Chandler Parsons Gives Us Another Look Into His DMs

If you wanted another taste of the action that goes on inside Chandler Parsons’ DMs, you’re in luck. Chan Dog felt like showing off a bit on Thursday and gave us an unlikely update on superfan Johaina Guro’s quest to mount the Memphis Grizzlies’ max man.

As you can see below, Chan Dog’s superfan isn’t taking the non-response to her sex offer to heart — she’s still declaring her love and keeping the deal on the table. Gotta respect this one’s commitment to getting the D:


And once that screenshot hit our guy’s IG story, more thirsty fans were inspired to come out and shoot their shot:



Honestly, not a bad plan at all for Chan Dog to post these and inspire broads to come up with their best stuff.

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Jennifer Lawrence Says She Got Into A “Bar Fight” In Budapest


Jennifer Lawrence went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote mother!, which is making audiences scream refund!  And it wouldn’t be a Jennifer Lawrence appearance without some goofy story about how she’s a wreck like the rest of us. Also, Jennifer and Seth were drinking wine during the interview and JLaw seemed way relaxed and it’s not like she’s a quiet drunk. So – fun story (via EW)! She says she got in a “bar fight!” Quotes are being utilized because it doesn’t sound like an actual bar fight. Traditionally, bar fights include fists being thrown, skulls being cracked, and the authorities being summoned. This involved a lot of beer being splashed around.

Jennifer was filming the upcoming “deadly KGB hooker” movie Red Sparrow in Budapest when she went out for beers with her Red Sparrow friends. And things ended up smelling like malt and hops after someone asked for a selfie with her. (3:37 below)

“I was like, ‘No, thank you. No.’ And then he was like, ‘Please, my girlfriend will never believe [me],’” the mother! star said, “and my friend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you, then she’s not the one.’”

JLaw’s friend sounds funny. Unfortunately, Budapest Selfie Guy didn’t think so.

Aggravated, the man told Lawrence, “Fuck you,” and she turned into a girl on fire. “I don’t know, something in me just snapped. It couldn’t have been the alcohol,” she joked, “and I was like, ‘Did you just say fuck you to me?!’”

Jennifer then claims that she proceeded to pour every beer she could grab off their table over the guy’s head. The guy supposedly went to exit when she noticed he’d left his suitcase behind. She then said she poured beer on the suitcase. Her friend finally calmed her down.

“My friend Chris came up, grabbed me from behind, and he goes, ‘Don’t waste beer! Don’t waste beer!’ And I instantly relaxed,” she said. “I was like, ‘Of course! What was I thinking?’”

Celebrities are cute. But all that entitlement has rendered them clueless. You’re gonna get into a fight in a foreign country with some weird guy who brings a suitcase to a bar? And throw beer on him? She’s lucky it would have been an international incident if the dude had tried anything. If Maizie the Iowan tourist pulled that shit, who knows what he could pulled out of that suitcase! Knives, guns, a nuke! I obviously need to travel more.

You can watch the trailer for Atomic Blonde Meets The Black Widow Solo Movie Red Sparrow below.



Heather Locklear Ended Up In The Hospital After Driving Her Porsche Into A Ditch


I really should’ve saved this story for Monday, because “Heather Locklear drove her car into a ditch” is everyone’s Monday morning metaphor.

TMZ says that primetime soap opera treasure Heather Locklear suffered minor injuries and had to be fixed up in the hospital after she crashed her Porsche into a ditch in Thousand Oaks, CA yesterday at around 5:30pm. When I first read this headline last night, I figured that one of four things happened.

  • Heather’s GPS has shit taste and is an Alison Parker fan, so it did Amanda Woodward wrong by directing her to drive into a ditch.
  • One of Taylor Swift’s new songs started playing on the radio and Heather did what any reasonable person would do when that happens: she drove her car into a ditch to stop the ear-burning torture.
  • Heather saw her ex Scott Baio in that ditch (he was looking for his career) and decided to say hi.
  • Heather was wasted.

Police sources tell TMZ that it’s not the last one. Heather was arrested for DUI in 2008 and she was hospitalized in 2012 after mixing booze and pills. But TMZ says that the police believe that Heather wasn’t under the influence of booze or pills when she accidentally drove her Porsche into a ditch on Thursday. Because it was a single car crash and nobody else got hurt, the police aren’t going to pull Heather’s cell phone records to see if she was distracted. She won’t face any charges and the case is now closed.

Heather is already out of the hospital. She posted a random picture of wilting roses and a note on Instagram today.

I'm home and good. Thank you for your concern!💋

A post shared by Heather Locklear (@heatherlocklear) on

The real reason that the cops don’t have to pull Heather’s phone records is probably because they already know that she was texting and driving. Heather was probably bitching out the creators of that blasphemous Dynasty reboot in a series of text messages and accidentally drove into that ditch, which is where the Dynasty reboot’s ratings will end up for not having Heather and Dame Joan Collins in it!



KBO Fan Runs Onto The Field, Rounds The Bases & Has The Worst Slide Ever Into Home

It’s a slow football morning, so we’re heading over to Korea for some content on this Friday and without fail, the KBO comes through. Here we have what I’m assuming is a drunk fan who meandered his way onto the field for some baserunning drills right in the middle of the game.

Our man Dan Kurtz came in clutch as always and captured the video.

I love the fact that the Korean broadcasters are still in the stage of showing the fans running onto the field. Here in America, we never get to see it anymore and it all comes from people taking videos from the stands or from Kevin Harlan calling the play.

In Korea they just throw a giant blur in the middle of the screen and keep that camera focused on the fan. It’s a win-win all-around. You don’t show the guy’s face, you avoid any legal issues and everyone at home can still be entertained by the moron. Who cares about “encouraging others”?

Hell of a slide, kid

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A Woman Has Been Arrested After Attempting to Break Into Prince George’s School

A 40-year-old woman was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly trying to break into Prince George’s school, Thomas’s Battersea, in London. According to the Metropolitan Police, the incident took place on Tuesday when the woman tried to gain access to the school’s premises. She was eventually taken to a South London police station, where she is currently in custody. «We are working with the school, which is attended by His Royal Highness Prince George, to review its security arrangements after the incident,» the police said in a statement. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace told ABC News that the royal family is «aware of the incident but cannot comment any further.»

The news comes nearly a week after George’s first day at the school, where he shyly held his father Prince William’s hand when he met with the head of the lower school, Helen Haslem, before class. Unfortunately, his mom, Kate Middleton, was unable to be there for the special moment, as she is expecting her third child and once again suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

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Christian Bale Has Relied On Pie To Transform Into Dick Cheney

42nd Toronto International Film Festival - Hostiles Premiere

If there’s one thing we know Christian Bale can do, it’s shape-shift for the sake of a part. He basically lived on a nutrition plan of mouthwash and diet pills to drop 65 pounds for his role in The Machinist. And even when he looked like a praying mantis, I’d still hit it. Then he packed on the muscle to give us all a good panty cream when he was Batman. So when he showed up to the Toronto International Film Festival looking a tad paunchy, we knew it was for a juicy part. Sadly, it isn’t Hollywood giving us the Nintendo Kirby’s Dream Land movie we all want and deserve. It’s all part of his transformation into Dick Cheney. Christian sat down with Variety while at TIFF, and he made me green with fucking envy when he spilled his secret to getting into the part: It’s pie!

Who knew all it took was heaps of my mom’s key lime and pecan pies at Thanksgiving to look like our under-the-table president from the Bush years? If Christian was smart, he would say he’s been getting into character for years, and that would explain why he was such a dick on the set of Terminator Salvation since, well, Dick wasn’t exactly known for being a pocketful of sunshine! The Cheney flick doesn’t have a title yet, but we know Amy Adams will play his wife, Lynne Cheney. This sounds all fine and dandy, but Christian is known to go very method. His friends better think twice the next time he asks them to go quail hunting!

Check out the gallery below for Christian and wife Sibi Blazic at TIFF on Tuesday night:



I Can’t Get Enough Of Redneck Florida Man Driving His Can-Am Through His House & Into The Pool

I guess this Florida Man redneck Dusten Smith (calm down, he calls himself a redneck) guy is some sort of YouTube legend for his Can-Am videos, especially his videos where he takes his Can-Am for a ride in his pool. It’s Florida, this is the shitt you do for fun. Dusten’s based in Deltona, Florida, a city between Orlando and Daytona. The last time Deltona was on BC it was for a woman (allegedly) who stabbed her boyfriend because he wouldn’t bang her.

It’s that kind of neighborhood. The people have some fun and play hard.

Now it’s known as Dusten Smith’s neighborhood where you never know what’s going to go down with the Can-Am.

Now Dusten’s pumping out multiple Can-Am videos like drifting in the rain during Irma. You hear of people becoming overnight sensations for the strangest reasons on the Internet. That’s Dusten. Who knew doing pool wheelies would be interesting. You never know until you push play on the videos.

It’s a joke, people!

[HT: Jalopnik]

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6 Things to Know About Edgar Ramirez, the Man Who Transformed Into Gianni Versace

The second season of American Crime Story is fast approaching, and by now you’ve probably heard that Edgar Ramirez will be taking on the role of Gianni Versace. If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with the actor, here’s your chance to get to know him before American Crime Story returns in early 2018.


  1. He was born in Venezuela. The 40-year-old heartthrob was born Edgar Filiberto Ramirez Arellano on March 25, 1977, in San Cristóbal, Venezuela.
  2. He’s fluent in five languages. Edgar spent a large part of his childhood visiting different countries, and as a result, he learned Spanish, German, English, French, and Italian.
  3. You’ve probably seen him before. He’s appeared in several films, including Gold, Joy, The Girl on the Train, and Zero Dark Thirty.
  4. He has a heart of gold. In addition to being a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Edgar delivered an impassioned speech about gender equality at a HeForShe event back in September 2016. «In the journey for equality, women and men are like two strands of DNA wrapped together in an embrace,» he told the crowd. «Our burdens are as intertwined as our common destiny. The constraints that burden me will eventually burden you. And the same is true in reverse: as long as you are burdened, I am too.»
  5. He’s more than just a pretty face. Edgar has a degree in journalism and politics from Venezuela’s Andrés Bello Catholic University. «I wanted to be a diplomat and journalist,» he previously told Latina magazine. «I have a deep fascination with human nature, with all its virtues and all its defects.»
  6. He has an interesting habit. In a 2016 interview with the New York Times, Edgar revealed that he has a compulsion, which his friend coined «micropapelomania.» «It means to reduce every piece of paper to its minimum proportion,» he explained. «A friend came up with the name, because whenever I see a piece of paper, I start to do this [rips a napkin and starts to fold and twist]. If I had talent, it would become origami. But I don’t.»

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Rams and Colts Fans Got Into a Minor Scuffle at the Coliseum

It doesn’t matter how lousy the attendance is for Rams home games, sh—t will go down at the Coliseum — that’s just what history tells us. Empty stands mean fans can direct nasty, baseless insults towards each other with ease, and that’s what happened between Colts and Rams supporters on Sunday.

Now we should preface this by telling you guys this isn’t the most exciting video in the world, but you have Rams and Colts fans getting into each other’s faces for a bit before stadium security comes in
to break it up. Bonus points for the guy in the wife-beater holding his own against four guards:

Crazy how well security can stop incidents from escalating when there’s no one in the stands.

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