Paulina Gretzky, Dustin Johnson and Pals Hit the Bahamas

After finishing tied for 13th in last weekend’s PGA Championship ($ 160K in earnings), Dustin Johnson told he was looking forward to a relaxing week off with a heavy schedule ahead of him.

He is headed to his home in Florida for a week to spend time with his two young sons and fiancé Paulina Gretzky before the start of the FedExCup playoffs. Johnson entered the PGA third in the FedExCup points race.

“I’m definitely looking forward to having a week off next week,” Johnson said. “The next six weeks are big with the four playoff events and Presidents Cup. I enjoy playing Presidents Cup. I’m looking forward to it. I need to take a few days to relax and then it’s time to get back at it.”

And how is DJ spending his vacation week with Paulina? Oh, they just took a private jet out to the Bahamas with their fellow beautiful people friends. The two are apparently inspiring relationship goals at the pool:

Inflatable pool toys are out, of course:

You already know we’ll be providing updates as the content rolls in on social.

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Sound the Alarms, LeBron Wished Magic Johnson Happy Birthday on Twitter

The last thing Cavs fans want to do right now is worry about LeBron bolting for the Lakers while they deal with the Kyrie Irving drama, but The King went on social and did his thing by wishing Magic Johnson a happy birthday on Twitter:

Harmless good gesture? Maybe. Another hint that this Bron Bron is headed to LA to close out his career and build his media empire? Maybe!

Who knows with Bron Bron, all I know is that the this just adds on to the LA hypetrain. Lonzo picking him over Kobe, much to the dismay of sensitive Lakers fans, probably doesn’t hurt:

Back to Magic, it looks like he had a fun pre-bday dinner:

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Chad Johnson Impersonator Charged With Identity Theft After Dropping $18K at Louis Vuitton

As you might have guessed, the man pictured above is not former Bengal Chad Johnson, nor does he resemble the six-time Pro Bowler in the slightest. However, that didn’t stop Miami resident Mervin Cabe from going to a Louis Vuitton store last Friday to buy $ 18K in goods as Ochocinco.

Details from The Aspen Times:

Mervin Cabe of Miami told employees at the high-end luxury goods store that he was Chad Johnson — who is formerly known as Chad Ochocinco — in order to be able to make the purchase. Customers at Louis Vuitton must have a “profile ID” in order for their transactions to go through, according to an affidavit filed in Pitkin County District Court.

Cabe could not come up with the matching phone number to Chad Johnson’s profile ID, though an employee did allow him to purchase $ 18,548 worth of items. Cabe initially tried to use a credit card that was twice declined to make the purchase, then pulled up an Apple Pay account on his cellphone, which worked, the affidavit states.

The report goes on to state that lyin’ Mervin kept deflecting questions from police before ultimately coming clean:

However, he finally asked to speak with a sergeant on scene, who later said Cabe told him, “You’re going to have to take me … to jail. I’ve done something bad,” the affidavit states.

Mervin is facing two felony charges of identity theft and unauthorized use of a financial transaction device, but all might not be lost for this scumbag because it looks like Ocho wants to help him out:

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Dwayne Johnson Has Some «Devilish Fun» With Fans Who Waited 10 Hours to Meet Him

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Imagine waiting in line for hours to meet your celebrity idol, only to get completely blown off by them. Well, that’s exactly what happened to a group of excited fans who waited outside for 10 hours to meet Dwayne Johnson while he filmed scenes for Rampage — well, sort of. In the wee hours of Friday morning, Dwayne shared a hilarious Instagram video of himself playing a little prank on some very patient and very excited fans. «Devilish fun after midnight. 😈,» he captioned it. «Hey at the end of the day, I’m grateful fans will wait 10 minutes to meet me, let alone 10 hours. This kinda stuff will always the best part of fame and easiest part of my job. Now y’all get your asses home and get some sleep 💤. And thanks for being the best fans in the world.» There’s a reason we love Dwayne so much.

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Magic Johnson Was at the Gym with Byron Scott Before Trading D’Angelo Russell

Who was Magic Johnson hanging out with before sacrificing D’Angelo Russell (and mainly Timo Mozgov’s contract) to the Brooklyn Nets for 2018 cap space? Why none other than the tank commander himself, Byron Scott! As you can see in the above photo, Magic, Byron, and Cecilia Gutierrez (Byron’s GF) had a nice workout sesh at Equinox one day prior to the trade.

Now, Magic consulting with one of D-Lo’s old coaches is obviously something any thorough basketball man would do. But in this case… it’s fair to question how impartial Byron was in his assessment of D-Lo after their drama-filled (Swaggy P Snap incident, constant criticisms, general old-school coach BS, etc.) 2016 season.

Just last month Byron was back to slamming D-Lo’s work ethic (via The OC Register’s Mark Medina):

“I don’t know if his work ethic has gotten any better. Some of the people I’ve talked to in the organization said that it hasn’t,” Scott said of Russell.

Obviously Magic agreed so much that he’s picked up where Byron left off in the slander department:

Byron and his Girl:

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Dwayne Johnson Can’t Resist Trolling Kevin Hart After He Posts a Shirtless Pic

Kevin Hart is currently getting in some R&R in Hawaii before the arrival of his son with wife Eniko Parrish, but if he thought that meant he’d also be catching a break from Dwayne Johnson terrorizing him, he was wrong. Not long after Kevin posted a shirtless Instagram photo of himself relaxing on a yacht did Dwayne capitalize on the opportunity to troll him. «Pls jump overboard,» Dwayne commented. To make matters even better, Nick Cannon also joined in on the fun, writing, «Go put some Gaht Damn clothes on!!! Tired of looking at your ashy ass nipples!!!» Poor Kevin just can’t seem to catch a break.

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Dwayne Johnson Literally Stops Traffic to Make 1 Lucky Fan’s Dream Come True

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Dwayne Johnson really loves his fans . . . so much so that he’ll stop his car in the middle of traffic to delight them with a photo. On Tuesday, the actor did just that when he stopped his truck on the street to take a selfie with a lucky fan. Dwayne shared a clip of the epic moment on Instagram, writing, «Sometimes traffic is just gonna have to wait to make fans happy 😉.»

He then told a story about how he «was driving in my pick up truck after work and my guy here pulled up beside me, recognized me and started freaking out. I rolled the passenger window down to say hello and then he REALLY freaked out. Jumped out of his rig and came around to my side where he stood in the oncoming traffic lane. He said, ‘Holy sh*t Rock you’re my hero, can I take a picture with you?’ I said yeah man but let’s pull over to the side and .. before I could even finish he was gone like a flash, ‘Hold on let me get my phone’ .. The light’s turned green and now cars are coming towards him and driving around him. Not one car was beeping their horn because I’m sure they thought some road rage was going down,» he continued. «This dude put a grateful smile on my face and got a big ass laugh outta me as well. Besides the traffic jam we caused and his ass almost getting hit by oncoming traffic, making fans like this happy will always be the best part of fame. Thanks dude for making my day. 🤙🏾 #INeedDarkerWindowTint #GreatestFansInTheWorld» Now, where can we find Dwayne?

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Looks Like These Pro-D’Angelo Russell Tweets By Magic Johnson Were BS

Lakers fans’ dreams of Paul George joining D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle (did you hear they have the same agent?) were dashed today as D-Lo was shipped to the Nets for Brook Lopez and the No. 27 pick in this year’s draft:

According to Woj, the Lakers are gunning to bring in George and LeBron next offseason now that they no longer own Timofey Mozgov’s horrendous contract. Lofty #goals for sure, but it’s still shocking to see Magic pull the plug on 21-year-old D-Lo after years of backing him on Twitter.

Draft Day 2015: Magic approves of the Russell selection

2016: Magic becomes his mentor

2017: Recently hired by the Lakers, Magic “looks forward” to working with Russell

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Dwayne Johnson Gushes Over His «Badass» 15-Year-Old in a Sweet Father’s Day Post

Dwayne Johnson had his best girls by his side as he celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday. The actor shared two sweet posts on Instagram as he gushed about being a proud dad to 15-year-old Simone, whom he shares with his ex Dany Garcia, and 1-year-old Jasmine, whom he shares with longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian. «As busy and complex as my life is, these simple core moments with my ohana will always be my anchor for balance and gratitude,» he captioned a shot of him with Jasmine propped on his shoulders. While we can’t get over how big his little girl is getting, it’s his lengthy post to his eldest daughter that will really bring a tear to your eye.

Even though it was his special day, he couldn’t help but gush about how inspiring his daughter is. «I’m so proud to call her my daughter and so grateful that my influence as the #1 man in her life (for now) are two fundamental things that can take her and any young girl or boy far in this world . . . hard work and kindness,» he wrote. «She also bad ass with the most razor edge, wicked sense of humor, so you know I’m proud this apple didn’t fall far from the tree.» So cute! We always love seeing Dwayne’s beautiful blended family.

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Dwayne Johnson Is Cute, but His Baby Girl Jasmine Is Even Cuter

Dwayne Johnson and his longtime love, Lauren Hashian, welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Jasmine back in December 2015, and throughout the past few months, the couple has given us several precious peeks at their little bundle of joy. While baby Jasmine has yet to make her first red carpet appearance like older sister Simone Alexandra, she has successfully managed to melt us into a puddle of mush with her adorable antics. Prepare for cuteness overload, and then flip through The Rock’s sweetest moments of all time.

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