Bama Fan Pumps Three Rounds Into A Giant Wild Hog’s Ass In His Front Yard

The story of Wade Seago popping a cap into a wild hog’s ass is sweeping across the country thanks to TV stations who are posting this on Facebook as if it happened in their backyard, which then fuels the locals that follow that station’s account, which then leads to people clicking, asking which neighborhood this happened in and then a gun debate on Facebook. You know, the usual.

Anyway, the story that everyone is ignoring is that Seago’s a Bama fan.

Enter Busted Coverage.

That’s just the kind of detail we thrive on. It’s the kind of detail that can lead to dozens of RTs. This is the first thing I look at when stories come out of Alabama. Which school does the guy root for? Wade’s Roll Tide all the way.

From 13-NBC:

Wild hogs aren’t unusual in rural south Alabama, but Wade Seago says he’d never seen anything like the 820-pound animal he shot and killed in his front yard. Seago tells that he and his daughter spotted the massive hog in their yard in Samson after the family’s pet Schnauzer started barking.

Feral hogs cause millions of dollars in damage annually, and Seago thought it could harm the family pet. So he got his .38-caliber handgun and took aim. Seago says it took three shots to drop the hog, which he weighed on scales at a peanut company.

Wade’s obviously not fuccing around. Got his gun and started blasting. It helps that he’s a hunter.

That hog fucced with the wrong yard this time…BOOOM!

Roll Damn Tide, Wade!

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55 Game of Thrones Quotes You Can Work Into Your Everyday Life

Game of Thrones is back in our lives for season season, and it’s already a traumatic and action-filled season. Along with our favorite characters and jaw-dropping violence, the legendary dialogue is, as always, on point. The HBO hit has spawned a few memorable lines, but you may think it’s hard to insert its distinctive, from-another-time language into your everyday life. That’s where we can help; we’ve matched up some of the show’s best words with situations in your life that you can totally use them in.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Taylor Swift May Have Dove Into A Box

Taylor Swift performing live on stage

No, not that way, you sicko. All those minutes spent sipping maple lattes, concocting fights in her head to use in a song at a later date, and – most importantly – being a Grade-A student at the Olivia Munn School of Bearding (Japanese Potato Master’s Program Sold Separately!) must have left Taylor Swift wondering what doing time in a closet was like. SPIN reported this morning that two burly men were spotted carrying a heavy trunk from her Tribeca apartment, and, no, it wasn’t packed with Karlie Kloss’s Kookie Krap.

Inside was allegedly none other than TayTay the singing American Girl doll:

Initially, reports were spewing that TSwizzle would rather risk suffocation than have to ever come face-to-face with some grotesque paparazzo from Staten Island, barking something like, “Hey, sugah-tits! Why no 4th of July Pahhhty this year?” (In case you haven’t noticed, I am GUTTED there was no Rhode Island party this year) However, the Tay Squad must have descended upon the Spin offices and pelted the writers with their goody goody gumdrops, because a retraction was issued before Taylor’s daily tea party! Along with the Spin recant, most of the evidence backing a fan theory of box-gate (sigh, remember when that used to mean Paris Hilton was showing her snatch getting out of Brandon Davis’s car?) has been wiped clean.

While FedEx and UPS train their Tribeca delivery men on how to combat a swarm of children who are most likely going to scream and seize every package delivered over the next few days, in hope of meeting their pop princess, I think Taylor might get a summons to Washington, D.C. Jabba the Trump allegedly can’t get his asshole sons and twink-in-law Jared Kuschner to ever hide the evidence properly, and she manages to get a bad story squashed in minutes. Sneaky and cheeky, that Tay!



Matty Ice & His Bros Barge Into Knoxville Apartment, Pull Armed Burglary & One Bro Is In Custody

Well, well, well…look what we have here! We have Matty Ice shitkicking a door, pulling out his piece to clear the room and then goes to work with his boys looking for something (I’ll say drugs and/or money) in this Knoxville room during a July 8 burglary. One bro, in the yellow hat, has been arrested. That’s Benton Jones, 21, in the yellow hat. His fellow bros are still on the run and cops would like to speak with them.

It shouldn’t take long with this high quality video out on the streets and about to go out on the BC Twitter feed.

From the Knoxville PD:

On July 8, 2017, at approximately 11:17 a.m., officers responded to a burglary at a residence in the 2300 hundred block of Magnolia Avenue. Three males entered the residence, one armed with a handgun, and ransacked the residence before fleeing with electronic items, a knife, and cash. One of the three suspects has already been identified and was arrested on July 14, 2017, in the 900 block of Mountcastle Street. Investigators are still working to identify the two remaining suspects.

If you have information on this incident or know the identity of the suspects, please call the Knoxville Police Department’s crime information line at 865-215-7212. Callers can remain anonymous.

The suspect in the yellow ball cap and gray shirt has been identified, arrested, and charged.
Benton Laurence Jones (yellow ball cap)
DOB: 11-17-95
Knoxville address
Charges: Aggravated Burglary, Theft, and Simple Possession
Bond: $ 51,000

It sure sounds during the video like Jones calls one of his bros “Prater.” Maybe I’m just hearing things. Think I also heard, “search harder nigga.”

Something tells me these bros have a relationship with SEC football, a frat and visit bro-sites. Should be an easy case to crack.

Here’s Benton Jones:

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Pirates Fan Catches Cardinals Home Run, Immediately Tosses it Into The Allegheny River

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had a solid fan catching a foul ball/home run video. Usually, we’re good for like one of these a week during the summer. Like some fan catching a ball in his beer or while holding a baby.

But that’s alright, this Pirates fan is here to provide the Saturday morning content. I love these types of fans. The ones who are so die-hard that they will have nothing to do with a baseball hit by the other team. You might as well have handed them a grenade. Normally they’re tossing these balls back onto the outfield grass, but this guy is already living in 2018, so he tossed that bad boy the other way straight into the Allegheny.

He kinda predicted it too

By the way, he has a CANNON


[h/t Cut4]

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«Game of Thrones» Refresher Heading Into Season 7

We’re headed down the rabbit hole again, friends! And this time, there’s no map.

I’ll be doing the non-book reader Game of Thrones recaps again, with the triumphant Genevieve Burgess, fresh back from her intellectual victories over Wildlings at Con of Thrones, handling the book-reader version. I don’t envy her job. The book readers join us in rudderless exhilaration this season.

Those poor bastards. I don’t know if they can handle it.

For my part, I have successfully avoided any spoilers heading into season 7. That’s right! I haven’t seen a cast photo or a trailer or anything. I know for some recappers, they crave the glimpse of beats to come, but I’d rather just see it fresh.

To that end, let’s take a moment to remember where we were when we traipsed off the edge of that plank and into the lonely, Throne-free abyss when we bid adieu to Westeros.

The last thing I remember is this:

Remember that? God, were we ever that young?

Dany and her goon squad are headed toward Westeros. Finally! Daenerys Stormborn! Off to seek her destiny in the Seven Kingdoms! With a fucking GIGANTIC army and navy and three fully grown (I think?) dragons.

And of course, Theon’s replacement cock-belt.

I will never not notice that thing. I couldn’t do anything in that belt. I couldn’t cook dinner. I couldn’t mow the lawn. I couldn’t walk to the mailbox. That belt is on par with being flayed.

Whither Khaleesi goeth, The Belted One doth follow.

That said, did anyone else get a little pitter-patter of emotion seeing Yara Greyjoy again? I didn’t know I had a thing for her, but then I saw her and, I don’t know. Something.

Waiting for Dany’s flotilla in King’s Landing is the newly crowned Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Cercei Lannister. You might remember her from such hits as Bro-bangin’, Shame walkin’ and of course, this:

Oh, the High Sparrow, you arrogant, hubristic prick, you. Like Icarus, you flew too close to the sun and Cersei made you pay. Now she sits on the throne her father coveted so much. Albeit with more wine. Like a fuckton more wine.

Cersei Lannister. Queen of the rednecks. She’s all ’bout the drinkin’ and the blowin’ shit up.

Let us not forget that the Little Birds, (Varys’ sweet spy-children that Qyburn turned into vicious killers), were a key part of this plan to make the Great Sept go boom.

Basically, when they handed out the Little Bird orders, they were like okay every Little Bird is going to shiv Grand Maester Pycelle. Every one of them except one. This dude: Arthur. That’s the character’s name. Arthur.

This is not your grandad’s Arthur, friends.


The Little Bird Arthur had a multi-step mission, so important to the rise of Cersei that I made an infographic to break it down.


He achieved every step of the plan. By himself. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE ROGUE.

Listen, I know a lot came together for Jon and Dany, but this dude? What is he? Seven years old? Nine? This kid is the definition of clutch. They should do an ESPN 30 for 30 on this kid. It’s because of his skill and ability that the first thing Jaime Lannister sees upon his return to King’s Landing is the smoking corpse of the Great Sept.


Remember that when we last saw Jaime Lannister, who is so amazing when he’s with Brienne and so useless when he’s with Cersei, he was mouthing off to Walder Frey. «If we have to come take back the Riverlands every time you lose it, why do we need you?»


Daaaamn. You go, Jaime boyeeee!

Jaime stumbles in during Cersei’s coronation and he’s like WHA? And she’s like HRM. And he’s like WHERE’S OUR SON? And she’s like I’M DE BAUCE NOW.

I have watched this scene several times, with Jaime and Cersei looking at each other and for the life of me I can’t figure out what’s going on. My gut tells me that he’s seeing her for the demon she is, and she’s kind of like «yeah, I sent you away so I could kill everyone.» But I’m not sure how it’s going to play out this season. Part of me really hopes Jaime wakes up. Actually, all of me hopes that.

That’s all well and good, but Kevan Lannister, that absolute useless scrotum, got burned up in the ‘splosion. Daenerys is coming and hell’s coming with her in the form of three dragons, and what does Cersei have to fight them with?

Last I checked this wasn’t Dale and The Mountain doesn’t have a windlance.


What’s she going to do? Have Qyburn whip up another four thousand barrels of wyldfire? I mean wyldice? I don’t think so! Is she going to marry Euron Greyjoy and get his fleet, built magically out of trees on the virtually tree-less Iron Isles?

Like I said, I haven’t seen the trailers for this season, but with a force of that size, taking King’s Landing is academic. Not certain where the drama there is going to come from. Maybe from the fact that when they arrive in Blackwater Bay, Gendry will still be rowing.

Anyhoo…when we left Walder Frey he was being a douche, like usual.

Then of course, Argus Filch is fed his sons in what looks to be a marvelous example of a traditional Scottish meat pie that Mel and Sue would find whimsical.


Aaaaaand then he’s vented from ear to ear by this dare-I-say adorable Stark assassin. Awya Stark. Or Ai-ya Stark. I wish there was a LOT more R in that name.

Aiya Stark. A girl who washed dead bodies for like six weeks, then got hit by a staff for two days, and somehow knows how to carve up dudes three times her size, fricassee them in a garlic basil sauce, and also change her face like John Travolta in Face Off.

She was like «I got accepted to grad school in murder» and then we find out that it wasn’t grad school proper, it was just one of those accelerated certificate courses, but it did the trick, didn’t it?

A girl is no one. A girl is someone. A girl is like a day’s ride from Winterfell.


Farther North, Ramsay Bolton has been turned to screaming kibble for his own hounds. Let’s pour one out for the inspired performance of Iwan Rheon, who brought the thunder and misery every week. Like a champ. Remember Sansa smiling as she walked away? Ramsay screaming in the background?

That was nice.

Sansa is finally free. Ish. There was some question as to which Stark would gain the support of the people. You’ll remember that Littlefinger tried to nudge her toward the top of the food chain. He was like «I want to sit on the Iron Throne with you by my side» and then he leaned in to kiss her.


You’ll remember in the post battle moot, the greatest child-actor of all time gave a tremendous speech that ushered Jon Snow into power as Kingindanorf. She doesn’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood flows in his veins.


That’s true.

Because, as we found out through Bran’s Three-eyed Raven Wargvision, Jon Snow is the son of Ned’s younger sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryan. Not only is Winter Coming for Jon Snow, but so is Fire and Blood. Goddamn he was a cute baby.


So Sansa is in Winterfell with Jon. Littlefinger has ‘declared for the Starks’ but he’s always a danger. The North is united. The Boltons are destroyed. The Red Wedding is avenged. And more people bought House Mormont swag online than anyone ever thought possible.

The Red Woman has been banished by Jon Snow. Sent south for the murder of Shireen Baratheon. The Onion Knight, Ser Davos Seaworth warned her that if she ever returned he’d execute her himself. Jon chooses to let her live, in case they have a need of her later.

Why would he have a need of her?

Ohhhhh yeah! Remember this fucking blue-eyed charmer marching with the army of the dead? Yeah. He’s fo real.


UGH. I’m not one to body shame, but that dude is fucking hard to look at. It’s like HOW MUCH DID YOU EXFOLIATE, BRUH? Jesus. Maybe tap a little Creme de Corps on those cheekbones before your next battle. I’m gonna yack here.

Still, I’d rather look at him than either of my two LEAST favorite faces in the series.

The original Daario.


And Smalljon Umber.


Fucking barf. Both of them. Yech.

But The Night’s King isn’t the only one North of the Wall. Benjen is there. Dead Benjen. Deadjen.


He’s still on the side of the living, though. He saved Bran and Meera Reed from White Walkers, but they’re still not out of danger. We’ve heard a lot of suggestion that Meera Reed is a badass. I’d sure like to see that this coming season. Right now she has the same level of Spartan spearmanship as fucking Gilly.


Remember Gilly? Kraster’s daughter? Beloved of Samwise, er…sorry SamWELL Tarley? She’s in the waiting room of the great library of The Citadel while Sam is inside, drooling. Have you ever held a baby and waited? Gen wrote a great piece about how time passes in GOT but I promise that time is passing slower for Gilly than anyone else because SHE’S HOLDING A BABY.


No diaper bag in sight. No stroller. No wipes. At least if Sam had checked her into a motel she’d have a place to crash for a bit and kick up her dogs, but noooooo. Isn’t that just like a man to go traipsing through the chained papyrus scrolls and leave her holding the proverbial bag? You’re supposed to be better than that, Sam! Shame! Shame!

Who have I forgotten?

Brienne is somewhere in the Riverlands with Pod, last we saw her.

Tyrion, you may remember, had someone truly believe in him and trust him and value his intelligence for once. Oh, and yeah, she made him her Hand. I will never not get emotional watching this. Holy fuck it’s beautiful.


When we last see Tyrion, he’s standing on the deck of Dany’s flagship as she flexes her neck tendons.

Daario Naharis is left behind, ultimately failing in his quest to sleep his way to the top. Slaver’s Bay has been renamed to the Bay of Dragons.

And Winter has officially come, according to the crack meteorologists of Westeros. So there’s that.

Ser Jorah is turning into a Rodin sculpture somewhere.

The Hound is hanging with the Brotherhood somewhere, but he’s alive.

Tormund is at Winterfell with Jon.

The Queen of Thorns and Varys were both seen last in Dorne, but y’know…we don’t really speak of Dorne, lest we get more Sand Snakes fight sequences. But all of them, and Ellaria Sand, who has about as much claim to the Dornish throne as I do, are all ostensibly either part of the great invasion fleet, or at least supporting it.

Bronn was last seen riding into King’s Landing with Jaime.

I think that’s it!

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sure the comment section will blow up like The Hound on a chicken rampage.

I can’t wait to see how Jon Snoo handles being the Kingindanorf!


Have a great time joining the watch on Sunday night, everyone, and of course, Fuck Olly.

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Apparently Sneaking Into Tiger Stadium With a Prostitute is a Big No-No

We’re still two months away from LSU’s home opener against Chattanooga, but it appears things are already getting lit at Tiger Stadium.

According to WBZR 2 in Baton Rouge, a man by the name of Lucien Hamilton spent his Monday sneaking into Death Valley with a prostitute before getting arrested by police:

According to LSU PD, officers were notified of a man and woman who were seen exiting a vehicle and walking toward Tiger Stadium on Monday. Police arrived on scene to find 36-year-old Lucien Hamilton near a mechanical ladder which leads inside the stadium.

Police say Hamilton admitted to sneaking into the stadium by way of the ladder. He also admitted to soliciting prostitution from the female sighted with him.

Taking a look at Lucien’s mugshot, it seems like he regrets the move:

This probably won’t be the last time we hear of Tiger Stadium shenanigans this year, especially if they’re opening up that beer garden in time for the season.

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The Pros and Cons of Turning our Politicians Into Memes

In the past week alone, I have seen gifs of the Polish First Lady blatantly blanking Donald Trump in favour of his wife, photoshops of Ivanka Trump as Serena Joy, «auntie» Maxine Waters captioned with Beyoncé lyrics, and photographic comparisons of Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron as Charlie’s Angels. And that doesn’t even cover the endless stream of «Oh Jeremy Corbyn». It’s not especially surprising to see social media filter modern political discourse through memes, and it’s probably a more sensible approach to someone like Donald Trump than the usual barrage of think-pieces, but in these strange times where we’re trying to find the right balance between laughing away the agony and taking the inevitable apocalypse as seriously as necessary, watching how memes evolve and are used for specific purposes has revealed much regarding the ways we try to process the impossible.

I previously argued that Trump was the Twitter President due to his obsession with the site, but I would say he’s also the meme President, as evidenced by that mess with the CNN wrestling gif and the fallout from its virality. Memes, previously the bastion of a hyper-specific online culture that baffled the mainstream, have become an expected tool in communications, and now they’re making headlines. Even CNN cover the best political memes of the week. Previously clear lines between politics, satire and commentary have blurred beyond comprehension. Even acknowledging this bizarre, increasingly mainstream underground of the internet became a disaster in the making, not to mention endlessly cringe-worthy. Remember Jill Stein’s «dank memes»?

In the Trump election, «for the lolz» became shockingly toxic. This had been preceded by a few years of an increasingly volatile internet discourse, driven by men’s rights groups, 4Chan and Reddit-based bigots, and YouTube commentators who made bank on calling feminism «cancer». Between GamerGate, the Hugo Awards’ Sad Puppies hijacking, and the exhausting furor that followed the remake of Ghostbusters, it became clear to many that a culture war was brewing, driven by white male anger and convenient figureheads waiting to make a quick buck. Many of their methods of communication to spread the hate came in the form of memes, although to even call them that feels reductive. Using that pseudo-comedic mould to spread vile misogyny doesn’t negate the harm done, but it still gave them the thinnest of grounds to claim that they were just joking around. Outside of the internet, a disappointingly large portion of the media — not to forget actual law enforcement — couldn’t understand this brand of violence in action. It’s just a woman’s photograph with some nasty words printed over it, or some distasteful photoshops, or a hijacking of their Wikipedia page: What possible harm could that really cause? Inaction through ignorance just leads to further pain because it must be «for the lolz».

The 2016 election was mired in this, which we now know to be partly influenced by a certain country’s government. Trump’s supporters, or at least the façade of them, were big with memes, with Pepe the Frog standing as the icon of this poisoning of what is supposed to be light-hearted, vaguely transgressive discourse. A crudely drawn anthropomorphic frog became the poster child for neo-Nazis, anti-Semitism and racism, but racist propaganda was hardly limited to Pepe when it came to memes. The weak sheen of so-called satire did nothing to dispel the obvious bigotry, not when Trump’s own campaign were surfing Reddit to use anti-Semitic images to attack Hillary Clinton.

These memes long stopped being funny to the non-deplorables, but that didn’t make their power any less potent. For those who found humour in the violent rhetoric and bigotry, this was simply another way to spread the message, one that bypassed the expected streams of information and spoke a unique language. As long as the people you wanted to reach laughed, it didn’t matter if the «anti-establishment truth tellers» were lying. The perception was of an anarchic surge of power through democracy: The reality was more akin to the status quo. Silicon Valley wunderkinds like Palmer Luckey of Oculus Rift and venture capitalist Peter Thiel (both of whom sat on Facebook’s board) pumped major amounts of their own money into pro-Trump messaging, with the latter revealed to have funded «shitposting» and «meme magic» tactics via Reddit. Even memes weren’t free. Said memes were still conveyed as a sign of the generational gap and the necessity of youth voter engagement, even though a lot of the more explicit and nasty memes probably didn’t come from that demographic.

There is a flipside to this, wherein the meme culture has been deployed with giddy optimism. Think the Bernie bird or Diamond Joe Biden or the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, particularly during the most recent general election. In 2015, the Milifandom — a Tumblr-style fangirl approach to then-Labour leader Ed Miliband, championed primarily by young women — showed the ways in which the organic evolution of online culture could be used to provide an intersection between politics and fandom. This example was unique in its explicitly feminine approach to the male dominated world of British politicians: No misogyny, no discomfiting trolling, no nastiness disguised as weak satire. The welcoming mix of earnestness and campaigning may not have helped Miliband become Prime Minister, but it did more to combat years of the PR nightmare his «awkward geek» persona provided for the party than dozens of overpaid advisers.

The obvious problem with that styling is the rose-tinted celebration of anything that is presented as an opposition to Trump’s madness — the trifecta of «liberal awesome» shared in memes of Macron, Trudeau and Merkel that conveniently skips over their voting records. Joe Biden gets to be the cuddly grandpa thanks to this public shift while Hillary Clinton must contend with a needlessly harsher approach, even as their more controversial voting records line up. It’s easy to see adorable Joe doing the thumbs-up and eating ice-cream and forget the Anita Hill case. Memes aren’t designed for nuance, and sometimes it’s just irritating to see every modicum of a complex system compared to Harry Potter.

Memes can capture a fleeting moment in pop culture at a time when the discourse is moving faster than ever. Those infamous 15 minutes of fame promised by Andy Warhol have become fifteen seconds. In an age where everything is called fake news and a despot repeatedly avoids impeachment, meme culture and its tangled objectives can serve as a bullshit translator. The issue is that even when the aims are positive, it’s become close to impossible to do anything beyond making your voice louder and potentially stupider. The truth shall set you free, but not when everyone assumes it’s all bullshit regardless.

But make no mistake, Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.


Prison Bae Got Inducted Into The League Of Extraordinary Gold Diggers This Past Weekend 


In a little over a year, Jeremy Meeks (aka Prison Bae aka Hot Mug Shot Guy aka the felon guilty of grand theft, gun possession, gang shit and murdering thirsty pussies and bussies everywhere with his dreamy eyes) has gone from eating radiator grilled cheese in prison to smearing caviar all over the billionaire ass cheeks of a TopShop heiress on a yacht off the coast of Turkey.

26-year-old Chloe Green, who used to do Marc Anthony, managed to piss off daddy and get some quick attention at the same time when the paparazzi took pictures of her rubbing her billionaire heiress bits all over Prison Bae on a yacht. Chloe’s dad is Sir Philip Green who runs a retail empire and is reportedly worth of $ 5 billion. Chloe also posted that picture of her and Jeremy Meeks (with his manager) on Instagram with the caption, “Just the beginning… We appreciate all the love and the hate.” Chloe has since deleted her entire account. Some would slow clap for Jeremy’s come up, but well, his 33-year-old ass is still technically married to Melissa Meeks, the mother of his two children.

The Daily Mail says that Chloe and Jeremy, who signed with a modeling agency after getting out of the clink, met at Cannes in May (below: pics of Prison Bae working that tear drop tattoo in Cannes). They obviously bonded over their mutual love of long walks on the beach, the early works of Nietzsche and antiquing on the weekends. Or Chloe instantly fell in love with that prison dick and he instantly fell in love with her credit card’s endless spending limit.

The Daily Mail posted several pictures of Prison Bae gazing lovingly at that giant dollar sign with a cigarette as she gazed lovingly at the object of daddy’s rage:

Prison Bae pretty much confirmed that he’s living that kept bitch life by putting this on Instagram:

All things are possible !!! #bodrum #turkey #boatlife

A post shared by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

As for his wife, she hasn’t said anything about him landing a sugar mama, but she did post this on Instagram about a month ago:

#nocaptionneeded 😘💕

A post shared by Melissa Meeks (@mmeeks14) on

So either one of two things is happening here. 1. Prison Bae has gone the Jesse Williams route by dropping the chick who stuck by him and is going full fame whore now. Or 2. Melissa Meeks is an understanding wife who supports all of her husband’s possibly lucrative endeavors and doesn’t care that he’s slapping his prison peen on some billionaire heiress as long as he comes home with gifts that can easily be pawned for cash and a TopShop discount code that never expires. I’m going with the second one.

Pics: Instagram,


All the Times Ashley Graham Slipped Into a Bikini and Looked Out of This World

Ashley Graham has been steaming up the beach, the streets, the runways, and social media for the better part of two years, and we just can’t get enough. The 29-year-old stunner keeps us motivated with her inspiring quotes on body positivity and loving your curves, and her curves in a bikini are a real sight to behold. We’ve rounded up Ashley’s best swimsuit moments in celebration of Ashley, swimsuits, and supreme body confidence.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

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