Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Make First Red Carpet Appearance Since Getting Back Together

Miley Cyrus has always been a traditional rule-breaker, but she’s also willing to toss aside vows she makes for herself. After promising to never walk a red carpet ever again last year, the «Malibu» singer did just that when she attended the LA premiere of Thor: Ragnarok with fiancé Liam Hemsworth on Tuesday. Aside from showing support for Liam’s older brother Chris, who stars in the film, the event also marked the couple’s first joint red carpet event since rekindling their romance in January 2016 — and we’re eating it up! The pair looked more in love than ever while posing for photographers together, with Miley lovingly putting her hand on Liam’s stomach. The two are usually pretty private about their relationship, but we love getting little glimpses of their romance!

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Liam Hemsworth Literally Couldn’t Get Away From Miley Cyrus After They Broke Up

It seems like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were always destined to be together. During a recent radio interview with Howard Stern, the singer revealed the «funny, f*cking crazy» way a house in Malibu led Liam back into her life after they called off their engagement in 2013. «When we broke up, he wanted to get away from me and he moved to Malibu,» she said. Little did he know that the house actually had a huge connection to Miley: it was where she recorded her very first album, Meet Miley Cyrus.

«The person hid all of the plaques in the garage so he would still buy the house,» she added. «So then he went to move in and was like, ‘F*ck! I cannot get away. This b*tch is all over my f*cking house.’ And all my plaques are everywhere.» As fate would have it, the pair ended up reconciling in January 2016 and are currently living in the house together. «My song ‘Malibu’ is about the house that I live in in Malibu, which is where I recorded my first album,» she continued. How fortuitous!

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Every Romantic Moment Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Shared This Year

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth famously rekindled their romance last year. While they spent most of 2016 playing coy about their resumed engagement, they seem to have no problem showing off their romance this year. Not only did Miley reveal that Liam was the inspiration behind her hit «Malibu,» but the two are often spotted out on romantic dates and they often gush about each other on Instagram. See some of their sweetest moments from this year ahead.

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5 People Miley Cyrus Dated Before (and After) Falling For Liam Hemsworth

We can’t get enough of Miley Cyrus‘s love story with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, but he’s certainly not the only person who has stolen her heart over the years. Remember her tween romance with fellow Disney Channel star Nick Jonas? What about her fleeting relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son? Bet you didn’t know she dated a Sprouse twin, either. See all the people Miley romanced before (and after) falling for her husband-to-be.

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Liam Hemsworth Calls Big Brother Chris a «Massive Jerk» in the Cutest Way

Chris Hemsworth turns 34 on Friday, and it really wouldn’t be a proper birthday if his brothers didn’t give him a hard time. The Thor: Ragnarok actor’s youngest sibling, Liam, decided to wish Chris a happy birthday with a hilarious social media shout-out on Aug. 11. In addition to posting what appears to be a screenshot of Chris enjoying a bubble bath with a toy, he wrote, «Happy birthday Chrisso! Love u ya massive jerk 😉 xox @chrishemsworth #bathtime #rubberducky.» We love how close this family is.

Happy birthday Chrisso! Love u ya massive jerk 😉 xox @chrishemsworth #bathtime #rubberducky

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Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilson Have a Steamy Makeout Session in the Rain

Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilson had a pretty tough day at the office on Monday (kidding). The two Australian stars were spotted engaging in a passionate makeout session on the set of their new movie, Isn’t It Romantic, in New York City this week. While posing in front of a green screen, which we assume will conjure up some movie magic in the editing room, Liam and Rebel locked lips as «rain» poured down around them. The actress stunned in a red gown while Liam looked handsome in a black suit and tie. The movie, which also stars Priyanka Chopra and Adam DeVine, is about a woman who finds herself stuck in a romantic comedy after being disenchanted with love.

When Liam isn’t busy locking lips with his onscreen costar, he’s all about his real-life leading lady, fiancée Miley Cyrus. After rekindling their romance in January 2016, the pair seem more in love than ever. In addition to Miley gushing about falling for Liam all over again, the two have been spotted hitting the beach together and hanging with each other’s families.

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These Shirtless Liam Hemsworth Pictures Will Make You Wish You Were Miley Cyrus

When it comes to hot Aussies, Liam Hemsworth is one of the sexiest around — especially when he’s shirtless. Not only has the actor bared his chest for movies such as The Last Song, but he’s also given us a sneak peek at his glorious abs during his casual surf outings, and for that we’re eternally grateful. Let’s just say we all wish we were Miley Cyrus. Take a moment to appreciate all the times this hunk has shown off his incredible physique.

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Kick Off Your Week With This Photo of Liam Hemsworth in a Banana Hammock

Here’s to ice baths and flexing in tiny shorts

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Liam Hemsworth shared a handful of amazing photos to Instagram on Sunday while showing off his insane physique in a pair of very small swim trunks, and we have to say: the printed banana-hammock-style shorts fit Liam quite nicely. «Here’s to ice baths and flexing in tiny shorts,» the Aussie actor captioned his gallery. While this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse of Liam without a shirt on, he’s usually stripping out of a wetsuit after a surf session. Hopefully, these new photos will get your week (and Miley Cyrus’s) off to a good start.

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Site Announcement Brought To You By A Topless Liam Hemsworth In Shorty Shorts 


I thought my day was made and I reached for the economy-sized jug of lube when I read the headline this morning about a Hemsworth being in tiny shorts. And then I pushed the economy-sized jug of lube away after realizing it was just Liam Hemsworth and I wasn’t going to get a picture of Thor’s mighty ass muscles putting the seams of shorty shorts to the test. Oh well, I’ll still take it.

So, like a mysterious rash on my ass, I’ve been avoiding addressing this shit, but it’s time. Starting right now, I’m taking a semi-sabbatical (I almost wrote “slutbatical” but that makes it sounds like I’m taking a break from being a slut) from writing on Dlisted for the rest of the summer to deal with health stuff, recharge my mushed-up brains and to write my 3,000 page unauthorized Phoebe Price biography (I wish). And yes, I can feel my mom rolling her eyes while saying, “Health stuff? Pfft, I made your lunch while dropping you off at school on my way to work after 45 minutes of sleep and coughing up pieces of my lungs because I had pneumonia!”

I’m really lucky that I can do this, but it’s impossible for me to unplug from Dlisted completely since I love it more than Hot Fries and hard dick. I’m still going to do Hot Slut of the Day every day and will also cover highly important breaking news stories (examples: shirtless pics of Prince Hot Ginge, the much-anticipated return of La Pequena, etc…). I’m going on a road trip with my sister later this week (pray for us) and once I get back (that’s if we don’t murder each other’s nerves), I plan to step into 2011 by doing Dlisted’s first podcast. You know, because there’s not enough of those in the world.

My partner in foolery, Allison, will continue to spread the messiness on the weekdays and J. Harvey will continue to do weekends. I’m also bringing in two new writers I’m into, Mieka and C.J., to help Allison during the week. They’re starting today, and I already told them that since I won’t be posting as much, they have to make at least one rotten dick cheese joke a week to keep up with quota.

Oh, and there may also be a little redesign coming soon-ish.

I know, all these changes. I would take your hand and thank you for reading Dlisted and for supporting my ass (in more ways than one), but I need both of my hands to toke up while preparing to be trapped in a metal box with my sister for hours on end!

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Miley Cyrus’s Throwback to Her First Kiss With Liam Hemsworth Will Make Your Heart Sing

Is it just us or do Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get cuter every day? On Thursday, the «Malibu» singer celebrated National Kissing Day by posting an adorable throwback of the two filming their 2010 movie, The Last Song. «Happy #InternationalKissingDay! 💋💋💋» she wrote alongside a photo of them making out in the ocean. «Our first smooch 8 years ago! ❤️❤️❤️» Aww! It’s pretty fitting that they met on the set of a Nicholas Sparks adaptation since playing love interests «sparked» their real-life romance. Even though they took a brief break when they called off their engagement in 2013, they seem more in love than ever after getting back together.

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