Why Every Single Full House Fan NEEDS to Watch Fuller House Season 3

We have a feeling Fuller House season three is going to be the best one yet. While it’s sure to be filled with just as many one-liners and fun cameos as previous seasons, this year is extra special since it marks the 30th anniversary of Full House. And let’s just say the Netflix reboot is certainly running with the nostalgia angle in the trailer for this season. As DJ and Stephanie celebrate the special occasion, Uncle Jesse, Joey, and Danny make appearances in the exact same outfits they wore in Full House‘s first episode. Plus, there is even more drama with DJ’s love life as she gets ready to be a bridesmaid in Steve’s wedding. Say it ain’t so! Catch the trailer above and watch how it all unfolds when the first half of season three premieres on Sept. 22.

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The Mooch Says Tom Brady May Have Skipped The White House Because Of Ivanka Trump

'Us' Magazine event held in New York - Arrivals

Anthony Scaramucci was on TMZ Live the other day, because even assholes need paychecks in the face of nuclear war and the world going to shit, anything  goes. The Trump White House unemployment line is forming outside the gates of Hollywood, and I can’t wait to see Steve Bannon pop up as a cashier at DASH.

The Mooch knows he’s only good to Harvey Levin for White House gossip and since we all know his thoughts on Reince Preibus, he had to talk about Trump’s favorite gal pal. No, not Ann Coulter. I’m talking about Tom Brady.

Tom sent tongues wagging when he didn’t show to the White House to celebrate the New England Patriots winning the 2017 Super Bowl. It was a bit of a shock when he didn’t show up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to drink scotch and ash cigars on the portrait of Hillary Clinton. Tom cited “family matters” as reason for why he didn’t go, and people thought it was either due to his mom’s health or because Tom’s wife Gisele Bündchen had him by the balls since she most certainly doesn’t own one of those MAGA hats. On TMZ Live, The Mooch coughed up what he thought might be the reason:

“Maybe there was a relationship between him and Ivanka at some point. Maybe it was someone else, I don’t know. My guess is, which is typical, there could be a little bit of jealousy there and protection and possession of Tom Brady, and she probably didn’t want him to go.”

For what it’s worth, a source close to Tom told People the whole thing is “bullshit,” but that’s probably just because he’s jealous he didn’t stick around long enough to be First Daughter-In-Law.

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I Can’t Get Enough Of Redneck Florida Man Driving His Can-Am Through His House & Into The Pool

I guess this Florida Man redneck Dusten Smith (calm down, he calls himself a redneck) guy is some sort of YouTube legend for his Can-Am videos, especially his videos where he takes his Can-Am for a ride in his pool. It’s Florida, this is the shitt you do for fun. Dusten’s based in Deltona, Florida, a city between Orlando and Daytona. The last time Deltona was on BC it was for a woman (allegedly) who stabbed her boyfriend because he wouldn’t bang her.

It’s that kind of neighborhood. The people have some fun and play hard.

Now it’s known as Dusten Smith’s neighborhood where you never know what’s going to go down with the Can-Am.

Now Dusten’s pumping out multiple Can-Am videos like drifting in the rain during Irma. You hear of people becoming overnight sensations for the strangest reasons on the Internet. That’s Dusten. Who knew doing pool wheelies would be interesting. You never know until you push play on the videos.

It’s a joke, people!

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Review: Reese Witherspoon Robs The Frat House In ‘Home Again’

Hallie Meyers-Shyer was destined to make romantic comedies. As the daughter of the genre-definer Nancy Meyers, she grew up on the sets of films like Father of the Bride, What Women Want and Something’s Got To Give. Now, Meyers-Shyer makes her writing/directing debut with Home Again, a charming Reese Witherspoon vehicle about a 40-year-old single mom who takes on an unconventional arrangement with a trio of talented twenty-something men.

Settle your lions. We’re not talking Y Tu Mama Tambien territory here.

Newly separated and recently relocated back to Los Angeles, Alice (Witherspoon) is overwhelmed by starting over. While her young daughter struggles with self-esteem, she’s trying to find her footing in a new career, while dipping a toe back into dating. One wild night out lands 27-year-old Harry (Pico Alexander) a handsome aspiring filmmaker in her bed, and his actor brother Teddy (Nat Wolff) and screenwriter bestie George (Jon Rudnitsky) on her couch. Once this ambitious but broke filmmaking trifecta impresses Alice’s mom (Candice Bergen as a once revered ingenue), it’s decided they’ll stay in the guest house while they they hammer out financing for their first feature.

Far from the start of some seedy Playboy letter, this proves the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as Teddy and George quickly bond with Alice’s daughters, filling in for their distracted dad (Michael Sheen), a music exec who’s lingering in New York. Between meetings with a fast-talking producer (Veep‘s Reid Scott), Harry smoothly woos Alice. Which urges her ex to reappear and metaphorically mark his territory by feigning an interest in fatherhood, and swaggering his dadbod about in sweatpants. (Doughy, sweatsuit-sporting Sheen is at once amusing and alluring. The dude has a gift.)


Like her mother’s movies, Meyers-Shyer’s Home Again offers blithe humor, beautiful people, and a heart-warming happy ending. Basically, it’s a solid mom movie, with jokes that are funny but never shocking, and a story that is playful but never profane. Meyers-Shyer flips the script a bit by having an older woman romance a younger man. Better yet, Home Again never scolds Alice for this fling, even while recognizing Harry is too immature to be the partner she craves. But rather than forcing her into settle either with her old lover or her new one, this modern rom-com offers a satisfying third option.

While brightly charming, Home Alone is a wee bit wonky. For one, the film begins with a bizarrely long voiceover about Alice’s famous filmmaker father, who takes up a weird amount of screen time considering he’s dead before the plot starts. From there, some major moments land with a thud, like a big fight between Harry and Alice over a missed dinner date (that doesn’t seem nearly as damnable as she insists). And our heroine’s one chance to clap back at a cruel client (an underused Lake Bell) comes off as forced and toothless instead of righteous and raucous. But the biggest blunder in this otherwise wonderful comedy is its bad fashion.


We talked about this before with the abysmal Layover. Comedies made for women tend to feature everywomen in enviable attire. The kind of sweater sets and casual blazers that sigh with effortless elegance. Draping her frazzled but fabulous leading ladies in pristine white wardrobes became part of Nancy Meyer’s iconography between The Holiday, Something’s Got To Give, and It’s Complicated. But her daughter’s missed a sartorial step, dressing Witherspoon in uninspired blouses and regrettable mom jeans that make the petite star look paunchy. Only when Alice was stepping out for her birthday or an important dinner did she wear suitably stylish looks. But by and large the fashion fantasy is woefully forgotten.

Still, these are minor setbacks for a movie that’s overall an utter delight. Witherspoon swoons, and we follow, falling fast for the too-handsome Harry. Bergen brings sass as the nosy mother, while Wolff offers warmth as Harry’s happy-go-lucky brother. Sheen is superbly slimy yet seductive, succinctly explaining how Alice put up with her undependable husband for so long. Lola Flanery—with silver/blue eyes and a heart-breaking vulnerability—steals hearts as Alice’s anxious eldest daughter, while Eden Grace Redfield is perfectly adorable as the eye-rolling little sister. But the surprising scene-stealer of Home Again is Jon Rudnitsky, who harbors a stealthy hotness.


While Harry is the charmer and Teddy is—um—there too, George proves the caring sage in the lives of nearly every character, but in a way that feels open-hearted and compassionate, not pretentious or judgmental. Rudnitsky is perfectly cast for the part. The comedian, who spent a season on Saturday Night Live, lands not only panic-streaked jokes like, «I’m not in love with her, okay. I just love a lot of things about her, like her face and her personality!» He also grounds sentimental moments of concern, encouragement, and longing with an affable earnestness. Even as Harry brazenly flirts with his shirt off, my eye kept drifting to the clever guy with the crooked grin, emotional intelligence, and manic energy.

All in all, Home Again reveals Meyers-Shyer to be a promising heiress to her mother’s legacy. But more surprisingly, it could be the launchpad for the swoon-worthy Rudnitsky, a funny guy whose got something uniquely sexy to him. Here’s hoping we see more from both of them.

Kristy Puchko reviews a bunch of movies. Find more reviews of hers here.


‘Ghost House’ Offers Reiteration That Stealing From the Dead Is Stupid

Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween: Shit Editions) and James Hébert (Westworld) are a couple traveling through Thailand when they meet a couple of jerks who take them to a graveyard. Like an idiot, Julie (Taylor-Compton) takes Jerk One’s advice to steal a piece of a ghost house as a souvenir of their trip.

Do I need to tell you what happens next? After Julie the Genius desecrates a grave? SPOOPY STUFF, KIDS. GRUDGE-LIKE STUFF.

I’m sure I’ll watch it at some point, but I won’t be in theaters to see it. In fact, it is in theaters now. Did—did we know that already?



Buy Corey Dillon’s Calabasas House Featuring A Backyard Putting Green — $2.25 Million

I couldn’t tell you the first thing that Corey Dillon has been up to since he retired from the NFL in 2007. I’m also still not sure how it’s possible that it’s been 10 years since he last played. If you asked me, I probably would’ve told you Corey was still pounding the rock 3-4 years ago. That just blows my mind.

Well, now he’s selling the house that I’m assuming he retired to after that short stint with the Patriots. THis thing is a bargain for California and you’re a guy, you’re getting everything you could really ask for in a house.

More details from the realtor:

Welcome to Mont Calabasas, a beautiful and exclusive guard-gated community in the gently rolling hills of Calabasas. The chef’s kitchen leaves nothing to be desired with an expansive eat-in breakfast area, pantry, butler’s nook, gorgeous cabinetry & counter-tops, Subzero & Viking appliances and a center island w/separate sink. The floor plan is absolutely ideal and flows perfectly! The first floor features a light & bright formal living room, inviting formal dining room w/ stone fireplace, a family room, and the 5th bedroom/maid’s room. The upstairs features a master w/large walk-in closet, private office/sitting room & balcony and a dual fireplace for master bedroom and bath. Three additional bedrooms also have en-suites, plus an upstairs office / media room and a large entertainment area! There is so much room to stretch out and play, inside & out. The adjoining outdoor living has an appealing ambiance and is situated to take in the Expansive Grounds which encompass a built-in outdoor Tiki- Bar/BBQ area, Gorgeous Rock Pool with Waterfall Feature, Water Slide and Spa, a Half-Court Basketball Court, and a 4 putting surface golf course.

That’s right, a putting green in the backyard, bitches. We haven’t seen one of these on a house we’ve posted in a while. It’s such a simple idea that not enough people do. Is there anything more relaxing than sipping a cocktail and hitting the putting green behind your house? That sounds like a perfect Saturday to me.

Other highlights of Corey’s house

  • 5 bed / 6 bath / 5,024 sq. ft.
  • Did I mention the basketball court?
  • There’s a mini gym set up if you want to squeeze in a lift
  • 13 miles to Whole Foods
  • 12 miles to the Malibu Pier

Mortgage: around $ 11,500 / month


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Morning Briefing: Stephen Bannon Goes to War Against the White House

— A U.S. Destroyer, the U.S.S. John McCain, collided with an oil tanker last night off the coast of Singapore. Search and rescue teams are still searching for 10 missing Navy sailors. John McCain was quick to respond on Twitter.

Hillary Clinton weighed in respectfully.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump responded to the incident as Donald Trump does: «That’s too bad.»

— Mar-a-Lago has now lost 10 charity events, thanks to Donald Trump’s response to Charlottesville. This is going to get under the man’s skin as much as anything.

USA Today is reporting that the Secret Service is out of money because of the expense of protecting the President at his many properties and his many family members. As many as 1000 Secret Service agents have hit their federally mandated caps for salary and overtime for the year. It’s August.

— Trump will address the nation during primetime tonight to announce his plans for Afghanistan. Reportedly, it will involve a troop surge, and the plan has been met favorably by General Mattis and the intelligence community, which basically means that Trump has sold out the nationalist wing of his base (the Bannon people) and listened to the sane people.

— Speaking of the «sane people,» Axios is reporting that the reason there hasn’t been mass defections inside the White House is partially because staffers believe that, without them, Trump would put the country in danger. They say they stop him from acting on his worst impulses, and without his aides, we’d be in a trade war with China, there’s be massive deportations, and we’d have a government shutdown to force the building of The Wall. Also, they say, they are staying to protect James Mattis, who needs all the allies he can get. (They also add that they love the power.)

— For what the polls are worth, they’re showing that Trump’s support has dropped considerably in three crucial swing states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan — where his approval ratings match the rest of the nation: 34-36 percent.

— Reminder: Trump heads to Phoenix tomorrow for a campaign-style rally, where he may also pardon Joe Arpaio. Police are bracing for a Charlottesville-type response, with Trump supporters and counter-protestors potentially clashing in Arizona.

— It could get ugly this week, as Breitbart steps up its attacks on the «globalists» within the Administration, like H.R. McMaster and Jared Kushner. Breitbart, however, has been bleeding advertisers since the election and its traffic is down considerably. With Bannon back in charge, it could see a surge in popularity, or Breitbart could continue to lose relevancy because it no longer has anyone in the White House. Bannon will definitely go after the White House; it’s still uncertain whether anyone will pay attention to him.

That said, the far right does pay attention, and Bannon could turn the right against Trump on Russia and force his impeachment, so says Vanity Fair:

At Breitbart, Bannon has a brigade of similarly happy warriors. «We’re in a loud bar celebrating the return of our captain!» Breitbart’s Washington editor Matt Boyle told me on Friday night. Breitbart’s defense of Trump has so far helped keep the Russia scandal from gaining traction on the right. But that could swiftly change if Trump, under the influence of Kushner and Cohn, deviates too far from the positions he ran on. If that happens, said one high-level Breitbart staffer, «We’re prepared to help Paul Ryan rally votes for impeachment.»

Pauvre Trump. He’s going to be getting it from «many sides» for the rest of his hopefully short Presidency. And wouldn’t it be ironic if Bannon forced a man he called a «limped dick motherfucker» to turn on his former boss?

Header from Mr. Mercedes, which I am loving through two episodes.


Benjen’s Sacrifice Is a Reminder of House Stark’s Greatness

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones season seven is an emotional juggernaut, but perhaps no moment is quite as unexpected or poignant as Benjen Stark saving Jon Snow. Poor Uncle Benjen — Ned Stark’s brother — hasn’t appeared in a fully alive form since season one, but before the Children of the Forest stopped him from becoming a wight, he accepted a certain amount of responsibility for Jon.

It’s established in the first episode of the entire series that Jon looks up to his uncle. He even uses Benjen as part of his argument for why he should be allowed to join the Night’s Watch so young. But as soon as Jon arrives at the Wall, his uncle is sent ranging beyond it, never to return. As a result, Benjen isn’t there to guide Jon during his Night’s Watch days as expected. Instead, he is left beyond the Wall in a half-human state with no way to help his family and no hope of resuming a normal life.

At the end of season six, he gets the opportunity to help Bran and Meera, and that’s a definite win, but the connection between Jon and his uncle is the one that needs the payoff. And in «Beyond the Wall,» the show finally allows Benjen to have his big hero moment when he saves Jon from certain death. Benjen never questions his decision to save Jon. It’s almost as if he has been watching the battle play out and he sees his chance to wade into the fray. Even though he has only been living half a life for years now, Benjen is still a Stark, and Starks are loyal until the bitter end. He sees a chance to save Jon, and he takes it.

Benjen puts his nephew on that horse because he’s family and because he knows that Jon still has some living left to do. It’s a final sacrifice made to honor Ned, the Night’s Watch, and his family name. Even though he never returned from ranging to teach Jon what it means to be a brother of the Night’s Watch, he has the opportunity to give his nephew a greater gift: the chance to live long enough to fight another day.

It could be argued that Benjen knows something about Jon’s role in the great war to come. He may be privy to some vision or prophecy pointing toward his nephew being Azor Ahai reborn, but sometimes the simple answer is the best one, even in the complex world of Game of Thrones. Starks are loyal and honorable, and family always comes first for them. Benjen dies for Jon because it’s what Ned would have done, what their father would have done, and what Jon would do for any of his family members. His sacrifice is a reminder that House Stark’s greatest strength is their love for one another — a lesson Sansa and Arya need to remember right about now — and that the pack will always survive, even when it loses one wolf.

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Elsa Hosk & Girlfriends Bring The Flamethrowers, Tebow Being Tebow & Buy Eminem’s House

Instagram Photo

I’ve looked at the TV schedule for tonight in sports and I can’t really find anything you need to watch. ESPN2 has the Little League World Series softball championship. It’s been kinda hot as balls the last 14 days or so here in Ohio, so if you’re in this area I suggest throwing out some bread in the yard to attract the birds and then watch them fight over it. Much better than MSNBC, CNN or Fox.

Elsa Hosk & her girlfriends….HOLY FUCC!

DiCaprio’s latest slam piece

Tebow’s out here bringing joy to grandma

Buy Eminem’s massive Michigan mansion — LOW PRICE!

Want to board plane early in Seattle? Wear a Russell Wilson jersey – seriously

The Fox hot chicks are turning on Trump

Male stripper Florida Man stabbed his partner’s eyes out for possibly being cannibal

Here’s Diana from San Diego State U.

Turn Up The Volume Football Practice Video of the Week

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Burger of the Day

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Game of Thrones: What Randyll and Dickon’s Fate Means For House Tarly

With so many different families in Game of Thrones, keeping up with them all can prove super difficult, especially since some aren’t always in the forefront. Take House Tarly, for example. We’ve been familiar with Sam for quite some time, but we didn’t get formally introduced to his family until season six, when he pays a visit to his home of Horn Hill. (In case you forgot, some of them aren’t very nice to him.) But «Eastwatch» sees a big shift in their dynamics. For refusing to follow Daenerys, Randyll, the head of the family, and Dickon, his son and heir, get burnt to a crisp. With them gone, what’s left of House Tarly?

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