John BC Got The News Today That His Father’s Day Gift Is A Trip To Lambeau Thanks To #CrownYourFather


So Crown Royal approached me like 10 days ago or so and said they were looking for bloggers to ‘Crown’ their fathers for Father’s Day this year. “Would you be interested,” they asked.

There’s still time to enter your dad for the velvet Crown painting via on your mobile device.

Well, considering the fact that my dad keeps his Crown empties, has carried coins in his Crown bags to poker parties for like 25 years and actually drinks Crown when he’s at the lake, I said yes. Part of the crowning was to buy a gift for dad. I went back and forth on this part. Do I send dad with me next week for the College World Series title game or do I save the funds and take dad to Lambeau Field in the fall for another one of his bucket list items.

In the end I went Lambeau because it’s harder to pull off that one and it’s one of those places he’s always talked about visiting.

Here’s the trip plan:

We make the drive from Ohio to Ludington, Michigan to catch the SS Badger Ferry. We put the truck on the ferry across Lake Michigan and into Manitowic, Wisconsin, which is just 41 miles to Lambeau Field. The ferry stops running on October 15 so our choices are an early September game against the Seahawks, a 4:25 kickoff against the Bengals (not ideal since I don’t want to watch my Bengals get lit up) or a Thursday night game against the Bears.

That might just be the play here. Rivalry game. Night game. Get up there on a Wednesday night, catch the game Thursday, maybe a stadium tour Friday and then possibly Northwestern-Wisconsin on the way home on Saturday.

That’s a bucket list trip right there.

Thanks to Crown for this opportunity. I’m happy once again to be partnering with Crown Royal and I know dad is jacked up over this whole thing.

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For Your Trump-Stumping Dad

Father’s Day is too often a half-hearted gift-giving affair littered with cornball cards and #1 Dad mugs. But if your bleeding heart wants to do something special for your conservative dad, you want to go above and beyond, right? But that can be tricky. I mean, he already has a «Make America Great Again» ballcap and probably several of Trump’s Made-In-China neckties. So what’s a special gift to give your dad to show him how you care? We have racked our brains to present the perfect gift guide for your Trumping-Stumping Dad on Father’s Day, because this is a holiday where he should really know how you feel.

Climate Change shmimate change, amirite? Your dad doesn’t need to appreciate the world-threatening dangers of America’s carbon footprint to appreciate this solar-powered laptop bag/charging station. For all those times he barked about you running up his electricity bill, show him you’ve learned your lesson about the importance of conserving energy with Climate Store’s unique gift.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.57.31 AM.png

Does he consider himself a master of spotting «fake news?» Get him a subscription to the New York Times, The Washington Post, or even Teen Vogue. That’s sure to amuse.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.20.46 AM.png

Is your father constantly talking about politics on Facebook? Well, he’ll love to know the inside scoop on congress, from Al Franken, Giant of the Senate!

Or maybe yours is the kind of dad that thinks family shouldn’t talk politics. Get him this charming pachyderm, because clearly he loves an elephant in the room.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.16.13 AM.png

Does your dad love history? He’ll surely relish this riveting docudrama.

Or this one! Everybody loves George Clooney.


Your dad is big on personal responsibility? He’ll love that you supported responsible life choices by donating the money you would have wasted on another tie or tacklebox doodad on a donation to Planned Parenthood! A donation could even net him a cool sticker for his car!


Or perhaps your dad is very concerned about those refugees that Fox News is always talking about. Then he’ll be ecstatic that you donated to a refugee-aid charity in his name. We recommend International Rescue Committee, where donations contribute to toilets to keep camps sanitary, education for uprooted children, and safe passage funds.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.24.59 AM.png

Finally, if your father can’t get enough of Trump’s off-the-cuff, never look back, never apologize attitude, give him the gift that celebrates all of that. A covfefe shirt from our very own Pajiba shop!

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.08.03 AM.png

And maybe treat yourself to something nice, for being such a great kid. Shirts are 15% off through June 21st!

Happy Father’s Day, Pajibans!


Pierce Brosnan Gives Himself the Best Birthday Gift by Making Out With His Wife in Hawaii

Pierce Brosnan really knows how to celebrate his birthday in style. The actor, who turned 64 on May 16, gave himself the best gift ever by relaxing in Hawaii with his wife, Keely Smith. The couple, who lives in Kauai at least part-time, looked relaxed as they soaked up the sun on the beach and took a stroll in the sand on Tuesday. At one point, Pierce planted an adorable kiss on Keely, who rocked a black bikini and a matching cover-up. The actor also rocked the hell out of a straw hat as they made their way back to their lounge chairs.

The tropical getaway further proves that they’re one of our favorite longtime Hollywood couples. While Pierce and Keely have been together for 23 years (and married for 16), they still act like a couple of teenagers who snuck out of their parents’ houses to make out. In April, they flirted up a storm on the red carpet at the premiere of Pierce’s new show, The Son. Never change, guys.

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Joe Manganiello’s Anniversary Gift For Sofia Vergara Will Have You Reevaluating Your Relationship

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara celebrated their first wedding anniversary back in November, and we had yet to learn what presents they got each other — that is, until now. In the April issue of Cosmopolitan UK, the Magic Mike star revealed he wrote Sofia a book. «It was about how we met, as well as our courting, and was about 40 pages long,» he said. «I love my wife a lot.» Joe also talked about how their relationship began, saying, «I was on a press tour when I found out Sofia was single [after splitting from Nick Loeb]. My friend is an editor, and told me she was about to make the announcement. I got her number from Jesse Tyler Ferguson [Sofia’s Modern Family costar], then flew to New Orleans to take her on a date.» Talk about a real-life Prince Charming!

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Casual Reminder That Riz Ahmed Is A Gift

We all know Riz Ahmed is both willing and able to talk about diversity in the media, as evidenced by that amazing op-ed he wrote for The Guardian. But reading his words is nothing compared to watching him say them out loud in a nice suit in front of the British government. That is the good stuff right there.

At the Channel 4 Annual Diversity Lecture yesterday, the 34-year old Rogue One actor addressed the House of Commons in a keynote speech, telling esteemed members of Parliament and the press that a failure to represent diverse stories will cause marginalized viewers to «switch off» and «retreat to fringe narratives.»

«But Riz Ahmed,» I’m sure someone on the Internet is saying right now, «aren’t things getting better? After all, you’re in a Star War!» Yeah, but that’s not good enough. Let him tell you why:

A bit of an explanation for my fellow Americans: The government of Great Britain has a much more direct and vested interest in the quality of their television industry’s output than ours generally does, because the BBC is a publicly funded broadcaster… that’s actually got halfway decent funding. Channel 4 isn’t quite the same juggernaut (it’s funded through advertising and government grants rather than a television license), but regardless there’s a lot of taxpayer money floating around in British TV. So, yeah, they’re gonna talk about media diversity in Parliament. Every year, apparently. Why couldn’t we have picked that up from across the pond instead of all the terrible Brexit rhetoric?

H/T Time Out London


Kim DeJesus Dances Her Ass Off, Wins Yogurtland Gift Card

Need a little boost to get you through the rest of your Monday? If so, allow Kim DeJesus’ total domination of a party dance off to illumine you.

I have no idea what type of party this was, but it looks like Kim came out with high energy and easily blew the competition out of the water to win a coveted Yogurtland gift card:

You already know it sucked to be the person that had to follow that performance.

Kim’s got moves for days:

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Ellen DeGeneres Gave Drew Barrymore a Birthday Gift That Is Really a Gift to Us All

Drew Barrymore rang in her 42nd birthday on Wednesday (can you believe it?), and one of her famous friends helped her celebrate in a really cute way. That same day, Ellen DeGeneres shared a video of Drew’s most delightful moments on the show, including dance-offs, funny jokes, and that time she revealed her massive crush on John Oliver. She captioned the clip, «Happy birthday, Drew Barrymore. You’re a gift to the world. And my show. And me.» How we’d love to be friends with both of them!

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2017’s Oscars Gift Bag Is Worth More Than Most People Make in an Entire Year

Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are gearing up to attend the Oscars this Sunday, but while not everyone can go home a winner, most of them do get gifted with a ton of presents. The Oscars gift bags, which are put together by marketing company Distinctive Assets, are a hot topic every year, mostly due to the fact that they’re always insanely over the top. While the company behind the bag has no affiliation with the actual show (the show actually sued it last year), it never eases up on the glitz and glamour. Last year’s goodies totaled more than $ 200,000, and while this year’s is significantly less than that (it comes in around $ 100,000), it still includes multiple vacations, jewelry, food, and tech gadgets. Don’t mind us, we’ll just be slaving away at our day jobs trying to afford that one leather jacket from last season.

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