Jonah Hill Asked Channing Tatum For Gym Advice, and It Appears to Be Working

Jonah Hill was looking all kinds of buff while enjoying a sunny walk in NYC on Sunday. The actor wore a fitted blue t-shirt (a piece we’ve seen him in before) with red pants and kept his earbuds in as he made his way through NoHo. We first got a glimpse of Jonah’s chiseled new physique during a casual stroll in NYC last month, and weeks later, he put his toned arms on display while grabbing a smoothie before a gym session. After gaining 40 pounds for his role in the crime drama War Dogs, Jonah hired a nutritionist and reportedly kept a food journal to lose the weight. He also got some healthy living advice from his 21 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum, whom he called and asked, ‘Hey, if I ate less and go to a trainer, will I get in better shape?'»

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Jonah Hill Lets His Biceps Breathe Before Hitting the Gym in LA

Jonah Hill dropped a substantial amount of weight recently and hasn’t been shy about showing off his slimmer figure from coast to coast. Last week, the Wolf of Wall Street actor looked damn near unrecognizable while hitting the streets in a fitted t-shirt in NYC, and on Friday, Jonah was spotted putting his biceps on display in a blue tank top while picking up a smoothie before hitting the gym in LA. Jonah reportedly hired a nutritionist and kept a food journal to lose weight after gaining 40 pounds for his role in the 2015 crime film War Dogs, and also got some fitness advice from his 21 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum.

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Jonah Hill Is Damn Near Unrecognizable While Showing Off His Biceps in NYC

Jonah Hill showed off a slimmer figure while on a stroll in NYC on Saturday, and we have to be honest: we barely recognized the guy. Sporting a fitted blue t-shirt and black jeans, Jonah gave the public a glimpse of his biceps and chiseled chest; the actor recently hired a nutritionist and reportedly kept a food journal to lose weight after gaining 40 pounds for his role in the 2015 crime film War Dogs. He also enlisted the help of his 21 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum to slim down. «I called Channing Tatum and said, ‘Hey, if I ate less and go to a trainer, will I get in better shape?'» he revealed during a Tonight Show appearance in August 2016, adding, «And he said, ‘Yes, you dumb motherf*cker, of course you will. It’s the simplest thing in the entire world.» Clearly, Channing’s advice has paid off.

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Jessica Pimentel’s Guide to Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

You may recognize her as Maria Ruiz, the thick-skinned inmate who leads a prison riot on Netflix’s hit series Orange Is the New Black. But in real life, Jessica Pimentel spends her weekends rocking out in her heavy metal band, Alekhine’s Gun, recording violin tracks for a Swedish goth band called Valhall or enjoying time in her hometown, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

“I think it’s the great place in New York,” Pimentel says of her Brooklyn roots. “Growing up, Cobble Hill was super diverse. You had millionaires and people on assisted living on the same block. My friends were a melting pot of Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Irish, Polish and plain old American–we had it all.” Pimentel reminisces about how the diversity in the neighborhood kids stretched beyond their heritage. “You had metalheads, skater kids, preps and nerds all getting together. It was all good as long as you knew where the corner store was,” she explains. 

Pimentel’s childhood was not only full of diversity within her social circle, she had a range of interests herself. “I’ve always been on stage in one form or another. I played violin for many years at an elite level, until I reached high school where I attended LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts,” she says. After suffering from hand injury from playing violin so heavily, Pimentel had to make the decision to either leave LaGuardia or join another program. She was accepted into the drama program and continued on to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. “I was devastated to have to stop playing violin,” she says of the pivotal moment in her life. “But, there’s something to be said about doors opening–one door closes and a window opens. Or something!”

Another window that has opened for Pimentel is her gig as the frontman for her heavy death-metal group Alekhine’s Gun. “There is something very honest and raw about metal music. The intense energy and musicianship behind the genre is was attracted me to it,” she says of her love of metal. “Growing up, I’d go to a show at CBGB in New York City and you could meet your idol and shake their hand. The metal community has always been intimate and personal.”

Fast forward a few years, and Pimentel has become a breakout star on the hit series Orange Is the New Black as Maria Ruiz. The show returns to Netflix on June 9 and is sure to keep viewers binge-watching for several hours. “You could be best friends with someone in episode one and try to stab them in episode two,” Pimentel says of the twists. “You’re like, ‘How did that happen?’ and it’s just because, ‘That’s life.’”

Below, find some of Pimentel’s favorite spots in her beloved hometown of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

Cup of JoeCobble Hill Coffee Shop. When I really need to take a load off and have a cup o’ joe, I find myself there. It’s not fancy. It’s about as old school as it gets. A great diner where you can get all the neighborhood happenings and run into the local characters. Great traditional comfort food and cozy atmosphere. No frills, No problem. Fuggedaboudit.

Power LunchHometown BBQ. This place is ridiculously good at what they do—quite possibly the best in all of NYC. You may find a line wrapping outside and around the block if you go on a weekend, but if you get there around lunch time on a weekday, you may be lucky enough have a table to yourself and the first pick of that day’s bounty. Words cannot do the food justice. It’s something you need to experience first hand. And fret not if you do not eat meat. Their mac and cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, whiskey sour pickles, cornbread, sauces and dessert are all vegetarian and are good enough to make you cry.

Cocktail HourBrooklyn Social. Classic old school New York vibes, it reflects a time in the area where people only went out to their local social clubs of which you had to be a member. It’s where I go to unwind and, ironically, be anti social. No fear, most people who go there go to do the same, whether it’s to read a book, decompress, listen to some opera, classic salsa, old ska or mellow Americana, work on a new mathematical theory or chat with friend, this place always hits the spot. Although they only have a few beers on tap they have quite a list of concoctions that will wet your whistle.  The most popular go-to is the Matt’s Ginger Old Fashioned. A great drink with a little spicy twist.

Retail TherapyMandala Tibetan Store (the main store is in Manhattan but there are several locations in Brooklyn). They specialize in Tibetan Buddhist supplies and artwork. But they also carry a wide array of beautiful handmade clothing, bags, accessories, incense, jewelry, prayer beads,statues, books and music. I try to stop in there regularly to pick up my supply of Tara healing incense for friends and family, but end up leaving with much more than I planned on. This is my go-to shop for small and meaningful gifts. And I highly suggest you check out one of the three New York shops for unusual, exotic, beautiful objects in every price range. Don’t forget to say Tashi Delek (hello)!

Field TripGreen-Wood Cemetery. Sounds morbid, I know, but Green-Wood is one of the most important National Historic Landmarks in the country. Going back to 1776, the Battle of Brooklyn was fought on land that is now a part of Green-Wood. It was the first battle of the American Revolution to be waged after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In the 1800s it was not just a cemetery, but a destination for families to enjoy “a day in country.” A beautifully designed lush playground with amazing landscaping and architecture, it was a tourist attraction second to Niagara Falls. It was so popular it inspired a competition to design a park in that other city, Manhattan (Brooklyn was its own city until 1898), and thus Central Park was born. 478 acres to get lost in. Great spots to relax, take photos and take trolley tours! 

Date NightBar Tabac. A quaint french bistro and one of our favorite go-to spots. They offer a great menu of French and American classics and always have amazing specials. This place is great for lunch and brunch and full of families in the day, but at night you’ll get some live music from a small band and a possibly move the tables over for a home style dance party on the right night. Give Les Moules Frites in white wine sauce a try and be prepared to dunk that fresh bread.

Also, The Good Fork. If you’re up for an adventure to far and mysterious Red Hook, this would be the place for a romantic rendezvous. It’s like stepping back in time a little. There is a cozy and romantic vibe with a cute kitschy yard. This place has some of the best food in town. A Korean and American fusion, there is always something new popping up on the menu. The staples that have not changed are always made to perfection—and I have tried every one. Give the dumplings a try, or basically just point to anything on the entree side and know it will be good.

Don’t MissThe Brooklyn Promenade / Brooklyn Bridge Park. Some of my greatest childhood memories were sitting here at this iconic destination in Brooklyn. Not only is the view incredible but you’ll get to walk through the beautiful historic district of Brooklyn Heights to get there. If you want a closer view and a little more action Brooklyn Bridge park has a lot… A WHOLE lot of activities and fun. 

Also, Coney Island/Luna Park. If you want to travel off the beaten path and get some real New York flavor and culture. One of the most famous amusement parks ever made on one of the most fun-loving party beaches on earth. There are new and old rides and games as well as great piers and food. It’s also right near the aquarium if things get too hot, and there is a huge concert venue, the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball stadium and fireworks every Friday night. You must get a Nathan’s hot dog, a Piragua (shaved ice) and try to shoot the freak after a spin on the Wonder Wheel.

Hidden GemLift / Next Level Floats. This is the place to hit if you want to reach total relaxation and get away from the hubbub of the city that never sleeps. It is a sanctuary of sensory deprivation tanks made for major alone time. Tanks filled with 1,000 pounds of epsom salt make you, in a sense, weightless as you float in tranquility. you can choose a closed pod or a flotation “room” tank. Lights and music optional. Peace and quiet mandatory.

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Find Someone Who Looks at You the Way Jonah Hill Looks at Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill formed quite a special bond while filming 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street, and honestly, how could they not? When you spend your days pretending to do hardcore drugs and have orgies with women aboard airplanes, we imagine you become friends pretty quickly. During the film’s press tour and that year’s award season, we got to see Leo and Jonah’s bond in real life. They hit red carpets together, shared a few cocktails, and made each other laugh while goofing off during fancy events. But that was just the beginning. Leo made a surprise appearance during Jonah’s Saturday Night Live opening monologue in 2014 (they re-created that famous «Jack, I’m flying» scene from Titanic), and he pulled an epic prank on Jonah when he pretended to be an excited fan taking pictures on the streets of NYC in 2016. Leo is known for his large group of guy friends, or the «P*ssy Posse,» but his bond with Jonah is definitely one of our favorites.

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Faith Hill Fulfills a Young Fan’s Wish During a Concert Stop in Mississippi

A post shared by Faith Hill (@faithhill) on

Faith Hill is currently on Soul2Soul: The World Tour with husband Tim McGraw, and during a recent stop in Mississippi, the country star invited one of her youngest fans to come meet and sing with her backstage. On Tuesday, Faith posted a video of the special moment on Instagram, writing, «Was so sweet to meet & sing with Rosie, a fellow Mississippi Girl. #soul2soul #speaktoagirl.» Rosie previously sent Faith a video of herself singing one of her hits, and in the clip, Faith can be heard telling Rosie, «You just made my day when I saw your little video. You’re precious.» Rosie chose «Mississippi Girls» for their duet as they both hail from the state. Watch their adorable duet above!

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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Turn Up the Heat at the ACM Awards

The ACM Awards definitely wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. On Sunday, the longtime couple hit up the Toshiba Plaza in Las Vegas looking red hot. Faith stunned in a gorgeous leopard-print number, while Tim stuck to his country roots with a black cowboy hat. The duo put on an adorable display as they flashed big smiles for the cameras and struck their best prom pose. Not only is Tim up for a few awards tonight, but he and Faith will also be taking the stage together for a performance.

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Few Things Are Cuter Than Nicole Kidman and Faith Hill Dancing Together at the ACMs

After Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban took a romantic walk down the red carpet at the ACM Awards, the Big Little Lies actress supported her husband by busting a few moves in the audience while he performed. Faith Hill, who was seated next to Nicole and Keith in the front row, couldn’t resist joining her. The two adorably danced like no one was watching, briefly turning Tim McGraw into the most disinterested third wheel in history. We, on the other hand, can’t get enough of their choreography. Can someone let the organizers of all future award shows know that they have to seat Faith and Nicole together? Thanks.

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UNC Fans Celebrate The Final Four Win In The Streets Of Chapel Hill

Big college basketball wins always means big parties in the streets of these campuses. We see it every year, Kentucky is the king of it, but that doesn’t mean these other blue bloods don’t get in on the rioting action as well.

North Carolina now has more Final Four appearance than any other school in the country. They’re also going back to the National Championship for the second straight year, so naturally Chapel Hill was bumping last night. Streets crowded, people chanting, and maybe a little fire mixed in.

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How Did Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Meet? They Were Dating Other People

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of country’s most iconic couples, so it’s pretty fitting that their love story started at a musical festival. The two first met at the New Faces Show in Nashville sometime in late 1994. Faith had just divorced Daniel Hill and Tim was dating Kristine Donahue. Even though their interaction backstage was brief, they got to know each other a little better when they went on a joint tour in the Spring of 1996, fittingly titled Spontaneous Combustion.

While Tim was newly single after calling off his engagement to Kristine, Faith was engaged to record producer Scott Hendricks. After singing together every night on stage, however, they just couldn’t deny the sparks between them. One night after a show, Tim invited her into his dressing room and they shared their first kiss. Shortly after, Faith called off her engagement and the two began dating. By the end of the year, they were married and expecting their first child. Fast-forward 20 years and the country couple is still going strong with three beautiful daughters.

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