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The Ryan bros are off the hook from their Nashville bar fight

Remember back in June when Rex and Rob Ryan tagged teamed some dude at a Nashville Margaritaville during the Predators Stanley Cup run? How you could forget, it’s a classic Ryan brothers moment now. Well, they’re officially off the hook as of yesterday and won’t be charged with assault. TMZ has the details: As we previously reported, the NFL coaches were involved in a dust-up at a Margaritaville restaurant in Nashville back in June — where they allegedly assaulted a fellow patron who wouldn’t leave their table. The man filed a police report for simple assault and officials opened up an investigation into the Ryans. But now, Nashville police spokesperson Noelle Yazdani tells TMZ Sports … the district attorney has declined to move forward with charges … so the case is closed and the Ryans won’t be prosecuted. Sometimes things just get a little too rowdy when your day drinking some margaritas in Nashville. No need for it to get too serious.

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Tennessee Students Are Clearly Fed Up With Butch Jones

The Tennessee students checked out on this season weeks ago when they were calling for Butch Jones’ firing via the famous rock on campus. That was after they lost on a hail mary to Florida. Then the next week, Georgia came to town, put up 41 points and held the Vols to a big fat goose egg.

They had a bye after that game, so it’s been 2 weeks since the students could really show their displeasure. That means today’s the today, and they’re proving just how much they’re fed up with Butch by literally just not showing up to the game vs. South Carolina today.

I think I can count about 25 people in those bleachers. I get that those noon kickoffs are rough, I remember being super hungover stumbling through the gates of Sanford Stadium in my day, but when your team blows like one does, it’s not hard to sleep in on a Saturday.

Hey Vols fans, not all hope is lost


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Meet Lauren Jones – Raiders Fan With Giant Raiders Tattoo

It’s been a fairly miserable 24 hours for Raiders fans, so I thought it would be wise to help cheer up these fans by introducing them/you to Lauren Jones, a superfan I came across last night while looking for Oakland Coliseum fight videos. Lauren stood out for obvious reasons.

That’s a massive Raiders tat!

I’ve been at this game a long long time and I can’t remember ever coming across a woman with a giant NFL logo tat on her stomach. Super rare. I’m not the least bit interested in a woman with a giant Raiders stomach tat or even a Bengals tat, but there are Raiders fans out there who seem to like tats. I’d like to see some sort of tattoo survey for a Raiders game.

I’ll say 90% of the fans have at least one tat and 55% have a head tat. It’s insane. We go through thousands of Raiders fan photos on Sundays and it’s incredibly rare to see a Raiders fan who doesn’t have one visible tat.

Some other Raiders fan’s incredible ink:

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Stanford Blatch Isn’t Only Holding Carrie Bradshaw’s Fendi Baguette, He’s Using It To Smack At Samantha Jones 


All together: THIS AGAIN.

In case you’ve been focusing on more important matters (like doing a study on how long does it really take for paint to dry on a wall) and haven’t been following the war between Kim Cattrall and everyone else from Sex and the City, let me throw it down real quick for you.

The Daily Mail got the messiness started by reporting that Kim’s diva bitch shenanigans and crazy demands were keeping a third Sex and the City movie from terrorizing our senses. Sarah Jessica Parker responded by only saying that a third movie isn’t happening. Kim defended herself by saying that the only demand she made was to not do another movie. Kristin Davis cried about it on Instagram, and Willie Garson (who played Carrie’s gay sidekick Stanford Blatch) popped his head into the shit storm to say that the rumors from The Daily Mail were true. Kim kept on defending herself and talked to smug butt plug in a suit Piers Morgan about the situation. Kim said that SJP could’ve been nicer about her not wanting to do another movie, and she dropped a fart on her ex-castmates for not supporting her decision.

And here we are now, and here’s Stanford Blatch to come at Samantha Jones for a second time.

Kim told Piers that if her relationships with SJP and the SATC team were healthy, they would’ve wished her the best after she let them know that she’s done with playing Samantha Jones and wants to move on for good. But Kim says she didn’t get that respect:

“That’s not what happened here, this is, it feels like a toxic relationship.”

That was Willie’s cue to pipe in again and continue to do Sarah Jessica Parker’s dirty work:

Kim herself said that they should just recast the role (Xtina, call your agent, bitch!) and do the movie without her. Some fans brought that up with Willie and he said nope to that, because it’s “all or none.

Kim and the other messes should just keep shanking each other with the shivs they made from old Manolo heels, because this back-and-forth hate fest is a million times more entertaining than any Sex and the City movie could hope to be. But really, the only tricks who want a third SATC movie are SJP, Willie and Kristin. The fans don’t want one. If SJP really cared about what the millions of fans (me, just me) want, she’d hear our pleas and give us a movie based solely on the superstar wife of Cynthia Nixon. Presenting: ROJO AND THE CITY!


Now that’s what we really want and need.

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Jim Carrey Is Still Talking About How Tommy Lee Jones Hates His Guts


Jim Carrey hasn’t been making a whole lot of friends of late what with his pseudo intellectual nihilism schtick to the deeply disturbing allegations made against him by his deceased ex-girlfriend and her family. Has the man who was once America’s favorite clown always been prick right down to his core? According to America’s favorite cranky gramps Tommy Lee Jones, the answer is “yes and fuck that guy forever and always”.

Jim Carrey has previously talked about Tommy Lee Jones hating him on the set of 1995’s Batman Forever, but he talked about it again on the podcast Norm Macdonald Live. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

“I was the star and that was the problem,” Carrey guessed. “He’s a phenomenal actor, though. I still love him.”

For some reason, I find it really hard to believe that TLJ has ever wasted a second being jealous of the jackaninny jester that was Jim Carrey in the 90s. In fact, Jim later came out with a more plausible explanation of the friction between them with a story about the time he tried to eat in the same restaurant as TLJ.

“The maitre said, ‘Oh, I hear you’re working with Tommy Lee Jones. He’s over in the corner having dinner.’ I went over and I said, ‘Hey Tommy, how are you doing?’ and the blood just drained from his face,” Carrey said. “And he got up shaking  — he must have been in mid kill me fantasy or something like that. And he went to hug me and he said, ‘I hate you. I really don’t like you.’ And I said, ‘What’s the problem?’ and pulled up a chair, which probably wasn’t smart. And he said, ‘I cannot sanction your buffoonery.’”

Tommy Lee Jones is all of us. If anybody has ever deserved a dressing down like that it’s Jim. I got tingles reading about it. I hope Jim shit his pants. But, knowing Jim, he probably would have “yes and-ed” himself and started flinging it around like an angry circus monkey.

Not for nothing, Jim also told Norm that Chuck Jones, the creator of Bugs Bunny also hated his guts. Jim owes his entire career to Bugs. Can’t pin that one on professional jealousy, Jimbo!

Pic: Warner Bros.


Rece Davis Put Butch Jones In A Body Bag After His Weird Media Rant Earlier This Week

That clip is from Butch Jones’ Monday press conference where he decided he would take his time to go after the media for their negativity after they asked about a fight between two players the previous week. Meanwhile, he’s been the worst coach in America through 4 weeks and has the entire Tennessee fan base ready to can his ass.

So while Butch was blaming everybody but himself for everything, it caught the attention of Rece Davis, who by all means is one of the nicest, most professional guys in the college football media.

Rece saw this abomination of a press conference and decided to take a few minutes on GameDay this morning to put Butch in a body bag.

I think we may be looking Butch Jones’ last Saturday as Tennesee’s head ball coach. At least he’ll always be a champion of life.

Des came with the thunder as well



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Jerry Jones Hunted Down A Cameraman To Film Him Taking A Knee On Monday Night


Listen, we’re not here to get political. I’m not going to break down whether or not these players should or shouldn’t be standing for the national anthem. What we are going to do is post things that we think is funny and if you can’t laugh at ole Jerruh chasing down a cameraman on Monday night to make sure he was filmed taking that pre-anthem knee, then I don’t know what to tell you.

The man is all about business and he knows it’s good business right now to show solidarity with his players. So he did what a good PR man does and made sure that he was front and center during that kneel.

Then he stared right into America’s soul.


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20 NSFWBDs React To Jerry Jones Taking A Knee

You guys know this space is reserved for what the NSFWBDs think of the hottest sports topics. This isn’t about me. Never has been because at the end of the day you’re not here for my opinion. You’re here to read some of the realest of the real on Twitter. You know how I feel about the BDs — they always keep it real.

So I’ll let them have the floor when it comes to Jerry and the Boys taking a knee.

Even those of you who don’t agree with the knee thing might get a laugh or two out of this and have a little pep in your step today.

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Vols Fans Are Using “The Rock” To Express Their Feelings On Butch Jones

Instagram Photo

Do you want to know how everybody is feeling in Knoxville these days? Well, you don’t have to look very hard. Sure, you could go on Twitter, follow some Vols fans and get a pretty good idea of how they think the season is going so far, but really you just need to walk up to that giant rock they have sitting in the middle of campus.

Almost every day you can find a new painting on that thing promoting a variety of things — from student organizations to Tennessee football. This week, that is Butch Jones’ rock and his rock only.

That picture above is from Tuesday morning, a solid two days after Tennessee lost on a Hail Mary to Florida on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s this morning:

Tough look going from people just wanting you fired, to straight up offering a trade for a $ 17.99 30 rack. It’s not looking good, Butch.

What a long road it’s been from around this time last year

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