Even Sarah Paulson Gets Scared Out of Her Mind During an AHS-Themed Haunted House

Sarah Paulson may play some creepy characters on American Horror Story, but even she can’t handle jump scares. During the Halloween episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, the actress joined the show’s executive producer, Andy Lassner, for the Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights American Horror Story maze (try saying that three times fast). Not only did Andy completely misguide her about where to look for creepy figures, but at one point, Sarah got so spooked out that she actually lost her balance and fell to the ground. See all the craziness above!

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17 Celebrities Who Will Forever Be Haunted by the Songs About Them

Whenever a celebrity singer releases a breakup anthem, the public can’t help but do some digging as to which of their famous significant others the song could be about. From Justin Timberlake‘s overt shout-out to Britney Spears in his «Cry Me a River» video to Taylor Swift’s plethora of cryptic lyrics referencing past paramours, it’s hard not to play detective and try to decode the possible messages. After Justin Bieber dropped his hit single «Sorry,» people wasted no time declaring it a public apology to his ex Selena Gomez (for her part, Selena’s 2014 hit «The Heart Wants What It Wants» was widely speculated to be about Justin as well).

High-profile musicians write song lyrics about their wayward romances just like most nonfamous people would write in their journals — the only difference is that while your diary entry may be for your eyes only, their scrawled-on, tear-stained pages become chart-topping radio staples and songs of the Summer, popping up on postsplit playlists around the globe. Can you imagine being out with your friends, dancing the night away in a bar, when all of a sudden your ex’s hit song (the one that everyone knows is about you) starts blaring from the speakers? Picture yourself in a beautiful restaurant on a third date, sipping wine and listening intently to them talk about their day before . . . what’s that sound? Oh, it’s just that person you dated for six months singing about how you broke their heart into a million tiny pieces. Such a bummer, right?

We may never, ever find out who Carly Simon thought was «so vain,» but at least we have these modern breakups tunes to scrutinize. Keep reading for 17 celebrities who will likely be haunted by the songs about them for the rest of their lives.

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Chicago Elementary School Cancels Christian Haunted  House Depicting Pulse Night Club Shooting

Fernwood Elementary School in Chicago was all set to co-host a so-called “Christian” haunted house that included a recreation of the Pulse nightclub massacre, but are now backing out and disavowing the event, Chicago Public School officials told the Windy City Times (a local LGBT weekly).

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Ellen DeGeneres Forces Her Producer and His Assistant to Go Through a Haunted House

Ellen DeGeneres is known for scaring people on her show, and she certainly brings out all the tricks around Halloween. As part of her annual tradition of sending her executive producer, Andy Lassner, into a haunted house, she made him and his assistant, Jacqueline Nelson, go through an Exorcist-themed attraction at Universal Studios’s Halloween Horror Nights this year. While Andy tries to play down all the special effects by telling Jacqueline to always look for the feet, he still jumps for his life when a creepy figure pops out from the walls. His final thoughts? «I don’t enjoy it. I’m not going to lie to you.»

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Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon’s Haunted House Adventure Is Just as Terrifying as It Is Comical

The last time Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart got together, the actor confronted his fear of roller coasters, but their latest adventure left both of them screaming. During a special segment on The Tonight Show on Thursday, the two paid a visit to NYC’s «scariest haunted house,» Blood Manor, and the results were scary good. Thankfully, every single moment of terror was caught on tape as they made their way through the attraction wearing GoPro cameras. Even though the Jumanji star initially tried to play it off like it was nothing, by the end, his fear certainly got the best of him as he let out a blood-curdling scream.

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