The Zombie Angelina Jolie Girl Lied About Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her Idol


An Angelina Jolie-centric post seems to always get heated in the comments, but can’t we all agree that it must be disappointing to open your laptop one morning, check your Google Alerts, and find pics of an emaciated nightmare hell creature claiming to have had 50 surgeries to look like you? That’s not Christmas. Sahar Tabar, a 19-year-old from Iran, posted several pictures and videos (most of which have now been deleted) of herself looking like Dead Taylor Swift’s little sis. She claimed she went through dozens of plastic surgeries to look like her lord and savior Angie. Well, she lied, as reported by Sputnik (via The Sun). For those of you who believed those pics, I’m a member of the Royal Family in Nigeria with an urgent, private matter. I want to give you 100 million Euros. I’ll just need your Social Security number, 1000 blessings on your family, thank you.

Sahar has admitted that the pics of her looking like Jennifer Aniston’s conception of the Leprechaun doing Angelina Jolie cosplay was due to “make-up magic and computer wizardry.

Sahar told Sputnik : “Now I can see that I have something in common with (Angelina Jolie), but I amuse myself, and to look like someone is not my goal.”

Angelina Faux-lie initially claimed that she had spent 40K on surgeries to look like the Messiah of neutral tones. LIES. That hollow face with the pouting rubbery lips was a LIE. Angelina doesn’t have facial piercings. I kid!

“Over time I post a photo, I make my face more fun and funny, it is a form of self-expression, a kind of art.

It is art because she made herself look like something that wouldn’t be out of place at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. That’s craft! Here’s what the crafty Sahar actually looks like (via Instagram).


Eagle-eyed viewers” noticed that many of Sahar’s pics looked like they might have been retouched by the winner of the Pimpin’ Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The warped background and odd lines in the shot suggest that it has been tweaked using a computer.

If Sahar REALLY wanted to make us think she was determined to look like The One Who Was Foretold Would Save The Earth, she would have Photoshopped in some upstaging cheetahs and a stoner husband.

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Girl, The Republican Party Doesn’t Love You

You ever have one of those friends who just can’t see how terrible her boyfriend is? Like he’s not funny or smart or entertaining, but at least he treats her badly? And even though everyone else can see that he’s not good enough for her, she seems unreasonably smitten with a big, dumb, idiot who is actively trying to make her life worse?

That’s how this pinko, commie Liberal is currently feeling about poor, white America’s obsession with the GOP.

And here’s the other thing: It’s a fair assessment. Republicans aren’t interested in offering the social service programs most poor people require to meet their basic needs. And they’re also not interested in leveling the playing field so that poor folks can get the education needed to get better jobs, or increasing the quality of the shitty jobs that poor people currently have. The Republican party is interested only in giving more money to insanely rich people so those same insanely rich people will give more money back to the Republican party. We can see how badly the Republicans are treating poor people, but we can’t talk any sense into them.

The worst part about this tax bill (aside from what’s written in it, how it was passed, and the effects it’ll have on the country on the whole and its economic future), is that I’m pretty sure at least a few of us imagined this would be the turning point for the poor, white voter. This is the moment that Zach has to literally show Kelly what an asshole Jeff is at The Attic. This is when Jimmy Dugan’s innocuous question about Doris’ boyfriend’s picture leads her to throw it and, metaphorically, her shitty guy out of the bus window. Only that’s super not going to happen. Instead of realizing, «he’s not much to look at, but at least he treats me badly,» poor, white voters realize, «he’s not much to look at and he treats me badly, but at least he’s still racist and supports my racism.»

So I’m just going to go ahead and say maybe we stop worrying about this particular friend and her shitty boyfriend. Maybe they deserve each other.


James McAvoy Is on His Way to Steal Your Girl, Your Mom, and Your Grandma

At the end of last week, James McAvoy strolled the streets of Philadelphia, and he looked . . . well, he looked rather ripped. There’s nothing else to say. Perhaps it was the tight t-shirt that made him look particularly muscular on this particular day or perhaps he’s been secretly getting ripped for months while we were distracted by the apocalypse that is 2017. The latter is certainly a possibility; after all, James is likely in Philly for his new film Glass — which is a sequel to 2000’s Unbreakable and 2017’s Split — in which he plays a disturbed man with 23 personalities and one hell of a death grip. Whatever the circumstances, let us appreciate these bountiful pictures on this blessed day.

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17 Candids From Billboard Women in Music That Will Give You a Serious Dose of Girl Power

Billboard celebrated the powerful, inspirational, and talented women of the music industry with its annual Women in Music event in LA on Thursday night. Some of the world’s biggest stars stepped out for the festivities, including award recipients Kelly Clarkson (Powerhouse), Kehlan (Rule Breaker), Solange Knowles (Impact), Mary J. Blige (Icon), and woman of the year honoree Selena Gomez, who gave a teary acceptance speech after being presented by her best friend and kidney donor Francia Raisa. It was certainly an empowering evening, during which many of the night’s honorees and guests shared fun, candid moments inside and on the red carpet. We’ve rounded them up here.

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Pop Music’s Favorite Party Girl

Remember back in the 1990s when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were in a constant media-spun battle for the title of “Princess of Pop?” Fast forward to today: Those days of bubble-gum fresh, manufactured pop stars rivaling for an imaginary tiara are long gone.

Cue music’s newest pop sensation Charli XCX, the self-proclaimed party girl and outlier in a sea of musical stereotypes. With a raspy voice that attests to her reputation as a nightlife enthusiast, she performs catchy hits like “Boom Clap,” “Break the Rules” and her pro-women single, “Boys.”

Hailing from the English countryside outside of London, the 25-year-old singer, born Charlotte Emma Aitchison, grew up on ’90s pop music, specifically the Spice Girls and Britney Spears. The starlet credits girl-pop as her introduction to music, casually admitting, “All the things people think of as guilty pleasures, I naturally love.”

Charli’s 2017 mixtape, Number 1 Angel, is an ode to her love of catchy pop mixed with full-throated female empowerment. “I like working with friends. I like the natural energy of making music with people you want to, not because of their profile or your label asking you to,” she says of her close-knit network of female collaborators, which includes CupcakKe, MØ and Uffie.

Despite her provocative performances and colorful stage presence, Charli says she actually prefers being off camera, recently writing and directing the video for ALMA and French Montana’s song “Phases.” And for her most ambitious collaboration to date, Charli took a step behind the camera as the codirector on the video for her effortlessly catchy single “Boys.” For the song’s viral video, the songstress employed more than 60 men, including G-Eazy, Diplo and Panic! at the Disco’s Brendan Urie.

In the video, Charli’s squad of famous boy-friends playfully populate sterotypically sexy scenarios: Joe Jonas suggestively eats stacks of pancakes drizzled with syrup; Charlie Puth washes a car; The Vamps engage in a pillow fight; and Josh (The Fat Jew) splashes around in a kiddie pool of rosé—all against a millennial pink backdrop, naturally. “The guys were really into it. They completely got the vibe and that was really encouraging,” she says.

On being a feminist, the singer says, “The more we speak about feminism in music, the bigger the conversation becomes. I’ve always been seen as someone who champions women in music. I think that’s always been a part of who I am.” Though her feminist identity may be at odds, somewhat, with pop music’s long history of objectification of women, Charli has found a way to weave her values seamlessly into her career, both in and out of the recording booth. It’s no coincidence that throughout her music festival appearances this past summer, she opted to share the stage with as many female collaborators as possible.

“It was really fun to be able to come out and party with friends like CupcakKe and MØ on stage,” she says. As a fellow 90’s chick and self-proclaimed feminist, one of the most memorable on stage moments for me was when Charli invited her progressive counterpart Halsey to join her on stage at Chicago’s Lollapalooza. The duo delivered a girl power-infused performance of the 1996 Spice Girls anthem “Wannabe” that left every 20-something-year-old hoarse from “singing” along. “I want people to feel energy and party,” Charli says of her electric performances. “I want them to feel like they just went to the best house party ever with all their best friends.”

While the champagne-drinking Brit is celebrated as an explicit party girl in the industry, her unapologetic lifestyle is also a major source of inspiration; she suggests that house parties are sites for growing up and making memories. “So much cool stuff happens at parties,” she says. “Whether you’re really happy and having the time of your life with your friends or you’re breaking up with someone, falling in love or missing someone, there are so many interesting dynamics going on at parties.”

By embracing feminist politics, her sexuality and, of course, her right to party, Charli XCX has poised herself for icon status. Simultaneously, she’s cultivating a female-centric following and pioneering the next generation of pop stars, who root for each other’s success both on stage and at the after-party.

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26 People Who Can’t Wait For Meghan Markle to Bring Black Girl Magic to the British Royal Family

Upon hearing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exciting engagement news, many of us went into hysterics over the realization that the British royals would be adding a woman of color to their up-until-now-not-particularly-diverse brood. Yes, the fact that Meghan is black — her mother, Doria, is African-American and her father, Thomas, is of Dutch and Irish descent — has other people of color in their feelings on social media.

Meghan has been vocal about racism and colorism in the entertainment industry, and faced her fair share of backlash when it was first reported that she and Harry were dating back in 2016. But despite the «disheartening» scrutiny of her ethnic background, Meghan says, «I’m really just proud of who I am and where I’ve come from and we have never put any focus on that. We’ve just focused on who we are as a couple.»

Prince Harry is clearly besotted with Meghan — and he’s not the only one. Keep reading to see all the people who are thrilled about her future royal status.

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Jennifer Lopez Is The New Guess Girl


Jennifer Lopez has come full circle in her career as a “girl”. She started her career as a Fly Girl on In Living Color and she’s ended her career as a dead-eyed frozen “Guess Girl” doll. She will be missed.

This is really sad news since I thought Jennifer still had a lot of life left in her. Her relationship with A-Rod is in full swing, she has a residency in Las Vegas and got involved in doing charitable works. But I guess that all means nothing when it comes to having your soul exorcised from your once warm body in exchange for your childhood dreams.

Jennifer had this to say about her transformation from real woman to life sized Latina Barbie (via JustJared):

“When I got the call from Paul Marciano asking me to become the new GUESS Girl, I was thrilled and excited to be a part of such an iconic brand that I have loved since I was a teenager. When I look back at early GUESS campaigns through the years, you see all of these beautiful models and iconic images that Paul has created. It is a tremendous compliment to have been selected for GUESS’ Spring 2018 campaign.”

Guess was such a draw in the 80s and 90s that I get where Jennifer is coming from. Guess Girls were everywhere you looked back in the day; in magazines, on billboards, hiding behind car bumpers, on TV commercials, on the back of doors in public bathrooms, on display at the mall or jumping out of boxes (who can forget the Limited Holiday Edition Anna Nicole Smith For Guess cologne that came in a commemorative Jack in The Box box from whence she jumped).

Guess co-founder Paul Marciano says he’s thrilled to have Jennifer on board and skillfully stated that they picked her because she’s old without saying she’s old.

Jennifer’s impact and influence continues to grow and this campaign celebrates the notion that women get more beautiful and talented as they gain life experience.

Maybe the brand is not as popular with the youth now as it was back in the day and they need us old farts to get nostalgic about Guess and start buying it again. As a tween, I wanted a pair of Guess jeans with the little ankle zipper so badly my teeth hurt. They were too expensive though and even if we could afford them, they never had fat short girl sizes so my association with the brand is one of disappointment and shame. But if Jennifer Lopez is willing to undergo painful and life changing dollification surgery to promote the brand, maybe I can rethink my position.

Pic: Twitter


JAY-Z Pauses His Concert to Tell a 9-Year-Old Girl She Can «Be the Next President»

JAY-Z’s lyrics often reflect his influential rise to fame and his family life, but during a recent concert, it was more than his lyrics that were inspiring fans to follow their dreams: it was his advice for a young girl in the crowd. The rapper was performing in Cleveland when he started engaging with the audience. The conversation moved from humorous to uplifting when he started speaking to a young girl, seen in the video below. «Now, remember what I was saying, you can be anything you want to be in the world,» JAY-Z addressed her. «At this very moment, America is way more sexist than they are racist. But you, young lady, you got the potential to be the next President of the United States. You believe that!»

If one of the best rappers in the world told me that I could be president at nine years old, well, I’d start studying up. Considering this is the advice he has for an adorable fan who he’s never met before, we have a feeling he blesses his 5-year-old daugter Blue Ivy and 5-month-old twins Rumi and Sir with encouraging words of wisdom constantly. Fans on Twitter did not hold back after hearing JAY-Z’s impassioned message, with one person writing, «This is why we call you the GOAT,» and another saying she was brought to tears.

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Richelle Ryan On Gronk X-Career, Todd Gurley’s Girl & Fired Butch Jones Being A Jerkoff

Instagram Photo

It’s Dolphins-Panthers night on ESPN. Should be a good night for Gruden to lust over Christian McCaffrey and drop a little Vols job hint. Gotta be listening close tonight to see if there’s any inside Vols baseball going on. Jon should be on fire. You’ll also get college basketball. That’s right, it’s that time of year. I really have to get the basement finished. Need that three TV setup completed so bad.

Richelle Ryan says Gronk could have XXX career

Todd Gurley’s new girl?

Butch Jones was being a jerkoff after being fired? I’m shocked

Orlando bar offers free beer as long as this coach remains in his job

Under Armour co-founder wants $ 13.5 million for this place

Mookie Betts had himself a weekend at a bowling alley

This Florida Man got naked, broke into woman’s house tried on clothes, rolled in yard

Here’s Patriots cheerleader Andrea C.

Brockstar Being Brockstar Video of the Weekend

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Tiger And His New Girl Looking Good, Deeze Nuts 69 Ravens Fan, Flacco Dead & Mallett Choked Out

Guys, Lane Kiffin was just joking when he was tweet recruiting Lamar Jackson to FAU

I’m glad we could clear this one up. I think we were all wondering if Lane Kiffin was actually trying to get the 2016 Heisman winner to come to FAU when he tweeted at him the other day. From the Courier-Journal: 

Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin said Thursday that he was joking when he replied on Twitter to Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson that he should come home to FAU.

“I was just scrolling through things,” Kiffin told the Courier-Journal. “I just saw that highlight he had posted himself. So I thought it would be funny to see if he wanted to come home, which obviously, he’s not.”

Now I need to know who actually thought he was serious so we can kick them off the internet forever.

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