family time and spent the years sharing many of her personal and professional moments on her blog, including behind-the-scenes snaps, sexy onstage pics, and bikini-filled vacations. If you love Queen Bey as much as we do, take a look at some of her sexiest moments over the years.

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The 25 Stars Who Keep Popping Up on American Horror Story

American Horror Story switches up its spooky theme each year, but there are usually a handful of recurring actors. Series staples like Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Sarah Paulson have appeared every season, but creator Ryan Murphy has added more and more actors to his growing stable throughout the years. Take a look at the many faces of the American Horror Story cast, including those on season six. We included everyone who has been on multiple seasons, even if they played the same character more than once, like Matt Ross (aka Dr. Charles Montgomery) or Naomi Grossman (aka Pepper).

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The Twins Are Trying to Keep Ryan Pressly “More Erect Over the Rubber”, Per Dick Bremer

If you got a kick out of NFL Network’s Jane Slater dropping the phrase “bulging dick” on live TV, then you’re probably going to enjoy Minnesota Twins announcer Dick Bremer talking about a pitcher’s need to be “more erect over the rubber”… or something like that.

Before you criticize Team BC for dirtying things up again, just listen to ol’ Dick discuss the Twins righty this afternoon:

Dick definitely dropped a hard E there, and Twins fans are loving it:

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Colton Haynes’s Halloween Costumes Just Keep Getting Better and Better

Colton Haynes always blows us away with his Halloween costumes, most importantly because he commits to his character. The American Horror Story actor has been turning out epic Halloween costumes for years, and each one is better than the last. Keep reading to see his humble beginnings as Nemo and Jeremy «Powder» Reed, all the way through to 2015’s mind-blowing costume from The Little Mermaid and 2016’s Miss Piggy, his wildest look yet.

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Jason Momoa Couldn’t Keep His Eyes Off Lisa Bonet at His Surprise Birthday Bash

Justice League actor Jason Momoa might have had a birthday party surrounded by impressive Polynesian warriors, but it’s obvious that his favorite part of the big day was Lisa Bonet. In a sweet Instagram snap from the muscular star‘s surprise 38th birthday bash, Jason and his wife gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes while surrounded by their two kids and a crowd of warriors donning traditional cultural garb. «I have never been so surprised in my life,» Jason captioned the happy photo, adding that 38 is already his best birthday yet.

He thanked his family, his friends, and the production cast and crew from Aquaman, which he is currently filming on location in Australia. «Mahalo for caring. It was so beautiful,» the family man gushed about the celebration. We can’t imagine a better way to ring in another year of life than with a beautiful family and a custom Aquaman cake! Can we get an invite next year, Jason?

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Old Doctor Has Thoughts On New Doctor, Should Maybe Keep Them To Himself

Oooooh boy. Has it really only been a week since we found out that the brilliant Jodie Whittaker would be stepping into the TARDIS as the Thirteenth Doctor? It feels like it’s been months of heated debate about how women are taking over all your favorite franchises, though as Steven Moffat, the soon-to-be-departing Doctor Who showrunner, pointed out during the show’s SDCC panel in Hall H over the weekend, it’s all been blown out of proportion by the media. The casting backlash isn’t much of a backlash at all — on social media at least, Whittaker’s casting has an 80 percent approval rating. So by and large Doctor Who fans seem to be embracing change, barring a particularly vocal minority.

And that makes sense! The show is 54 years old, and as mentioned: Whittaker will be the Thirteenth Doctor. There have been twelve dudes playing the role before her! Hell, it’s thirteen if you count John Hurt, and… yeah, the War Doctor totally counts. The companions change, the TARDIS itself changes. This isn’t a show that stays stagnant for long. So everything will be fine, and the hubbub is all much ado about nothing, and there’s nothing left to say on the topic. Right?

Oh goddammit, Peter Davison. The Fifth Doctor himself was also at Comic-Con, and though he praised Whittaker’s talent, saying she would do a «wonderful job» and that he hopes people would watch «with an open mind,» he didn’t let the issue drop there. He went on to say some more stuff to the Press Association. Stuff that sounded like this:

«If I feel any doubts, it’s the loss of a role model for boys, who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for. So I feel a bit sad about that, but I understand the argument that you need to open it up.»

And this:

«As a viewer, I kind of like the idea of the Doctor as a boy but then maybe I’m an old fashioned dinosaur — who knows?»

Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) has already jumped to Whittaker’s defense, clapping back at Davison in the press. And frankly this seems like another load of press-manufactured drama. Yeah, he said some things that maybe he didn’t need to say in an interview, but he also was being honest and certainly not denying Whittaker’s talent or the need to expand on the role.

And you know what? He may have a point. Part of what makes the Doctor such a beloved character is that he (or she!) is so unlike all the other heroes. The Doctor wants to fix things. S/he carries a screwdriver, not a gun, and relies on big brains rather than big brawn to win the day. As Craig Ferguson sang, «It’s all about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.»

And yes, in an era where we are examining more closely the effects of «toxic masculinity» around us, it’s nice to be able to point to this weird British sci-fi show as an alternative example of heroism for boys. But here’s the thing: Girls also need those kinds of role models. In fact, everyone should admire the power of intellect. We need to glorify smarts, now more than ever. Remember that Pew Research Center poll that recently showed Conservative Republicans don’t really like universities? We are in the midst of a war on education — and one thing that boys and girls have in common is brains.

But here’s the other thing that gets me about this whole made-up issue: the Doctor is a FUCKING ALIEN. Oh, he looked like a boy? Well now she’ll look like a girl. You know why? Because that’s how regeneration works on the show! The fact that the Doctor hasn’t yet looked like a woman (that we’ve seen, and no the Joanna Lumley spoof doesn’t count sadly), let alone a PoC, is mathematically absurd. I hesitate to call the character «gender fluid» because gender doesn’t seem to be a concept that matters much on Gallifrey. And that is yet another reason why the Doctor is a great role model for kids. Because this creature from another planet swoops in and shows us how to be better than we are. How to be clever and brave and do what’s right for everyone, human or alien. It’s about breaking down the barriers between us, not building them up. So if you think the Doctor has only ever been a role model to boys in the past, then you’ve been watching the show wrong. Just look at all the cosplay at any given convention to see the how many people identify as the Doctor, gender be damned.


And The Hits Keep Coming: ‘Goon 2’ Gets A Trailer

Sometimes a sports movie comes along, so rich in drama, so ripe with emotion, so damn good that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never given a flying fart about its subject before. So it was with the 2011 sport-comedy Goon. Perfectly cast as a hockey goon with a heart of gold, Seann William Scott won critical acclaim and cheering fans as he told the tough but tender tale of Doug Glatt. He even won over those of us who tend to forget hockey—or sports in general—is a thing.

Now Glatt is back with the much-anticipated sequel, Goon: Last of The Enforcers.

Goon‘s screenwriter/co-star Jay Baruchel returns to pen the script, reprise his role as Glatt’s loud-mouth pal, and direct the sequel, which has an out-of-shape goon looking for one last good fight. Naturally, Liev Schreiber is back as Ross «The Boss» Rhea, antagonist turned mentor. And Alison Pill brings her goon groupie back into the fray, while Wyatt Russell plays the new badass in town. The team’s all here. Now let’s shine that special light.



Goon: Last of the Enforcers opens in theaters, On Demand, and on Digital HD on September 1st.


Can You Keep Up With Khloé Kardashian’s Sexiest Swimsuit Moments?

Khloé Kardashian’s fitness journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s certainly paid off. Not only has the 33-year-old reality TV star previously admitted that she’s «never felt as comfortable» in her own skin as she does now, but her confidence really shines through whenever she slips into a swimsuit. Today, we’re celebrating Khloé by taking a look at her hottest swimsuit moments.

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The Twitter President: Why Do We Keep Tweeting at Trump?

Donald Trump tweeted again. Aside from watching hours of Fox News and treating women like shit, it seems to be the activity that occupies the most of his Presidential time. His social media prowess, for lack of a better term, has come to define him and his administration, mostly because it’s an obvious priority of his, which means that every news outlet is obliged to treat each tweet as a headline in waiting. Some have accused journalists of falling hook, line and sinker for these supposed distraction tactics, but it’s hard to see what they’re supposed to be distracting from, given that all his odious behaviour happens out in the open. His latest tweet of baffling insidiousness included a gif of him during an appearance on WWE beating up an opponent with the CNN logo photo-shopped across his face. While it remains to be seen if Trump understands that wrestling is fake, and thus using that to make a twisted point about beating «fake news» is steeped in exhausting irony, the overall point couldn’t be clearer: Donald Trump hates the media, and he has used his position to encourage violence against it.

Others have written more eloquently about this problem and the increasingly toxic atmosphere the Trump administration has created for journalists just doing their job, but what intrigued me so much about the tweet was seeing how a sizeable majority of my own Twitter followers replied to it. A massive array of tweeters of every age, occupation and background gathered together to craft just the right response to @RealDonaldTrump. Some were funny, others were sharp and outraged. Many offered facts and evidence on the topic of journalism and Trump’s ceaseless lies, but most just tweeted insults at him. Damn funny insults with an impressive grasp of the English language, no doubt, but insults all the same. There’s nothing wrong with that — I heartily encourage it — but while my feed filled with fury, I couldn’t help but wonder why we spent so much time tweeting at Donald Trump.

A major part of this frequently futile task is simple catharsis. It feels good to get all that rage out of your system. Critics of social media dismiss its usefulness as a tool of modern communication, but even the most cynical among us can appreciate the unifying joys of calling the President a knob. Why yell at the TV when you can type out the fury? There’s also the very real possibility that he’ll actually read your message. This is a man with no sense of humility or perspective, and he spends longer on Twitter than he does governing (which may be a good thing). The mere possibility of being blocked by the President of the United States of America on Twitter only a year ago was a laughable prospect. Now, it’s a perfectly legitimate goal to have for your future, and one that is easier to achieve than you might think. Are you a nasty woman or fake news pan-handler? There’s no better confirmation of that than getting the almighty Trump block.

Trump’s main method of communication is Twitter. He is a meme president and he likes it that way, so we are forced to indulge. Before becoming President, Trump used the site as his own commentator’s box, spewing his uninformed thoughts on the news of the day, his never-ending hatred of the Obamas, his perpetual narcissism and self-promotion that makes Kim Kardashian look like Thomas Pynchon, and a dash of celebrity gossip. Not a day went by where Trump didn’t have something to say about anything, from the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson break-up to President Obama’s golfing to his self-absorbed love for his only daughter Ivanka. Twitter was perfect for Trump because it was completely in his control, a 140 character manifestation of his id that he never had to run by an aide or publicist. He could pick and choose who to reply to, retweeting fawning praise to prove his universal adoration or picking fights with the random target of the day to demonstrate his enormous brain. In Trump’s mind, he need never self-censor or even edit out the spelling errors. Why bother when people hang on every word regardless?

Trump genuinely seems to see his tweeting as a good thing. Not only that, he views it as a natural extension of his inherent leadership. In his own caps-locked words, «it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.» In a knotted way, he’s right that the use of social media has become a necessary political tool. Whether or not there’s any truth to the assumption, sites like Twitter are seen as a quick and accessible way for politicians and candidates to reach the electorate, particularly those ever-crucial young voters. Hillary Clinton’s Twitter game during the 2016 election was sharp, funny and easy to retweet. Much has been made about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s online success with youth voters in the recent general election, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is happy to indulge in this game for a quick PR boost.

Politicians are constantly looking for ways to seem more personable and «authentic», so why not get down with the kids on Twitter? Yet Trump doesn’t use the site in that way. For him, it’s an extension of how he uses cable news — as a convenient and completely filter-free platform to spew whatever hate he wants, only here he’s actually challenged on some level. Trump isn’t the cool best friend on Twitter, nor is he a campaigner: He’s the conspiracy theorist at a time when that pseudo-occupation has real social capital. According to research during the election led by Ohio University, online interest in Trump was «three times higher than Clinton, according to Google trends analysis. Trump was the most Googled candidate, and also most mentioned on Twitter and Facebook.» As trust in the media dropped and the echo chamber expanded to legitimise YouTube-based hate preachers, GamerGate and other similarly misogynistic culture wars, Breitbart and Alex Jones, Trump stepped in to be the de-facto leader of this propaganda movement.

This is a problem only exacerbated by Twitter itself, as the platform resolutely refuses to shut down Trump’s account, despite it breaking multiple rules of harassment. The site’s ineptitude in tackling its increasingly irrevocable toxicity, leading a source in a Buzzfeed investigation to call them «a honeypot for assholes«, has only helped Trump and his administration to strengthen their attacks on the media. Abusers, bullies, harassers, bigots and literal neo-Nazis thrive on the site, bolstered by Trump’s presence and the false belief that their right to tweet is a free speech issue. It doesn’t matter what Trump does, or how often he makes indirect calls for violence against the media, or how frequently he directly attacks women like Mika Brzezinski: Twitter will never ban him. He’s the monster they helped create and the problem they refuse to deal with.

It’s dizzying to speculate on the logical endgame for Trump’s Twitter fetish: Live-tweeting his own impeachment, perhaps? Whatever the case, for how long or short he is in office, he will remain a tweeting despot, so maybe that’s why we all tweet at him. If we’re stuck with this deranged propagandist for now, we might as well get a few things off our chest.


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