Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick Are the Best Pitches a Girl Could Ask For

The Barden Bellas are coming back for another round when Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters this December, but we’re also just looking forward to seeing all the stars reunite. Even though Skylar Astin and Ben Platt won’t be making an appearance this time around — the latter is a little busy making audiences cry on Broadway — there is one friendship we can’t wait to see more of: Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow‘s. Not only do the ladies play best friends onscreen, but their offscreen moments are just as sweet. Whether they’re goofing off on set or laughing it up on the red carpet together, it’s clear these two are best pitches.

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Hailey Clauson Hits The Pool, Mr. Treasure Hunter Steal Yo Girl & Puckett In Full Uni

I tried to tell you Oregon State’s offense was going to put on a show last night

And then the Beavs dropped 13 runs on LSU. It was ugly, could’ve been uglier and if Oregon State doesn’t win the national title it’ll be a complete miracle. Not much drama right now at the CWS…unless you start talking to the locals who are catching the games and can’t get local craft brews. They’re stuck drinking the normal stuff. However, if you’re in a suite, you can get a local craft brew, according to the Omaha World-Herald. I’ll have a full report next week when I get to see Game 2 of the championship series.

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Proud Dad Jameis Spent His Father’s Day Playing Frisbee With His Fur Baby Girl

I like to check with Jameis from time to time during the offseason to see what’s going on in his life now that it’s quiet and his Florida State drama is long gone. From what I’ve come to learn about the guy from his social media trail, Famous leads a very quiet life at his Florida house and really seems to enjoy hanging out with his doodle. I know, it’s still shocking to me too.

And that’s how he spent his Father’s Day. With his fur baby girl doodle doing what dog dads do: throw the frisbee and make videos of the dog cooling off in the pool.

I don’t know why, but I’m mesmerized by Jameis baby talking his doodle. It’s stuff you don’t see in the media. Now I know what FSU fans were talking about when they said the media doesn’t show the good or soft side of Jameis. It’s definitely a media bias.

Not me. I’ve been on this Jameis/doodle train from the beginning. And I can’t stop watching him interact with that dog. I smell a Fox NFL Sunday feature brewing.

That’s a proud dad right here:

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Beyonce Gave Birth To A Twin Boy And Girl, There’s A “Minor Issue”


I was in my usual place when Beyonce gave birth to a twin boy and girl on Monday in Los Angeles. It’s the place that I’ve been in during this entire pregnancy – on my knees, praying that I might get the chance to touch the hem of their garments at some point in my otherwise empty life.

TMZ is confirming that Bey and husband Jay Z are the parents of twins. Beymajesty and babies are still in the hospital due to a “minor issue” that hasn’t been identified. We can assume it’s because a vintage El Camino wasn’t driven in for her to give birth atop of for art’s sake. She’s not leaving that hospital bed until the situation is rectified.

Sources connected with the family tell us the twins were born Monday in a Los Angeles hospital. We’re told a “minor issue” surfaced, and as a result … doctors do not feel comfortable releasing them.

One source told us Beyonce also remains at the hospital, but as far as we know she’s okay. The babies are expected to be okay as well.

A “source” (probably Matthew Knowles still trying to keep a dog in the race) tells People that the couple is ready to start spreading the news.

“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends.”

Earlier this week, the most sorely missed POTUS in history since JFK let slip that Beyonce might have given us twin daughters this week. But he was obviously wrong!

Violet Baby’s Breath Carter and Teal Virginia Creeper Vine Carter (Teal Virginia Creeper Vine will be the evil twin) are a manchild and womanchild who will one day rule the earth! (That will be after they wrest the crown from big sister Blue Ivy.) Those names have not been confirmed because I totally made them up.

But, hopefully the Carters will follow suit and keep the pattern going. You should definitely expect a multimedia name announcement in the coming weeks that will rival that labor-intensive Egyptian fertility goddess/Conan the Destroyer’s pregnant wife number she did with the chair tilt at the Grammys.

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Tween Girl Saves Friend’s Life With First Aid She Learned From Reading Hunger Games

Megan Gething, a 12-year-old from Rockport, Massachusetts, was playing in a marsh (??) when her friend Mackenzie George slipped and cut her leg on a pipe. Aside from the obvious fact that this particular marsh seems pretty unsafe, when George started bleeding profusely Gething knew exactly what to do.

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Laura Prepon and Ben Foster Are Expecting a Baby Girl!

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster are expecting a baby girl. The Orange Is the New Black actress revealed the sex of her unborn baby when she stopped by Live with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday. «It’s so wonderful. It’s such a blessing,» she said reflecting on her first pregnancy. «She likes it here — she’s already kicking!» The pair first sparked romance rumors when they were spotted out together in NYC back in July 2016, and they got engaged three months later. Over the past few months, the parents-to-be have made a handful of sweet red carpet appearances together, including the premiere of Netflix’s Five Came Back in March. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Meet the Edgy Girl Group We Love Right Now

The electric threesome known as MUNA have engulfed me in what could only be described as a giggly witch’s circle. The infectious girl group and I are sitting under a tree at The Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City, and I’m totally entranced. We’re a girl-gang, I think. I’m the fourth member of MUNA they’ve been looking for.

The band is on a high from their rock star performance just a mere hour earlier. “I chipped my tooth during our set and now I can’t stop playing with it,” lead vocalist and lyricist Katie Gavin announces. “Super casual. I wasn’t sure if it was a huge deal or not when it happened but I just kept going.”

Photo credit: Catie Laffoon

The indie-pop trio hails from Los Angeles and has just released their debut album About U. After their emotive anthems “I Know a Place” and “Loudspeaker” defined the band as an inspirational and accepting outlet for listeners, their fans were hooked.

“The first fan I ever met was at the first show we played with Miike Snow,” guitarist Josette Maskin explains. “This guy came up to me and said he didn’t even know we were going to be there. He was engaged and his fiancé broke up with him and he said that our song “Winterbreak” literally saved his life. We both just started weeping.” These types of interactions are not uncommon for MUNA. The band’s lyrics are notoriously engaging and personal, to say the least. They’ve chosen to keep all gender-based pronouns out of their lyrics, allowing listeners to interpret how they choose. 

“We want people to get some kind of release from our music. A little bit of human connection,” guitarist Naomi McPherson says. At that moment someone gently interrupts our pow-wow to tell the girls how amazing their set was. McPherson turns back to me and reacts perfectly saying, “Something like that. People feeling a feeling; whatever that might be.” 

From their anthematic single “Crying on the Bathroom Floor” to the inclusive “I Know a Place,” lyricist Gavin is known for crafting experiential music for listeners. “Part of the reason why we started making pop music is because we want people to dance and move,” she says. “I love seeing people working on themselves and using our music to do that.” Gavin continues to describe how the band as a whole hopes that people will connect with their creative impulses through music. “We hope people feel empowered and capable of expressing themselves in new ways,” she says. “Maybe gain some language about what they’re going through with our lyrics. I love when people tell me how they didn’t have the words for what they were feeling but our songs delivered them.”

Photo credit: Katie McCurdy

When I ask about any guilty-pleasures, the girls respond all at once in an almost indecipherable mess of words about how no music is guilty and that’s why they love it. Out of the chaos, Gavin’s voice cuts through. “This is the real answer: the guiltiest pleasure is listening to ourselves.” Cue the laughter and screams of agreement. “I mean, I wrote these songs about my life, I obviously relate to them!” Gavin adds. 

As the rain starts to come down, my time with MUNA comes to an end. But, not before Gavin turns to me and asks, “Did you know that the name of your magazine is the name of the boy band in Josie and The Pussycats?” With that, the girls escape into their trailer.

Catch MUNA at Firefly Festival in Delaware, Outside Lands in California and supporting Harry Styles on tour later this year.

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