This 1 Major Clue Could Explain How the House Fire Started on This Is Us

This Is Us has had us going through tissue box after tissue box with every episode in the second season, but we’ve still yet to find out how Jack died. It’s the story that has been referenced throughout the entire series thus far, and it’s likely the story that will make us ugly cry the hardest. At this point, we know that the Pearson patriarch dies in a house fire, and now the details that surround that heartbreaking night are starting to come together.

Season two’s eighth episode, «Number One,» focuses on Kevin’s present-day battle with substance abuse and alcoholism, and the troublesome teenage years that lead up to it. The episode opens with a power outage and Jack working on the breaker box to make sure the power is back by the time a Pitt football coach arrives to meet with Kevin. Breaker box? House fire? Maybe, but following Kevin’s ruthless hormonal attitude to the coach, Jack sends him upstairs to write an apology letter.

Before Kevin walks upstairs to see his father reciting the AA serenity prayer on his knees, the camera focuses on the lamp on Kevin’s desk for a long enough time that we took note. Reddit user _daath theorizes that the lamp could be what started the fire or that it started in Kevin’s room (he’s living in the basement at the time). «It would explain the theory that Jack is able to get his other kids out of the house and him having to go back in and ‘save’ Kevin in his room with Jack not knowing that Kevin wasn’t home,» they wrote.

During the season two premiere, when it’s confirmed that Jack dies in a fire, Kate tearfully tells Randall that they have to go find Kevin and tell him the sad news. She immediately knows where he is — with Sophie, and in a full leg cast, presumably following his knee surgery. But could this understanding of Kevin’s location during the fire be the reason both Kate and Kevin feel so much irreparable guilt for their father’s death?

Well, the same Redditor seems to think so, and we can’t help but really wonder about this theory. «It’s possible Kevin snuck [sic] out the night of the fire without anyone knowing except Kate,» they wrote. «She either covers for him, or sees him sneak out without Kevin knowing. Jack goes back in the house to save Kevin before Kate and can tell him that he wasn’t there. So Kate feels guilty that he never told her father and Kevin feels guilty because maybe he left his lamp on, it started the fire, and he didn’t tell anyone he was leaving which lead to Jack going back in to save him.»

Adding fuel to the _____ (we don’t have the heart to write it), is at the time, Kevin is in a full leg cast, so it does make sense that Jack would run inside to save him knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get out of the house on his own.

We also couldn’t help but notice the obvious washing machine in the basement near the exposed breaker box, which practically screams «electrical fire waiting to happen!» And remember the season one episode «The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World,» which sees teenage Kevin move into the basement because he can’t deal with Randall’s late-night studying? He complains to Rebecca about how the new washing machine won’t turn off. Is there anything this kid doesn’t complain about?!

It’s all incredibly heartbreaking to watch Jack’s impending death unfold, and equally as difficult to watch present-day Kevin struggling with addiction like his father did. Fortunately it’s all starting to piece together, even if it’s painful. We can speculate as much as we want, but all the theories in the world won’t change the fact that we’re going to cry like babies when we finally find out what caused the fire that led to Jack’s death. Until then, we’ll never let go, Jack.

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Report: LiAngelo Ball’s Punishment Could Be House Arrest

As expected, morons LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley likely won’t be facing prison time in China after a shoplifting incident at a Louis Vuitton store next to their team hotel. There were reports of a potential three-10 year prison stint if convicted, but The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Ken Sugiura reports house arrest is probable the punishment here:

There is a strong likelihood that the three UCLA basketball players arrested Tuesday for shoplifting in Hangzhou, China, will face 20 days of house arrest and then not be permitted to visit the country again, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The three players, LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley, could serve the punishment at the hotel where the UCLA and Georgia Tech teams stayed in Hangzhou, the Hyatt Regency Hangzhou.

Receiving the ban hammer from China sucks from a traveling perspective, but we’re guessing the UCLA 3 will be cool with never returning.

A look at the LV store where the reported thievery occured:

So much for the BBB prison jumpsuits:

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Showrunner Beau Willimon Allegedly Knew about Kevin Spacey’s Predatory Behavior on the Set of ‘House of Cards’

I still like House of Cards. I mean, it’s a shell of its former self and completely jumped the tracks this last season, but it’s still strangely addictive, and there are still a lot of strong characters in this series worth exploring: What’s going on in Doug Stamper’s head? Will Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp just get married already?! I’d like to see Seth Grayson run his natural course until he ends up in prison. Leann Harvey could run a few more campaigns, and I’d really like to see Claire Underwood have her husband assassinated in a sixth and final season of House of Cards. Cold blooded.

But I think it’s time to cut our losses here and shut it down, and that means, no spin-offs, either. Why? Because according to several crew members on the show, showrunner Beau Willimon knew about Kevin Spacey, though he denied it last week when the allegations regarding Spacey’s predatory behavior began to surface.

«I saw that Beau said he had no idea, which I know is completely false,» said a crew member. «They had production meetings about Spacey’s flirtatious behavior toward crew and cast, and it never made it any further than that. It was like a joke.»

«Bullshit. Utter bullshit. 100%,» another higher level source told Buzzfeed, saying that Willimon actually witnessed Spacey harassing people on set.

Meanwhile, the show’s future is uncertain. Netflix says that it will not continue if Spacey is involved, and at the moment, there’s a petition signed by more than 25,000 people to replace Spacey with Kevin James. I like that idea, but only if he’s killed off of Kevin Can’t Wait and no explanation is ever given.

Meanwhile, Netflix still hasn’t done shit about The Ranch.


Kevin Spacey Will Reportedly Not Appear in House of Cards Season 6 Following Harassment Allegations

Update: Production on season six was halted on Oct. 31 while Netflix further investigated the situation, and on Nov. 3, it was announced that Netflix had officially cut ties with Kevin Spacey, and the actor would reportedly be written out of the sixth season.

On Oct. 29, actor Anthony Rapp came forward with allegations that Kevin Spacey sexually harassed him when he was 14 years old, and Spacey was 26. In a lengthy interview with BuzzFeed, Rapp said the incident occurred when he attended a party at Spacey’s home in 1986. Spacey has since released a statement apologizing for the incident, however he also claimed he does not recall it taking place. The 58-year-old actor ended the statement by coming out, noting that he chooses now «to live as a gay man.»

Following the shocking account, many conversations have transpired about the nature of Spacey’s inadequate apology, as well as the future of House of Cards, since Spacey is both the star of the popular Netflix series and an executive producer. Now, Netflix has confirmed to Variety that House of Cards will end after its upcoming sixth season. There’s no official word on whether or not the show was originally going to continue for a few more seasons, but showrunners will now promptly wrap up Frank and Claire Underwood’s stories.

Production has already begun on the sixth season, and it is still slated to air as usual in 2018. Like all of its preceding seasons, the sixth season will contain 13 episodes. A number of spin-offs are also in the works.

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Mick Jagger’s Newest Girlfriend, Puig’s House Burglarized & Tyrese Vs. The Rock On IG

Instagram Photo

You want real #MACtion? You’ll get it tonight with Northern Illinois-Toledo getting it on via ESPNU at 6 ET. That’s not a misprint, 6 PM ET. If Toledo wins, the Rockets will have a direct route to the MAC West title, something that hasn’t happened since 2004. Northern has dominated the West for six of the the last seven seasons. This one is huge. You’ll also get Bills at Jets at 8:25. The Bills have to win to keep pace with the Patriots; those two meet Dec. 3 in Buffalo. That one could be historic.

Mick Jagger’s new 23 yr old girlfriend

Puig’s house took a loss last night while Dodgers were taking L

Selena Gomez out & about after a workout

Tyrese goes off, accuses The Rock of juicing

Guess which fan base Lane Kiffin enjoys trolling

Gabe Kapler is easily the most ripped MLB manager – EVER

This crazy Florida Woman allegedly bit her husband after he changed computer password

Here’s Sarah from Southern Connecticut U. 

Wait For It…A Guy Gets Cuffed On The Field Video of the Day

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House of Cards Is Ending, but a Few Spin-Offs Are Reportedly in the Works

News broke on Oct. 29 that House of Cards is ending after its sixth season hot on the heels of sexual harassment allegations against the show’s star and executive producer, Kevin Spacey. Although there was no official word on whether or not the show was originally intended to continue on for a few more seasons after its sixth installment, the showrunners will now promptly wrap up Frank and Claire Underwood’s stories. That won’t be the end of the dark political universe House of Cards has built, however.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that a number of spin-offs about the drama are in the works at Netflix. Concrete information about the nature of the new series is still under wraps (Netflix declined to comment on the news), but some sources hinted that dangerously loyal chief of staff Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) and the journalists who work to expose government corruption (similar to the Janine Skorsky and Tom Hammerschmidt characters from earlier seasons) might be the focus of one. Another idea would leave Washington altogether, dropping audiences in the world of Wall Street’s most elite, politically savvy power brokers (think: Raymond Tusk).

With the sixth and final season of House of Cards expected to arrive in 2018, we can likely look forward to spin-offs dropping on Netflix in 2019 and beyond.

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Production Has Stopped Indefinitely On “House Of Cards”

European premiere of 'Baby Driver'

At the end of last season on House Of Cards (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT), Frank Underwood (played by increasingly icky Kevin Spacey) is no longer in charge and watches the White House from the outside in a hotel room. Change the word “White House” with “House Of Cards set,” and you may as well have Kevin’s career right about now. 

Kevin made history on Sunday when he became the first person to get shamed by GLAAD for coming out, because he came out after all these years to deflect from the allegations that he tried to seduce a 14-year-old Anthony Rapp. Here in Boston, the Boston Globe was reminded of how the former Channel 5 news anchor Heather Unruh tweeted during the Harvey Weinstein scandal about how Kevin allegedly assaulted a loved one:

The Globe said last summer Kevin came into a well-known restaurant pretty late and sat next to a man. Heather alleged Kevin then did something under the table that was “completely unexpected, completely inappropriate.” When Kevin got up to go to the bathroom, a woman who saw the whole thing told the victim to run.

I must not be the only one who got a case of vomit from reading all that, because Deadline reports that the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences withdrew Kevin’s name as the recipient of the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award. The organization kept it pretty terse:

“The International Academy has announced today that in light of recent events it will not honor Kevin Spacey with the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award.”

The award is apparently presented to “an individual who crosses cultural boundaries to touch humanity,” which, well, Kevin seems to have interpreted in extremely the wrong way.

The whole ordeal led Netflix to announce that next season will be House Of Cards’ last. The final season was in production in Maryland, but today it was announced that filming was stopped this morning and who knows when it’ll pick up again. via Deadline

“MRC and Netflix have decided to suspend production on House of Cards season six, until further notice, to give us time to review the current situation and to address any concerns of our cast and crew.”

It is truly awful to hear all this shit come out, but – if you ask me – it could also be an opportunity. Nobody was watching that shit for Frank anyway. They were watching it for “Clay-uh.” So just boot Kevin and let us fictitiously live in peace with the lady president we all want but don’t deserve! Robin Wright, revive that Wonder Woman Amazonian spirit, ride into Maryland on horseback, and snatch the top billing away from Kevin. The pencil skirt industry and Netflix viewers-at-large beg you!



“House Of Cards” Spin-Offs Are In The Works


With yesterday’s announcement that the sixth season of House of Cards will be its final season, you figured Netflix was cool with putting their cash cow to pasture as long as it disassociated them with the deeply troubling Kevin Spacey. But lo’ – only that last part was correct. Variety says that Netflix and producer Media Capital are in the early stages of developing “multiple ideas for a potential spinoff.” Don’t be silly – Netflix wouldn’t end House of Cards without a back-up plan. There’s no word yet on whether or not it will be a solo series focusing on FLOTUS Claire Underwood taking up child sexual abuse as her favorite cause.

One of their ideas is a show revolving around Underwood’s head flunkie, aide-de-camp and angry alcoholic Doug Stamper (played by Michael Kelly). That show would be written by former House of Cards producer Eric Roth. They reportedly have two more concepts in mind. The only details available on those two is that they will definitely take place in the House of Cards universe. That would be the universe in which a shifty criminal is running the country. It’s a lot like ours except their first lady doesn’t confuse schoolchildren with her bullshit (:34).

Netflix and Media Capital aren’t commenting on the potential spin-offs. The sixth season, which is currently in production, was supposedly always going to be the final one for HOC. Sources say that the man least likely to win a GLAAD award anytime soon hasn’t been seen on set since he was outed as an alleged sexual predator and responded to that by outing himself. Hollywood (and America) responded by proving we’re not as completely stupid as the results of the 2016 presidential election made us look. Try again, Keyser Soze.

As for the spin-offs, the Doug Stamper character is an ragey bore with no morals who murders hookers for the president. He can’t carry a whole series. I’d much rather watch Freddy take a shot at the rib business again, or Remy and Jackie’s Great Escape.

Pic: Netflix


Even Sarah Paulson Gets Scared Out of Her Mind During an AHS-Themed Haunted House

Sarah Paulson may play some creepy characters on American Horror Story, but even she can’t handle jump scares. During the Halloween episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, the actress joined the show’s executive producer, Andy Lassner, for the Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights American Horror Story maze (try saying that three times fast). Not only did Andy completely misguide her about where to look for creepy figures, but at one point, Sarah got so spooked out that she actually lost her balance and fell to the ground. See all the craziness above!

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USA Cancels ‘Playing House,’ Thanks for Three Bangin’ Seasons

Well, my fellow jammers, we kind of knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Yes, after three lovely seasons, Playing House has been cancelled. After USA took its time announcing season 3 and then burned that season by airing episodes back-to-back over six weeks, it seemed as though this would be the outcome. It stings especially after how personal season 3 was, recreating often word-for-word co-star and co-creator Jessica St. Clair’s real breast cancer treatment journey. And likely knowing this was a big possibility, the writers gave the show a nice ending, replete with drag queens and a happy ending for everyone—even Bird Bones.

The show was a warm joy, a 22-minute hug over a big glass of sauv blanc, a celebration of the best kind of friendship without cruelty or callousness, only support and a multitude of loving jabs. It was a love story, the best, most important love story of female best friends who become sisters. And sisters, have ya heard?


Thanks for three great seasons, Lennon and Jessica. We’ll be there for whatever comes next.


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