Jameis Winston Got Himself a Fresh Fade

Jameis Winston made his return from a shoulder injury on Sunday, but it didn’t do much for the Bucs as they continued their losing ways to the Brett Hundley-led Packers. Famous threw for 270 yards and two touchdowns in the losing effort, but also committed a costly fumble that was returned for a touchdown.

How does one get over those depressing 4-8 vibes after all that preseason Hard Knocks hype? Easy. Get a fresh cut and move on to the Lions:

@BigJaytheBarber seems to have carved out a nice cutting niche with Bucs players. His IG is loaded with players going to him for their cuts:

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Jameis Winston Wants to Eat a W Today

I’m going to go ahead and call it… Jameis Winston’s pregame speech to his teammates is the best thing you’re going to see today. Big hits and crazy touchdowns are fun, but this speech is the ultimate triple threat: bizarre, hilarious, and uplifting.

Don’t believe me? Just watch Jameis form a “W” with his fingers and proceed to suck on them in a baffling display:

Inspiring stuff, but unfortunately, the Bucs don’t look like a team that wants to eat a W today as they’re down 3-9 late in the second quarter.

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Jameis Winston Out Here Brett Favre’ing

It may only be a preseason Week 2 game against the Jaguars, but sports Twitter is totally eating up this 2017 Buccaneers squad. The offense is loaded with fun weapons (Evans, D-Jax), the defense only allowed 59 yards in the first half, and Jameis Winston looked quite impressive slinging the pigskin around for 196 yards… what’s not to like?

Well for one it’s worth repeating they’re playing the team with Blake Bortles as their quarterback. Oh! And Jameis Winston still does infuriating crap like carelessly lobbing up a no-look pass while going down in the damn redzone:

Jameis ended up being ruled down on the play so the interception didn’t stand, but yeah, not a great decision!

Obligatory Jameis fumble vs. Oregon

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Looks Like Jameis Winston’s Whip is Ready for the Season

When Jameis Winston reports to training camp later this week, he’ll be rolling in quite the looker: a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG SUV with modifications courtesy of Tampa Autosports.

Obviously this doesn’t compare to the one-man autoshow Yoenis Cespedes puts on every spring, but Jameis did drop over $ 141K on the car alone — not to mention whatever he paid the shop for custom touches (rims, wheels, wrapped hood, etc.). Judging from the flame emojis, Jameis is a big fan of the finished product:

Can’t wait to randomly come across this thing on eBay in a couple of years.

Additional photos of Famous Jameis’ ride:

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Proud Dad Jameis Spent His Father’s Day Playing Frisbee With His Fur Baby Girl

I like to check with Jameis from time to time during the offseason to see what’s going on in his life now that it’s quiet and his Florida State drama is long gone. From what I’ve come to learn about the guy from his social media trail, Famous leads a very quiet life at his Florida house and really seems to enjoy hanging out with his doodle. I know, it’s still shocking to me too.

And that’s how he spent his Father’s Day. With his fur baby girl doodle doing what dog dads do: throw the frisbee and make videos of the dog cooling off in the pool.

I don’t know why, but I’m mesmerized by Jameis baby talking his doodle. It’s stuff you don’t see in the media. Now I know what FSU fans were talking about when they said the media doesn’t show the good or soft side of Jameis. It’s definitely a media bias.

Not me. I’ve been on this Jameis/doodle train from the beginning. And I can’t stop watching him interact with that dog. I smell a Fox NFL Sunday feature brewing.

That’s a proud dad right here:

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Jameis Winston Getting in Some Target Practice With His Dog

Mixed offseason for Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston thus far. We’ve seen him lick his girlfriend’s face for her birthday (not bad!), and also tell fifth-grade girls to be silent and polite (probably wants that one back).

That being said, Jameis is handling the college to NFL transition far better than I would’ve expected. Not much clubbing or yelling “F her in the *****!” on tables — just nice and low profile for the most part.

Today, he hit IG to show us what “Ball is Life” really means… target practice with a Labradoodle applying some pocket pressure:

Looks like he also had a fun weekend dancing with the kids:

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Jameis Licks His Girlfriend’s Face For Her Birthday

Jameis Winston’s goofy ass is in Arizona with his girlfriend Breion Allen for her birthday and he pumped out a few IG stories, or whatever they’re calling those on IG, where his goofy ass was sitting by the pool drinking and licking Breion’s face.

Let’s be honest, Jameis looks bored and probably wanted to go back to the room and ram the old D. You can only sit in a pool chair for so long before you start thinking there has to be more than just sitting in a pool lounger. At some point you either give the D a workout or you fire up IG and start documenting how bored you are.

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Emily Ratajkowski Destroying A Beach, Joakim Noah Living The Hippie Life & Jameis Hits A Hockey Game

Vegas loves NASCAR when it’s in town

NASCAR weekend in Vegas, so that means there’s going to be some gambling going on. They don’t bet much for every other race, but when it’s in town they go hard. “The Las Vegas race has surpassed Daytona, as far as betting goes, just because of the popularity of being out here,” Sunset Station sports book director Chuck Esposito said. “I go to the races a lot and it seems like everyone has a (betting) ticket in their hand.”As is the case with the Super Bowl, Las Vegas sports books offer a wide range of wagering options, including prop bets, on the city’s annual NASCAR weekend.The odds on each driver to win Sunday’s race remain the most popular bets, but bettors also can wager on the pole winner, manufacturer winner, stage winners, matchups between two drivers, group matchups of four drivers, finish position for different drivers, lap leaders, cautions and more.”

Numbers from:

This Way Out:

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Britt McHenry Has Been Doing Squats, Elise Lobb Ringing In Golf Season & Jameis Winston A Yankees Fan?

Maybe don’t rob a sports book on the biggest betting day of the year

Someone actually did this on Super Bowl Sunday. You know, the day when people who don’t bet all year decide to bet and one of the busiest days the book deals with. From the Review Journal: The man arrested in connection with the armed robbery on Super Bowl Sunday at the South Point sports book almost made off with $ 58,000, according to an arrest report. A silent alarm was activated during the robbery, and South Point security found Israel Jackson, 32, in the hotel. He was taken into custody without incident shortly afterward by several hotel security officers in the valet area, police said. While in custody, Jackson told responding Metro officers that “he did the robbery because he had kids and needed the money,” according to the arrest report. He also asked police if he could apologize to the victim. At least he apologized.


Numbers from:

This Way Out®:

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Jameis Gets Offseason Rolling With His Dog Tootsie…This Guy LOVES Dogs

Jameis Winston has taken his fair share of abuse over the years for a variety of issues, but you gotta give him credit for how he’s handled his first couple years in the NFL. He stayed out of the clubs, seemed to have a steady home life where he didn’t need to be out chasing skirts and even went as far as buying a labradoodle to keep him company.


You know how I know Jameis is going to be around for a long long time and be a successful NFL QB? He bought a labradoodle.


I’m telling you right now, nothing says maturity in life like a guy getting himself a doodle of any kind. I have a doodle. I get it. You don’t see Johnny Manziel going out and getting a doodle. Guy isn’t mature. He’s not to that point in life. He’s not ready to settle down. Guys who are ready to settle down go for the doodles. They make the commitment. They know that doodle’s going to want to snuggle at night while watching football games. Guys who own doodles are guys who like to grill, crack a beer on the deck and throw the tennis ball for like 20 minutes until the doodle gets tired.

Look at today’s Jameis IG videos. The guy gets outta the house, but it’s not ‘bad’ getting out of the house. It’s not like he needs to go to the strip club and make it rain to get outta the house. Tootsie needs a good run at least a couple times a day. Doodle owners understand this life.

I’m proud of Jameis. He clearly loves that dog. And I know for a fact that Jameis has a deep love of dogs in general because I saw him interact with Jiff Pom during Super Bowl week at the Madden Bowl last year in San Francisco. Jameis loves dogs. Maturity. Leadership. Team.

Officially pro-Jameis.

I took this photo:


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