Meet Zach LaVine’s Girlfriend Hunter Mar

Bulls fans are in for a very long season of tanking, but their spirits should lift in a month or two when their big prize from the Jimmy Butler trade, Zach LaVine, makes his debut. LaVine, of course, is making his way back from an ACL tear — his recovery seems to be going well considering he’s reportedly back to doing what he does best… dunking:

Off the court, Zach is dating former Seattle University soccer player Hunter Mar. They are both Washington natives and have been together since high school:

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6 Fascinating Facts About Hunter McGrady, the Woman Breaking Barriers in the Modeling World

Hunter McGrady is making a splash in the modeling world after being named Sports Illustrated‘s «curviest» model in this year’s swimsuit issue. Not only is that a huge feat in itself, but at just 24 years old, Hunter has signed with Wilhelmina Models and booked campaigns with Lane Bryant, Forever 21, Torrid, and even Melissa McCarthy’s clothing line, Seven7. To top it all off, Hunter is working hard to inspire women to embrace their bodies and love themselves for who they are. «I would love to just continue the message of body positivity and loving yourself and loving your body and knowing that you’re worthy of everything,» she told Teen Vogue in April. «Everything is available to you, and I just want people to hopefully feel confident, feel empowered that they can go out and everything is available to them.» Hunter is certainly one to watch.

  1. She comes from a family of models. Hunter followed in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother, and aunt when she started modeling at 16.
  2. Her dad is an actor. Michael McGrady has appeared in a handful of TV shows, including Ray Donovan, American Crime Story, and Southland.
  3. She dislikes the term «plus-size»: «It’s almost a form of segregation. To me, it’s like why can’t I just be called a model?» she said in a March interview with Hollywood Today Live. «I do exactly what everyone else does and I think that’s something that will happen and I’ll make sure of that.»
  4. She has a heart of gold. Hunter works with a charity called 1 Heart 1 Mission, which supplies orphans in Haiti with food, education, water, and clothes.
  5. She met her boyfriend on Snapchat. «He was on a date with somebody a few months before he even started following on me Snapchat, and she said, ‘You have got to follow this model, Hunter McGrady,'» Hunter explained in a May interview. «So he followed me for a few months. I was in New York last March [2016] and he reached out to me and said, ‘You want to get drinks?’ I was like add me on Facebook. I didn’t know what he looked like and he added me and he was super cute. I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s get drinks.'»
  6. She’s more than just a pretty face. Hunter received a 4.0 grade point average while in school.

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29 Photos That Prove Hunter McGrady Is One Bodacious Lady

Hunter McGrady was named the «curviest» model to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated‘s annual Swimsuit Issue when she appeared in nothing but body paint for her photo shoot in the 2017 installment. It’s a huge feat for the 23-year-old, who spent much of her teenage years in the gym and starving herself, trying to whittle away her 5-foot, 11-inch frame for modeling jobs. Since then, Hunter has made a name for herself in the world of curve modeling, becoming a part of Wilhelmina International’s Curve division and appearing in campaigns for Lane Bryant, though the industry comes with its fair share of misconceptions.

«I think people think that we can get away with looking however we want,» Hunter told POPSUGAR. «They’re like, ‘Whatever, she’s a curve model. She doesn’t have to work out; she doesn’t have to eat well.’ Which isn’t true. I have a personal trainer, I eat clean. But on the other spectrum, there is a pressure to have the Coke bottle body, to be really tight. Someone’s always going to want you to be thicker.» In our humble opinion, Hunter’s «thickness» is just perfect. In celebration of her bodacious body and killer curves, we’ve rounded up her sexiest pictures.

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Meet Parker Schmidly — Fiancee of Chargers TE Hunter Henry

What was Chargers second year tight end Hunter Henry up to before reporting to training camp? Not much, he just popped the question to his girlfriend of three years, Parker Schmidly:

Arkansas Bride has the details on Hunter and Parker’s big day at the Razorbacks’ practice field:

“Hunter had fooled me into thinking the interview was going to be about how we made our relationship work with him moving away to play football. He picked me up and took me to the Arkansas practice field where we met Bo. There was a camera and video crew there and Bo started the interview with a couple of questions. The last question he asked Hunter was, “What do you think is in yalls future?” At that point, I looked at Hunter and he said, “Funny you ask that Bo,” and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Everything after that is a complete blur! But of course I said yes!”

Like Hunter, Parker is a Razorback herself and is a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Judging from her IG, she’s not too far away from becoming a nurse, but right now life is obviously about this rock:

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Austin Jackson Made An Insane Catch…Now Watch Him Mash A Dunk In Front of Torii Hunter

There’s pretty much video of everything these days, so when I predicted that Austin Jackson could dunk a basketball after making an incredible catch tonight in Boston, a Google search revealed that Torii Hunter had that video ready to go.

Turns out that Torii, who made a couple of nice catches during his career, made this statement on his 2014 video:

It’s Austin Jackson the Tigers Centerfielder. I did this when I was younger but there was no video or cell phones then.

There it is, Austin Jackson can get up. Now you know.

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Danny Pudi Will Charm Your Pants Off In ‘The Tiger Hunter’

To be fair, Danny Pudi could probably star in a Verizon commercial and still charm your pants off, if it came right down to it. I don’t mean that sexually — it’s just that he seems like the embodiment of all that is good and pure in this sick, sad world of ours. Not that he needs to bear the burden of my hopes and dreams, of course. I just want more Danny Pudi in my life, and his new film The Tiger Hunter looks like a dose of the good shit.

The Community star plays Sami Malek, a young Indian man who travels to 1970s America to become an engineer in order to live up to the legacy of his father — a legendary tiger hunter back home (hence the title). But the American dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and when Sami’s fancy job falls through, he resorts to an elaborate charade with the help of his new gang of oddball friends in hopes of wooing his childhood sweetheart. The film also stars Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Rizwan Manji (The Wolf of Wall Street), Karen David (Once Upon a Time), Sam Page (House of Cards), Iqbal Theba (Glee), and Kevin Pollak (who just makes everything better, really). Directed by Lena Khan, The Tiger Hunter has already done the festival circuit, and was picked up for North American distribution by Shout! Factory earlier this year.

The film will be released on September 22nd in New York, Los Angeles, and other select major markets. It looks like a lighthearted romantic comedy which plays to Pudi’s fish-out-of-water strengths and comedic timing. And sadly, the timing couldn’t be better for an immigrant story to be released here in the states (comedy or otherwise). Here’s hoping people take notice when it hits theaters.


Hailey Clauson Hits The Pool, Mr. Treasure Hunter Steal Yo Girl & Puckett In Full Uni

I tried to tell you Oregon State’s offense was going to put on a show last night

And then the Beavs dropped 13 runs on LSU. It was ugly, could’ve been uglier and if Oregon State doesn’t win the national title it’ll be a complete miracle. Not much drama right now at the CWS…unless you start talking to the locals who are catching the games and can’t get local craft brews. They’re stuck drinking the normal stuff. However, if you’re in a suite, you can get a local craft brew, according to the Omaha World-Herald. I’ll have a full report next week when I get to see Game 2 of the championship series.

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Phillies Fans Taunt Hunter Strickland With Bryce Harper Chant

Phillies fans obviously wish nothing but ill will towards divisional rival Bryce Harper and his perfect flow, but even they couldn’t resist trolling Giants reliever Hunter Strickland on Saturday.

As you can see below, Strickland, who is appealing his six-game suspension for some reason, was hit with “Bryceeeeee Harperrrrr” chants as he warmed in the pen:

We don’t want to say the head games worked, but Strickland did allow three hits and two runs in his outing…

Strickland v. Harper

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Our Wild Night Out With James O’Keefe, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Nigel Farage

There are two things that seem to attract conservatives, young and old, to the annual CPAC event in National Harbor, MD. The first is the daily programming, which this year included speeches from esteemed President Donald Trump, esteemed President Stephen Bannon, White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus and Ivanka…

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Podcast: How Old Is Too Old To Be A Dirtbag Adult Autograph Hunter & When Was The Last Time You Asked For An Autograph?

It’s TBT on Milk The Clock so we hammered out a podcast on Charles Oakley channeling his 1980s & 90s ass-kicking days at the Garden, making Paul and I miss the old days when the NBA had enforcers like Chuck. That leads into discussion on how if your NBA team is going to suck, why not implement a run & shoot offense like the Denver Nuggets of the 1980s.

Eventually we get into Jordan Spieth getting pissed at grown men autograph hunters today at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Spieth went off on these dirtbags and then they taunted him with “You’ll never be Tiger Woods” lines.

So here’s the question: How old is too old to be asking for autographs. Paul claims he hasn’t asked anyone for an autograph since he was like 10.

Dive in, I think you’re going to like this one.


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