Twitter Reacts to Hearing Jared Kushner Speak for the First Time

For the first time since the election, Jared Kushner spoke publicly earlier today. It was also the first time many of us had heard his voice before. What was he saying? Oh, who cares? I think he droned on for a while about doohickeys and thingamajigs. The important thing is, Kushner has a voice, and he used it.

Having heard his voice for the first time, Twitter was not impressed. Hilariously so.

The mystery is gone. He’s just another douchey weasel in a suit now. Meanwhile, Bloomberg may have found a connection between Kushner and Paul Manafort, so we may get to hear his voice again soon. Under oath.


My God: Sean Spicer May Just Outlast Jared Kushner

I must have read 15 articles this weekend on Jared Kushner. They all blur together at this point, but the gist is all the same: He talked to the Russians before the election and didn’t disclose it when applying for security clearance (a felony). He tried to set up a back channel to communicate with with Russians privately using their communications equipment. He met with Russian bankers. Dems want his security clearance revoked. Some in the White House want him to resign. Kushner will not resign. Trump will stick by him. It will drag on for weeks, months, years. (NYTimes)

We all thought Sean Spicer was gone. We didn’t think we’d see him behind the lectern at a press briefing ever again. And yet, tomorrow at 1:30, Spicey returns! I find this strangely comforting, because if there’s one thing Spicer is good for, it’s ensuring that the heat gets turned up on the President for at least a few hours after every briefing.

I’m now putting even money on who makes it longer: Spicer or Kushner.

Baywatch bombed over the Memorial Day weekend, while Pirates of the Caribbean disappointed at the American box office, but it doesn’t matter. The rest of the world still loves Johnny Depp. Inexplicably. (Uproxx)

Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky trailer looks so good that you’ll probably forgive Daniel Craig’s bleached hair and Soderbergh’s continuing attempts to make «Seth MacFarlane, Actor» happen. (Lainey)

Maybe we’ll talk about episodes 3 and 4 of Twin Peaks tomorrow. Maybe we won’t. In the meantime, GFY has a fun take on the episodes. (The Fug Girls)

They dumped the news on the Friday before the holiday (when all the most painful divorces are announced), so it’s taken us a few days to grieve over Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor’s separation, after 17 years of marriage. I’m not a big fan of either one, but I do appreciate the longevity. (Celebitchy)

A Toronto hotel spiked Jaden Smith’s pancakes with death-killing cheese, says Jaden Smith. (Dlisted)

After retiring less than a month ago, NPR’s Frank Deford has sadly passed. He was 78. (NYTimes)

The Deadpool bloopers are even more filthy than the movie. (/Film)

A visibly upset Jessica Chastain rightfully criticized the films at Cannes for treating female characters in a way that Chastain rightfully characterizes as «quite disturbing.» (Vulture)


Jared Kushner Allegedly Wanted a Secret Communication Line Between Trump’s Transition Team and the Kremlin

Reports from several outlets—including the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Reuters—alleged on Friday that Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law-in-chief, Jared Kushner, discussed with Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, the possibility of establishing a secret communication backchannel between…

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Danneel Ackles and Genevieve Padalecki Might Be Better Friends Than Jared and Jensen

Among the many things that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have in common is the fact that they both have badass wives. The Supernatural stars married their soul mates in the same year — 2010 — and since then, Genevieve Padalecki (née Cortese) and Danneel Ackles (née Harris) have become incredibly close. Former CW stars themselves, Genevieve (who met Jared on the set of Supernatural) and One Tree Hill‘s Danneel are each other’s red carpet buddies, hanging out while their husbands have to promote Supernatural year after year. They’re also supportive of each other on social media and regularly get their families together. They’ve even used the fan-created hashtag #spnbabies to congratulate each other on pregnancies and births! Here are all the times we’ve envied their friendship.

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Jared Kushner, Who Is Now a Focus in Russia Investigation, Is ‘Basically a Sh*thead’

Do you like Harry Potter? Do you like those escape rooms? Then you are going to LOVE this Harry Potter escape room! — (Hello Giggles)

In politics tonight, the Post is reporting that Jared Kushner is, indeed, a «target» of the investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. (WashPo)

Kushner is also, apparently, an asshole. Politico has a deep profile on the President’s son-in-law, and this quote — from a former employee — sticks out, in that it basically suggests that Ivanka married her father. (Politico)

«We’re talking about a guy who isn’t particularly bright or hard-working, doesn’t actually know anything, has bought his way into everything ever (with money he got from his criminal father), who is deeply insecure and obsessed with fame (you don’t buy the [New York Observer], marry Ivanka Trump, or constantly talk about the phone calls you get from celebrities if it’s in your nature to ‘shun the spotlight’), and who is basically a shithead.»

MiMi done out MiMid MiMi! Lord. To live in MiMi’s world. — (Lainey)

This will be the last season for Bachmanity on Silicon Valley. T.J. Miller will not be returning for season 5. — (EW)

If you live in Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio — sorry!), this may be the purrfect (not sorry) job for you! — (HuffPo)

There’s no reason for me to post this except that it made me GUFFAW! —

I find it hilarious that there are actual bets, with bookies, on when Prince Harry will propose to Meghan Markle! — (Celebitchy)

Here is exactly what’s at stake on Better Call Saul now. (Uproxx)

Pigeons with backpacks fulla’ drugs. How high you gonna’ build that wall, Donnie? — (BBC)

So, is Odell Beckham Jr. looking to be the new Johnny Manziel? Dude don’t have a job! This is NOT who you want to emulate and hang with. Also, you maybe don’t want to lose your job for Iggy goddamn Azalea. Come on! — (Dlisted)

40 years ago today, my dad took me to «a dumb space movie. Why can’t we see For the Love of Benji instead?», and I’ve been a fan ever since. Thanks, Dad! — (Twitter)

I feel like RiRi walked out of her hotel room, got in the elevator, walked halfway across the lobby and then went, «OH, shit! I forgot to put on a shirt! Excuse me, sir? Can I have your jacket? Yes, your jacket, can I have it? Perfect! Thank you.» And off she went on her merry way. — (GFY)

Becks is at the amfAR gala in Cannes for the first time. But really, do you care about that? NO, no you don’t. However, there are fantastic pictures in here of Posh and Becks from Cannes in 2001! That you want to see. And also, remember «the hot felon» from a couple of years ago? Apparently he gets to go to Cannes. — (LG)

In a terrible loss to her six children, husband, family and friends, Dr. Amy Reed succumbed to hateful fucking uterine cancer yesterday. But before she died, she and her husband, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm fought like warriors so that other women would not have to die. The word «hero» is used far too casually these days. If you read about everything Dr. Reed and her husband did to change protocols, I think you’ll agree that «hero» is a label that applies to her. — (NYTimes)

The premise should be off putting in its ridiculousness — a detective investigating the murder of her doppelgänger. Rachie3879 so enjoyed Tana French’s The Likeness that she couldn’t put it down, despite having small ones and adulting things to do. Which book so enchanted you that you couldn’t put it down even when you needed sleep? (Cannonball Read 9)

Finally, at the time of this posting, it’s still too early to say who is going to win the Montana Congressional race. With 21 percent reporting, it’s basically a tie. Follow the results through the night. (NYTimes)


This Fact About Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s First Meeting Is Pretty Crazy

Thanks to Supernatural, people get to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki kick ass every week as the demon-hunting Winchester brothers. While we love their onscreen bromance (literally), it’s the bond they share outside of work that really tugs at our fandom hearts. The two actors have been close friends since the show premiered in 2005, and since then, they’ve seen each other through weddings, babies, and everything in between. So how exactly did these two meet? While the show is what obviously brought them together, their first interaction is actually a whole lot cuter than just two stars showing up on set.

During one of their previous Supernatural conventions in New Jersey, the duo was asked about their first impressions of each other, and their answers prove that fate stepped in to bring them together. «I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is really tall and skinny,'» Jensen joked. Jared then expanded on their audition process, saying that unlike normal times when there is a long line of actors waiting to read for a part, they were the only two who actually showed up. «Johnny Handsome walks in and is like, ‘Hey, have you seen Days of Our Lives, Dark Angel, and Smallville? Yeah, that’s me,'» he said pointing to Jensen. And because nobody else came to compete for the parts of Dean and Sam, Jared and Jensen were called back and officially hired.

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Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Have So Much in Common, They’re Like Real Brothers

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have spent 12 seasons as brothers, so it’s not surprising the two have become close (they even started a foundation together) — but what’s funny is how much they have in common. There are some things you can chalk up to coincidence, like where they’re from and their early careers (and also J names that have similar consonance), but as the two guys have spent more years together, it seems like their choices are really rubbing off on one another. It’s almost weird, so check out the ways these two costars-turned-friends are starting to seem like brothers off screen as well.

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