Amy Schumer Lurked in the Background on Judge Judy, and the Internet Can’t Deal

So, Amy Schumer loves Judge Judy just as much as we do. On Thursday, Twitter had a field day after they spotted the famous comedian in the audience during a recent episode. «Hell yeah! You know I was in the audience on #judgejudy,» she wrote alongside a screenshot of her on TV on Instagram. «My sister and I sat in on the cases for the day because we love her!!!!!» Not only does she have a prime seat in the front row, but we can’t get over her hilarious facial expressions in the background as one young man argues his case. See some of the best tweets about her cameo below.

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The Internet Is Collectively Melting After Watching This Emotional Short Film

Break out the tissues, because this new animated short film will have you feeling all the feelings (yes, all of them). In a Heartbeat follows a young, closeted boy as he struggles to keep his crush on another classmate a secret. This becomes rather difficult when the boy’s heart literally leaps out of his chest to chase after the guy of his dreams. Not only is the film being praised for its beautiful illustrations and animation, but also its powerful message about the LGBTQ+ community: the heart wants what it wants.

With so few representations of LGBTQ+ relationships in animation, people are raving about the movie’s refreshing take on love. The film, which was originally produced by animators Beth David and Esteban Bravo for their senior thesis at Ringling College of Art and Design, has already received mass acclaim, including being officially selected for the 2017 Animation Shorts Film Festival and the 2017 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival.

In the past 24 hours since being released on YouTube, the film has been viewed over 2 million times. It’s clear that fans are in love, and the thousands of reactions on Twitter say it all:

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The Internet Responds to Beyoncé’s Whitewashed Wax Figure With a Collective «WTF?!»

Whereas Kylie Jenner’s wax figure is a spot-on duplicate of her, one of Beyoncé’s artificial «look-alikes» bears literally no resemblance to the singer. A Twitter user recently shared a picture of Bey’s supposed dopplegänger at an unknown Madame Tussauds museum location, noting how «fierce» it is, and a sh*tstorm of backlash ensued.

The Beyhive was quick to point out how the waxy figure is noticeably whitewashed: its hair is way flatter and blonder, its skin is lighter, and its face looks way more like Lindsay Lohan, a whiter version of Mariah Carey, and basically everyone except Beyoncé herself. Upon hearing this feedback, Madame Tussauds issued an official statement to TMZ, explaining how bad lighting was the cause of the figure’s appearance. «Lighting within the attraction combined with flash photography may distort and misrepresent the colour of our wax figures,» the museum said.

Regardless of the museum’s official response, the Twitterverse couldn’t seem to hold back their rightfully appalled reactions.

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Good Job, Internet: You Made Ed Sheeran Quit Twitter After His ‘Game of Thrones’ Appearance

Because I otherwise lack familiarity with Ed Sheeran, I looked him up on Spotify this morning and realized that I know a lot of Ed Sheeran songs that I had no idea were Ed Sheeran songs. They’re radio filler — songs that just kind of exist omnipresently. Like Imagine Dragons. You don’t know anything about them, but somehow, you know all the lyrics to their songs. Sheeran is pretty inoffensive acoustic pop, like Richard Marx or John Mayer. It’s hard to be mad at it. His music is not aggressively bad; it’s just there.

And look at this guy: Hate him all you want, but dude is living the dream by proving to everyone that it doesn’t matter how pasty and average-looking you are, if you can play an acoustic guitar and sing soft melodies that will one day play on a loop in grocery stores, women will throw themselves at you.


That guy once said this in an interview: «It was very easy [wooing the ladies]. I would often find myself in situations just kind of waking up and looking over and being like, «How the f**k did that happen?»


Anyway, he was on Game of Thrones on Sunday, and social media was not kind to him. They said very mean things about this very average looking guy who was only doing a favor to superfan Maisie Williams by appearing on the series. And now he’s deleted his account.

You guys are terrible!

On the other hand, this will save him from having to avoid his mentions when he next appears on The Simpsons:

In the meantime, you can still catch him on Instagram, where he posts lots of photos of his cats, sometimes with Russell Crowe.

Rusty + Calippo

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The Weird, Wonderful Work of Jon Bois, Internet Artist

Every once in a while, you stumble upon an artist who has somehow managed to take the things that you love and put them on display for the world to see. Someone who is able to put things together just so, in a way you didn’t know you needed. Someone whose work just makes sense to you, transfixes you, gives you the energy and focus to stand at just the right distance from the piece, a glint of wonder in your eyes as the work snaps into sharp focus.

These artists can come from anywhere. They can work in high art or low, in music or fashion or food or anything else that you happen to find interesting.

For me, one of these artists is Jon Bois, and in 2017, he may very well be in the middle of his magnum opus. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

I’ve never met Jon Bois. Googling him mostly leads to the work he’s done for SBNation, a sports-centric website I rarely visit. I don’t avoid it for any particular reason — it just never made it into my rotation, like a good-but-not-quite-good-enough-to-DVR TV show.

Bois has been writing there since 2009, but I first noticed his work in 2013, when he launched Breaking Madden, a weekly series where he would come up with wacky experiments to run in the latest Madden football game, and document the results.

Through his mix of storytelling, masterful creation of gifs from his recorded footage, and almost wizard-like ability to find the best/most terrifying glitches within the game, Bois takes Madden and elevates it to art. The game is his lump of clay. Breaking Madden is what was shaped from it.

Like many artists, the work of Jon Bois really must be experienced in full, and taking any one fragment out of context doesn’t convey what he does, but this video, which he made for the season one finale of Breaking Madden, is a small sample of the mind we’re looking at.

Breaking Madden hit a lot of sweet spots for me. It brought together writing and comedy and sports, probably the three things I enjoy the most (after family and friends or whatever, I’m not a total monster). It also evoked fond memories of my youthful days as a video game tester, sitting in a dimly-lit basement office next to friends I’ve since lost touch with, getting paid to literally break video games in creative and varied ways (and we were great at our jobs). Impressed and entertained, I thought that Breaking Madden was the pinnacle of what we could expect from Bois.

I was wrong. Turns out he was just getting started.

In 2014, Bois would publish The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles, a fictional 45,000 word story (or about as long as an Agatha Christie book) about… Tim Tebow playing in the CFL. It’s a little difficult to explain, so here’s Bois’ own description:

It’s 2014, and Tim Tebow’s NFL options have been exhausted. He gives in to popular speculation and signs with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League, and immediately finds that Canadian game to be wildly different. The stadium seats 600,000 people. The ball has a long, finned javelin that protrudes out the end. Tebow runs in for a touchdown on his first drive, and learns that he’s scored the first CFL touchdown since the 1980s.

And then he learns that it isn’t a touchdown, because in the CFL, there are no touchdowns. You don’t stop in the end zone. You keep going and going and going, in the same direction, outside of the stadium, through the city, into the woods, and across the continent.

The game lasts more than a decade, spans thousands of miles, and involves wolves and sea battles and a deep ball thrown from the roof of a skyscraper.

It sounds insane, but I promise, it somehow makes sense. And much like every Friday Night Lights fan desperately said to their friends, this isn’t really about football. Or Tim Tebow. Rather, The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles is an epic tale about taking advantage of your last chance, about a weakness secretly being a strength, about life and regret. Improbably, the tale, which is light and absurd for much of the time, somehow builds to a beautiful third act gut punch and a surprisingly emotional ending.

Look, maybe just watch the trailer. It doesn’t clear anything up, but again, it’ll give you a sense of the mad alchemy at work.

Bois flexes the muscles he honed on Breaking Madden here, and it shows: he’s graduated from video game graphics to making his own lo-fi images, which feel vaguely like something you’d get if a beginning impressionist decided to use Microsoft Paint. His storytelling has also sharpened, as he makes three dimensional characters out of NFL castoffs you may or may not remember — Natrone Means! Dante Hall! Leland Melvin (who was both an NFL player and an astronaut and who recently TOOK THE BEST WORK PORTRAIT EVER)! — and imbues them with wants and needs and gives them a chance to triumph in this bizarre alternate history.

Again, I believed I had just experienced the best of Bois. Again, I was wrong.

I haven’t checked in on Jon Bois all that much in the last couple years. Breaking Madden ended quietly in 2015, and Bois’ written output has slowed as he’s been busy working on other projects. For me, too, life has been busy, and I’ve been too consumed by work and shouting into the void to keep up with everything I’d like.

And then two days ago, on July 5th, an innocuous message appeared in my twitter dot com:

The piece, entitled 17776, is, in theory, about the future of football, but like his earlier work, this is merely a jumping off point. It begins with a mysterious, confusing, text-only conversation between two entities called Nine and Ten, superimposed over a calendar, forcing you TO SCROLL THROUGH SIX YEARS OF A CALENDAR before there’s any sort of explanation of what the hell is going on.

What has unfolded (so far, as new chapters are being posted through July 15th) is the latest evolution of Jon Bois, Internet Artist. The offbeat comedic timing is still here, as are the lo-fi graphics, but everything feels tuned to a higher frequency (the opening credits, which I won’t post out of context, are a perfect encapsulation of this). That wonderfully weird alternate history from The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles was quaint and reasonable compared to the absurdist speculative fiction world he’s created for 17776. I hesitate to explain too much because:

1. Spoilers.
2. I will invariably mess it up.

What I can say is that 17776 is confusing and insane and works in little glimpses of this future in beautiful ways, all while explaining the rules of, say, a fictional game in which the competitors attempt to hunt down all of the footballs ever signed by a particular (and particularly unremarkable) player. It is something that manages to take the things in my brain, things that I love like writing and comedy and sports, and puts them on display for the world to see, in a way I didn’t know I needed.

I am standing in the art gallery, staring at this newly discovered piece, a glint of wonder in my eyes as I take in the work, waiting for it to fully snap into focus.

I want so badly to discuss it, to get you to understand how it makes me feel, but in some ways, the task is impossible, as we’ll never experience it in quite the same way.

Feel free to stand next to me if you’d like. I wonder what you’ll see.


Who Wins The Internet Day of Action?

Did you know today is the Internet Day of Action? That’s right, July 12th has been designated as a day of online protest by organizations and companies big and small who have come out in favor of Net Neutrality, which, thanks to Verizon’s favorite son, and current FCC Chair, Ajit Pai, is in danger.

Now personally, I think we’re all better off if (for example) Verizon can’t arbitrarily slow down Netflix (or charge them more for «premium» speeds, which Netflix will likely pass on to us) just because they feel like it, but I’m not here to convince you one way or the other about Net Neutrality (and, other, smarter people have done a much better job of laying out the case).

I am here, however, to judge the «actions» I was able to find.

To do this, I went to every site listed as a participant at Battle For The Net, a website put together by the groups who organized the protest. It was an eclectic list of 200something websites, from large companies to porn sites to one guy who is definitely a weirdo conspiracy theorist, but hey, fighting for the open internet has led to some very strange teamups.

However, as I went about my task, fingers clacking away with great vigor, I became concerned. Many of the sites made no mention of the protest at all. Others, like Netflix, did, well, the bare minimum:


Considering this is the company that made a 50 minute special for April Fools’ Day that I swear I didn’t watch all the way through, I sort of expected more.

Thankfully, at least some sites were less subtle. Reddit put the message from CEO Steve Huffman front and center:


And this VPN company even found a way to try to get you to buy stuff while talking (sort of?) about Net Neutrality. See? Activism can be fun and profitable!


But except for these and a couple other standouts, I was disappointed. I had hoped to see some creative graphics or fun pop-ups, but the majority, if they even mentioned the day of action at all, used pretty standard banners.

It began to feel as though I had clicked through to 200something websites (and one weirdo conspiracy theorist, who, it turns out, isn’t even a compelling performer) for nothing.

Oh well, guess it’s time to

tunnelbear 1.png


ajit pai 2.png

Why, it’s him! It’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai! Look how adorable he is as he tries to throttle our internet speed! And when you scroll, his head bobbles!

I don’t know who that mysterious bear was, but thank you.

If you happen upon any clever protests popping up on the internet today, let me know.

Oh, and if you find that an open internet remains important to you, the current public comments period runs through July 17th.


Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter Are Fighting On the Internet, Bless Their Hearts

The video for Immigrants: We Get the Job Done was released earlier today and I’ve watched it a good 7 or 8 times. There’s a #Ham4Ham #Ham4All Challenge to raise funds for the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition and like the Ice Bucket Challenge swept across social media, I hope this one does too. I’m loving the celebrities’ videos! — (Lainey)

Tales of the City is a great book series but was also a wonderful and hilarious mini-series back in the early-mid ’90s with Olympia Dukakis and Laura Linney (and a pre-Due South and Slings and Arrows Paul Gross, who was just so dreamy) amongst many others. A Tales of the City revival is coming to Netflix with some of the same cast! — (Logo)

MTV News has laid off a number of talented writers (many formerly from Grantland) as the site pivots toward short-form, snackable videos. This is the third or fourth site in recent months that’s pivoted to video. Why? Are the kids really yearning for two-minute how-to videos with 30-second advertisements before each one? Seriously? Someone explain this business model to me. (Variety)

Soooo, I guess Bachelor in Paradise is going to get a whole lot more uncomfortable. For its producers. Yeesh. This whole thing is just far too squicky for me. I can’t even imagine if one of my job duties was GIVING OTHER PEOPLE PERMISSION to have sex. Or not giving permission, which would be even weirder! — (Jezebel)

There are a couple of WTFy outfits in the Celine slideshow, but she looks just marvelous in this one, so I’m linking to it. Also? Celine looks like she’s enjoying her Paris stay. Good for her! — (GFY)

This will probably end up being the subject of a number of think pieces in the coming days, but THR is arguing that by quickly increasing the numbers of POC and women among the Academy and diluting the old white man vote, it’s actually «markedly lowering the bar for entry into the Academy» and diluting «the credibility of the organization.» As long as the Academy is controlled by old white dudes, its credibility remains plenty diluted. (THR)

When phone scammers call a programmer by mistake, oh my goodness. Revenge is just so delicious. — (Bored Panda)

James McAvoy (who looks ridiculously handsome in the picture in the link) reveals some behind-the-scenes info about awards season, namely that actors are encouraged to overplay or flat lie about just how terribly, tragically difficult working on their film was and how much they suffered for their art. — (Celebitchy)

Bless their hearts, Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter are fighting on the Internet, and the subtext seems to be that Anne Coulter thinks she’s a true Trump supporter, while Hannity is a Johnny-come lately. I love it when nutjobs fight! (Raw Story)

I know some drunkies wine enthusiasts who will be all about this new frozen delicacy! — (Tasting Table)

Michelle Rodriguez may need to quit the Fast and the Furious franchise if women don’t get meatier parts in them. Which, I’ll fully admit to never having watched an entire FaF movie, but is it really about anything other than Vin Diesel? Maybe also The Rock. — (Dlisted)

In April Daniels’ debut novel, Dreadnought, a closeted trans teen is given superpowers and her ideal form. Cannonballer narfna enjoyed that the book focused as much on Danny’s transition to her true gender as her transition to superhero. With detailed and unique world building, Daniels has created what she wasn’t finding in superhero comics. Narfna is looking forward to the follow up this summer. Will you give it a try? (Cannonball Read 9).


‘Preacher’ Recap: Ginger Ale Helps With Blood Loss & The Internet Is A Soul-Killer

Previously on Preacher: Jesse Custer became physically and spiritually bound to Genesis, an all-powerful entity unleashed from Heaven that allows anyone who hears his voice to do exactly as he commands. Tulip is a hitwoman whose Golden Rule is that absolutely no one fucks with her, and who is also Jesse’s childhood best friend and ex-girlfriend. Cassidy is a vampire who has ended up in the town of Annville, Texas (where Jesse lives and where Tulip grew up alongside Jesse) while escaping from a group of people who really don’t like vampires all that much, and none of them are named Buffy. Two angels named Fiore and Deblanc were sent from Heaven to retrieve Genesis, even if it meant killing Jesse to make that happen. Tulip and Cassidy crossed paths and ended up having sex (something that they’re both keeping a secret from Jesse), which was as enjoyable for me to watch as it was for Tulip to experience. Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy, and the entire town of Annville found out directly from Heaven that God has abandoned His post and gone missing, and no one knows where he is. Due to Juliet repeatedly hitting a nuclear bomb with a nearby rock the town’s methane reactor going into meltdown, the entire town of Annville explodes and is completely wiped off the map, but not before Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy leave town in order to track down God and make Him answer for abandoning His post and all of the people who believe in Him.

Oh yeah, and a merciless and near-invulnerable cowboy (who is known only as The Cowboy) has been released from Hell by Fiore and Deblanc in order to hunt down Jesse and Genesis and kill them both, but not before Cowboy puts a bullet right through Deblanc’s face and leaves Fiore all alone.

And that’s really all you need to remember about Season 1 of Preacher. There’s certainly more, but the majority of it moved slower than a turtle swimming in molasses, so if you want to find out the rest, well…Google is your friend.

THE STORY SO FAR: Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are driving across the country at 90 MPH as their search for God begins. That attracts the attention of the local authorities for driving at 90 MPH who attempt to arrest them, as well as the Cowboy, who has tracked our heroes down and blasts every single highway-patrol officer into pieces with his revolvers. They seek out help from an old family friend of Jesse’s in order to figure our where God might be hiding and when that doesn’t work, they seek out Fiore, who is working in Las Vegas as a magician called The Amazing Ganesh and using his invulnerability and constant re-spawning as part of his act in order to find some purpose since Deblanc’s death at the hands of The Cowboy.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THESE EPISODES: The entire opening scene in which Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy indulge in their usual R-rated banter (this time about dismembered foreskins being used as women’s face cream (and I’m sure there’s already several videos on YouTube insisting that this is true)) right before seeing the Saint Of Killers bring all nine circles of Hell with him as he destroys anyone and anything in his path in order to get to Jesse and Genesis.

Glenn Morshower is one of those «Hey, It’s That Guy» character actors who is able to make things just a little bit better with his presence alone, whether it’s 24 or That One Season Of Friday Night Lights That Shall Not Be Named, so seeing him play Mike, a fellow preacher who knew Jesse and his father and who helps counsel his parishioners by channeling Samuel L. Jackson in Black Snake Moan and locking them in (covered) cages to help them curb their urges («sex, drugs, Twitter»), was most definitely welcome.

When Jesse is asked by Cassidy about his late mother’s side of the family, the L’Angelles, and why there are no pictures of them at the wedding of Jesse’s parents in his family photo album, we get a prolonged glimpse of a fish tank behind Jesse and a toy trunk with a hose connected to it repeatedly opening and closing inside of the fish tank. It’s a nice reference to Jesse’s history with the L’Angelles and their favorite method of punishment when dealing with Jesse and his acts of bad behavior, which of course is all explained in further detail in the original Preacher comics.

The gigantic 108-point font from Captain America: Civil War making its return, and doing so to let us all know that The Cowboy is to be known as The Saint Of Killers. Not since Hugo Stiglitz in Inglourious Basterds has anyone and their name been giving an introduction this good.

Jesse and Tulip deciding to end their bad day on a good note and finally stop with the Will They/Won’t They so they can fuck each other’s brains out all over their hotel room.

Jesse working alongside the Greater Association of Gun Aficionados (or GAGA, for short) to stop the Saint Of Killers from approaching, and all of the pride they feel from using their guns. («Yeah, another problem solved by guns» «What can’t guns do?»)

Tulip vs. Gary (a former accomplice of hers from New Orleans who insists that she needs to go see Jabba The Hutt Viktor and explain her absence) and Tulip once again reminding us all that she is not in any way to be fucked with. It also reminded me of the fight between Patricia Arquette vs. James Gandolfini in True Romance, to the point where I was just waiting for Tulip to take down Gary with a corkscrew to the foot)

Tulip wearing an actual headwrap when lying in bed to go to sleep. It’s the little details that matter when you have a Black female character as one of the leads in your television series.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THESE EPISODES: Fiore finding the peace that Jesse told him to look for, in the form of death at the hands of The Saint Of Killers.

I expected Jesse to be a little more upset about the fact that everyone he knew back in Annville was suddenly dead and gone, but I guess I can chalk that up to him using that as one more reason to find God and demand some answers from Him.

Not much else I can think of at the moment, but I trust that the Comments section will provide any and all examples that may come to mind.

ODIN QUINCANNON’S WEEKLY MOMENT OF WEIRDNESS: None, because Odin got blown to smithereens along with the rest of Annville and Jackie Earle Haley is no longer a cast member.


ANY MENTIONS OF EUGENE A.K.A. ARSEFACE?: Fiore briefly mentions him to Jesse when trying to convince him to stop using Genesis, especially since The Saint of Killers pretty much uses it as a homing beacon whenever it’s used. Yes, Eugene is still in Hell thanks to Jesse sending him there, and no, Fiore has no intention whatsoever of going back there, not even to get him out.


IS DARYL STILL ALIVE? BECAUSE IF HE’S NOT, THEN WE RIOT: This is Preacher being discussed, not The Walking Dead, and seeing as how Norman Reedus didn’t suddenly quit the show and talk plenty of shit about his boss and co-workers without any concerns as to how his career might be affected because White male privilege is a hell of a drug, I assume that Daryl will be fine when The Walking Dead comes back in October.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: The first two episodes have done of a good job so far of giving me reasons to breathe a little easier and recognize that Preacher actually resembles the comic-book series that it’s adapting. The pace is much faster, the dialogue is funnier, Jesse/Tulip/Cassidy seem more like the characters we know and love, we’re no longer stuck in Annville with characters and storylines that weren’t nearly as memorable or outrageous as they could’ve and should’ve been, and the plot is actually moving and giving us reasons to care about what we’re watching.

Here’s hoping that Preacher can maintain this momentum and quality for the rest of the season. Hell, for the rest of the series.

P.S. Ginger ale may be treated like Robitussin in many a Black household, but it really doesn’t help with blood loss despite what Preacher tells you. If you’re suffering from that, please go see a doctor.

The season premiere «On The Road» was dedicated to the memory of Steve Dillon, who passed away last October due to complications from a ruptured appendix at the age of 54. He not only co-created Preacher with his longtime collaborator Garth Ennis and illustrated all 66 issues, but was one of the most legendary artists in the comic-book industry.

steve dillon.jpg

These two episodes of Preacher, «On The Road» and «Mumbai Sky Tower,» were brought to you by «Come On Eileen» by Dexy’s Midnight Runners…

…and by «Nowhere To Run» by Arnold McCuller (with a special appearance by the late, great Lynne Thigpen)


Internet Freaking Over 41 Year Old, Cow Game Delay & Rece Davis’s Bathroom Setup At Barclays

Instagram Photo

Hope you weren’t in the mood for anything other than the NBA Draft tonight because it’s gonna be one of those nights. You do get a College World Series game between TCU & Louisville. That gets bumped to ESPN2. ESPN will have your Draft coverage from like now until like 3 in the morning EST when they’re done with the L.A. SportsCenter.

Internet freaking out over this woman being 41…take a look

You can buy Madonna’s childhood home…it’s back after nearly burning down

Jets LB Lorenzo Mauldin allegedly did this to some guy’s face

Rece Davis has a desk in the bathroom at Barclays for the Draft

Cow interrupts soccer match

This bro wears a dress to get around ‘No shorts’ work rules, documents it on Twitter

Ron in Fort Myers likes marijuana, tells TV reporter on air

Introducing Kristen from Rutgers

Miggy Getting A Feel & Having Some Fun Video of the Month

Miguel Cabrera Cops A Feel


Sausage Party of the Week

Sports Gossip, Sexy WAGs, NFL and Hot Cheerleaders: BustedCoverage

The Internet (and Drake Bell) is Really Sad about ‘Drake & Josh’ Falling Out

I’m not going to pretend to know anything abut Drake and Josh for the benefit of this post. The Nickelodeon series was after my time as a kid, so my first exposure to either Drake Bell or Josh Peck was the terrific 2008 Josh Peck film The Wackness (which also introduced us to Olivia Thirlby, who disappointingly did not become a thing, as I had hoped). From my recollection of my review of The Wackness, many of our readers alerted me to the fact that Peck was the heavier-set individual in the Drake and Josh duo, which I found surprising at the time:



Anyway, Josh and Drake had a sitcom together. It ran for four seasons and 57 episodes, which I suppose means to those who grew up in the aughts that Josh and Drake are obligated to remain friends forever. Apparently, Drake Bell also believes this because he was surprised and saddened to learn that he was not invited to Josh Peck’s wedding.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.58.47 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.58.04 PM.jpg

Apparently Bell had been replaced by John Stamos, which I guess is a bit like Will Smith replacing DJ Jazzy Jeff as his best friend with Tom Cruise.


The Internet was apparently rather upset by this development, and while I do not share in that grief, I will bring it to your attention.

I think that’s probably enough Twitter sadness for this particular situation. I’m still not over the fact that Little Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle had a falling out with Frankie Muniz.

via Dana Schwartz


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