Dwayne Johnson, aka the People’s Champ, Reveals Why He Won’t Run For President

If you thought you would be able to literally rock the vote in 2020, think again. Dwayne Johnson appeared on The Graham Norton Show recently and hilariously revealed why his chances of running for office are now pretty slim. While we won’t give it all away — you’ll just have to watch the clip to find out — we will say his reasoning has something to do with his Jumanji co-star Kevin Hart. Watch the video above and trust us, you’ll want to see the face Rebel Wilson gives him at the end.

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Hot Damn! Dwayne Johnson Is Getting His Grown and Sexy On During His Jumanji Tour

Is it just us or is Dwayne Johnson looking extra good on his Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle press tour? From his salt and pepper beard to his razor-sharp suits, there is just something so grown and sexy about Dwayne lately that we instantly dissolve every time we see him. Luckily for us, Dwayne still has a few more stops to go, so we’ll just be soaking up every delicious moment until the movie hits theaters on Dec. 20.

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Get to Know Simone Johnson, the First Golden Globe Ambassador — and The Rock’s Daughter

Simone Garcia Johnson is about to make history! On Wednesday, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association named Simone the first-ever Golden Globe Ambassador of the upcoming 2018 Golden Globe Awards, after retiring the previous title of Miss Golden Globe. Along with the honor, Simone announced that she’s also teamed up with GlobalGirl, an organization that is dedicated to empowering young women from disadvantaged communities and giving them the tools they need to achieve their career goals. But who exactly is Simone, you ask? Keep reading to get know her before she blows up!

  1. She hails from Florida. Simone was born in Davie, FL, on August 14, 2001, making her 16-years-old.
  2. She comes from a famous family. Not only is her dad the one and only Dwayne Johnson, but her mom, Dany Garcia, is the co-founder of Dwayne’s production company, Seven Bucks Productions. Despite their 2008 divorce, Dany is also Dwayne’s manager and oversees The Garcia Companies, a talent and media management company. On top of that, Simone’s grandfather is former wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson.
  3. She’s a model. Simone is signed to IMG Models and often shares snaps from her photo shoots on Instagram.
  4. She has close ties to Fifth Harmony. In addition to being BFFs with Dinah Jane, Simone is also pals with the rest of the group.
  5. She hopes to follow in her famous dad’s footsteps. While Simone doesn’t see herself pursing a career in the film industry, she does plan to attend college, preferably NYU, and would like to «pursue wrestling and eventually transition into talent management.»

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Tiger Woods And Dustin Johnson Golfing With Donald Trump On Black Friday

Most people are spending their Black Friday super hungover on the couch with football on in the background as they nod in and out of a leftover food coma. Or they’re one of the psychos who actually go to the store for the deals instead of getting everything online on Monday.

Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson are spending their Black Friday by mixing in (a quick) 18 with The Don down in Jupiter today in between important international calls with Turkey.

Instagram Photo

About a month ago, Tiger resumed full golf activities, now he’s playing 18 with DJ and Trump, by April he’ll be wearing red on Sunday in Augusta. Tiger is BACK.

Also, nobody in history has more interesting Thanksgiving weekends than Tiger Woods.

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The ‘Rampage’ Trailer Asks: ‘Yes, But What If ‘Pacific Rim’ Was Rubbish And Dwayne Johnson Was Boring?’

‘Rampage’ was a pretty fun video game from the late 80’s. Its premise was simple: Giant monsters battle each other across various cityscapes. The monsters sustain damage—and so do the cities.

Movie producer: *snorts huge line of coke* ‘Well what the hell are we waiting for?!’

Those coke fantasies would be fulfilled in the late 2000’s, when the corporate kaiju known as Warner Bros. acquired the company that owned the rights to ‘Rampage’, Midway Games. Thus an inevitable movie was born.

Eventually Warner Bros. got three white dudes to write this masterpiece, got Dwayne Johnson to sign on the dotted line, and nabbed that bloke who made San Andreas with him to tag along for directing duties to actually film it. And here’s the trailer. Which if you can finish without almost nodding off then you have more resilience than me:


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Tyrese Gibson Drops An Ultimatum In His Feud With Dwayne Johnson

Tyrese Gibson is at it again, dragging Dwayne Johnson all over social media. Why? Because the Johnson and Jason Statham spinoff of the Fast and Furious franchise is moving forward.

All of that to say that a Johnson and Statham spinoff is enough for him to walk away from the ridiculously successful franchise that still has two installments left. It seems short-sighted and like Gibson hasn’t really thought his «threat» through.

The actor makes an estimated $ 3-5 million dollars per movie since he joined the franchise in the fifth installment. He’s willing to drop that income just to make the studio choose between him and Johnson. Which would you choose: paying Gibson to appear in the last two F&F movies or basically printing your own money with the Statham and Johnson spinoff? Seems like a poor ultimatum to throw out.

Hobbs and Shaw will hit theaters on July 26, 2019, and Fast and Furious 9 will hit them April 10, 2020. This breaks with the tradition of every F&F movie coming out every two years. It’s not a big deal at all, right?


Page Six Says That Elon Musk Is Trying To Get With Dakota Johnson Next

Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia 2017 - Arrivals

Page Six says that Elon Musk is single and ready to mingle with hot young famous types, and he’s currently got his sight set on several potential girlfriend candidates, including Dakota Johnson. I guess Elon finally took the hint that Amber Heard clearly doesn’t want his Space in her X anymore and decided to move on.

Last week, Elon flew to Rio de Janeiro for Guy Oseary’s wedding vow renewal ceremony. A source tells Page Six Elon had ulterior motives besides witnessing the re-commitment of a union. One of the guests was Dakota Johnson, and according to the source, she was his reason for attending. However, a rep for Elon calls bullshit, explaining that he was only there for the ceremony and left in his private jet immediately after.

“Elon attended Guy’s wedding because they’re friends and Guy invited him. He knows Dakota and obviously wouldn’t need to fly to Brazil if he wanted to see her. He left the wedding right after the speeches were done in order to fly back to the Tesla Gigafactory for critical work on Model 3 production.”

Dakota isn’t the only eligible lady Elon is working his billionaire bachelor game on. Another source says that Elon was seen at a party in Los Angeles on Thursday night, and he seemed to be very into model (and one-time Taylor Swift nemesis) Jessica Hart. Elon’s rep was quick to deny anything’s going on with them either. They claim that Jessica and Elon were part of a large group, and that nothing “romantic” or “cozy” was happening between them.

No offense to Dakota, but why not aim straight for the stars and go for her mom, Melanie Griffith? Melanie is hot and single. If Elon really believes he’s one day going to go to Mars, he should want Melanie as his plus-1 when it happens. You want to make a good impression in the event there are aliens already living there. I’m willing to bet you’d win over a whole lot more Martians with “This is the star of the classic Earth film Working Girl” than “This is the star of the Universe’s worst movie ever Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Dakota Johnson Is Either Dating Jon Hamm Or Chris Martin, Depending On Who You Ask

Dakota Johnson leaving her hotel in New York

Page Six is reporting that Dakota Johnson might be getting all up on The Hammaconda. Dakota and Jon Hamm were spotted slurping down wine last week at a hotel bar in NYC after he hosted the Brooklyn Black Tie Ball.

One of Page Six’s source says that “they seemed to really be enjoying each other’s company.” I always seem like I’m enjoying whomever I’m with if there’s a bottle of wine, so I don’t know how valid this is. And Jon Hamm finished up rehab in 2015. Until you see Dakota doing warm-up exercises like running lunges and thigh presses, how will we know that she’s prepping to take on the Hammaconda?

Dakota broke up with her long-term boyfriend last year, and Jon and his partner of 18 years, Jennifer Westfeldt, broke up in 2015.

Dakota and Jon were first spotted together at Elton John’s 70th birthday party in April. I’m now picturing Jon and Dakota dancing as Sir Elton performs “Rocket Hammm” (because Elton would naturally have rewritten “Rocket Man” in honor of the Hammaconda).

However, Gossip Cop is saying that Dakota and Jon are “just friends.” And People says she may be getting on Chris Martin. Dakota was spotted grabbing sushi with Chris on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. A witness says they were looking all cozy, and I’m taking that to mean that Dakota was falling asleep in his arms from the boredom of it all. But I won’t really believe that Dakota and Chris are dating until Gwyneth Paltrow posts a passive aggressive story on Goop about the emotional dangers 50 Shades brings to a relationship.

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This Old Tweet About Adrian Peterson Really Backfired on Chris Johnson

Life comes at you fast, just ask Arizona Cardinals unemployed running back Chris Johnson.

Last month, he was like every football fan in America wondering why the hell Adrian Peterson carried the rock just six times against the Vikings. That was supposed to be Peterson’s revenge game — CJ certainly knows it judging from this aggressive all caps, pro-AP tweet he sent out:

Sean Payton disagreed with that sentiment, as Peterson got little work in with the Saints before getting shipped to the Cardinals today. The fit is an obvious one and AP will definitely be getting more carries going forward. The bad news? Johnson’s ass was cut in a corresponding move.

On the plus side, CJ seems to be handling AP taking his job okay:

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Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s Fast & Furious Spinoff Is Officially Happening

The Fast & Furious franchise is officially getting a spinoff — and no, it’s not a sequel to Tokyo Drift. It seems the chemistry between Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw characters in the last action film, Fate of the Furious, was enough to inspire Universal to center a new movie around the pair’s antics. Shaw, a former villain with a heart of gold, and Hobbs, a hardass U.S. Diplomatic Security Agent, will presumably team up without Dom Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) family of vehicle-savvy criminals to save the world from Charlize Theron’s zombie cars (just kidding, hopefully those are long gone).

No concrete deals have reportedly been made for the actors just yet, but a release date was recently solidified. The action-buddy comedy is set to hit theaters on July 26, 2019, which caused a big delay in the premiere date for Fast 9, the upcoming addition to the Fast & Furious series. The move to push back Fast 9 to Easter weekend of 2020 immediately drew the ire of cast member Tyrese Gibson, who openly bashed Johnson’s decision to move forward with the spinoff at the detriment of the rest of the actors signed on to the ninth film. Johnson has yet to respond.

Universal has yet to name a director for the spinoff, but Variety reports that Shane Black is an early frontrunner. Black has plenty of experience directing big action properties, like Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon 4, and the upcoming Predator reboot. He’s also in the process of working on Doc Savage, which follows an Indiana Jones-esque adventurer in the 1930s, with Johnson attached to play the titular role.

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