The Internet Took Skip Bayless Behind The Woodshed For His Terrible Gordon Hayward Tweet

That’s the Tweet that Skip Bayless fired off last night while Gordon Hayward was still writhing in pain on the floor with an ankle bone sticking out of his leg. Just no regard for Hayward’s well-being or the fact that his season ended 6 minutes into the first game of the first quarter. You had the Cavs entire bench basically puking at the sight of this injury, meanwhile Skip was in his evil lair crafting the perfect hot take LeBron tweet.

But that’s Skip, what can you expect? Someone could die on the court and Skip would spin it into a LeBron criticism. I’m actually surprised he didn’t find a way to blame this injury on LeBron. This is what Fox is paying $ 5 million a year for.

Naturally, the internet dragged this man through the muck last night. It was coming from all angles -NBA players, media members (including his own colleagues at Fox), and everybody in between.

DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay called him a clown, which is lowkey a devastating insult

Then came the rest of the blue check marks

It goes on and on and on…

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Who’s Up For A Friendly, Consensual Internet Group Hug?

It’s easy to look at the headlines, at social media, at the news, at the weather, at *coughcough* the White House *cough*, and believe that we’re swimming in an ocean of excrement. Every is awful, or offal, or just fucking THE WORST. You know? And that’s not counting the daily struggles we all may face with work, school, health, family, goddamn HURRICANES, etc. The combined weight of so many things pushing us down. But there are rays of light. And if you’ll permit me to get uncomfortably genuine for a moment, I’d like to share one of mine. Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking:


But hear me out. You see, it wasn’t long ago that I was setting out on a brand new life path, and feeling all of the confusion and insecurity that comes along with change. And thanks to a series of well-timed random circumstances, I found myself on the virtual doorstep of Pajiba.

So forgive me for being an epically uncool rookie, but whatevs. In my handful of months here, I’ve been witness to the intelligence, humor, kind-heartedness, weirdness and wonderfulness and righteously flaming fury of the writers. And I feel lucky! Seriously! These people are the shit. But more than that, I’ve seen you, the commenters, in action. I’ve witnessed a community of internet strangers support each other through depression and sobriety and that creeping miasma of helplessness that seems to pervade our every waking moment these days. And guess what? Reading your words and seeing your .gifs made it easier to look at the world and not see horror everywhere.

Your contributions to the conversation make me want to do better, react better, THINK better. In just a few months I’ve learned so much.


Look, it’s only Thursday, but this has been a garbage fire of a week and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone, because that’s not something that’s said enough online these days. So thank you. We may be on the backswing of the pendulum at the moment, but it’s because of minds like yours that I believe the pendulum will swing forward again someday.

So can we just have a group hug party? Would that be cool? Maybe we can share things that make us happy at the moment? Stories of the good stuff in our lives? Or just funny .gifs and animal pics? I’ll start!

Here are some hugs:








Ouch, ok that last one might not have been a hug. Anyway, here are some fun things:









And last but not least… fuck it, I’m going with the DuckTales themesong again. CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP.


The Internet Is Obsessed With the Adorable New Creature in The Last Jedi Trailer

Now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s official trailer has been released, you might assume that everyone is obsessing over the footage of Rey going through hardcore lightsaber training with Luke. Or maybe Kylo Ren’s messed up face. Or that heartbreaking shot of General Leia Organa. Or even Supreme Leader Snoke‘s chilling voiceover and surprise close-up.

But you would be wrong. The real star of the latest trailer is . . . the Porg!

We got an adorable glimpse of the latest creature to be added to the Star Wars universe back in July, when the official Star Wars site detailed the origin of the instantly lovable species: «Porgs are native to Ahch-To, and can be found dwelling along the cliffs of the island where Luke and Rey are. In many ways, they’re the Star Wars version of puffins. They build nests. They can fly. Their babies are called porglets.»

Porglets, you guys. PORGLETS! We were blessed with another look at a Porg when it was revealed in toy form in August, but nothing prepared us for seeing it in all of its squawking glory in the trailer (where it seems to be riding shotgun with Chewie). Clearly we weren’t alone.

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Caitlyn Jenner Denounced Trump, The Internet Denounced Her Hypocrisy


Caitlyn Jenner has faced a dilemma since she transitioned. In her previous identity as gold medal Olympian and Kris Jenner punching bag Bruce Jenner, she was a dyed-in-the-wool conservative Republican. Since she embraced her true identity, she’s had to deal with the realization that some of her fellow conservative Republicans have never exactly welcomed the transgender community with open arms. In fact, their big stupid leader has already banned trans people from serving in the armed forces (despite the fact that thousands already do).

During the comedy of terrors that was the 2016 presidential election, Caitlyn tried to bridge the ideological gap between her fellow trans people and her fellow Trump-loving buds in the GOP. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to take. Despite still occasionally sporting a MAGA cap, Caitlyn has since said she hates POTUS and has now formally denounced him on Twitter.

Tiny bigot Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed a policy that protects transgender workers from discrimination yesterday. Caitlyn tweeted her disgust, which was followed by everybody tweeting their disgust with HER.

Buzzfeed reports that after the Keebler AG announced his latest victory, Caitlyn finally saw the light in full.

Too late. The floodgates opened on Caitlyn and probably washed her “accidental” MAGA cap away. Those who felt betrayed by a seemingly reluctant member of the LGBTQ community spoke up.

And my favorite…

And there are hundreds more tweets like that, dragging Caitlyn all up and down Bitch, We Told You So Street.

Caitlyn brought her crying member of the Leopards Eating Faces party” schtick to Instagram, too. She got pretty much the same result. One follower brought up a scene from her canceled reality show in which she defended Trump to her fellow transgender friends (as well as claiming he would be very good for women’s issues and that he wouldn’t “try to destroy” or “take stuff away” from them).


Caitlyn responded to all of this with a glamour shot, stating that she intends to do the right thing from now on. Or something.

It’s pretty telling that there didn’t seem to be any Trump supporters criticizing her for leaving their side. That should tell her ass something.

Pic: Instagram


Ask Pajiba (Almost) Anything: Free Advice From Unqualified People On The Internet

Let’s face it — the Internet can be a dark and dubious place. Sure, there are sexy John Cho gifs. But there are also WebMD pages you probably shouldn’t have looked at, and unsolicited dick pics, and Breitbart. For every random retweet that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, there’s a troll just waiting to jump in your thread and ruin your day.

But through it all, we found each other. The faceless Pajiba Overlords, and you, the readers we get up and write for every day. Together we’ve forged this little happy place amidst the chaos of the World Wide Web. We may not always agree on the Best Chris, or that pie is obviously superior to cake (OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR). But we share our outrages and obsessions, and hopefully we all click away feeling a little less alone.

Which is why we’ve decided to launch a new sort of experiment: an advice column. We know, we know — advice columns are hardly a new idea and everyone seems to be offering free advice on the Internet these days. But here’s the thing about free advice…

You get what you pay for.

And we’re taking that to heart! Which is why our advice column, «Ask Pajiba (Almost) Anything» (APAA), is not striving to be your definitive resource for good judgment. Heck, we’re not even promising that our advice will be particularly sound. It may, in fact, be actively bad — and we’re in no way recommending you actually listen to us! We’re not therapists — we’re a collection of neurotic writers with day jobs and our own messy lives to be getting on with. But between us we have vast and in some cases surprising experience, which we can leverage to answer your burning questions. Provided your burning questions are only smoldering at best, and you’re not relying entirely on us to fix your life.

Basically, think of us less as your own personal Dr. Phil, and more like an opinionated, unreliable Ask Jeeves.

Do you need:

— A recipe to cook to impress your in-laws?
— The perfect date if you’re gonna dump someone?
— Daily coping mechanisms to help you not yell at your jerk boss and get fired?
— The proper gift-giving etiquette for attending the wedding of a circus clown?
— The exact amount of velvet that could be considered TOO much velvet?
— The specific reason why Ansel Elgort’s face is so punchable?
— Confirmation that Face/Off is, in fact, the best American movie of all time?

We can help with all of that, and more! Here’s how it’ll work. Send your inquiries to and each week we’ll select a few to answer. This will be an entirely subjective process based on how interesting the question is and/or how interestingly we feel we can answer it. We will share our advice each Tuesday. We will not post your name, though we encourage you to sign off with a fake name you’d like used with your question. Otherwise, we’ll come up with our own nickname for you… and you might not like it («Sincerely, Smells Like Grandma’s House»).

We can’t promise that every question will get a response, but we also can’t prevent you from sending us the same question each week… so we’re already at an impasse and this thing hasn’t even begun yet! LET THE GRAND EXPERIMENT BEGIN!

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing a serious life crisis, please seek professional help. In case of emergencies there are a number of free resources available, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673), and SAMHSA’s National Helpline for Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment referrals (1-800-662-4357). Here is a list of other resources.


Justin Trudeau Wore Chewbacca Socks and Nearly Broke the Damn Internet

Justin Trudeau is arguably the coolestand sexiest — world leader around. Whether he’s shutting down sexism with just three words or giving a sexy striptease, it’s easy to see why we simply can’t get enough of him. But the prime minister made headlines for other reasons recently when he stepped out wearing a pair of socks with Chewbacca’s face on them. No big deal, right? Wrong.

Some people on the internet simply could not handle seeing Canada’s PM sporting a pair of the coolest socks we’ve ever seen. Then there were others who were falling head over heels (ourselves included) because of it. Keep reading to see Trudeau’s Chewbacca socks up close, and then read the best reactions to his dope sock game ahead.

Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars film series, weighed in with a hilarious tweet, asserting that Trudeau was also wearing Star Wars underwear underneath his gray suit. Read their Twitter exchange ahead.

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Maryland Chick Snags Beer, Smashes It On Her Forehead, Slams It In Seconds & Wins The Internet

So this Maryland fan set the internet on fire today after this video of her putting on a drinking clinic went viral. The whole video is perfect. The fact that she’s up on a table, then snagged the beer one-handed OBJ style, and then pounded that shit in less than 2 seconds. It’s all perfect.

Naturally, every dude is losing their mind over this. They’re in shock, they’re in awe, and they’re in love. So many emotions are running through their brains, they don’t know how to feel. This is the type of chick who will drink a man under the table and then bang him back. Then she’ll do this:

Welcome to legendary status, mystery UMD fan.

The internet all had the same reaction as this guy

Maryland by 100 today

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The Internet Was Rightfully Not Thrilled About Sean Spicer’s Appearance at the Emmys

Last night, Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance at the Emmy Awards, and my reaction was probably in line with most watching it: A split second of surprise, a couple of seconds of, «What? Is Sean Spicer conceding that he lied like a motherfucker all through his tenure as Press Secretary,» and then thereafter, a «fuck you» began to brew in my lower abdomen, and it got bigger and bigger and bigger, and sometime after the first commercial break, it came bellowing out.


Fuck You, Sean Spicer (and the Emmys for hosting him). I mean, I get it: It’s an easy laugh, and it’s sure to be one of those moments that everyone talks about the next morning, but the show wasn’t short on those moments last night (not because of Colbert who, God bless him, was fine, but fine in a way that people’s mothers would appreciate), but because of a lot of great speeches and actual brilliant displays of diversity, displays of diversity that stand in direct opposition to everything that Sean Spicer represented as Press Secretary for a racist, homophobic, transphobic hobgoblin.

The moment of shock was fleeting, and it came at a cost, namely the normalization of lies. Sean Spicer stood behind that podium for six goddamn months and lied his goddamn ass off to the American people, and at one point even suggested that the actions of Assad were worse than those of Hitler. What was his punishment? He got to schmooze with celebrities:

In other words, there are no consequences to serving a sociopath, and this may be the message that anyone else considering working for Trump might get: Sure, I may have to sell my soul to the devil, but afterwards, Alec Baldwin will pose for a picture with me! Sean Spicer is just another reality star who embarrassed himself on television day after day after day, and now he gets to be the Kato Kaelin of the Trump Administration, a fun novelty.

And I hear, like, three of you in the back saying, «Oh come on! Lighten up Francis! It was just a joke,» and that’s my point, man! Sean Spicer — who tried to sell the travel ban, who pushed the repeal of health care for millions, who lied about Michael Flynn and Sally Yates, and who protected the President from his own lies, big and small, day after day after day — is now a cute punchline.

And now the media gets to debate whether the Emmys rehabbed Sean Spicer’s image.

Fuck that.


The Internet Has a Lot of Feelings About 13 Reasons Why’s Emmys Snub

Image Source: Netflix

13 Reasons Why is indisputably one of Netflix’s biggest shows of the year, but you would never know that by looking at the recent Emmy nominations. The list, which was unveiled on Thursday, includes other Netflix shows like Orange Is the New Black and the recently canceled Sense8, but any nods for the 13-episode drama following the life and death of Hannah Baker are curiously absent. Although the show features standout performances from Kate Walsh and Katherine Langford (as Olivia and Hannah Baker, respectively), the intense backlash 13 Reasons Why received for its graphic, controversial scenes might be to blame.

The show follows quiet high school student Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) after he receives a box of 13 cassette tapes from Hannah (Langford), his classmate and crush who killed herself a few weeks earlier. The writers and production team specifically didn’t want to shy away from showing how Hannah kills herself, and a later scene in the series depicts the moment she graphically slits her wrists in a bathtub. Although some praised the brutally honest approach to teen suicide, people also vocally criticized the unflinching scenes as «dangerous», claiming it «glorifies» suicide and might put already depressed viewers even more at risk.

Another reason for the Emmy Awards snub might be the fact that 13 Reasons Why is primarily seen as a show for teens, even if it’s not. Yes, it boasts a huge, young cast, and yes, it takes place in a high school, but anyone can relate to the way it explores the dark realities of being a teenager. TV viewers are not limited to consuming pop culture geared only toward their age groups. Could that be the reason why the Television Academy chose to leave the Selena Gomez-produced project off their 67-page press release?

The only thing that throws a wrench in that theory is the fact 13 Reasons Why has also been shut out of the Teen Choice Awards nominations. Well-received shows like Riverdale and Stranger Things scored noms, but Famous in Love? And Star? Both also picked up nominations, while not a single category gives love to 13 Reasons Why.

Naturally the snub sparked a debate on Twitter, with people on both sides of the controversy weighing in.

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How the Creators of LGBTQ+ Film In A Heartbeat Made the Internet Cry

When POPSUGAR had a chance to sit down with the creators of In a Heartbeat, the animated short that had over 29 million people tearing up after it hit the web, we knew we needed tissues handy. The film introduces us to a boy coming to terms with his crush on a male classmate. While he is deeply reluctant to make his true feelings known, his heart has other plans.

Esteban Bravo and Beth David, the brilliant minds behind In a Heartbeat, told POPSUGAR about how their real-life experiences led to the film’s creation. They also got real about the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in animation, as well as how they’re coping with the multitude of reaction videos of people having «all the feels.»

Check out the full interview above!

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